12 Home Remedies for Troubled Complexion | Q&A

Q: Grandma, I am experiencing all types of facial problems such as pimples, dark pigments, and scar marks. I am still young and I feel less confident going out on a date. I don’t have much resources to spend on medicines – please share some remedies for my face.

A: Dear H, Pimples, scar marks, acne, and the likes are inevitable. Men and women can not escape the reality that there really comes a time in their lives wherein these skin problems are abundant. Pimples come out if there is a malfunction in the sebaceous gland function ( responsible for the secretion of greasy substance that can lubricate the skin ). Worry no more for this kind of problem is just normal, especially for teenagers. So, here are tips on how to lessen the pimple production on face and the scar marks.

Home remedies for Troubled Complexion


1. Steam Face – This can be done by boiling up water and placing it inside the bathroom. Put up a towel on head to avoid hair from falling, then bend over for about 3 minutes. Perform this remedy two times a day. Take this first step to get rid of having troubled complexion.

2. Lemon – After some time, acne marks darken. Using a cotton ball, soak it with lemon juice and wipe to face, then let it stay for around 10 minutes. Rinse well. When going outside, be sure to wear sunscreen for protection from sun. [3]

3. Coconut Water – Wash face with this coconut water to clean face and lessen troubled complexion. [4]

4. Pineapple – Newly crushed pineapple is more effective. Apply straightly to the part of the face with acne marks, then rinse with a warm water. Do this regularly and see the improvement of the skin.

5. Banana Peel – The inner part of the banana peel is said to be very helpful in curing troubled complexion. It lessens acne marks including wrinkles and small lines on face. Slowly rub this peel on face. Do this on a daily basis, and see results. [1]

6. Baking Soda – Make a paste using baking soda mixed with water. This mixture helps in reducing acne faster.

7. Egg White – If skin is not sensitive with egg, use this. Apply directly to face. It can stay overnight and be washed by the morning. Adding a little lemon to it can alse be used.

8. Water – Drinking a lot of water helps in cleaning toxins inside the body and secrete them outside. Drinking contributes in keeping skin fresh and healthy.

9. Cucumber – Being a natural astringent, cucumber is used to reduce acne marks on face. It prevents oiliness that contributes in the production of pimples. Gently rub it on face for 5 minutes, then rinse with water.

10. Tomato – Make a paste of tomato, then apply to face. Sliced tomato can also be used and place on face. The Vitamin A in the tomato helps in preventing the production of too much sebum that can cause acne and gives a refreshing renewed skin.

11. Honey – The enzymes that the honey contains help in curing acne marks. Simply wipe on face and leave. Adding a little bit of lemon juice can also be effective. [2]

12. Green Grapes – It contains antioxidants that heals the skin. In making a mixture, combine the juice of green grapes together with wate, alum, and salt. After doing so, apply to face, then rinse well with water. Repeat everyday.


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