Home Remedies Using Baby Wipes

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The moist wipes used to gently cleanse a baby’s bottom actually offer a wide range of uses in the household. The baby wipes are disposable cloths saturated with a blend of components that are easy on the skin. Today, you will find a variety of sizes, styles and fragrances that can come in handy for implementing home remedies using baby wipes.

About Baby Wipes

Depending on the fabric of the baby wipes, you will encounter varying levels of durability and absorbency. Water is the main ingredient of the wipes, which helps to dilute the other ingredients. Mild detergents paired with moisturizers and preservatives are also used to decrease skin irritation. There are no chemicals added that can do harm to the skin. The mildness is meant to gently treat very sensitive parts of the body, which means it can also delicately address issues that arise in the household.

Baby Wipe Home Remedies

Not only do baby wipes come in handy for solving common household problems, but the containers are also helpful. You can use empty wipe containers to organize your belongings (such as sewing supplies, coupons and office items), make a first-aid kit, plastic bag storage, and make a “piggy bank.” As for home remedies using baby wipes, consider the following suggestions:

a) Instant Dust Cloth:

Instead of using old clothes, socks and other rags to clean around the house, a used baby wipe can become just as much of a dust rag than the next thing. Some brands of baby wipes (such as Huggies) can be tossed in the wash and reused as dust cloths and cleaning rags. Obviously, you would only use mildly soiled baby wipes for this home remedy.

b) Quick Cleaning:

When you need to quickly clean something and you’re in a hurry, baby wipes are extremely convenient. Add a package to your glove compartment or purse for emergency spills and other instances where you need to clean your hands.

c) Cool Down:

After a hard run outside or session on the treadmill, a baby wipe can address a sweaty forehead, as well as help your body to cool down.

d) Paper Towels:

To make your own baby wipes, place soft paper towels in a sealable bag with a mixture of one tablespoon gentle antibacterial soap, one teaspoon baby oil, and 1/3 cup of water. Use enough of the mixture to get the wipes damp. They should not be drenched.

e) Plastic Bag:

To make sure a large container of baby wipes do not try out – store in a plastic bag sealed with a twist tie.

f) Coffee Spill Soak-Up:

A small coffee spill in your car comes right up with the swipe of a baby wipe.

g) Shine Your Shoes:

From brightening up a pair of white leather shoes to adding shine to your favorite leather heels, baby wipes can quickly enhance the appearance of your footwear.

h) Remove Gas Stink:

After pumping gas into your car, you can freshen up by rubbing a baby wipe between the palms of your hands [1].

i) Shine Up the Bathroom:

You can use a baby wipe to polish the surfaces of your bathroom fixtures. Use a dry washcloth as a follow up.

j) Stain Removal:

When you spell coffee or another drink on your carpet, clothing or upholstery, use a baby wipe to blot up the excess liquid and stain. Baby wipes are also good for removing food smudges left behind by a messy baby [2].

k) Keyboard Cleaning:

After shaking your computer keyboard over a garbage can, use a baby wipe to remove the dirt, dried spills, and other grime that accumulates on the keys. When cleaning your PC keyboard, it is important to either turn off the unit or unplug the keyboard.

l) Soothe Sunburn:

Baby wipes provide a cooling effect to sunburned skin – gently pat affected skin with a wipe.

m) Treat Cuts and Scrapes:

If you don’t have access to any antibacterial cleaners or creams, you can initially treat cuts and scrapes with a baby wipe.

n) Remove Cosmetics:

Some makeups need extra care to remove, and are no match to a baby wipe. This remedy works wonders on heavy black eyeliner.


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