Home Remedies using Salt for the Household

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Salt is one of the most important minerals that support our lives and health. Our body needs it to function and outside of the health world – it can come in pretty handy when we need to accomplish everyday tasks around the household. Found in nearly every residence and inexpensive to buy, get to know the many home remedies using salt that could be of some assistance to you.

Household Salt Home Remedies

Tossing salt over your shoulder is part of a superstition, but you don’t want to waste this versatile substance when there is work to be done in the household. From enhancing the results of your laundry to deodorizing various things around the house, the following home remedies using salt can certainly save you time, money and energy, as well as solve common household dilemmas:

a) Starch Helper [1]:

Adding a dash of salt to your laundry will keep starch from sticking to the iron.

b) Enhance Vase Appearance:

When the water in your vase looks like a cloudy mess, you can remove the deposit of minerals that clings to the interior of the vase. Reach inside the vase and rub the ring with salt, and then wash with soapy water.

c) Watermark Remover:

To eliminate watermarks from your wooden furniture, mix one teaspoon of salt with a few drops of water to make a paste. Gently rub the paste onto the ring and use a soft cloth or sponge to work the spots away.

d) T.L.C. for Your Broom:

A new straw broom will last longer if the bristles are soaked in a bucket filled with hot, salty water. After about 20 minutes, remove the broom and let it dry.

e) Restore a Sponge:

When your hand sponges and mop sponges get cruddy before they’ve lived a suitable life, restore by soaking overnight in a solution comprised of ¼ cup salt added to each quart (liter) of water.

f) Make Glitter [2]:

Yes, you can use salt to provide glitter to kids who need it to complete their masterpieces. Add 10 to 15 drops of food coloring to one cup of salt, and mix it well. Microwave the ingredients on high for two to three minutes, and then spread out on a sheet of nonstick aluminum foil or wax paper to dry. For leftover ‘glitter’, store in an airtight container.

g) Sneaker Deodorizer:

When sneakers and canvas shoes start to stink up the hallways, sprinkle a bit of salt inside the shoe to soak up the smelly moisture.

h) Deter Ant Activity:

When ants are marching straight into your home, stop them in their tracks by sprinkling salt across the door frame or directly on their paths. Ants will be reluctant to cross the barrier.

i) Better Ironing:

When the metal soleplate of your iron has developed a rough surface that is hard to get rid of – sprinkle table salt onto a section of newspaper on your ironing board, and run the hot iron over the salt.

j) Prevent Candle Drips:

To keep your candles from dripping, soak them in a strong saltwater solution after purchasing. Leave the candles in the solution for two hours, and then dry after removing.

k) Remove Rust Stains:

You’ve brushed up against something rusty and the fabric not has an unattractive orange-brown stain. Remove the spot by wetting with lemon juice, and then sprinkling with salt. Let the fabric stand in the direct sunlight for 30 to 45 minutes.

l) Pre-Treatment:

If you’ve spilled something greasy (like salad dressing) on your clothing while at someone’s house, lessen or prevent the damage of a stain by drowning the spot in salt as a way to absorb the grease. When you are home, wash the garment as usual.

m) Color Set Your Towel [3]:

To make sure the color of your new towels stay intact, add one cup of salt to the wash for the first two to three times that you wash the linens. The salt helps set the colors so you enjoy brighter towels for a longer period of time.


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