10 Home Remedies for Wood Scratches | Q&A

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Q: Grandma, my wooden chairs and tables have scratches. I inherited them from my parents and feel frustrated. How can I remove the wood scratches in a natural way?

A: Dear G, Wood scratches especially on nice cupboards or expensive furnishings can be upsetting. These wooden marks appear over time due to normal wear and tear. Despite your diligence in cleaning your wooden furniture or cabinet, it can still happen. Don’t worry as here are some easy but effective solutions you can apply.



1. Petroleum Jelly – Lather petroleum jelly to watermark rings on your wooden surface or furniture portions by leaving an overnight application. The next morning, wipe off the petroleum jelly and the watermarks will usually disappear.

2. Cooking Oil – Wood scratches are hard to remove. Cooking oil can be used for small wood scratches on the surface. This can be done by rubbing vegetable or olive oil followed-up with buffing using a clean cloth.

3. Shoe Polish – Wood can come in different colors. Try applying shoe polish that match the color of the scratched wooden surface or furniture. Make use of the tip of a cotton swab also known as Q-tip to apply the polish.

4. Vinegar – It can get rid of the scratches from polish or wax buildups on wood furniture. Do this by soaking a clean cloth in a diluted solution of vinegar (white vinegar). Squeeze the excess amount of liquid and then follow the grain as you clean away the polish.

5. Hair Dryer – This is a very helpful tool in getting rid of wood scratches caused by candle wax. Utilize a hair dryer on its hottest setting to soften the wax and point the blower to the affected furniture. After doing so, use a paper towel to smudge up the hot wax, and then wipe-out remaining residue by rubbing with a clean cloth dipped in vinegar diluted with water.

6. Nut Oil – These are not only useful in the kitchen but are also helpful in getting rid of wood scratches. This helps hide small portions of scratches on wood. You can even cover a small scratch on wood furniture by rubbing the affected portion with peanut butter. Apply this using a clean cloth to achieve the desired result.

7. Iodine – can successfully get rid of the scratches from mahogany furniture, use dark iodine for brown or cherry mahogany. Apply using a fine brush and then allow it to dry.

8. Crayons – It can cover-up the scratch by picking the right crayon color then stroking it on the wooden scratch. Crayons are constructed from wax and can be removed later.

9. Lemon Juice – It is a very yummy drink that quenches one’s thirst, but it is also a helpful home remedy for wood scratches when combined with vegetable oil. Soak the scratches in the combined solution and wipe the scratch until it vanishes.

10. Powdered pumice – When combined with vegetables to produce a paste, it is great for covering-up wood scratches made by cigarette burn on wood surfaces of furniture. Gently rub the affected portion and then cleanse and polish with a clean cloth afterwards.