Home Remedies using Tea

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home remedies using tea

Your next cup of tea could very well solve a pesky medical concern or come in handy regarding a common household problem. The health benefits of tea (especially the antioxidant-rich green variety) have been well known for many centuries. Home remedies with tea can deliver just the right dose of healthiness to your system.

Health Benefits of Tea

Antioxidants in tea help protect the body from the effects of aging and pollution. Tea drinkers suffer less unwanted blood clots that can lead to a heart attack and stroke. Drinking tea helps flush unwanted substances from the arteries. Unsweetened tea contains fluoride and tannins, which can reduce the development of plaque. Studies have shown that the polyphenols and antioxidants in tea can help protect against cancer.

Tea also make a worthy substitute for coffee drinkers who still want to get their fill of caffeine but do not want to deal with jitters. An eight-ounce cup of coffee contains around 135 mg of caffeine, while tea only offers 30 to 40 mg per cup [1]. Green tea can increase the metabolic rate of regular drinkers – some of which who can burn an extra 70 to 80 calories per day when drinking five cups daily.

Other health benefits of tea include:

• Builds strong bones
• Lowers cholesterol levels
• Strengthens the immune system
• Keeps the body hydrated
• Provides a satisfying calorie-free beverage

Tea Home Remedies

You’ll be amazed just how far a cup of brewed tea will go. From helping out around the house to saving money on bath and beauty products, you are sure to find a handful of convenient and effective home remedies with tea below:

a) Fight Dermatitis:

Herbal teas (such as chamomile and calendula) can ease the appearance of dermatitis when used as a topical remedy.

b) Calm Irritated Nipples:

A nursing mother can find relief after breastfeeding by applying an ice-cold bag of tea after it has been brewed and left in the refrigerator. Place the wet tea bag on sore nipples, and the tannic acid will work towards soothing and healing the soreness.

c) Ease Acne:

You can wash your acne-ridden back with cooled green tea to take advantage of the mild antiseptic properties.

d) Carpet Cleaner:

When carpets have become musty and dirty, sprinkle with used green tea leaves that have been used. Leave on for about 10 minutes before vacuuming the leaves away.

e) Shiny Wooden Floors:

Black tea offers tannins that can make a hardwood floor shine. Carefully rub brewed black tea into the floor and let it air dry. This remedy will also add color to the floor.

f) Furniture Polisher:

Clean and add shine to your wooden furniture by dipping a soft cloth in a small amount of strongly brewed tea. Wipe down the scratches and spots on wooden tables and chairs.

g) Clean Windows and Mirrors:

To remove greasy fingerprints from windows and mirrors that will not disappear, rub a damp teabag on the glass and watch the sparkle emerge. You can also fill a spray bottle with brewed tea if you plan on doing a lot of cleaning.

h) Treat Stubborn Toilet Bowl Stains:

Some people have claimed to remove stubborn stains in the bottom on their toilet bowl by using tea leaves. Allow the leaves to soak in the toilet for several hours, and then flush. Follow up by brushing the bowl.

i) Anti-Aging:

Drink daily cups of tea to take advantage of the anti-aging antioxidants found in the brew[2].

j) Relax the Body [3]:
relax the body with a mixture of teas

While many people drink a cup of tea to relax, you can also soak in a relaxing bath to treat the rest of your body. Combine ½ cup of sea or Epsom salt, two tablespoons of chamomile flowers (from tea bags), ¼ cup dried rosemary, ½ cup dried flower petals, and two tablespoons of dried lemon or orange peel into a medium-sized bowl. Mix the ingredients together and pour into a bath. Soak to relax the body before going to bed. The chamomile also acts as a natural sleeping aid.

k) Immune System Boost:

Drinking tea on a regular basis can help your body better fight off infection by supporting the immune system. One study monitored volunteers who consumed five cups of tea every day and found that the drinkers experienced higher immune system activity in their blood.

l) Treat a Sunburn:

Soothe the sting of a sunburn (and other burns) by sponging on a cooled-off cup of chamomile tea. The beverage offers an anti-inflammatory effect.

m) Self-Tanner:

Stay out of harmful sun rays and still get a tan when you brew two cups of strong black tea and spray on the cooled liquid to pale skin. Allow it to air-dry.

n) Calm Tired Eyes:

A warm, wet tea bag placed on tired eyes can soothe pain and reduce puffiness.

o) Soothe Bleeding Gums:

Apply a cold, wet tea bag in the mouth to treat bloody gums after an extracted or lost tooth. Bite down on the tea bag to allow the tannic acid to encourage blood clots to form and soothe any associated pain.

p) Fern Food:

Since ferns love acid, you can use brewed tea to water your plants, which promotes a healthier look.

q) Boost Your Roses:
rosebushes full of roses - tea home remedies

Sprinkling used tea leaves around your rosebushes will provide nutrients that are released into the soil and offer a boost in midsummer. Your roses will be bright and vibrant if you take care of them as the leaves dissolve, allowing the tea residue to soak into the soil where the plants are located.

r) Shiny Hair:

Uplift dull hair by using brewed tea as a conditioner for dry hair. Rinse with an unsweentened glass of tea that is left on for a bit of time. Follow up with a good rinse of water.

s) Poison Ivy Treatment:

Dry up a poison ivy rash that is weeping with strongly brewed tea. Dip a cotton ball in the liquid and dab on affected skin. Allow it to air-dry, and repeat when needed.

t) Deodorize Smelly Feet:

Soak your stinky feet in a daily tea bath to prevent the offensive odors that can make taking off your shoes an embarrassing act. For 20 minutes per day, soak in strongly brewed tea for the best results.

u) Treat a Boil:

Drain a boil by applying a wet tea bag that has been used. Leave on overnight, and in the morning, the boil should drain without any pain.

v) Meat Tenderizer:

Treat tough meat by marinated in black tea to create a tenderer cut.

w) Compost Bin Helper:

When you pour a strong tea on a compost pile or bin, you can speed up the overall process and promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the soil.

x) Assist Houseplants:

Instead of using water to treat your houseplants, use brewed tea on occasion to create the rich, acidic soil environment that plants crave. The tea contains tannic acid and other nutrients that promote healthy growth.

y) Fabric Dye:

Not only does green and black tea effectively dye papers, but can also be used to add color to fabric – especially when you’re looking to achieve a beige, antique appearance to clothing.

z) Reduce Razor Burn:

To soothe razor burns and the other painful cuts and scrapes that come with shaving, apply a wet tea bag to affected skin.

aa) Treat Gray Hair [4]:

Darken your gray strands by using brewed tea as a natural hair dye. Steep three tea bags in one cup of boiling water. Add one tablespoon each of rosemary and sage (fresh or dried). Allow the mixture to sit overnight before straining the contents. Shampoo your hair as usual, and then pour on or spray the tea mixture on your hair. Saturate your hair thoroughly. Blot your hair with a towel and do not rinse. To get the results you desire, it may take several tea treatments.


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