8 Home Remedies Using Meditation | Q&A

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Q: Grandma, I am often sad and depressed or totally stressed out. I have heard that meditation helps to keep people healthy both physically and mentally. Please help me.

A: Dear J, Meditation can be considered a home remedy in itself. The first thing you have to do is establish a place where you can have peace and quiet for your meditation. The second is firmly resolve to meditate daily – if possible twice a day. Here are a few pointers to help you through what we can refer to as home remedies for using meditation.

8 Home Remedies for Using Meditation


1. Pad or mat – Get yourself a comfortable mat to sit in while meditating. If sitting on the floor is too difficult for you, choose a comfortable chair.

2. Neck – The neck is one of the hardest parts of the body to relax. Relax your neck by very gently moving your head in small circles, or backwards and forwards and from side to side — always do this very gently. Do not do this if you’ve had a stroke or are under doctor’s care. This is one of the basic home remedies for using meditation.[1]

3. Relax – Relax your body by sitting firmly on the chair. Shift your weight if necessary then stretch out your legs if you want to and then align them again. Now relax… your belly, thighs, knees, calves, ankles and feet.

4. Breathing – You can sit or lie on your back – whichever is most comfortable for you then start breathing deeply and rhythmically. As you do this, imagine the tensionleaving your head, your neck, your shoulders, your solar plexus, your waist, hips, thighs, calves and finally, your feet. Then imagine the tension leaving your body in the form of dark smoke out of your toes.[2]

5. Walking – A simpler type of meditation for beginners is walking meditation. Set aside 20 minutes to do this daily and start by standing still, gathering an awareness of your body. Breathe deeply and put your full attention to walking. Be conscious of how your limbs feel, how your soles feel while you are walking; be aware of how one foot steps forward then the other. If you can do this for twenty minutes, you will have succeeded inremoving your mind from the stress that the outside world brings.[3]

6. Candles – Gently scented candles can help you meditate by setting an atmosphere conducive to this activity. Replacing artificial lighting with candlelight will lower the intensity of energies that are not consistent with being in tune with our spirits. Calming candlelight helps us go within and reflect more deeply on our lives. Candles are probably the simplest of home remedies for meditation enhancement.[4]

7. Music for guided meditation – You can buy guided meditation CDs or you can just pick smoothing music that you already own. Listening to music helps you get into the meditation mode.

8. Incense sticks – Burning incense can do more than fill the air with a sweet scent; it aids you in your meditation. It is one of the home remedies for using meditation that sets the right atmosphere for you to meditate. [5]


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