Home Remedies using Fabric Softener Sheets

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Fabric softener sheets (or dry sheets) are best known for eliminating static cling and adding a fresh scent to clothing after a wash. However, with home remedies for fabric softener sheets, you will find that this common household item is quite versatile.

Fabric Softener Sheet Home Remedies

Usually, you will find that the freshening power of a dry sheet can come in handy for many different situations. Below you will learn how to take advantage of this common product with the following home remedies for fabric softener sheets:

a) Keep Away Bugs:

If you put a used fabric softener sheet in your pocket when going outside, insects, such as yellow jackets, mosquitoes, and bees, tend to keep their distance.

b) End Static Cling:

When wearing pantyhose, rub a fabric softener sheet over the material to stop skirts and dresses from clinging.

c) Shine Your Chrome:

To shine up your chrome, eliminate streaks and dullness with a used fabric softener sheet as a buff pad.

d) Deodorize Suitcases:

A fresh fabric softener sheet can revamp the inside of an empty suitcase and other pieces of luggage before and after storage.

e) Fight Dog Odor:

Wet dog smell is distinct and you can cut down on the odor by wiping down Fido with a used dryer sheet.

f) Add a Nice Scent to Drawers:

Add a fresh scent to dresser drawers by lining the bottom with one fresh scented fabric softener sheet. To keep the sheet in place, you can use tape.

g) Remove Burnt Food [1]:

When you’ve burned the bottom of your dinner, remove the evidence from a casserole dish by filling with hot water and adding three to four used softener sheets. Soak overnight and remove the sheets before washing away any residue. Don’t forget to rinse well.

h) Keep Away Ants:

Lay fabric softener sheets close to the foundation of your home (in crevices and cracks) to keep ants from entering your home.

i) Freshen Books:

To eliminate the musty odor that sometimes settles in books and photo albums that rarely get opened, place fabric softener sheets in between the pages.

j) Clean Electronics Screens:

A used fabric softener sheet can wipe clean a dusty television or computer screen, as well as eliminate static electricity.

k) Repel Dust:

To eliminate static electricity from venetian blinds and prevent dust from coming back, wipe them down with a used fabric softener sheet.

l) Nice Car Scent:

Placing a fabric softener sheet in the front seat of your car will help eliminate the musty odors and lingering cigarette smells that can stay in your vehicle.

m) Prevent Trashcan Odors:

You can freshen up the bottom of a waste basket with a fabric softener sheet.

n) Revamp Stuffed Animals [2]:

When your child’s favorite stuffed companions become matted and grimy, first place the critters in the washing machine on the gentle cycle. When in the dryer, add a pair of old tennis shows and a fabric softener sheet. The stuffed animals will come out fluffy and with soft fur.

o) Clean Pet Hair:

Rubbing furniture and clothing with a used fabric softener sheet will collect pet hairs, which are attracted to the material.

p) Collect Sawdust:

When sawdust starts flying in your workroom, a used fabric softener sheet can collect and wipe up sawdust after drilling wood or sand papering a project.

q) Freshen Hampers:

Place a fabric softener sheet in a laundry hamper to keep down the smells of dirty clothes.

r) Eliminate Foot Odor:

Stinking and sweaty feet can makes your sneakers smell awful, so putting a fabric softener sheet inside when you’re not wearing them can help cut down on unwanted odors.

s) Fresh Camping Gear:

Add a nice scent to sleeping bags and tents with scented fabric softener sheets.

t) Remove Soap Scum:

Use fabric softener sheets to dissolve soap scum from shower doors.

u) Freshen Closets:

A single fabric softener sheet placed in your closet can help eliminate musty, dusty, and unpleasant odors.

v) Vacuum Scent:

To send a nice scent into the air as you vacuum, slip in a dryer sheet into the bag before cleaning a room.

w) Tangle-free Thread:

Before sewing, run a threaded needle through a fabric softener sheet to take advantage of the nonstick coating that follows.


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