10 Home Remedies Using Candles

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Whether you’re adding a nice fragrance to a musty room or keeping a set for emergencies, chances are that you have at least one votive, taper, tea light, or pillar candle in your home. Candles date back to ancient Egyptian and Roman days, and their function has expanded over the years. Not only do these waxy illuminators light the way in times of need, but you’ll see they also come in handy with home remedies using candles.

10 Home Remedies Using Candles

Candles for Home Remedies

From holiday decorating to aiding home improvement projects, wax is a versatile substance found in nearly every household in the United States. To learn more about using candle home remedies to your advantage, consider the following suggestions:

a) Fix Burned Leather Upholstery:

Melting a small amount of wax can help fix a small hole burned into leather upholstery. You must use a candle that is the same color as the furniture. Light the candle and allow the wax to drip into the hole. Use the back of a spoon to smooth out the hot wax before it dries.

b) Unstick a Drawer:

When one of the drawers in your desk or dresser keeps sticking, take it out and then rub a candle on the runners. Next time, the drawer will open more smoothly once it is put back into place.

c) Prevent Frayed Shoelaces:

The plastic and metal tips found on the ends of shoelaces can come off, especially when it comes to active kids. This can lead to fraying that you can avoid by dipping an end in melted candle wax and feeding it through the eyelet until you can get replacement laces.

d) Stop a Squeaky Door:

The annoying squeal of a squeaky door is enough to drive anyone crazy, but you can tackle this issue by first taking the door off of its hinges. Rub a candle over the surfaces of the hinge that touch together. This will help calm the squeak.

e) A Quick Pincushion:

An alternative to the usual pincushion is to use a wide candle. The added benefit is that the wax will help the pins and needles easily glide through fabric.

f) Waterproof Your Labels:

If you use a felt-tip pen or marker to address your letters and packages sent through the mail, you can waterproof the labels by rubbing a white candle over the writing [1]. Now, the ink will not smear.

g) Inexpensive Holiday Ornaments:

Leftover candle wax and old candles can be transformed into holiday ornaments and Christmas tree decorations. Carefully pour melted wax into candy molds. Insert a looped string or satin ribbon as a way to hang the ornaments while the wax is still liquefied. An added benefit comes when using scented candles. When the wax has completely dried, gently pop the ornaments out of the molds.

h) Campfire Starters:

Store leftover birthday candles in an old vitamin bottle and use as an easy way to ignite kindling on your next campfire outing.

i) Fireplace Starters:

Dip a pinecone in leftover melted wax, and toss in the fireplace when you’re looking to warm your room or home.

j) Car Fresheners:

Add a pleasant scent to your car by adding candle wax to the center of a fabric sheet, and using a string to tie the corners together. Place the sachet in a hidden space in the car, such as the glove compartment or under the seats. The scent is especially inviting during the wintertime when the heat is turned on. Soften larger scented candles and use a melon ball scoop to create small spheres of scented candle wax. You can tuck the shaped candle wax in a concealed location in the car.


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