Home Remedies using Tennis Balls

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The brightly colored balls used by Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, and Billie Jean King to make headlines aren’t just for the tennis court. There are many different ways you can use these fuzzy objects to solve common household dilemmas. You’ll be surprised just how convenient home remedies using tennis balls can become.

Tennis Ball Home Remedies

Instead of swatting a tennis ball across a court, you can explore the different ways it can help you around the house. From assisting your loads of laundry to even treating your feet to a bit of pampering, you may find the following home remedies using tennis balls quite interesting:

a) Protect Your Floors:

After refinishing your floor, protect the results by capping chair legs with a tennis ball. Cut an ‘X’ into the top of a tennis ball, and insert chair legs inside. This remedy will also help walkers slide across the floor without causing any damage.

b) Laundry Aids:

To fluff up towels, pillows, down-filled comforters and clothing (like puffy vests), toss a couple of tennis balls into the dryer with your load of laundry.

c) Garage Helper:

If you’re worried about hitting something when parking in the garage, you can hang a tennis ball on a string from the garage ceiling so that it hits your windshield at the spot where you should stop your car. This will help you pinpoint the best time to stop your car without running into anything of importance.

d) Clean Your Pool:

Floating a couple of tennis balls in your swimming pool will absorb the body oils associated with use. It is suggested to replace the balls every couple of weeks during the times that the pool is in popular demand.

e) Sand Curves:

When sanding curves during a refinishing project, wrap a tennis ball in sandpaper and use it to get better results.

f) Trailer Hitch Cover [1]:

Have you ever wondered why a fuzzy tennis ball is fitted on the back of a truck? Cutting a tennis ball and slipping it over your hitching ball will protect the chrome from scratches and rust. The tennis ball will prevent moisture damage, which can lead to unsightly rust.

g) Enhance Kickstand Power:

How many times has your kid propped his bike in the mud only to find the kickstand has sunken into murky conditions? Make it easier to use a kickstand in soft soil by cutting a slit into a tennis ball and putting it on the end of the kickstand.

h) Hide Valuables:

When using a public gym, hide your valuables inside of a tennis ball with a 2-inch slit cut along the seam. Leave the ball in your gym bag and if anyone should sort through your belongings – chances are they aren’t looking for a tennis ball.

i) Treat Scuff Marks:

To remove scuff marks from a floor, you can use a tennis ball attached to the end of stick. Use this homemade tool like an eraser – vigorously rubbing at the top of the scuff mark. The felt offers just the right amount of texture for treating marks without being overly abrasive.

j) Back Massage:

Treat your back to a nice massage by lying down on a tennis ball and wriggling around to work different muscles groups. You can also place the ball in a long tube sock or stocking and toss it over your shoulder after tying the end. Move it around while rolling against a wall.

k) Foot Massager:

Ease the aches and pains in your feet by rolling your foot over a tennis ball for a couple of minutes.

l) Nail Holder:

If you find yourself dropping nails during a home improvement project, use a tennis ball to make a holder. Cut a slit in the tennis ball and gently squeeze it to widen the slit. Drop in screws, nails, or any other small pieces that you don’t want to get lost. Place the ball in your pocket and you can transport the items you need without worrying about dropping them on the ground or losing them.

m) Hammer Aid:

If you need to use a hammer, but don’t need the full force of the tool, slip a tennis ball over the head of the hammer to create a gentler tap [2].

n) Open a Jar:

Cut a tennis ball in half to make a lid tool that helps easily open the most stubborn of jars. Cut along the seam of the tennis ball. The inside of the ball is coated with rubber that allows you to get a good gripe.


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