Home Remedies using WD-40 in your Car

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Who would have known that the contents of a simple blue and yellow can could come in so handy? WD-40 is not only a miracle worker in the household, but also solves many car and truck issues. When something starts to squeak or a bolt gets stuck, consider the effectiveness of home remedies with WD-40 for vehicles.

What is WD-40?

The company that makes WD-40 has listed more than 2,000 uses for their spray – many of which come in handy when maintaining, fixing, and cleaning your car or truck [1]. The ingredient list of WD-40 is not revealed to the public, but the product is a petroleum-based spray. WD-40 is mainly used to clean, protect, penetrate, lubricate, and displace moisture. The product is safe to use on an array of surfaces found inside and outside of the home. Some plastics should not come in contact with a petroleum-based product.

WD-40 Home Remedies for the Car

WD-40 can be used on both the interior and exterior of a vehicle. The next time you are cleaning or fixing your vehicle, you may want to consider some of the following WD-40 home remedies for the car:

a) Hand Degreaser:

After changing the spark plugs or finishing any car fix-it project, remove the grease and grime by rubbing a small amount of WD-40 between your hands for a few seconds. Wipe off your hands with a clean paper towel, and the wash with soap and water.

b) Remove Decals and Bumper Stickers:

The decals and stickers that decorate the windows and bumpers of cars can be removed with a little WD-40 applied to the glass or chrome. Wait a couple of minutes, and then scrape off using a non-stick spatula. The ingredients in WD-40 cause the adhesive to lose its stickiness.

c) Revamp a License Plate:

Clean off the soot, grime and rust that can cover a license plate by spraying on the WD-40. Wipe off with a clean rag.

d) Easy Removal of Spark Plugs:

When replacing spark plugs, spray on WD-40 to make removal easier and quicker to complete. You can also use the spray to jumpstart your plugs when rain or humidity makes it difficult to start your car. WD-40 displaces the water and keeps moisture away from the plugs.

e) Remove Oil Spots [2]:

If oil has dripped onto your driveway while fixing the car, remove the unwanted spot by spraying with a generous amount of WD-40, and then hosing down with water.

f) Remove Tape:

When adhesive tape is found on a factory paint job, use WD-40 to remove without causing any damage.

g) Lubricate Car Parts:

Use WD-40 to lubricate many parts of a car, including key holes, gas cap door latches, emergency brake release, air conditioning knobs, glove box locks, car door hinges, and hood latches. Use the spray on the bolts and screws for easier removal of license plates.

h) Clean Up Marks:

When kids have left behind crayon marks on the dashboard and vinyl surfaces, wipe away using a bit of WD-40 on a clean cloth. The spray also helps remove marks from rubber surfaces.

i) Broken Key Solution:

Remove broken keys from locks by spraying WD-40 for easier retrieval.

j) Shine Up Black Car Paint:

To remove the ‘cloudy’ appearance that comes when wax buildup accumulates on a flat black car paint job, spray and wipe off with WD-40 [3].

k) Windshield Wiper Protection:

Spray WD-40 on windshield wipers in the early summertime to make sure the blades don’t crack or dry out.

l) Stop the Squeaks:

A lot of car parts can squeak as they get older, but with WD-40, you can have them in better working order. Use the spray on car strut mounts, car doors, tail pipe hangers, windshield wipers, belt noise, and window tracks

m) Calm Noisy Car Windows:

When car window tracks start to make noise every time you want a bit of fresh air, use WD-40 to ease the sound.

n) Exterior Car Cleaner:

If your vehicle has come in contact with road tar and grime, you can use WD-40 as a cleaner.

o) Clean Off Bugs:

Those pesky insects that get caught in the way of your moving car can tarnish the appearance of your vehicle. Remove the causalities left behind on windows, chrome, and car paint by getting a helping hand from WD-40 spray.

p) Dashboard Restorer:

Give the inside of your vehicle a bit of life by using WD-40 to clean and restore a dashboard made out of leather.


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