Home Remedies using Baby Oil

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With a distinct scent and moisturizing quality, baby oil is a popular product that finds its ways onto changing tables across America. Made with mineral oil and fragrance, the oil is also known to treat other household concerns and health dilemmas. With all of the home remedies using baby oil, you may just develop a newfound respect for the slippery stuff.

Baby Oil Home Remedies

With a relatively low cost, a bottle of baby oil can surely go a long way. Whether you’re looking to make life easier or would like to explore a different cleaning agent, you should try experimenting with some of the following home remedies using baby oil:

a) Remove a Bandage:

Removing Band-Aids and bandages can be a painful experience, but it doesn’t have to be. Lessen the discomfort by first rubbing a bit of baby oil on the adhesive parts of a bandage – focusing on the top and edges. Start to work the bandage loose. This is an effective remedy for people with sensitive or fragile skin.

b) Scented Bath Oil:

Instead of buying expensive bath and beauty products, you can make your own scented bath oil by

c) Shine Up Golf Clubs:

You don’t need to spend money on a cleaning kit for your golf clubs when you have a bottle of baby oil in the cabinet. Add a few drops of oil to a cloth, and polish the head of your club following each round of golf.

d) Take Off Stubborn Ring:

When wriggling your finger just won’t do, remove a stubborn ring by using baby oil as a lubricant. Turn the ring around your finger to spread the oil, and it should slide off without any further resistance.

e) Clean Your Tub:

Baby oil can be used to remove dirt and a buildup of soap scum that can develop around your bathtub or shower stall. Wipe down surfaces with one teaspoon of baby oil on a moist cloth. Use another cloth to wipe away any leftover oil. To kill any remaining germs, follow up with a disinfectant spray.

f) Fight Clogged Ears:

When your ear is clogged with a buildup of wax, five drops of warmed baby oil can help dissolve the gunk in your ears. Add the droplets to your ear while lying on your side or tilting your affected ear upwards. Leave the oil in for a bit so that it has a chance to work its magic. Allow the oil to drain out onto a clean towel or into the sink.

g) Massage Oil:

When looking for oil that makes massages much more pleasant, consider using the light scent of baby oil.

h) Lock in Moisture:

After taking a warm bath or shower, seal in the moisture and avoid dryness by applying baby oil while your skin is still damp. Don’t forget to pay special attention to body parts that usually get really dry, such as elbows, knees, and heels.

i) Fight Dishpan Hands:

Avoid the repercussions of washing dishes in hot water or for a long period of time by applying baby oil to your hands. This remedy fights dryness and keeps you moisturized. The oil also helps reduce friction and promotes healthier skin.

j) Cold Weather Treatment:

Before venturing out into the winter cold, rub baby oil on your skin. Cold weather tends to strip the natural oils from the skin – robbing it off the moisture it needs to avoid dry skin conditions and itchiness. Baby oil helps insulate and keep warm the body.

k) Untangle Necklaces:

To treat necklaces made with metal pieces, use baby oil to lubricate and make it easily to move the pieces of your necklaces and bracelets. After coating with oil, you can use a pin to work out tangled knots.

l) Add Shine to Stainless Steel Sinks:

Transform a dull stainless steel sink into a shiny masterpiece by rubbing down with a few drops of baby oil. Use a soft, clean cloth to rub in and buff.

m) Treat Chrome Bathroom Fixtures:

Remove water stains from the chrome trim on kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures by rubbing in a little baby oil. Rub dry with a towel.

n) Polish Up Leather:

Bring your leather belongings back to life by using a soft cloth to rub in a couple drops of baby oil. Use this remedy to treat old leather bags, purses and patent-leather footwear. When you are done, wipe away any remaining oil.

o) Prevent Stretch Marks:

The consistency of baby oil helps soften the skin and helps prevent stretch marks during a pregnancy.

p) Remove Makeup:

The gentle and hypoallergenic properties of baby oil can effectively remove eye makeup. Not only will the baby oil remove your makeup, but will also make your eye region soft and supple.

q) Treat Cracked Heels:

To treat dry cracked heels, apply baby oil over your heel before going to bed. Cover your feet with socks to protect your sheets and covers.

r) Remove Dashboard Scratches:

If your plastic dashboard features look a bit scratched, revamp their look with an application of baby oil. The oil helps conceal the marks, including the plastic lens covering the odometer. Gently rub a small amount into these parts and other indicators inside the car.

s) Paint Remover:

When splatters of latex paint cover your face and hands after treating your walls to a new coat – quickly remove the residue by rubbing off with a little baby oil. Follow up with a washing of hot water and soap.

t) Cradle Cap Treatment:

Babies that develop cradle cap (a form of seborrhoeic dermatitis), combat some of the symptoms by gently rubbing in a small amount of baby oil and lightly combing the oil through your baby’s hair [1]. Leave in the treatment, but not for more than 24 hours. Thoroughly wash out the oil, and repeat the process if the problem persists.

u) Wooden Furniture Treatment:

Remove water stains on tabletops by using baby oil as a quick polish. The oil adds a nice shine to furniture that also creates a water-proof layer.

[1] Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things by Reader’s Digest; pg. 58.