Home Remedies using WD-40 in your Yard

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The usefulness of WD-40 is so amazing that you’d find the magical spray being used in the most interesting of places. For instance, the spray protects the outside of the Statue of Liberty from the elements, and she probably has fewer problems with pigeons since the birds are said to dislike the smell. Home remedies with WD-40 can also help in your garden and yard.

What is WD-40?

According to the WD-40 website, there are more than 2,000 uses with new discoveries being shared at every turn [1]. What we know is that WD-40 is a petroleum-based product, but the exact ingredients of the spray are kept a secret from the public. People typically use WD-40 to clean, protect, penetrate, lubricate, and for moisture displacement. The product is quite helpful because it is safe to use on nearly any surface – with the exception of some plastics.

WD-40 Home Remedies for the Yard

The composition of WD-40 is effective and strong enough to provide a solution for the great outdoors.
Whether you are working in the garden or building a tree house for the kids, WD-40 home remedies for the yard can make accomplishing your projects much easier. A handful of popular uses include:

a) Protect Blades:

From your garden plow to the lawnmower, keep blades from rusting by spraying on a small amount of WD-40. Regular use can extend the life of your equipment. The spray will also keep grass from sticking to your equipment. The spray can also clean and lubricate hacksaw blades.

b) Avoid Splinters in Tools:

Rub in WD-40 spray into the wooden handles of your garden tools, which can prevent splintering that comes from moisture and other elements that are corrosive to the material.

c) Prevent Rusty Tools:

You can protect your garden tools and equipment from rust by spraying with WD-40, which is perfect for ensuring long-lasting wheelbarrows, shovels, pruning shears, and lawnmowers.

d) Clay Repellent for Shovels:

If the work in your yard involves shoveling clay in the soil, keep the material from sticking by spraying WD-40, which makes the dirt slide right off.

e) Loosen Wheels:

Keep the wheels of your lawnmower turning smoothly by using WD-40, which lubricates, protects, and makes sure they turn right.

f) Revamp your BBQ Grill [2]:

Add life to a well-used grill by spraying on a nice amount of WD-40. Let the spray sit for a few seconds, and then scrub with a wire brush. The grill must be cooled off and not in use when applying this home remedy.

g) Plastic Furniture Maintenance:

You can renew the look of plastic furniture by spraying WD-40 directly on the surface. Wipe clean with a dry, cloth. This remedy will help bring color and luster back to your faded patio furniture.

h) Protect Your Bird Feeder:

Squirrels have a knack for stealing food out of your bird’s mouths. To keep the critters away, spray a nice amount of WD-40 on the top of the feeder, which will cause the squirrels to slide right off.

i) Animal Repellent for Flowerbeds:

To keep animals from ruining your garden flowers, try spraying WD-40, which keeps the critters out of your colorful blooms and plants. The creatures are not too fond of the scent of the spray.

j) Prevent Wasp Nests:

Keep wasps from constructing their nests under the eaves of your house by misting with WD-40. Repeat every spring.

k) Remove Dog Poop:

If you have the unfortunate luck of stepping in dog poop, spray the bottom of your shoe with WD-40 for easier removal. Use an old toothbrush to clean the crevices. Rinse with cold water.

l) Kill Thistle Plants:

Yards and gardens can become overrun by thistle plants (prickly weeds). Spray WD-40 on the weeds and they will wither and die.

m) Remove Burrs:

If your cat or dog has gotten covered in burrs, remove the sticky plant pieces by spraying on a bit of WD-40. This will make the burrs slide right off of the fur.

n) Rusty Screw Removal:

When the elements have rusted a screw, use WD-40 to loosen and make removal easier to accomplish.

o) Hand Cleaning:

After a hard day’s work in the yard, use the spray to remove oil, grease, and tar from your hands.

p) Clean Spray Nozzle:

When refreshing or adding color to the fence in your yard, use WD-40 to clean spray paint nozzles.

q) Clean Cords:

With all of the outdoor projects in your life, your power cords can become soiled with dirt, mud, and grease – you can use WD-40 to easily clean cords.

r) Snowplow Maintenance:

To make it easier for the snow to roll off of the blades of your snowplow, apply WD-40 on a periodic basis [3].

s) Pruning Shears:

Clean and protect the blades of your pruning shears with a spritz of the spray.

t) Protect Your Hammer:

To prevent corrosion of your hammer, add a protective coat of WD-40.

u) Rust Removal:

When your saw has become rusty, the cuts are not as sharp as before. To put your rusty equipment back into working order, spray with WD-40 to remove and prevent.

v) Tar Removal:

Before using your circular saw blade to tackle your next outdoor project, remove roofing tar by spraying with WD-40.


[2] Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things by Reader’s Digest; pg. 379.