Home Remedies using Salt Outdoors

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Since the start of ancient civilizations, salt was used as a method of preservation amongst other things. When you initially think of using salt in the outdoors, you might imagine getting rid of slugs from your garden and walkway, but there is much more this grainy substance can do. From cleaning lawn furniture to taming weeds, you’ll find plenty of home remedies using salt to keep you busy in the outdoors.

Outdoor Salt Home Remedies

When using salt as an outdoor remedy, you have to keep in mind that the weather can affect the effectiveness of your treatments. For example, you will have to reapply the salt when it rains. Below you will find a range of outdoor home remedies for salt that could become your next quick fix or money-saving solution:

a) Weed Control [1]:

When weed annoyingly appear in the cracks of your walkways, salt can penetrate the roots to kill. Create a solution out of one cup salt added to two cups of boiled water. Pour the mixture directly on the weeds. Some people will also spread salt directly onto the weeds. This remedy can also be used to destroy unwanted grass that emerges between patio bricks or blocks.

b) Get Rid of Snails:

Slugs and snails are not the prettiest of creatures to look at, but they are also a threat to your plants. Sprinkle salt into your garden and they are no longer an issue.

c) Clean a Flowerpot:

When you are ready to reuse a flowerpot, remove caked-on mud by sprinkling a little salt and then scrubbing the dry dirt with a stiff brush.

a) Clean Wicker Furniture:

When the sun and other elements have turned your wicker furniture yellow – bring back its natural beauty by scrubbing with a brush dipped in warm salt water. Sit the piece out in the sun to dry. This process should be repeated every year or every two years.

d) Kill Poison Ivy [2]:

To make sure no one has to deal with the discomfort and itchiness of poison ivy, kill a patch of the plant by mixing ½ gallon of soapy water with ½ pounds of salt. Spray the plant and it should have a negative effect on its future.

e) Soothe Bee Sting:

Cure the sting of an upset bee by quickly wetting affected skin and covering with salt. This remedy will ease the pain and reduced swelling.

f) Fight Itchy Mosquito Bites:

When camping or hiking, carry along salt water, which can provide relief from the itching of mosquito and chigger bites. Soak the skin in salt water, and then apply a layer of vegetable oil.

g) Treat Poison Ivy:

The itching of poison ivy can be relieved by soaking in hot salt water. When you are inside the house, soak in a tub filled with salt water.

h) Avoid Frosted Windows/Windshields:

To keep away the frost during the wintertime, wipe down your windows and the car windshield with a sponge dipped in salt water.

i) Unfreeze a Downspout [3]:

When downspouts have frozen solid, cut the legs of an old pair of pantyhose and fill each leg with the salt that is used to melt sidewalks. Tie the leg ends and lay on top of the frozen downspouts and any section of your gutter that is thick with ice. Once the ice has melted, remove and place in a different location, if needed.


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