10 Home Remedies Using Natural Facial Cleansers | Q&A

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Q: Grandma, My pimples is almost 1 year, I always apply facial foam and cream because I thought it can help.It’s not working, what will I do?

A: Dear K, People these days are getting more conscious of the use of safe and natural homemade solutions to treat skin lesions and acne outbreaks. The grime and excess oil that accumulate during the day need to be removed to make the skin breathe naturally. There is nothing better than start the nightly skin care ritual than using homemade facial cleansers and scrubs for pimples. Why spend unnecessarily using commercial products when your home abounds with so many possible treatments.

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1. Tomato & Sugar Homemade Facial Cleanser and Scrub – Tomato is a refreshing fruit vegetable that is refreshingly packed with antioxidants. The sugar is known to be a natural exfoliation agent. By combining the two, you have a very effective facial cleanser and scrub in one that works well against acne and pimples.[1]

2. Almond, Honey & Lemon Homemade Facial Cleanser and Scrub – Apply a little heat to the honey until it becomes runny, but not too hot. Mix all the ingredients and rub them in a circular motion onto your face. Massage gently to remove the dead cells avoiding the area around the eye.

3. Sea salt & Olive oil Homemade Facial cleanser and Scrub – This conditions the skin as the salt exfoliates, detoxifies and while the honey locks in moisture in the skin. The olive oil is also an effective moisturizer. Rinse it off with cold and warm water and end with a splash of cold water.

4. Basic Baking Soda Wash and Scrub – Apply the to face and neck, but avoiding the eye area. You may also use a facial loofah, brush or sponge to increase exfoliation. Rinse off with warm water.[2]

5. Rose Almond Face Scrub – Use this scrub after washing and steaming facetowel or using hot face to open pores. Prepare and apply scrub, avoiding eye area. For better results, use sponge, facial loofah or brush. End by rinsing off with warm water.

6. Apple cider vinegar – Any vinegar can be used as a substitute. Apple cider vinegar helps to restore the balance of your skin pH. The ACV also helps foster better blood circulation and oxygenation of your facial cells. It reduces scars left by acne. It is an antiseptic that helps treat infections. It brightens skin

7. ACV and Cornmeal – This is a scrub that helps remove t dead cells while restoring the pH of the skin. Dead skin cells can make your face look old and worn-out when it could actually look and feel smooth and supple.[3]

8. Fennel Cleanser – Boil fennel and fennel seeds before adding buttermilk and honey. After blending, strain and store this in the refrigerator. To apply, use 2 tablespoons and slather it on your face. [4]

9. Sugar – Sugar exfoliates dead layers of skin cells and leaves your skin feeling and looking clean and glowing. You can add sugar to coffee and honey to make the concoction. Apply this on the face and leave it for 5-7 minutes.

10. Almond – Mayonnaise Mix – Ground almond and mayonnaise works great paste as scruas natural scrub. Leave itonto the skin for 10 minutes then rinse off.[5]


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