Home Remedies using Rubbing Alcohol

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Rubbing alcohol is just one of those things that are found in nearly every bathroom cabinet. The liquid is one that probably brings back memories of stinging sensations when your parents doused a scratch with it. Besides being known to accommodate an array of medical concerns, there are tons of home remedies using rubbing alcohol that can also help with cleaning and solving common problems.

What is Rubbing Alcohol?

Rubbing alcohol is a liquid that topically disinfects, soothes, cools, and warms the skin. The ingredients that made this substance include 70 to 95 percent ethanol (ethyl alcohol), water, acetone, methyl isobutyl ketone, and additives. Depending on the manufacturer, perfumes or artificial coloring might be added.

Rubbing Alcohol Home Remedies

Rubbing alcohol is known as a versatile cleaning agent and not too many people are familiar with just how handy that 99-cent bottle of cool liquid can become. Below you will see that the liquid is part of a range of home remedies using rubbing alcohol that will probably come as a surprise:

a) Clean a Cell Phone:

Rub down your cell phone with rubbing alcohol to remove the grime and bacteria that can accumulate in the parts that come in contact with your ear and mouth.

b) Clean Mirrors:

When you’ve sprayed your mirror with the stickiness of hair spray, you can remove the residue by wiping clean with rubbing alcohol.

c) Prevent Frosty Windows:

To avoid frosted windows in the wintertime, wash them down with a solution made out of ½ cup rubbing alcohol added to one quart of water. This will help prevent frost from forming on the glass. Use newspaper to polish the windows after you wash. This will also make them shine. You can also spray frosted windows with rubbing alcohol to quickly defreeze the glass.

d) Disinfectant:

From sterilizing hands (like doctors in the hospital do) to making sure objects are disinfected – isopropyl rubbing alcohol is a common substance in the medical world. Use to treat wounds and cuts that require the removal of bacteria, dirt, and other substances that hinder the healing process.

e) Prep a Needle Spot:

Before piercing the skin with a hypodermic needle, use a small amount of rubbing alcohol to disinfect – helpful for people that use a needle to take medication (like diabetics).

f) Remove Permanent Marks:

Use rubbing alcohol on non-permeable material to remove marks that you’d otherwise chalk up to a permanent blemish. This includes lipstick stains on walls, permanent ink markers, and oil paints. Rubbing alcohol can also remove regular ink stains from your favorite pieces of clothing.

g) Kill Fruit Flies:

To get rid of fruit flies, add rubbing alcohol to a spray bottle and spritz the flying pests in the air. They will immediately fall to the floor, where you can sweep up and toss away.

h) Add Shine to Fixtures:

The moistness of a bathroom causes fixtures to dull and grow mold.

Spraying rubbing alcohol on the fixtures will disinfect, as well as add shine. Follow up by washing with tap water.

i) Clean Your Mouse:

Wipe a napkin dipped in rubbing alcohol across your computer mouse to disinfect.

j) Save a Disc:

Before tossing a scratched DVD or CD, wipe a small amount of rubbing alcohol on the disc to give it one last try at working.

k) Stickiness Remover:

To remove the price stickers and its residue from items, sponge on rubbing alcohol.

l) Avoid Collar Ring:

To prevent your neck from staining a shirt collar, wipe your neck with rubbing alcohol every morning before you get dressed.

m) Tick Removal:

If you see a tick clinging to the coat of your pooch, dab the pest with rubbing alcohol. They don’t like rubbing alcohol, so they will loosen their grip – making it easier for you to remove the tick. Pull it straight out so that its mouth parts are not left in your dog. Apply more alcohol to disinfect the area. This remedy will also work on humans.

n) Ice Pack [1]:

If you don’t want to put a hard uncomfortable ice pack on your skin, create your own that conforms to your body parts by mixing one part rubbing alcohol with three parts water in a self-closing Ziploc bag. The consistency of the frozen contents turns slushy in the freezer. Simply wrap the bag in a cloth and apply.

o) Treat a Cold Sore:

To relieve itchiness and reduce the appearance of a cold sore, dab with a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol.

p) Clean Decorative Candles:

When you’re ready to bring out decorative candles from their stash spot, they may appear a little dusty. To revamp their look, dampen a cleaning rag with rubbing alcohol and swipe clean.


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