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Q: Grandma, I have observed that my dog has a chronic condition – he keeps on shaking his head. Inside his ears, there are lots of dried ear wax. I used ear mite drops to him. Unfortunately, the effect only lasted for just a small period of time, and the problem occurred again. I’m quite busy to go to the store and buy another drop. I have mineral oil in our house. Could you give me an idea on how to treat my dog using this? Also, I would like to ask some suggestions regarding the use of mineral oil as home remedy.

A: Dear W, not only dogs suffer from ear mites. There are also the cats and some other animals. Ear mites are usually common strayed cats, and they can pass this to other animals such as dogs when they have a contact outside. Regarding this issue, the use of mineral oil is also helpful.

Mineral oil has many uses. This can be used, for example, for medical, industrial, and scientific purposes. So, below are home remedies using mineral oil including the treatment for ear mites.

10 Home Remedies Using Mineral Oil


1. Ear Mites – To remove ear mites, simply put mineral oil inside the ear of your pet using a small dropper. Then, close their and let them shake their head. Shaking helps the oil the go around corners and reach the ear mites. After that, using a Q-tip, get the residues outside. [5]

2. Makeup Remover – With the use of a cloth, put enough mineral oil onto it, then apply to face. This home remedy using mineral oil is helpful since the oil is capable in cleaning up dirt that are built up on face. After wiping with this, make sure to wash face with clean water to remove oil residues. [4]

3. For Furnitures – Mix lemon juice with 2 cups of mineral oil. Using a cloth, soak it with the mixture and wipe to wood furnitures. Mineral oil provides shine and helps in making the wood look new.

4. As Preservative – Some metals, like knives, are needed to be well preserved to avoid rust. With the aid of mineral oil, submerge metals into it. This remedy is helpful in keeping utensils clean. [3]

5. Hair – If the hair is some kind of brittle or fragile, this remedy using mineral oil is of great help. It gives off moisture to hair, making it lively to look at. Just use small amount of it to hair and spread evenly. [1]

6. Skin – Mineral oil is said to be more effective in making the skin moisturized than other kinds of oil like vegetable oil.

7. Bowel Movement – People who have difficulty in taking their wastes out are encouraged to try mineral oil. This has to be taken before going to sleep. But, as a reminder, use this moderately for it can also give side effects if over used. [2]

8. Diaper Rashes – Infants often experienced this. To avoid rashes in getting worse, wipe mineral oil to the affected part.

9. Shoes – Shoes can become dry also. But, before applying oil all over the surface, try first to a portion which is not very visible to the sight. Observe if there is a change in color. If none, then start applying it using a cloth. Pour oil to cloth, enough to just coat the shoes.

10. Appliances – Put a small amount of oil to a cloth and wipe it to appliances. Continue to wipe until you can achieve the shine that you want. It helps in keeping them look like they are newly bought.


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