7 Home Remedies Using Garlic for Pet Problem | Q&A

Q: Grandma ,I have 2 lab mix size dogs and two mini dachshunds. How much garlic can I give the little ones? I have gel pills that have 3 mg garlic oil too. I’m trying to get rid of lice/mite problem a rescued dog brought into the home.

A: Dear T, considering using garlic as a home remedy for getting rid of lice/mice is a proven remedy in removing a dog’s parasitic infestation. Basically, the use of garlic for dog’s health is because it is an excellent antibiotic and immune booster. It can stop and prevent infections, has been known to ward off fleas and ticks and can be utilized for a variety of infectious skin ailments. [1] There are some negative impacts regarding the use of garlic in pets. However, most of the research believes that feeding garlic to pets is done because the researchers want to better understand the wide benefits of garlic while debunking dangerous effects on pets. Garlic is considered as beneficial among pets, listed below are some reasons why the home remedies using garlic for pet problem is beneficial to their health

7 Home Remedies Using Garlic for Pet Problem


1. Eliminate Toxins – Garlic is one of the best foods, and supplements used to promote detoxification. The high sulfur content aids the liver to detoxify various substances so that they can be metabolized and excreted from the body. Elimination of toxins is one of the effective benefits of home remedies using garlic for pet problems.

2. Improved Digestive Tract – When garlic is added to pet’s foods even when very low levels are used. It can aid to improve the digestive tract. [3]

3. Prevent Cancer – Garlic’s sulfur components are key in avoiding some pet’s cancers by helping control carcinogens (cancer-causing substances).

4. Antimicrobial Effects – Garlic contains wide properties of antimicrobial activity against viruses, bacteria, fungi and worms. Garlic seems to work best in boosting the immunity and preventing infections. This is very deadly for mites, lice and other skin parasites.

5. Lessen Heart Disease – The use of garlic can also inhibit platelet aggregation (blood clotting). Long-term use of garlic helps protect the elasticity of arteries and lowers blood pressure in pets.

6. Ear Mites Garlic oil/ Ear Infection – Garlic is also a proven methods to remove ear mites. Put 1-2 drop of garlic oil into a cotton swab and gently spread the solution into the affected ear. [4]

7. Natural Repellant – Garlic serves as a natural repellant among pets. It is effective in preventing all kinds of pests from infesting your pets and your home as well. Crush a handful of garlic cloves and spread them throughout your basement, garage or places where your pets usually visit.

8. Garlic Appropriate Dosage for Dogs – Give 1/2 capsule pills that contains garlic for small dogs, with the dosage increasing with the pet’s size, ranging up to 2 capsules given in a split dose, depending on the dog’s weight. Or you can give 1/2 to 1 small minced/pressed clove daily mixed into a meal. [2]


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