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Q: Grandma, I have bladder infection. I have taken cranberry pills, drank apple cider vinegar and gone through two rounds of antibiotic. I am now taking azithromycin. Help.

A: Dear Pattie, First of all, I hope that you took those two rounds of antibiotic and now azithromycin per your doctors’ advice. Remember that self medicating is dangerous and these drugs must only be taken with a duly authorized prescription from your doc. Having said that, I also like to know how long did you take (or are you still taking) cranberry pills? Did it have little or no effect at all? Or maybe you quit taking them even before they can take effect? Remember that it is common among women to have frequent and recurring urinary infections despite being under medical treatment. But, cranberry juice is known to decrease the severity because it contains a substance preventing bacteria to stay in the walls of your bladder so infections will be less likely to occur. Still, it’s better to consult your doctor to know the exact dosage of these cranberry pills and how long you should be taking them.

Here are other helpful home remedies using cranberry.

8 Effective Home Remedies Using Cranberry


1. For bladder infections – Drink seven ounces of this daily to prevent recurrence of bladder infections. It is advisable to buy one hundred percent cranberry juice and not the cocktails or cranberry juice drinks because it contains more sugar than cranberry. [1]

2. For yeast infections – Medical professionals believe that cranberry works effectively as an antibacterial and antifungal agent, which means it can ward off Candida albicans, the main culprit for yeast infections. Do not apply this directly on the vagina like garlic or yogurt because it can cause severe burning especially when undiluted. So the only way to take it is to drink it. [2]

3. For excessive perspiration – This is one of the interesting home remedies using cranberry. Sweating is normal and is the body’s natural response to cool the body. However excessive sweating can be embarrassing especially if it causes body odor. Cranberry juice is a great home remedy for this because of its’ ability to lower your body’s pH level thereby inhibiting the growth of bacteria causing body odor.

4. For kidney stones – Cranberry juice is rich in vitamin C and is also known to help break down kidney stones when taken regularly.

5. For oral health – It contains chemicals that prevent bacteria and plaque build up promoting overall oral health. [3]

6. For urinary incontinence – Particular flavonoids found in cranberry has strong antibacterial effect which are particularly helpful in urinary tract related infection which includes incontinence. [4]

7. For acne problems – Cranberry is a great detoxifier so it eliminates all the waste products in the body including those that cause acne.

8. For improved blood circulation – It greatly improves blood circulation that is why it is also called a “super berry”. Because of this it has the ability to protect your heart against some related disorders. [5]


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