16 Home Remedies using Duct Tape – Household

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Thanks to Permacell (a division of Johnson & Johnson) for creating the strong tape that easily rips into strips and individual pieces. Duct tape offers a waterproof solution for plenty of life’s tricky little dilemmas. You’ll be surprised with just how many home remedies using duct tape can come in handy.

Home Remedies using Duct Tape

What is Duct Tape?

Duct tape is an adhesive tape made out of cloth mesh that is coated with a waterproof material [1]. It is a polyethylene coating that makes the tape waterproof. The history of duct tape is traced back to the Second World War, where it helped the United States military repair the windshields of their Jeeps and sealing ammunition cases. For many years, the tape was silver, but now comes in many different colors that have found uses beyond the sealing of heating and air-conditioning ducts.

Duct Tape Home Remedies

The next time you find something broken, you never know when the waterproof duct tape will become a lifesaver, money saver, and timesaver. For example, you can use the tape to avoid tossing away one of your favorite belongings or spending precious money on a replacement. To get familiar with home remedies using duct tape, consider some of the following suggestions:

a) Temporary Band-Aid:

When you’ve run out of Band-Aids, cover your wound with paper towel and hold in place with a piece of duct tape.

b) Reseal Chips:

Don’t let your chips get stale when you can easily keep a bag closed by sealing with a piece of duct tape. Fold over the bag before applying the tape.

c) Extra Key Holder:

If you have a habit of getting locked out of your car, use duct tape to affix an extra key to the undercarriage of your car.

d) Lint Remover [2]:

Wrap your hand with a length of duct tape (sticky side out) and roll the tape against your clothing in a rocking motion to remove stray hairs and lint from your clothing. Do not use a wiping motion or you risk damaging the nap.

e) Reinforce Book Binding:

To repair broken book binding, apply duct tape by running it down the length of the spine. You can cut shorter pieces to run perpendicular for extra reinforcement.

f) Splinter Removal:

You can use a small piece of duct tape to remove a splinter – all you have to do is gently press to affected skin.

g) Repair Photo Frame:

When the foldout leg of a photo frame doesn’t want to cooperate any longer, use duct tape to reattach the leg and hold the frame upright.

h) Holiday Wrapping:

When you’ve run out of wrapping paper, press duct tape directly to the gift box. If you have different colors – create varying designs by alternating colors.

i) A Quick Hem:

When you don’t have time to bring out the sewing kit to hem your long pants, simply fold them up and hold in place with duct tape. This is also a great method for pinpointing a desired length before hemming your pants.

j) Fly Killer:

Take control over your household fly population by taping five to ten pieces of duct tape to making a ring with the sticky side out. Hang the tape from the ceiling close to any overhead lights. When insects fly by or land, they will become stuck. After a while, toss away the tape and repeat if needed.

k) Seal Window Leaks:

If the seal around your window has broken and is creating an unpleasant sound as you drive – use duct tape as a patch until you have time to take it to a shop.

l) Fix a Vacuum Bag:

When your disposable vacuum cleaner bag is full and you don’t have replacement nearby, try using duct tape as a quick fix. Remove the bag and cut a slit straight down the middle. Empty the contents into the trash, and then pinch the sides together at the slit and fold over. Tape the fold with a good amount of duct tape. The bag will hold a little less, but you can still vacuum until you get replacement bags.

m) Make a Wallet:

The waterproofed durability of duct tape can be made into a fashionable wallet that helps you save money.

n) Trash Can Repair:

You don’t have to trash your plastic trash can when it has suffered a crack or split along the sides. Duct tape is strong enough to seal cracks both inside and outside. The flexibility of the tape is also good at maneuvering around curves and ridged surfaces.

o) Glass Protection:

A broken window can become a dangerous disaster if not quickly cleaned up. Before removing the window glass, crisscross the pane with duct tape to hold all of the shards in place.

p) Toilet Seat Fix:

If your toilet seat has cracked or is broken, quick fix the damage by wrapping the break until you can get a replacement.


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