12 Home Remedies for a Toothache

toothache home remedies

Toothache is one ailment that can make your life miserable. The intense and unbearable pain won’t let you sleep, eat, drink or even draw in cold air through the mouth because of your tender tooth! Generally, toothache is caused when tooth decay invades or is about to infect the pulp chamber, which contains nerve endings and tiny blood vessels.

However, according to Philip D. Corn, DDS, Director of the Pennsylvania Academy of General Dentistry, pain is not the only problem, a toothache may be a symptom of several other things. It can indicate gum infection, molar decay or cracked bicuspid. It can even be fallout of sinus problem or simply be due to a piece of food caught between the teeth! Although, there are many over-the-counter toothache cures, they all have some side effects. Today, home remedies for a tooth ache are becoming quite popular.

home remedies for a toothache

Home remedies for a toothache

The best ‘home remedy’ is to take good care of your teeth! So, always rinse your mouth regularly, especially after meals; brush and floss to remove morsels sticking between the teeth; and generally follow good oral hygiene. However, if you do get saddled with a toothache, opt for toothache pain home remedy instead of over-the-counter medication, since they’re safe and effective. Let’s see what they are:

a. Ice massage the hand:

Gently rubbing an ice cube in the area between the forefinger and the thumb for several minutes is an effective toothache remedy, as it eases toothache. It acts by overwhelming the pain impulses that usually travel along the nerve pathways[1]. Ice placed directly on a throbbing tooth also helps ease the pain.

b. Garlic:

Placing a clove of garlic with little rock salt on the affected tooth helps relieve or even cure the pain.

c. Onion:

Toothache pain is often allayed by placing a small piece of onion on the bad tooth or gum, since onion has antibacterial properties that kill the germs in the mouth[2].

d. Lime:

This rich source of vitamin C prevents tooth decay and also provides toothache pain relief.

e. Wheat grass:

The juice of wheat grass is an excellent mouthwash for tooth decay and a natural toothache remedy. It also draws out the toxins from the gums and checks bacterial growth.

f. Asafoetida:

This bitter, foul-smelling resinous material obtained from the roots of several plants of the parsley family, helps in instant toothache relief.

g. Bay berry:

This is an effective toothache natural cure. Applying a paste made from bay berry bark mixed with vinegar helps relieve the toothache.

h. Oil of clove:

Clove oil, put directly onto the affected tooth or dabbed with a cotton ball on the decayed tooth, relieves toothache.

i. Pepper:

A pinch of pepper powder mixed with common salt is an excellent cure. It’s especially effective against the increased sensitiveness of the teeth.

j. Oil of oregano:

Oregano oilย is an effective remedy for toothache, because it displays antimicrobial activity against food-borne pathogens that cause tooth decay.

k. Salt:

A salt water mouthwash gets rid of tooth infection and helps cure toothache. Thorough rinsing of the mouth with salt water is important.

l. Liquor:

One of the best quick-fix home remedies for a toothache is, of all things, a good strong drink of liquor. By squeezing a wad of cotton wool soaked in brandy or vodka against the affected tooth helps numb the pain.toothache-home-remedies-2 You can also make the gum numb by taking a swig of whiskey and holding it over the painful tooth.

Toothache can strike without warning and once it does, it just can’t be ignored. So, if you’re prepared to tackle this menace with homemade toothache remedy, you can be sure of a quick and effective relief.

Grandma hopes these home remedies for a toothache have helped you and I would love to hear more natural tips and results you have gotten with them. Have a pain free mouth tonight and don’t drink to much whisky in step L ๐Ÿ˜‰


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  • Karen

    My husband has been dealing with IMMENSE toothace from an abscessed tooth. His dentist is a complete moron and won’t even call us back. He made an appointment with an oral surgeion to remove the tooth but they don’t take emergency appointments for new patients and it’s been OVER a month since we first contacted his dentist. That’s dangerous. The infection could spread into his bloodstream or to his eyesockets causing death or blindess. I know this because I am smarter than his dentist apparently. When his appointment that is still two weeks away gets here and they say that it’s spread to the bone or something I am suing. Do not ever go to Marion Family Dental in marion, indiana. It’s full of crap and she doesn’t know anything. She doesn’t even return calls from her emergency line. But anways baby asprin. It works somewhat. With minor aches it would probably work perfect. Take a baby asprin and put it on the sore tooth. I didn’t belive it at first when mymom told me about it but the husband tried it and it worked. Like I said, somewhat. It made unbearable bearable.

  • Carlene


  • Cathy

    Vanilla extract! Sounded weird to me too, because of the sugar in it, i thought it would not help. But at the time, I was willing to try anything, and I mean anything, because I had 2 teeth that felt like my jaw was going to explode!. Anyways you can find vanilla extract in any grocery store. Open it and take a swig and hold in the area where the tooth pain is and within a minute the pain is gone, serious. After the pain goes away, just spit it out in the sink. Also take 2 Tylenol extra strenghth, and it will start working within 30 minutes.

  • Yvonne

    Home Remedies for toothaches:

    a. Run ice gold water on the hand and the wrist opposite the side
    of the tooth ache…….The diversion works and takes your mind off of the pain…….

    b. Press in the grove between the fore finger and the thumb gently
    massage that part of the hand first/opposite the side of the toothache……now, go up and down the had opposite the side where the tooth ache is………….if is another diversion which helps.

    c. Do not go bouncing around when your tooth is throbbing…..lay down with a pack of gold ice wrapped in a hand towel and place it on the cheek of the side of the tooth ache………the colder the better.

    Always either put a baby aspirin on the area throbbing/ or salt past, smashed with garlic.
    Hope this helps……..Yvonne

  • Lorna

    chewing rubber

  • Dal

    Well,chewing rubber might not be the key but since I am currently having toothache from hell I tried taking Tylenol and Aspirin and they didnt work.Then a friend of mine said I should take a ice-cube and chew on it with the side where my tooth was hurting…and remember,we are talking about the kinda pain that would make the Terminator cry,anyways…I was sceptical,but gave it a shot cause afterall,I figured..It cant hurt anymore then it does now..at first it was like chewing on glass but then after 2 hours…nothing,I felt like nothing ever happened…so,I hope it holds me till Friday when my dentist is hopefully pulling the tooth out..getting rid of the problem tooth once and for all

  • Joe

    Im not sure what type of problem I have, but I believe the pain is caused by a cavity. The pain was unbareable and i couldnt even think ! My whole left jaw was in pain.

    This trick relieved it immediatly for me. I tried everything and this is the only thing that worked. Flouride toothpaste. Im not sure if it has to be flouride, but any strong toothpaste may work.

    Brush the area that is causing the pain with the flouride toothpaste vigorously. You might even want to leave toothpaste directly on the area.

    After about 3 mins of brushing the area the pain was gone, and the relief lasted for about an hour. Each time i did it the relief lasted longer and now today i havent had ache at all. Try it out and I hope this helps someone.

  • Brandon

    First let me just say this…If you have a tooth ache that hurts so bad it makes you cry then you more than likely have an infection..Do NOT use the cold wtaer remedy..I was drinking water for 3 days straight….Call a dentist tell them the kind of pain your in and have them order you penecillin and tylenol with codein…Kills the infection and stops the pain for MONTHS…Do not use home remedies..Aspirin doesn’t work cold water and all that other stuff lasts only minutes..Just hold ice up against your face and try to fall asleep..Please take my advice..It’s the best.

  • Kim

    I inherited bad teeth from my father, so I’ve dealt with aching teeth alot, but of course when I have pain, I couldn’t remember what I used before to help cure my aches. My first treatment was flossing whatever was in there out, it helped a little, followed by brushing with toothpaste, I think that aggravated it more, so I rubbed Salt straight on it, but it still didn’t dry it out enough to stop the pain, I then used some Oragel on it (it helped a little), but I could still feel the pain, so about 30 min later I tried Ambesol (still didn’t work fast enough). So I finally came home and took 4 Advil and went and laid down on an ice pack, I was able to fall asleep, but kept waking with terrible pain. I then came and searched the web, and found a remedy with Vanilla Extract, I was skeptical, but tried it, and let me tell you IT WORKED!!!!!! I slept like a baby the rest of the night, and this morning, I still don’t have any pain! I just took a Q-Tip and dip it in the bottle and rubbed it around my gum and tooth area! Good Luck, hope it works for you too!!!

  • Mary

    I had an abcess once. It was the weekend and no dentist. I know that you should take advil for the inflamation. Mix one part salt to one part hydrogen peroxide and gargle this in your mouth. This helps with infection. You also can take a baby aspirin and put on your tooth if you do not have one then you can use pure vanilla extract in its place. A cold compress did not work for me. I layed down on the side where my tooth was hurting and let it get warm. Toothache went away. The infection will come back so you do need to go to a dentist as soon as possible.

  • Jesse

    lime! ive just tried everything a batchelor would have in the house and havent been able to find any of the remedies out there, i found a lime in the back of the fridge and it cut the pain instantly.

  • May

    This home remedy works wonders: Apply a dab of “Vicks vapor rub” on the side of the face where the pain is. Place a sheet of paper towel on top and go lay down and relax. The heat from the vapors absorb into the skin and brings you relief.

  • carla

    use mouth wash day and night listerine;scope,


    I have had bad teeth ever since i had my first baby. I didn’t have enough calcium for me and the baby so it drained me of mine. The best thing i have ever found that really works for somstime is putting ground cloves directly on the tooth that is hurting you,or in the hole if you have a rotting or decying tooth.

  • Jennifer

    I have an extremely painful tooth that affects the whole left side of my face. I have been trying everything from Naproxen to hydrogen peroxide and nothing has been working. Until I found this website. I tried the ground cloves idea and it seems to be working. Thanks!

  • J. Williams

    This works for me- 4000 mg of Vitamin C daily, brushing your teeth after meals, warm salt water rinses a few times a day and also Listerine mouth wash

  • jocelyn

    Gargling with whiskey – gargling with salt water – ice packs on the cheek – holding a chamomile tea bag on the tooth – ditto for a green tea bag – ice on opposite hand.

    I tried a little allspice and charcoal gargle, not sure yet how it worked.

    I’ve been alternating these remedies all weekend and seem to get some relief from each.

  • Harold W. Wheelhouseer

    Whiskey,whiskey,whiskey. Works like a charm. I have tried everything out there, anything warm I find does nothing whatsoever.

  • Tawny

    I have to second the Lysterine. My bottom two wisdom teeth are both impacted and if I don’t brush very very well they will get infected. At the first feeling of any slight swelling or aching I up my brushing to 4 times a day, floss twice a day and gargle for 60 seconds with Lysterine 3 times a day, mainly after big meals and before going to bed. The lysterine really makes a huge difference! Usually by the second day I feel much better.

  • Irma

    Ok, so I have 4 really bad teeth and of course they are on both sides! The molar is really kickin my behind. Making me scream out and cry in agony. (My family has a history of the teeth rotting from the inside out and no amount of dental hygiene could prevent the agony I am currently experiencing)> So I have lived on clove oil for years, but tonight it let me down. I went online after I decided to “mouthwash” with apricot brandy. It burned like the dickens..then two minutes later the pain subsided.

    I tried the other remedies I have seen like the vanilla and the green tea bag and the vanilla knocked me on my rump in pain. So I went back to the apricot brandy. Bam. Two minutes later I am able to see again and the pain is a dull throb. So, don’t get drunk, but I think the alcohol in the brandy, perhaps any alcohol in any “liquor” can have the same affect. What is terrible is I HAVE dental insurance and can’t afford the co-pay or the gas to drive to a covered dentist!!

    Send prayers please, Lord knows mine go out to you all. I would rather give birth than have a toothache. I’ve got three kids and one was very complicated and I STILL say I’d rather give birth. Toothaches are demons from hell.

  • CM

    Codeine which I had left over from when I had my wisdom teeth out, the salt water rinse and a frozen chicken breast on the opposite hand. Pain went from a 10 to 5 but I’m grateful for that as I start exams in two days.

  • justin

    At 1st I used cold water that was the only thing that worked. And ice. Now i overheard a conversation about clove oil. You can use a cotton ball to a ear pick. Rub clove oil on infected area for about 10 seconds. It will go away right away. It’s the main ingredient for Novicane. It will go away for awhile 30 min’s to day’s just depends on how infected your tooth is. You can get this at most places but have to ask a pharmacist for it. But it’s over-the-counter.

  • Courtney

    Ok, ok so guilty as charged, I over indulge in sodas. All 4 of my very back molars grew in and stopped.(not sure if their my wisdom teeth or not). About 3years later, I got a pain in my teeth. My first thought was ok so now I KNOW these are my wisdom teeth. But instead I dug into my gums at the back of tooth (dont ask why, I just did) and plaque came out. Instantly, the pain was gone. But I still decided to put peroxide in my mouth and lean to the side of the toothache. It burned (thought peroxide didn’t burn), but man did it work. So from now on I will floss and gargle daily.

  • rose taylor

    This isn’t anything I tought up but wanted to thank you for the remedies. I am using an ice cubes between my thumb and forefinger plus I filled a tea bag with powered cloves and I am also using an ice pack.

    You are right a toothaches does happen at the wrong time,my jaw is really swollen but tomorrow being Monday I am calling my dentist. I have an appointment in two weeks but hope he sees me tomorrow.

    I also rinsed my mouth with hot salt water before I read all of these remedies. I haven’t had a toothaches in 50 years so am being a baby. lol. Thanks for you help maybe I will make it till tomorrow. -Rose Taylor

  • Tori

    I’m tried everything from, warm salt water, warm peroxide water, aspirin, heat (never put heat up to a bad tooth, it makes it worse), pain killers, tea bag on your tooth,bitting down on an cotton ball but nothing was working. One day i wanted to try something different so i took Advil liquid-gels 400mg, put orajel on my tooth and gums and got an ice pack and put it on my tooth and went to sleep i woke up feeling much better. But i do find that using 800mg of motion works alot better with the orajel and ice pack. don’t clinch your teeth together or chew on that side. Always floss really good around the tooth and get some of the blood out. My uncle told me that if you smoke you can take the aspirin or whatever you take and put it on your tooth and smoke your cigars. It will melt the med and your pain will go away.

    You know what i don’t understand, all of us brush our teeth and we have problems with our teeth but those who don’t brush have nothing wrong with their teeth. i just don’t get it.

  • Rebekah

    I’ve noticed every website I go to looking for remedies talks about using vanilla extract. I don’t have it but I do have lemon extract which let me tells u works wonders, but after a day or so it will start to work less and less. As does anything else.

    I got a temperature sensitive cavity last Thursday b/c I have pain, pain, pain and I am pregnant so I can’t do much. But let me tell you it hurt worse after that than it did before. I couldn’t sleep; the 1st night it took 5 1/2 hours to sleep; the 2nd 3 1/2……..it was unbearable!

    I also got used to a heating pad. So please try the lemon extract w/ a q-tip, it will burn a bit but the relief after is worth it. And if u haven’t made a dentist appt., make one asap……and be pushy for the toothache will only get worse! Glad to share my experience!

  • kari

    If all else fails, try Scotch whiskey. Pour a little in the cap and dip your index finger in the Scotch and rub on the gum around the tooth. Then pour the leftover Scotch in the cap into a glass and swish around the tooth area for a few seconds and spit rest into the sink. Lets you rest until you can see the dentist in the AM. Must be over 21 yrs. old!!

  • Rich

    I just tried some vanilla extract after reading several websites, and it worked like a charm. I swigged it around for about 2 minutes, concentrating on the painful area, and I feel instant relief. I believe the secret is in the fact that vanilla extract contains bourbon and is 35% alcohol. It’s the alcohol that numbs the pain. I also swigged with salty (brine) water several times as well as a Breath RX equivalent (as good as Listerine without the burn). This disinfects the area as well as gets rid of the vanilla flavor.

  • kristeen

    Thank you for suggesting vanilla extract… whew.. I think I can now go to sleep..YAY.. it brought INSTANT relief.. I will put sum cotton balls in a zip lock bag and leave them to soak so they are ready when needed… Murphy’s law = you will get a toothache or sum other ailment on a Friday evening with no hope in hell of seeing any1 till Monday…GRRRRRRRRRR

  • ecat

    A potato is a great home remedy just cut a piece off and put on your sore tooth for about 15 minutes and you will feel just fine.

  • Mandi

    I just got up with my toddler who has been screaming in pain from a cavity that is due to be filled and I just didn’t know what to do but comfort her. I came here and found the vanilla extract remedy. I had her swig it in her mouth and spit. I had her do this twice since she’s so young and can’t hold it in her mouth for a minute. WITHIN seconds she was no longer crying and is now sound asleep!!!!

  • kazo

    I tried the salt with the pepper it seems to be working thank y’all.

  • Samantha

    Hey, do not use COLD water on a toothache! If you have an infections the cold water will just push it down further. Instead use a hot as you can handle water and let it sit on the tooth until it becomes cool and repeat. Have another glass handy to spit the used water in preferably clear, and each time you spit into this glass watch the water. If it comes out clear you have no signs of infection, if you see clumps or trails of white thickness in the water it means you have an infection. Do this 3 times a day and the infection will subside, it may or may not help with the pain, depends on how quickly you catch the infection. I learned this after having a tooth removed and the area became infected, to where my face swelled up like a balloon. After two or three days of this my infection was gone and I was feeling better.

  • Paul

    Just a few things here while I’m suffering from lack of sleep due to a toothache–and trying various suggestions. I live in Taiwan, so I thought I’d try this product called “Green Oil”. It lists clove oil as one of several highly aromatic ingredients, but it’s not meant for internal use: it has camphor and eucalyptus oil and menthol and methyl salicylate, too. No luck there.

    So, I’ve tried salt water, a hot compress, aspirin, index finger massages, and so far only little success. The salt might be working, much better than the mouthwash did.
    The vanilla you buy in bottles in stores is mostly alcohol: it’s probably the alcohol that numbs the pain. Clove oil contains eugenol, which is known to be anesthetic. Salt draws water out of surrounding tissues and thus reduces pressure on the nerves that are making you crazy. Cold reduces circulation and dulls nerve endings, both of which help–unless you’re also highly cold-sensitive like me.

    It’s 3AM, but convenience stores still sell whiskey here. Seems like the quickest relief short of pure clove oil, and I’d go get some if I didn’t have to work tomorrow, and I’m fortunate that Taiwan has nationalized health insurance: I can just be a walk-in and get this taken care of once and for all.

  • lisa

    Drink some vitamin D milk that help a little. and try getting a wet wash cloth microwave it a few secs and lay it on your jaw and ear where you fill the throbbing pain and repeat and it will finally ease off. and rinse mouth out off and on with table salt added to a warm cup of water. try drinking something warm like coffee or hot chocolate.

  • e.stuart

    Hi, sitting here in agony, desperate to ease the pain, have to tell you tried vanilla extract didn’t work and made it worse instantly! Went for the cognac as no brandy, have been swilling it around for a few minutes and its working. I reckon that the cognac, a laugh and good cry in the garden is the best remedy!(probably all at once as this is driving me crazy) the facial swelling has eased too,wow! I’ve developed a cyst above my front tooth and i am waiting to see consultant,will be phoning in the morning to play hell! As i have been waiting long enough. It’s new years day so not a good time to see a dentist which is typical. Must add feeling much,much better now,although sill feel like a big baby!


    Yes, I fell victim of a week end tooth ache. Here is what worked for me. One big tablespoon of sea salt in about 4oz of warm water take a small swig and let the salted water lay on the tooth as long as possible the longer you leave it the more of the infection that you are fighting off and I think the infection is what really causes the pain. When finished spit out the remaining salt water but do not rinse your mouth out or eat anything for a while and if you eat repeat what Iโ€™ve just told you. It will very much relieve the pain if not stop it totally. Make sure you use distilled water.
    Good luck and sleep tonight!

  • Catie

    So its 3 in the morning and I now realize I have to wake up n 2 hrs 4 work! Let me tell you that cold remedies just make it worse!! I called my dad and he told me a hot tea bag pressed to the tooth almost instant relief now I’m back off to bed hopefully my dentist can fit me n tomorrow!

  • Antionette

    I tried the Vapor Vicks rub and it worked great. I also tried vanilla extract it’s been helping good also. My grandma told me to put a heating pad on the sore area and relax and thats when i finally went to sleep.

  • Michelle

    Hey guys, I have been having the worst pain ever. I am still getting my wisdom teeth and they have begun to shift. Needless to say I have had a lot of pain in my teeth and jaw and many sleepless night. I have been using lots of orajel but its like Iโ€™m immune to it now it doesnโ€™t work very well anymore and I tried the whole salt water thing didnโ€™t work but I tried the lemon juice and it worked! I am so happy no more pain and I can probably get some sleep tonight! I also am going to try the Vicks vapor rub thing as well just in case but thanks everyone for the great ideas.

  • William

    I am trying the salt water mouth wash and finding it has great results. Its not the most effective way to get rid of a tooth ache but its still effective.

  • Derrick

    Reading all of theses funny comments helps deal with the pain & healing. I have to admit this warm salty water helps, but do get some anti-biotics, and brush rinse take pain pills in moderation has the body gets used to em and the effect won’t last has long!

    God bless all you “girly men” crying over a little tooth ache!

  • kayla

    I just tried the lemon juice swishing thing and thats helped and i tried the Echinaceo paste and that also helped some too.

  • tom

    I had a tooth that the dentist tried to save back when i was in 10th grade. He suggested it be pulled but said we could try to save it. So he filled it and warned me that years down the road it could start to hurt again and holy crap, was he’s right.

    I am now 22 and my tooth is beyond the pain scale of 1-10. Called the dentist said it would cost 150.00 just to have it looked at. I got online and tried the ice cube in the palm of the the, did not seem to work good. Tried vanilla worked for about 15 minutes. Then i tried vicks vapor rub on the cheek, no affect.

    Then i tried brandy and boy did it sooth the pain. Now i hope i can sleep threw the night. Thank you all for your home remedies!

  • Rebecca

    Well, my toothache is definitely putting me through hell, I tried ambesol, it didnt work. I tried vanilla extract which hardly eased the pain. Just now, I tried the baby aspirin on my tooth, and clove oil and not sure which did it, but one of them did the job, thank God! Hoping and praying its gonna help until my dentist appointment tomm. Hope one works for you!

  • PJ

    I searched the site and first I tried peroxide. That worked for about an hour. Next I tried onion. I got some relief from this but I was still in pain. Lastly, I tried the vanilla extract suggestion and that worked best of all. I rubbed some on and then placed some on a cotton ball and have it in my mouth.

  • Kristin

    First off, I just want to say that this website is GREAT! I never knew there were so many tried and true remedy options out there and I only wish I would have seen this last night when I was in absolute agony.

    But after reading all of the advice I decided to go find some Clove oil which was really hard to find, after hitting up 2 different pharmacies with no luck; the third pharmacist recommended “Red Cross Toothache Medication Kit”. It is something you have to get from behind counter, but without prescription. He told me that it is a better remedy than Clove oil and will work wonders on a toothache. However, this is to be used solely for an extreme toothache, not for gums.

    Anyway, I just got back to work and put the cotton swab immersed in the medication in my tooth and let it sit for a min like the directions stated. To my surprise, it started working as soon as I set it on my tooth. It felt like a air pocket was finally released. Another cool thing was that it only cost $4.44.

    But, just in case I become immune I got vanilla extract as a back up. I haven’t tried it yet though.

  • georgette

    I used a heating pad for my toothache. It stopped the pain, however it didn’t stop the swelling and I still look like dizzy gillespie on one side of my face.

  • Dee

    I tried Halls Cough Drops since it has an oral anestetic in it. Put two in your mouth and let it soak into your gums. It’s a slow relief but it works.

  • Slim

    Take a sip of Hydrogen Peroxide and keep it in your mouth on the affected tooth area as long as possible. DO NOT SWALLOW ANY OF THE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE. Spit it out and rinse with warm salt water. Then take 1200-1500 mg of Ibuprofen. Repeat the rinsing with the hydrogen peroxide and warm salt water several times each day. The hydrogen peroxide takes out the infection which causes the pain. It’s not instant relief but it does work.

    For instant relief, rinse affected area with Everclear (190 Proof) or Vanilla Extract or apply Clove Oil to the tooth.

  • Teena

    I want to thank you all of your suggestions!! My daughter called early this morning (5am) with a tooth ache, and I came here for advices I pass a lot of it on to her. I use a heated rice pack when my teeth hurt, it helps with the worst pain. I’m am thankful that I now know some things to try. I must say that I found most of remedies I’ve read are things that most of us have in our kitchen already. I just got one of my bad teeth pulled two days ago, I wish I would of known about these things sooner. So good luck to all, and again thank you all for taken the time to write.

  • Jamesbay

    The left side of my jaw was throbbing so much it was (and is) keeping me up all night long.

    I tried aspirin which gave some relief. Salty water was was much more effective and quicker, but temporary. The same with lime juice. Also, chewing an aspirin with the tooth that is hurting worked well, but again…temporarily. 2 Advils and later on, 2 Tylenols Extra-Strength did NOTHING for me.

    Knowing it will be months before I see a dentist because I live in a small, remote community in the North, I decided to try Whiskey. I dabbed the tooth and the surrounding gum with a Q-tip soaked in Canadian Whiskey. That brought instant relief! Then I swished some inside my mouth for about 2 minutes. I felt no pain at all!

    I was finally able to sleep for the first time in 2 nights!

    I would have tried the vanilla extract too because they both have such a high alcohol content, but I just happened to have some whiskey lying around so I used that instead.

  • soulnjazz

    I am ridiculous pain. No insurance coverage. I have popped Ibuprofen, Aleve, aspirin. I am swishing salt water and have felt temporary relief while swishing. Can anyone tell me how long I have to swish salt water before feeling a difference? Any immediate relief methods out there? Please help!!!

  • MIndy

    I have had a terrible toothache for days now. I have tried Backing soda and water rise, I tried backing soda and salt on a cotton ball and keeping it on the tooth…. nothing… the salt water rinse works pretty well for me. Also ice to help the swelling. I am going to try the garlic if it keeps hurting and the vapor rub. I have not slept in 2 days… i hope something helps. I am going to buy vanilla extract too…

  • Amanda M

    I am 21 years old and I just got surgery done, but to top it all off I got a toothache from hell. I am out of work and do not know when I can return. I don’t even have the money to pay for the visit to the Dentist. my tooth hurts so much it is causing my face to swell really bad. I tried everything from painkillers and they just won’t help. I tried gurgling saltwater, I tried the ice pack and still got no relief.

    I am going to try the vanilla and hopes it helps.

  • Pinkrose

    This have helped me when i was in my teens and had a horrible toothache. Nothing else worked for me. I boiled the water and then mixed the hot water with baking soda (about 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda with one cup of boiling water). Then you gargle in your mouth. IT WILL HURT because the water is HOT (Please make sure you give it sometime to cool so you don’t burn yourself)! But the water needs to be very warm, that way you will kill the nerve. After that I felt GREAT and pain went away! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Let me know if this have helped anyone of you.

  • toya t

    The vinilla helped the first time but not anymore, I am going to try some of the other things thanks for all the suggestions and please pray that one of them works for me.

  • Arpita Ray

    My toothache has been so bad that i called every person who i did not sympathize with when they were suffering.

    I looked up on the web and nowhere have i found this little home remedy, which came from my 87 year old grandmother (talk about age old wisdom).

    Make a paste of alum and turmeric (I surprised myself by finding Alum in the spice section) with a few drops of water and apply it in and around the affected tooth.
    The pain is relieved in less than a minute.

  • Josalin

    I tried many different things to stop my tooth from aching, but when i came to this site, I discovered a lot of funny but interesting ideas. I rubbed Vick’s vapor rub on the aching side of my face, placed a hot towel on that side and relaxed. After that I took Tylenol with codeine that i had left over from a past surgery and slept like a baby.

  • Zina

    I have had the pleasure of a toothache and personally I would much rather have another baby instead of a toothache. I have read all of the home remedies and found what I believe is the sure fire winner. We all have these items.
    First–begin by brushing your teeth especially the affected area.
    Mix peroxide and VERY warm water and and swish it around the area.
    Take VERY warm salt water and swish it around area. (It will burn like hell)
    Take a Q-tip with vanilla extract and swab the area.

    Now take a swig of vanilla extract and swish around the affected area. This will bring relief instantly. I have been toothache free for the past 3 days now. Repeat when necessary until you can get to the dentist.

  • Liz

    I tried the ice massage, vanilla extract, and salt water. The combination of the three seemed to help. Thanks for the tips!

  • Ealisai

    Hi guys, I have also undergone these toothache problem, after reading all these remedies, I feel really happy. So ultimately, I am also going to say something on that, use toothpaste on that place (in which area you have the pain) this will really get you out from that pain, happy that i am also telling something to people. By the way thanks for your beautiful tips!

  • OzarkBard

    How to deal with dentists when you are poor and/or have no insurance:

    Call first! There are good dentists out there that serve poor people, but they are few and far between. When you call, tell them immediately about your money/insurance issues… this will save you a lot of time and effort, and weed out about 90 percent of the flakes that went to dental school just because their Mommy and Daddy made them.

    The good ones will even provide you with help via non-profit organizations for low-income sufferers, allowing you to make minimal payments for even major dental surgery… even if you have never been a patient before.

    Most dentists will simply refuse to pull a tooth, even when the tooth is not salvageable. They would rather bill you $1000 (or more) per tooth then a simple $100 extraction, just so they can drive their Harley on the weekend and convince themselves they aren’t leeches on society. If you want the tooth pulled, insist on it! And if the dentist absolutely refuses, go find another dentist… hence how important it is to call around first.

    Most dentists will charge you MORE if you don’t have insurance! They look at insurance as a gauranteed payday, and often have a totally seperate price for different insurers. If you don’t have insurance, plan on paying double for the same service.

    CALL FIRST!!! Like I said, there are some dentists out there that are decent people and professionals, but they are few and far between.

  • Antoaneta

    I tried the vanilla extract and it worked wonders!! I just dipped a cotton ball in it and left the cotton ball on the tooth for about 5 minutes, and the pain is gone. Granted, the tooth is still tender to the touch (because I have an infection), but the pain is gone.

    Thanks for a great site.

  • Dave

    I was hesitant to try putting ice on my tooth, but figured it couldn’t hurt any worse, and after an initial jolt, it totally killed the pain…unbeliveable! It creeps back after an hour or two but it actually works!

  • Clarissa

    If Tylenol or Advil aren’t working for you (they don’t seem to work for me) try good old fashion headache “powders’ like B.Cs and Goody’s. After suffering through pain while using the ineffective Tylenol and Advil, I decided to give the powders a try.

    Hallelujah! They worked wonders. Within a short while after taking them, my tooth pain almost completely subsided. And I was virtually pain free for a good 4 hours before the pain slowly crept back. Then I just took another powder, and sure enough, the pain went away again.

    I’m not sure what it is, but there is something about the powders that just seem to be so much more effective than any other pain reliever I’ve tried. Sure, the powder tastes god-awful, but that’s a small price to pay for sweet relief.

  • keith

    I have a wisdom tooth that is nearly killing me. Its 3:30am in the morning and I’m at work! Looked at all these remedies and i have nothing here at work. So i decided to try something totally different. I got a cup of hot coffee, take a swig hold the coffee on the bad tooth, when it cools take another swig; and another; the pain has eased off to almost stopped.

    Maybe its the caffene in the coffee, good thing is it taste good too.

  • Jamie

    I’ve had a toothache that’s been bothering me off and on for about a week. I tried putting a teabag in my mouth by the tooth per the advice of my stepmom and uncle. I was sitting here reading these while I had to teabag between my cheek and the tooth (kinda folded over the tooth (biting down on it gently). This was helping to relieve some of the pain. I think due to the antioxidants that are found in tea. Absorption of things that are good for you is rarely a bad thing.

    I was dying to get some sleep and after hearing all the rave reviews about the vanilla extract on here, I tried that. Worked for me. Instant relief. It’s only been about 10 minutes or so, but I still don’t feel any pain. And the throbbing subsided as well. I think I’m definitely going to try the clove oil next.

  • Jordan

    i’ve been reading these looking for a remedy for my excruciating pain in my back tooth that i’ve been experiencing since friday night. luckily i’m storming the dentist office first thing tomorrow morning, but until then…
    THANK YOU for everyone who suggested bourbon whiskey and scotch.
    it was instantly a relief.

    suggested to whomever needs it!

  • james

    I dint know how a tooth can make your life miserable.But it sure can i can’t explain the pain and agony.therefore here i am on this site looking for some remedies,so far ive brushed with fluoride,that seems to work only when your brushing and the afterwards i gargled with listerine. these thing help but to me, they didnt do the trick, know for the vanilla it subdues the pain but not quite rids it, but best believe it made me get up from squirming on the floor in agony.

  • Laura

    My wise older brother suggested Jim Beam and old Jeam Beam worked by swishing on the side my tooth hurt, but antibiotics are the answer. But always keep whiskey on hand for a toothache or just a bad day at the office. I will try all others on this great website because of course its Sat and can’t get a dentist til mon at 4 o’clock. Thanks for all the advise

  • james

    the only over the counter med that works for me with toothaches or headaches is excedrin. why do all dentist seem like a toothache isnt all that much pain? i think it is the worst pain there is.i guess its because no dentist has ever had a toothache or known anyone with one.when you go to see them they give you like 5-10 pain pills that is if your lucky.i have had so much pain i could take 10 all at once.someone with a sprained finger gets more for pain.someone who knows what i am talking about should join me and complain to the dental board about our suffering with no compassion.

  • Kat

    I take Bayer aspirin. The Bayer Aspirin that is recommended for heart patients. I take one a day for a blood thinner and it works within 15 minutes for a toothache. I haven’t tried the whiskey or vanilla extract, but I will to see which is fastest remedy. Good luck to everyone. Toothaches will draw you over in agony in a heartbeat. Also, remember,tooth infections can also cause you to have a heart attack or stroke. This was told to me by my cardiologist.

  • Annie

    The best thing for a toothache, or an aching gum is to put a regular old asprin on the affected area. Hold it there until it dissolves somewhat. Works like a charm.

  • monica

    I guess you could say that I got lucky, and it is a monday night, and I only have to wait until tommorow morning, but the baby aspirin on top of the infected tooth is working, but my only quesstion is aspirin is a blood thinner, and how much is safe to use? ah who cares, it works.

    havc a good night

  • Chameleon1218

    I woke up this morning with a toothache that was so bad I had to step out of a meeting at work because I was near tears. I found this site about an hour ago and saw that so many people suggested vanilla extract. So I ran to CVS bought a bottle and I’m now sitting here at my desk amazed that a $3 bottle of vanilla took the pain away almost instantly. I could just smack myself for spending $8 earlier this morning on a worthless tube of Maxiumum Strength Anbesol. Maxium Strength my kiester!

    Thanks to whoever created site and to everyone who posted about the vanilla. Sigghhh. Life is good again.

  • tina

    Guinness is so soothing on an infected or sore tooth! I have a very bad cracked moler and it has helped swishing with the guinness.

  • Jen Ryan

    I get a Goody or BC powder and apply it to the hurting tooth. Works like a charm! I also brush the tooth really well and swish some peroxide on the tooth then spit it out, Listerine also works well. BTW my tooth is killing me now..Grrr

  • Kendall

    I’m about to get my wisdom teeth removed, but with the pain I felt, I was definitely not going to make it two weeks without doing something. I have been searching random websites on toothache remedies, and the first one I tried was peppermint extract. It didn’t last very long, but talk about instant relief! All I did was soak a Q-tip with the extract and rub it on my gums, it numbed the whole area and made me feel better immediately! Good luck guys!

  • heather

    I have had an abcessed tooth for over 3 mths now ( waiting on insurance) but the best thing i have found that helps is straight ibuprofen about 1200 mg and also swishing with salt water provides temp. relief. the worst thing you can do is apply any kind of heat. i have found this makes it ten times worse so please don’t use it!!!! going to try the vanilla extract thing though sounds like alot of people have found that it works well. thanks so much.

  • Jammer

    I currently have a toothache and I am up and 2:49am because of it, out of desperation I tried the remedy in which you rub a ice cube between your thumb and finger tip, And i must say it worked surprisingly well the pain is almost completely gone.

    Previously I tried the onion cure and that had much less success,

  • sherrie

    I started with brushing the cavity with closeup and rinsed well, then I popped 3 aleve and swished warm salt water in my mouth around the affected tooth and then rinse with plain water then applied oil of clove directly with a qtip. It was devine the relieve I received.
    it worked for me.

  • Crystal

    I tried the vanilla extract and it didn’t do anything for me, but A COLD PACK OF ICE does help. I have immediate relieve. I took a freek icy pack and wrapped it in a washcloth, and then held it up against my cheek where the painful tooth was. This really helps. I held the ice pack against my cheek for ten minutes and then removed it and the pain is almost gone. Lets just say I’m not in agony anymore. I can’t get to the dentist for another two in a half weeks so until then I am going to continue to use this method.

    Thanks for all the tips!!!

  • SeasoN

    well i have a horrible toothache right now… i tried alot of things… but no pills worked or anything… people say not to use warm things near it.. but i put a warm washcloth on my cheek and it kinda worked.. but cant be too hot… ice has worked for me before too… also salt water works well too… hope it helps you

  • samantha

    O.K my tooth is killing me so i looked at some coments and i’m trying the asprin trick

  • chelsea

    i just got my first sore tooth ever and it is unbearable! i have tried many things like olive oil, ice pack, brandy, and even oragel and it won’t work! some of it seems to make my tooth worse! i guess i’m just gonna stick with painkillers for now…

  • Jessica

    Bad teeth run in my family. So lucky me, here I am at 2:11 am in agony yet again…The thing that works best for me would be alcohol, whether it be in the vanilla extract or any kind of liquor, and def. a hot washcloth, that always takes the edge off. Also, sometimes if its really bad I drink supppper cold water, it kinda numbs it for a few mins at least so I can regain some sanity. Seriously, I know why people have dentures now. I wanna rip all mine out and do the same, because this pain is crazyyyy!!!

  • maja

    ok so I have had this crazy tooth ache since last night. I only slept for about 1 hour, no joke. Anyways I tried vanilla ext and it works great. I have a hole in my tooth bc my filling came out so what I did was took a cotten swab and rubbed it on my tooth and gums (where it hurt) and then took a little piece of a Cotten swab and dipped it into the vanilla ext and put it in my tooth. Wow i’m so much better no joke. You can also use propolis, it may be hard to find it but it works great.
    Make sure you brush ur teeth super good before u do this. And try not to eat or drink for a little bit.
    I hope this helps.

  • Debra

    Its 3:29 a.m. and I am dying in pain!!!! Tried swishing rubbing alchol on the side of the tooth pain, it numbed it but made it hard to breathe!!!! Went to fridge and got lime juice out, put it on a cotton ball and WOW, I can bear the pain now. Going back to bed.
    Thanks for all the advice. And yea Dentist are blood suckers, they will watch you wither in pain and give you a appt in 2 weeks and send you on your way!!!!!!

  • alihow

    I’m having a major toothache now and just called my dentist.. the desk person tells me she can’t find my file and that I’LL HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL SOMEONE FINDS IT AND CALL ME BACK… CRAZY BUSSINESS.. FINDING ANOTHER DENTIST NOW… BUT I THANK YOU ALL FOR THE TIPS ON PAIN RELIEF GOD KNOWS WHEN I CAN GET THIS TOOTH FIXED

  • Kimberly

    I have some of the best pain pills out there, although 3 advil liqui-gels have always worked best for me with tooth aches, takes about 30 min. I also have managed for 6 yrs now, the painful swelling of the gums,& aching of a tooth that needs a root canal, with tea tree oil applied to the gum, & most recently I started using myrhh gum powder applied directly to the gums, or sprinkled on the toothpaste when brushing teeth. Warning!!! At first the myrhh gum powder can intensify the pain, although once it subsides, it feels as if all the infection has been drawn out, & the pain is gone…..Makes your mouth squeeky clean!!! Tastes terrible….but it works….My thoughts & prayers, & blessings to all******

  • Jan

    I have a tooth that hurts worse than childbirth!! I wanted to just blow my brains out!! I sent my hubs to the store for some peppermint extract after reading all of the tips on here. It did not work at first and I was so bummed as I had already tried everything else! I decided to put more on, and a couple times more, and eventually it did work. SO DON’T GET DISCOURAGED IF IT DOESN’T WORK FOR YOU INSTANTLY! I HAD TO TRY SEVERAL TIMES, AND BITE DOWN ON THE Q-TIP AND LEAVE IT IN MY MOUTH.

  • Dave

    Thank’s to all who said use vanilla extract wife is now sleeping.

  • kimberli

    Hi i have been suffering from a toothache since last night(saturday).I have never been to a dentist in my life because my mom n dad never had dental coverage. and now as an adult i can’t afford it either! I have tried everything listed, from lime to vanilla, salt, heat, ice and cloves. nothing is working! if any one has a different idea i would be extremely grateful!!! and hey can we give the dentists a break? maybe the reason you have to wait two weeks for an appointment is because someone else has a toothache too? if we all got into the dentist right when we called what would the point of appointments be?

  • Sybil

    My boyfriend has been complaining of a toothache for a few weeks now, and we’ve tried everything, oragel, lime, vanilla, ect. But we found that Goody’s headache powder (powdered asprin) mixed with clove oil works nicely. Hope that helps someone. <3

  • Melinda

    I highly reccomend the salt+water getup. It really works, but it is not going to taste good at all! Earlier today, I couldn’t even smile all the way, now it feels much better. Brushing my tooth also helped a lot.

  • Ashara

    The ONLY 100% effective remedy!…. It’s probably the very most non-conventional one you’ll ever hear but it’s never fail. Ready for this….. Orgasm! Sometimes the relief only lasts for the course of the sex, but that is a great deal better than nothing. And sometimes its longer. Because as most of us who suffer from tooth pain know if you can get the pain to go away completely, it will usually stay gone for a while. Don’t be offended by this be honesty… It is pretty much impossible to think of anything else having an orgasm. If you don’t have partner available then do it yourself. Masturbation is a very small price to pay(if you even want to call it that) for relief from a toothache.

    Toothaches are of the DEVIL! One of the most excruciating pains known to man. I have been suffering from abscessed and rotting teeth my whole life. I’ve lost sleep, missed work, been starving because eating was excruciating. I have layed in bed for hours at night sobbing untl my eyes were swollen. I know what you are going through!

  • Mary

    I have medicaid insurance and there is not one dr. in my entire state that is “accepting new patients at this time”.

    So, I have four teeth that are in dire need of root canals…I went to the dental clinic, spent all day there for them to tell me because I wasn’t “swollen” they didn’t consider me in immediate need and told me to make an appointment with a root canal specialist. I tried to tell them there weren’t any, they didn’t care to listen. The pain is so severe I cannot open my mouth or even move my tounge around, it’s horrible. I am not swollen but man, I pop two Motrin and 15 mins later I’m good to go…The reason I’m here is because the Motrin has been causing me to have heartburn and nausea..it’s getting worse.

    When my Motrin wears off I’m going to try the Vanilla. Also, I read on another site that garlic clove pressed against the tooth is good, also chewing onions helps.

    I am praying for everyone here…toothaches scare me but the Health Care System in our country scares me even more…I’m hoping I find the help I need soon.

  • Fred

    A remedy that’s cheap and has always worked for me is: Iodized Salt (about 1 teaspoon) and warm water. It will relieve the toothache. Also, a shot of whiskey helps take your mind off the pain!

  • Eric

    What finally did it for me is heavy brushing and lots and lots of mouthwash. If the pain comes back I plan on trying all of these. Not sure if Vodka would work in place of whiskey but we’ll see. Thanks a ton for the ideas!

  • nathan

    Just tried the salty water… made me want to bang my head against the wall.. immediately got 20x worse

  • zoe

    I tried Dee Dee’s and Ashara’s tips combined, I’m cured!!!!!

  • britt

    thank you thank you for the genius who made this website! tooth pain is the worst and i can say that after two babies. tylonel does not work. the peroxide and warm salt water works the best for instant relief but dont let it go long for severe achs you need antibiotics and most likely a root canal

  • Ryan

    These things do happen right before the weekend. I inherited bad teeth from my mothers side of the family and i have a molar on the left side of my mouth that has turned me into a infant!!! I tried salt water, mild relief, aspirin, mild relief.. then I decided to try the vanilla extract.. for the first time in over a week i can actually sit still without writhing in pain. not o menbtion it didnt taste the worst.. Amen to those who came up with that one!

  • Shantell

    For the past 2 years I’ve been having a bad toothache….(do I even have to mention BAD when I say toothache?), but anyway my pain sometimes goes away for months then weeks, but always comes back, but now my tooth has been hurting for the past 2 weeks I cant bare the pain! it sometimes feels like Im about to faint. I must admit the pain doesnt stay away but, vodka does take the pain away for about an hour or more and sometimes maybe a day its not all about the money when it comes to gettin this thing pulled Im just too scared!, but you know what I think Ive made up my mind to call a dentist someone scared me with an article on here mentioning an infected tooth can spread and lead to BLINDNESS!….ahhh who am I kidding Im gonna try the vanilla extract and the whiskey tomorrow…lol

    oh yeah there’s no way toothpaste makes it better, Im not sure about all brands but when I brush my teeth every morning with Colgate It triggers pain! so please dont let tooth paste sit on the affected area as someone mentioned before and a heating pad or hot rag on works while its on your jaw not even a 5 minute relief…..

  • Jazzman

    there’s this medication called “Red Cross” it comes in a little clear brown bottle, it works great(It has nothing to do with the red cross)I think it especially works if your toothache is cause by a hole it comes with cotton swabs and can be found at Wal-Mart, Walgreens, and CVS as I know and yes it is for tooth pain so u can find it in that area. Its about $7-$8….TRUST ME it works my pain has me in agony rolling around on the floor feeling like Im literally goin crazy!!!!!!!!!, anbesol nor oralgel does anything for me…if u ask me its makes it worst its like im immune to them….and remember who needs a dentist when u have “Red Cross”

  • Shantell

    Ok so I tried the vanilla extract…its does NOTHING for my tooth or honestly maybe it was the fact that my boyfriend brought me back the publix brand….anyways I have a suggestion if your tooth pain is like mine and is also in the gums and comes and goes until u decide to get it pulled then the best thing to do: When u feel a little pain, just a little pain if u trigger off a toothache IMMEDIATELY take 2 extra strength excedrin I havent had a toothace for 2 days now and thats what Ive been doing…of course I need to come up with something else cause I cant take excedrin forever….or can I.

  • heidi

    i am 4 months pregnant and the state i live in, the medicaid does not cover adults over 21 for dental, sucks right? any ways i found this site to be very helpful. i tried the vanilla and it seems to be doing well, the pain is still there but not noticable, i also got some cheap oragel too just in case. i did the salt water thing, the peroxide thing, brush my teeth before doing all this, brushing the teeth seemed to be the only thng that really hurt.

    but thanks alot for all the help.

  • charles

    i have been sitting here for 4 days now with a really bad tooth ache. Ive tried pills after pills and none seem to work. the only thing that actually works for me is brushing the tooth that is infected or hurts. brush it for 3 mins. with some potent tooth paste… i hope this help someone as much as it helped me.

  • izz

    reading these quotes simply got my mind off of it, pain kinda subsided . thanx all of u, well except for the guy who suggested playing with yurself, uhh yeah…. nice remedy their .

  • Bill Jackson

    I tried Oragel “extra powerful for intense pain” and Ambesol, both failed, they are a topical ointment. I felt like I had a spike driven though my kaw to my skull, it hurt so bad. I think I have a deep infection, my wife steered me towards salt (instead of a jar of moonshine my friend gave me a while back). I used a lot of Kosher salt and real hot water, probably >1 quart, several big glasses full and a lot of salt and so far so good. Did I say alot of salt???? My wife says the dentist will not work on this tooth until the infection is cleared up, so some dentists prescribe anti-biotics.
    My heart goes out to my fellow sufferers, especially those with no insurance. Wish I could help…

  • Rebecca

    Ok so its 3 in the am and of course my tooth hurts – thank god it monday morning! Love all the tips, my cure has been hot salt water rinses BC powders and vicks vapor rub with a warm compress. Believe it or not smoking a cigarette helps too. The whole heat thing. And please dont b afraid to try heat. I worked for a dr for many years and do know for a fact if you are dealing with inflammation as well as pain heat is the best route to go – it helps with circulation and will decrease the pain by helping the area to relax. but if you are having lots of swelling try using the ice pack until the swelling goes away then switch to heat if it is still hurting. And the red cross in the brown bottle works very well for toothaches and the main ingredient is cloves so if you cant find it just buy the clove oil. Can you tell I have alot of toothaches!

  • Andre

    Well im at work at the moment and gotten this toothache outta nowhere, tried things i could find like the tea-bag thing,WHAT A WASTE… made it worse, lemon extract= RUBBISH….. i think outta all the positive remedy ideas i’ve read i’ll try the vanilla essance one when i leave work…… the best thing to do is GO TO THE DENTIST AND SEE TO IT!!!!! ASAP…. no excuses… NOW!!!

  • Carla

    The vanilla extract didn’t work for me. But i found something that i guess nobody here tried. The Advil Gel pills..THEY ARE THE BEST, and they last for a really long time, specially for the ones that can’t sleep at night!! Hope it works for you guys!!

  • Jessi

    Ok so I have bad teeth and once every few months I get a new toothache, It is pure misery. Like many others I would rather give birth again than to suffer with mouth pain, it’s just the worst. After searching many different sites with home remedies I have found one that works great! I created my own concoction of table salt, Black pepper, Cheyenne Pepper, granulated garlic, and a splash of vanilla extract to make it all paste-like. Then I jam it all over the bad side and let it stay on for a few minutes. It isn’t the tastiest stuff but it works great for me, I follow with a cold compress and I’m good to go for a few hours. Of course there are 2 minor issues one is that it makes your breath stink and two is that it is kind of spicy which may just help take your mind off the pain. Goodluck sufferers!

  • tina cuc

    The best toothache remedy is clove oil for sure! The pain instantly goes away and may not ever come back. Its great and it even makes your breath smell fresh! Try it out, you will not be disappointed.

  • Nadine

    Had very sore teeth on and off for a couple of years – it appeared after giving birth to youngest. I tell you I just spent the most sleep deprived night going through some very excruitiating moments thanks to a toothache – far worse than any one of my child births (I have five kids!!!) at least with those I could doze in-betweeen contractions if I was really really tired.

    Any who – got up for youngest son after another night of pain and I was near the very end of my tether – hubby woke and proceeded to get me hot water and salt – I know it is all over this site but let me reinforce that belief – use lots of it – it took a full coffee cup and a half of swishing and spitting before I started feeling any relief but boy did it work.

    I tried brushing continuously, “Difflam” (throat relief – it numbs your mouth, tongue and throat area but apparently not last night), it was great also took a couple of paracetamol – asprin like stuff for those who dont know what it is. EXCELLENT.

  • Nadine

    Also have used Tequilla in the past. It is fab – numbs pain nearly instantly – swish around mouth and swallow – dont need much – maybe a couple of shots. I think it must be not only the alcohol but the agave properties as well – cactus is a natural astringent. Vodka and Whiskey work too – alcohol will kill the germs and if pain persists – just drink alot more – preferably with good company. Salute

  • chas

    Ok so i suffer from toothaches a lot. I also have no insurance and am scared of the dentist. This is really gross but this is what i do when i have a toothache, i put warm compress on my jaw for about an hour then wait untill i can see where the absess is forming get a straight pin and poke a hole in my gum and all the nasty gross stuff comes out and my toothache is better within the next couple hours you have to be careful though and it only works if your jaw is swollen. I think it gets all the infection out of your mouth. And dont swallow the stuff that comes out rinse your mouth with salt water and or peroxide. No one will probably try this but it works for me. Im crazy and poor and have to come up with my own solutions to problems like this.

  • cloud

    mix alittle bit of salt water with a little bit of Mt.Dew and gargle for about 2 minutes. then simply eat something extremely sour such as a lemon, sour warheads (if they still sell them), a pickle/pickle juice, or anything you can think of that gives you the sour face…. also…. try rubbing cinnimon on the area of the toothache and leave it be for about 3 minutes with your mouth open (to help not wash it away) it helps with the pain and tastes pretty good…. DO NOT EAT CHOCOLATE! trust me…. its worse than a broken arm.
    good luck to you


  • Mary

    if you do not have clove oil you can use a small handful of ground cloves and about 3 drops of vanilla to make a paste and use a Q-Tip to rub it on the tooth and gum area. i hope it helps anybody and all.its helped me. and thank you for the vicks rub trick it has helped some.

  • p34c3fu1

    I stumbled across this site trying to find relief for my tooth ache . I read where whisky on the tooth could help . I had none of that in the house and its 2 am but ontop of my fridge is a bottle of Bacardi gold rum and I pour me a cap full and let it set a min so it would be room temp and then I let it sit around the tooth . Burned like hell , but the pain was gone. It came back with in 2 minutes so I did it again . So far the pain is gone . I hope it stays gone because I really need to sleep .

  • grayze

    for me a slice of garlic worked, then gargle with lukewarm water with salt,its hard for me to ease the pain because i’m pregnant, i’m not allowed to take any antibiotics or pain reliever

  • rachele

    I started with tooth pain last nite. I took some Motrin before bed and again during the middle of the nite – and it didn’t even come close to touching it. Pain so bad I had an earache and a headache. I used some warm salt water and rinsed several times. My tooth pain is so minimal almost none existant and same for the earache – now hopefully the last dose of motrin will fight off the headache. I plan to repeat in 4-6 hrs to ward off pain if it doesn’t return sooner.

  • Steve

    In the past, I’ve found myself saying, “Toothache? How bad can a toothache be?” Holy cow! I have been in misery for the past 9 hours now! This is the worst pain I have ever felt! My wife, God bless her, told me to gargle with hot water and salt…that was like hammering a nail into my tooth!

    Thanks to everyone who has posted on this site! The Vicks has helped a little, Aleve and Tylenol did nothing, and the cold pack against my jaw helped too. Best of luck to y’all!

  • jim

    ive had a massive toothache since 2 tuesdays ago that was caused by an impacted wisdom tooth ya know i read on a poster pain is fear leaving the body well i might as well be fearless as bad as this hurts and the only thing ive found workes is tylenol arthritis pain relief.

  • wendi

    I feel for everyone of you as I have had two teeth hurting for a week now and though I can find relief for awhile,it still comes back usually waking me from a dead sleep. I have gone through bottles of clove oil,garlic cloves,over the counter temporary filling and Ibuprophen 800 (which BTW I think is better than any of the other pain killers),perhaps because it is an anti-inflamatory. Sucks when you can’t even afford a Dentist since my husband lost our Buisness and can’t find work now for 3 months. A side job here and there but nothing to hold the Fort down thats for sure, I have gona as far as to actually call a few Dentist’s and asked if they would take me on as a “Charity Case” and write it off at the end of the year,just to help me out of this pain. Needless to say……..they denied me. I amost “Wished” a toothache on them so they could know the feeling ,but I don’t think I could actually “WISH” this on anyone. Not anyone! I’ll pray for all of you and PLEASE do the same for me THANKS!

  • lacy

    i’m suffering an excruciating toothache (abscessed. two actually, 6th on bottom right and 6th on top right) as i type this. i have tried swishing vanilla extract around in my mouth; no luck. i stuck a heated pack of rice on my cheek, nothing. i used toothpaste, mouth wash, ice, the red cross medication kit, salt water, peroxide, tylenol, aleve, advil, everything. nothing works. i haven’t slept in 3 nights and luckily for myself, i HAD to go to the dentist. he immediately looked and said that i needed a root canal. i told him no, to take it. so he gave me antibiotics (penicilin) and some pain meds and i have to go back on dec. 2 to have it removed. yay for me! (BUT I’M STILL IN PAIN NOW, lol)

  • HITFACTORY1403 ( united kingdom )


  • Jay

    I am just coming out of a scary tooth experience, like many I am reading about here. I had all my mercury removed about 15 yrs ago, and replaced with composite fillings. (PLEASE see my additional comments at the bottom re MERCURY FILLINGS!) These fillings have a shorter life than amalgams, at least back then, probably are more advanced by now. Anyway I had one of these break down, the filling came out a while back, and didn’t bother at first, just was a food trap. But recently it began to get my attention, if you know what I mean. It became sensitive to pressure. I was researching finding a holistic dentist to make subsequent repairs to my teeth, have all the fillings replaced with new ones. I also was looking for a dentist who uses Biocalex, which is a new (to the US) product that is APPARENTLY (??…DO you own due diligence!!! Ask more about this, I only mention it as an alternative, am researching it myself to learn more..) much safer to use for root canals, in that it seals the tooth much better than std. (gutta percha..which the std dental assn. defends ferociously!! just like mercury..) products, which CAN and DO lead to many problems! Many people get infections and abscesses in root canals, resulting in headaches that come and go, tenderness in the mouth, and much more serious issues i.e. heart weakening and cancer..

    This weekend my tooth suddenly escalated into a full blown monster “whole-head” ache! I tried all the internet blog recommendations, e.g. vanilla extract (gave some initial numbing, not for long), ginger extract, ipe-roxo, salt rinse (gawd..that REALLY set it off!!), cloves and clove/olive oil, garlic, onion, didn’t use whiskey or brandy, the only thing that gave me any relief was ibuprofen. That did work. Let me get some rest. But then the infection started to make me feel really weird..I started to think about the heart implications, and system toxicity, etc.. My whole body started to ACHE…EVERY JOINT, I got a chill that caused my whole body to shake, with 4 layers of clothes, gloves on. The next morning could hardly sit in my chair, or grip anything, getting real scary. Basically sat in front of my computer (searching for answers) in a darkened room, much of the time with my eyes closed, and hugging myself to stay warm, and just enduring.

    Well, to shorten the story, I suddenly last nite, recalled my COLLOIDAL SILVER kit. I hadn’t used it for months. It’s come to my rescue countless times for colds and flues, every time! I quickly brewed a batch, and drank down about 8 oz. of brew, and within hours after that, I began to feel some change. I have taken no pain killers or other of the above since then, except some ginger extract just to help out…but last nite I broke into a huge sweat..my tee shirt was just saturated, and the bedsheet was literally dark with persperation. BUT, today, a little shakey getting up and going, after moving about a bit, things have IMMENSELY changed, for the better. I am feeling almost “normal”, yes, some symptoms, but I’m on the fast track to mending. The toothache is almost GONE, the joint pain is at least 70% gone, my appetite has returned. I can even chew on the side where the toothache was, and it feels almost normal!!!! It’s close to miraculous. Thanksgiving is only 3 days away, and I was seriously faced with the prospect of not making the trip to family to share it with them, bummer! Turkey and gravy and pumpkin pie, here I come!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank GOD for colloidal silver! I recommend everyone have their own colloidal silver DIY kit!


    My dad died from mercury poisoning after a root canal combined with other dental work incl. mercury fillings, in Mexico while he was there for some unrelated therapy. He was in great health at that time, only 63 yrs. old. Just for your edification, and maybe help others, if you are on a DETOX program, the more vigorous and long standing, the more CRITICAL this is…DO NOT EVER GET ANY AMALGAM FILLINGS EITHER REMOVED OR PLACED IN YOUR MOUTH!!! The effects of the free mercury during that period have a devastating effect on your nervous system, and in my dad’s case, can be FATAL. Within 9 mo. after that event, we buried him! The symptoms began showing up within a week or two after the dental work, too long a story for here, but it was well documented. It was a painful lesson to learn, my dad was an organic farmer, and loved life, was youthful in appearance and mind. His cause of death was “respiratory failure”.
    He just wasted away, no real pain…cancer free, but mercury poisoned!

  • Christy

    I have just had a tooth filled by the dentist but i think it has been done wrong as the pain has got no better, Before i had the filling solphadine worked wanders but it has been making me sick recently as i think i have taken it for too long. My aunty suggested tiger balm. You rub it onto the outside of your cheek where the pain is and i creates a strong sensation that takes your mind of your tooth. Only temporary but works.

  • Alevianna

    Holy Cow I am experiencing excruciating pain right now and I NEED A DENTIST!! PLEASE!! Well…The #1 at home remedy 4 toothache is to chew a raw onion 4 3 mins.. trust me- Your toothavhe will dissapear INSTANTLY!! You will 4get u ever had it ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hope this helps, Alevianna:P

  • amy

    As luck would have it, as mine always does, I am dealing with a triple issue. Supposed to have a double root canal in two weeks, but just for the fun of it, had an ovarian cyst rupture three days ago too. Thought the pain meds from that would knock out the horrible toothache pain, but did not even put a dent in it. Always swear by the clove oil, does work wonders, but pharmacy has to special order for me. Won’t be in for a few days. My hubbie reminded me that we had some left over J.B. from a summer party. Not as good as clove oil, but I think I can sleep now. You know it’s got to be good when even emergency room pain meds could not phase the pain. Swished & spit twice, by the way.


    Okay, so I have a broken tooth after eating popcorn, grrr. But I have had pain now for a month. So I have learned a lot about what works. Everyone is writing about taking Tylenol, don’t! It won’t work. You should take ibuprofen. It blocks the pain recepters in your brain, and Tylenol only hides the pain. So it won’t last as long, also a good idea is to take benedryl with it, the antihistamin helps with any swelling, and helps with sleep issues. Anothe great idea is cold water between your thumb and pointer finger, what I do is take a small bottle with cold water or freeze it and just hold on 2 it. The pain will go away within a min. Also let ibuprofen sit on or near your tooth, don’t crush it, just sorts let melt on it and swoosh it around before swalling. Pain will go away quik! But go 2 the dr, its a serious thing, and it could end up killing ya. Hope this all helps, let me know how it does! Ps don’t use anbesol if its a broken tooth, cause it hurt my tooth 100 x more then normal. Sucks!

  • tom w.

    2 nights ago i noticed i was getting a little bit of pain in my tooth. but nothing an aleve or a couple of bayer back and body can’t help. last night i get home after work and my tooth explodes into a mind numbing pain. not sure how i’m typing this and ledgibly.

    nothing that i’ve read online helps. well i don’t drink alcohol and i know your not drinking it your just using it as a topical solution. i just don’t want to try it.

    vanilla extract was a bust. ice is a bust cause after you mouth thaws out the pain seems worse. when i get toothaches i have always used a hot/warm water and sale solution. it’s what the doctors usually say when you go to the emergency room. but for me this method takes too long days usually. and they recommend it with things like aspirin and penicillin.

    well i noticed after my last toothache that penicillin starts making me feel funny and kinda sick. next time i go i need to see if they can give me something else.

    i think i need to go to the emergency room. i haven’t slept all night. and i’m starting to have feelings that i want to kill myself just to get this pain to go away. on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the worst pain, i would say that i’m about a 15. not only does it throb when my heart beats but if feels like someone is taking a knife and jabbing it into my gum. it also feels like my sinus’s are bothering me on that side.

    i have always had bad teeth. actually my family has always had bad teeth. i used to get yelled at a lot when i was a kid for not brushing or rinsing my teeth. funny thing is my sister who did all that stuff growing up has worse teeth than i do and i hardly ever brushed. i figured on my own that even when i brushed and did the things that i was told was right i still had problems with my teeth. so why waste all that time and effort. now i look like the rest of my family and have teeth that look like a hobo’s teeth.

    can’t afford a dentist and can’t stand them. they are sadistic and just love to lecture and scream at you. got into an arguement at the emergency room with one once. i was in a lot of pain and he just kept going on about taking care of my teeth and yelling at me why i didn’t take care of them. i had to tell him to shut up that i was getting overly angry at him because the pain in my tooth was irritating me. at one point they needed orderlies to seperate us we were yelling at each other so loud. i almost punched the guy, he got so annoying.

    sorry i’m rambling on. i just can’t sleep and the pain is so bad i’m trying to concentrate on anything else, but it’s been hard. i really think i need to just end this misery already. happens almost once a month and can last for over a week or longer. i start popping all kinds of pain relief pills like aleve, ibuprofen and bayer back and body. which makes my stomach hurt more than just the pain.

    dentists need to be affordable. just to pull a tooth not including the visits prior it costs like $500. i have no dental insurance so they need the money up front. so instead all i do is try and get through the pain and move on. someone told me about dental schools and they will have students work on you and it costs nothing or next to nothing. well with all the economic problems they want you to pay for everything. and they make you wait months for an initial appointment. it costs nearly as much as a real dentist only your putting your life at risk with some inexperienced student.

    damn all dentists and their sadistic-selves.

  • kat

    one tbls rum/or/ any liquor with salt.
    keep it in tooth that aches for 10 minutes till numb them spit.
    good luck

  • nothing helps for long…

    this does seem to work for a few people but not all people my husband had a root canal done and had to go back a wk later for them to finish up fillin the tooth, we tried everything and nothing helped, red cross in the tiny brown bottle worked for a couple days off and on, but you cant get this on your gums at all, dont know why but thats what it says on the bottle, plus its very nasty and burns like hell and mostley it doesnt even work, i took him the next day they pulled it in 5 mins after the numbed it aand omg you wouldnt believe it it was so nasty looking, a complete hole all the way through to his gum from the middle of his tooth! the denist said he was lucky the red cross didnt start to peel away his gums!! thts why u cant get it on ur gums only on ur tooth! thts a waste of money and time…… just go to a denist and be finished with it!!!

  • Meeeesh

    I had a toothache about 20 minutes ago, so bad I couldn't even concentrate on finding a remedy. When the pain started I took 3 TYLENOLS right away. I CRUSHED up BABY ASPRIN and put them in the cracks of my tooth (Super Cavity pinching my moler nerve). It helped a little. I was so desprate. Once the asprin desolved I put a little GARLIC CLOVE inside the crack, oh god, that helped so much. Yet, there was still pounding, and I need sleep. So I had some GRAPEFRUIT, juiced it, and swished it in my mouth. Completely gone, now. (: And I left some juice in the fridge just in case I wake up in the middle of the night. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Jenn

    WOW toothache pain again tonight.. First I tried asprin. Didnt work. Then I tried the salt water didnt work.Then I tried the rum, whiskey, whatever I had.. Didnt work..!! (May i suggest not to do this one before work either..) LOL your boss might send you home or fire you. LOL. I will keep trying. I pray for you all with toothache pain. I rather give birth. I have 4 kids, (1 c-section) I would rather give birth all 4 times again.!!!! before this damn toothache..!! I would not wish this on my worst enemy.

  • precilla

    Well first off i tried none of these so i cant tell you how well they work but i can tell you to go buy you some "RED CROSS TOOTH RELIEF MEDICATION" you can find it at walmart or any drug store…it works Wonders but taste like crap.

    Hope this was helpful ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Erica

    I used kanka it releived my pain instantly

  • sarah

    if you have an abscess do not put anything hot on your cheek of mouth as it made mine really worse and lot more painful.. if its a wisdom tooth salt and pepper helps also clove oil and ive just got this gel stuff called Orajel..really helped for the pain and also ice to numb it helped as well..

  • Tracy

    I have to say when someone told me they were suffering from a bad toothache i couldnt really sympathise as i thought it was no big deal…..till i got one myself…i tell u what its worse than giving birth! I had natural births too! As far as remedies go i tried brushing my teeth and gums, tried hot and cold packs, salt water(very warm), i tried the redcross tooth medication wich is supposed to numb your tooth. Nothing worked. It was a broken tooth with hole in it to the nerve, my face was not swelled. but the pain was too unbearable it brought me to my knees, nearly making me passout. i wasnt any more time with remedies i went to the emergancy room and they gave me very strong pain relievers and alot of antibiotics. May i advise you the dentist will not work on a tooth untill you ave finished your antibiotics and the infection is gone. If all else fails.Go to the Er they will start you on antibiotics! Its better than going hundreds of remedies trying to find one that might work a little! remember having infection in your mouth causes problems i other parts of your body, so please go to the doctor asap!

  • Rick Roberts

    I have been in total pain for two days. I tried salt water rinse/ hydrogen peroxide etc the mouthwash but all were very minor help. I then tried of all thinhs two sticks of wrigleys EXTRA peppermint gum. As hard as it was to chew after about 5 minutes half or more of the pain went away. I am now running to the store fo another pack of gun until I can get to the dentist. I live in a small town so unfortuantely I could get faster service if I were a horse since we have 5x as many vets as dentists in my town lol. I would also try POLAR ICE EXTRA wrigleys since it too has a strong peppermint like flavor.

  • jody

    yes it works thanks

  • vikki

    Ive had a horrible pain in my tooth for the past week and its been killing me, ive been on ibufrofen as well as lately vicadin. Helped a little but made me feel sick and want to faint. Not to mention the fact that I have to study for an upcoming exam. Anyways, I tried everything…the vanilla extract, orajel, pain killers, chewing gum(made the pain worse…and yes it was sugarfree) i also tried the salt water mouthwash and that didnt do much. Then I was so desperate that I finally tried rubbing some onion on my tootht and gum, it helped but the pain came back again, then I tried rubbing garlic on my tooth, It burned for a little but then after that, it worked and I went to wrinse my mouth with saltwater and I was able to fall asleep. The relief lasted until morning, which is now and Im in pain agian. I GOT TO DO HW….UGHH!!!

  • Mauricio

    apple cider vinegar. it hurts but definitely works

  • MooNShiNeR

    I just used some homemade apple brandy for my toothache.
    Toothache = 0, 150 proof brandy =1000

  • Susan

    Listen up because I have one of the most effective toothache pain remedies EVER for you….. Buy a cheap bottle of vodka and put it in your Water Pik and shoot a stream of vodka in in the cavity. The alcohol deadens the nerve and sterilizes the cavity. You will feel almost instant relief and it lasts a long time. I hopefully won't have to do this anymore as I saw an oral surgeon this morning and I'm all fixed ๐Ÿ™‚

  • THANK YOU!!!! After trying this emergency red cross clove oil, brushing my teeth madly, vicodins!!!! And everything else….what finally worked??? VANILLA EXTRACT!!! Thank you sooooooo much for posting this!!!

  • Darrell

    Well its 910pm here and ive been pain free almost 40mins now. 1st of all i would like to thank everyone here who has taken the time to post these home remedies. I wouldnt be posting myself if my pain hadnt subsided bcuz i cant concentrate well when my tooth feels like its being jackhammered from the inside out. I have at 1 time or another tried almost all the remedies here. Sometimes they work, sometimes they dont. All day today ive kept cold water in my mouth on the infected tooth. Works well but only for a few mins. None of the tried and true remedies seem to be working this time. I havent eaten in a day and a half and i was so hungry so 45mins ago i decided to have a small bowl of icecream. And made sure i ate on the side with the infected tooth. I guess it just numbs it from the cold but this is the 1st time all day i feel absolutely no pain! I dont know how long it will last but as soon as i feel that faint throb again i will have some more. Dont know that this will work for everyone, on even for me again, but its worth a try. And you cant beat the taste. Anyway, before i submit this, id like to include a tip of my own. This is for people who may not have an infection but have a cavity and are having pain from cold or hot or just air when you breathe. You can buy a temparin product called DenTek at CVS or some other pharmacy. Its a temporary filling and its saved 1 of my teeth for well over a year now. It costs around $4.50 and lasts me 6mnths. You take a little and roll it in your fingers, and push it in the cavity. A dentist actually recomended this to me and let me tell you, it works fabulous! I will continue to use this product and try some more tips here until im in the workforce again and can get proper care. In the meantime, good luck to all of you sufferers and God bless…

  • lisa

    this website is awesome, it’s 3:30 am my 15 year old daughter just fell asleep after an awful toothace. she took some ibuprofen and put oragel on her gums but it didn’t help. got on this website and decided to try the vanilla extract on a swab, she did it twice and is now sound asleep after crying for hours straight. thank you very much for this tip. i highly recommend it. GOOD Night.

  • lisa

    this website is awesome, it’s 3:30 am my 15 year old daughter just fell asleep after an awful toothache. she took some ibuprofen and put oragel on her gums but it didn’t help. got on this website and decided to try the vanilla extract on a swab, she did it twice and is now sound asleep after crying for hours straight. thank you very much for this tip. i highly recommend it. GOOD Night.

  • Amos Farr

    For the past couple of months my teeth have been cracking because I grind in my sleep. I have a mouth guard, but don’t remember to wear it when I get to bed. I have been using clove oil on a cotton ball on the sore area and it works just fine for me. I also go to the emergency care clinic, as I travel for work, and the Dr. there usually gives me a perscription for an antibiotic and some kodine. I sleep through the night, but some say I start talking in my sleep when I am on Kodine. I have a low tollerance for drugs, so I usually just bite it into 4 and take 1/4 of the pill at a time. I hate Monarch Dental as they require a 2 visit minimum. As I travel, I don’t always have time to sit in a dental office for 2-4 hours for 2 days. I end up going to the dental college and have it pulled and then go to another dentist for a bridge. I have a great smile and I always get great comments on it. Take care of your teeth or you will look like those people in rural areas with 1 dark brown (almost black) tooth sticking out of your mouth… HAHAHAHAHA!. Dallas Finest!

  • Todd

    Okay, I had an awful toothache about a month ago. This toothache caused me so much pain, I had to be admitted to the emergency room in the local hospital, simply because the pain was immense that it was literally driving me insane. It was almost like I was trippin’ on some bad weed. lol They gave me antibiotics and some low mg painkillers.

    Anywho, I’m 17 years old and my teeth have been kept in great condition. However, my top right back moller had been giving me all kinds of Hell. I went to see my dentist to try and have him remove it, after the little hospital incident. He wouldn’t; instead he recommended a root canal. I immediately saw the “money racket” thing he was wanting me to accept, and I left. I bought some clove oil on my way home. I dabbed a cotton swab in the clove oil, then I bit down on it. Of course my bottom teeth were affected, but within a few hours my pain was gone. I swear to this, GET THE CLOVE OIL!!! It really does wonders. Just don’t swallow it and BEWARE!! IT DOES BURN!!!! BUT! It is VERY effective! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Danielle

    This has helped for me. I have definately bad teeth on both sides top and bottom and i found that if you take an excedrine migraine. and go buy the generic versions of oragel and anbelole. both the liquid and the gel and get a plastic lid and mix the gels of both kinds together and take a q-tip and put it on the teeth it will help then wait 10 min and use both of the liquids one right after another this has really helped me and i have been doing it for 8 yrs cause the denist will not take me.

  • Alma

    Chewing good herb will help for a couple of days.HOPE ITHELPS!!!

  • daniel

    the vanilla is nasty at first but it helps very much. You take a swig and hold it in your mouth for about two minutes. Put the vapor rub on the side of your mouth that is hurting. Hold an ice pack between your thumb and fore finger on the opposite hand from your pain site. Then go to bed. Take two tylenol too. Be at the dentist office when they open the door the next morning. good luck

  • Barb

    garlic with sea salt (no rock salt here) daughter is in pain and no date so what the heck! It’s releaved the pain in her ear and the tooth! Cool_Beans

  • Jenna M.

    I have had bad teeth since I was born, its genetics and I have always suffered from teeth pain. It wasnt until i started having kids that they got worse and I have NO INSURANCE to get them fixed or any kind of medical care. So I have been living my life off of these kind of REMEDIES and I have never had anything work except AMOXICILLIAN, CODEINE AND IBUPHROPHEN. The only thing that comes close to helping is saltwater rinses but it has to be warm and that only helps for a second. People, if you have bad teeth and insurance, get it taken care of. I am 21 years old and getting ready to have to pay to get FALSE TEETH. Dont let this happen to you. Please

  • Geni

    OH MY GOD!!! I have had the WORST tooth pain of my life for the last couple of weeks and I have bad teeth, I was cursed…runs in the family. Anyhoo…I have tried everything to ease the pain and nothing helped, I have been bawling my eyes out tonight and seeking remedies that will help. I laughed when I read the pepper thing BUT since I am willing to try anything, I did and it worked! I mixed a little ground pepper with some salt and I few drops of olive oil and put it directly on my tooth (In the cavity) even though it scared me to do that for fear I wouldn’t be able to get it out. Try it, I’m serious, it really worked. i also put a little bit of baby aspirin on it and that helped too. Hoping you all get some relief like I did. I will be using this a lot since I dont have insurance at the moment (or money to do to the dentist) Take care and feel better!

  • Nikki

    Its 4 in the morning and my tooth has been hurting all day took 800 ibruprofen didnt work tylenol didnt work and advil didnt work someone recommended putting alcohol on a swab and holding it on the affected area it worked! just dont know for how long thanks to who comes up with the remedies havent tried all of them but will if the pain comes back

  • Marie

    Thank you so much for all the tips – great sense of community! I recently had a sensitive molar looked at, and now a week after a filling, my whole left side of my face hurts like hell. I am scheduled in to get two wisdom teeth out next week (thankfully simple), and my dentist will look at this newer toothache then. I cannot tell if it is the molar or if it’s the wisdoms moving around too much that is causing the pain… anyway, like you all, it hurts like blazes. I have taken ibuprofen but I don’t have pure vanilla extract so I’ve commandeered my husband’s whiskey. The pain is still there, but hopefully subsided enough to sleep (it’s 12.15am here in New Zealand). So thanks again to everyone who has contributed to this website. I wish we had those red cross kits here… sounds interesting. Good night – warm wishes X

  • Toothfrom heck

    I used the Vapor Rub and swishing with Listerine and that worked great!! I tell you I would rather be in labor than to have tooth pain. I am going to try vanilla extract next and I’ll let you know how that works. I am a nursing mom so I can only do non-medicinal remedies right now. Can’t see the dentist until May 1st!

  • Elizabeth

    OMG I tried the vanilla extract, it tasted horrible and while it was in my mouth it burned…BUT it was the most amazing cure ever. I have a broken tooth, I slept on that side of my face so my cheek was touching that tooth, my mouth hurt sooo bad when I was sleeping, I woke up and all I could do was cry, I didnt know what I was going to do. I found this site, saw the comment about vanilla extract, thought there was no way it was going to work, took a swig, spit it out and instantly gone!!! Amazing and the pain hasn’t come back since. I have tried orajel, that works for a few minutes then the pain is back..all I am saying is absolutely use vanilla extract….amazing that’s all I can say just amazing!!!!

  • john l

    im 53 years old and i swish and gargle with peroxide once a week and iv never had a tooth ache and i still have all my naturals.

    so i dont know any remadies.

  • danielle

    well you see…. i have this gaping hole in my tooth i went to the dentist it was free yay!!!!! well im pregnant so they couldnt do much for me well i came home and jumped online and saw the idea GARLIC so i cut a little piece of garlic off and shoved it in the gaping hole and WHAM! INSTANT RELIEF.. that was a dream come true after months of pain

  • james

    OMG OMG OMG….i totally feel all or you guys pain…its like 1:50am in chicago and its a friday night…sighhhhhhhhhhh :(…;i was out and about and i had temporary toothaches this week for like 5 min then they would go away but today whooooooooo…it would not go away …i have hella tattoos and ear gauges…had broken thumb before…but this um um i cannot take it…i literally almost passed out….so i tied orajel…if sucks didnt wrk but for like 3 mins lol…so i just googled toothache remedies which brought me here..and let me tell u the salt and pepper thing works like a charm…i mean i still fill it now and then pain level like a 1 out of 10…when b4 that i was on 10 so im happy…im getting some kind of medical help tomorrow though lol

  • Tysh

    Do everything you can to save a tooth because extracting it may cause the jaw to shrink and all your other teeth to move. Implants are expensive and can get infected.
    I have been to three dentists about one tooth. They were all money-grubbing morons. No wonder they advocate fluoride–they’re all stupid. I hate dentists. They want you to start a mortgage with them so they can drive big SUVs and live in mansions. They absolutely refuse to do anything you ask. The only option you have is to walk out and use home remedies.


    i have had the worst toothache for the last 3 days. i mean the kind of toothache that had me balled up in the middle of the bed crying like a 2 year old (mean while my 2 year old is asking me whats wrong). I was miserable and desperate for help (like so many others reading this page) so i googled home remedies for toothaches and stumbled on this site. This is my first time dealing with a toothache like this so i would try anything. i did the ice between the thumb and index and it does kinda redirect your attention. but what really worked was the hot water and salt (lots of salt)!! believe me it burns and hurts so damn bad when you first start the process but u just have to make it through those first 5 mins of letting the hot salt water sit on the side where the tooth is. the pain miraculously disappears and stays gone for hours at a time. when it comes back just do it again!!! Remember…just make it through the first 5 minutes and u will be SOOOO happy you did.

  • Ricci

    I have tried numerous remedies to try to get rid of a toothache. I can say that it depends on whats causing the toothache, some help some take it away. there have been times that I have rubbed vicks vapor rub onto my cheek and it has worked wonders. other times it barely helps.

  • meme

    I have had terrible teeth problems all my life (39 years) it is a family inherited soft teeth problem. I have spent over $20,000 getting root canals,fillings,teeth pulled, teeth rebuilt that litterally just crumble at any giving time.well last week a tooth that I was told needed a root canal crumbled while I was at work. The nerve is exposed and the pain is like im being electricuted. I went to the dentist and they told me that I have a massive bone infection and they all have to come out.They also told me the 2 root canals I had 2 years ago for $2000 are dead and that my teeth are too thin and bones too small for any root canal to ever last. So the dentist that have took my money all these years where ripping me off. For $18000 they can save my teeth with all root canals that might last 2 years. Then they all would need out. So I have to pay $8026 which $5626 I had to finace and the insurance will cover the rest.This is just for the bottom teeth that will be a lower denture for 10 months then 2 screw like implants added to hold them in place. Yesterday I took 30mg of percocet,1600mg of ibruprophin,several applications of red cross tooth ache relief, clove on tooth,lemon juice on it nothing helps I feel like Im dying.I got the percocets from a local that a friend knows that sells them the dentist gave me no pain meds just antibiotics and 800mg ibriprophin (motrin)WTF.I called them told them I needed the pain gone so I could work and pay them there 1000’s of dollars they say after a few days of antibiotics it will be better they dont give pain meds.They arent working anyway but I figure after a couple days antibiotics they might and I shouldnt have to pay a fortune for a street dealer I should have legal insurance covered ones. I hope when they pull all my teeth they give me something. I will be giving my teeth that same day. Im scared to death but please go to the dentist because many people die every year from bone infections that they think is a toothache and dont waste tons of money on root canals get it pulled get a partial or a implant for the same money that you will pay later. rotten teeth are ugly repaired teeth are temporary. motrin,advil, ibriprophen usually will work because most tooth aches are caused by swelling and those pills are anti-inflamitories. I tryed blackberry prandy on it no help Im going to try the vanilla extract after I go buy some,I am calling the dr now not the dentist. I hope these remidies work for the rest of you but they arent helping me. Usually red cross relief is the best.

  • Martin

    Well, I have this toothache for 4 days now and my dentist can finally fit me in tomorrow. All I can say that these NIFLAMOL pills I’ve been taking lately are really efficient. Drink one in the morning and you’re good to go for the rest of the day

  • Ebony

    The left side of my face is swollen and I have to sleep sitting up. I tried the vanilla extract and it worked like a charm. I’m able to eat, just can’t chew on the side withe the toothache. A million thank yous to whoever came up wih the vanilla extract remedy.

  • David

    I have had HORRID pain in my left side of my mouth….. I tried the salt water, and it didn’t do a darn thing. Tried the Salt/Pepper, and it worked like a charm!!!!

  • christopher holmes

    take a cotton swap and dip it in hydrogen peroxide…rub the swab over the infected tooth and around the gum of the tooth and pain will go away in about 1 minute….the peroxide cleans away the bacteria that makes the tooth hurt,,,this has been an excellent home remedy for me

  • Dan

    I’ve had a tooth slowly getting worse over the last several weeks and it is now a full-blown toothache. Holy Crap it hurts!! Never believed people before when they said how a toothace can consume your life. I got on this website in the middle of the night last night after not sleeping for two days and found the vanilla remedy (it has to be real vanilla extract, with alcohol in it). I first put it on with q-tip with not a lot of change, but then swished it in my mouth for about two minutes, and my tooth feels better than it has for weeks. That was hours ago and my tooth still has a little pain, but I am sure I will be able to sleep tonight.

    My wife and kids might even like me again.

    Thanks to all who take the time to post on these sites!!

  • kristi

    hey everyone, i have had a tooth ache for the last 5 day’s hoping that it will go away. i have tryed just about everthing that people have tryed and nothing was working. I read the one about the sea salt and since i don’t have any i used rock salt and water. just held it in my mouth on the side with the bad tooth and it was like instant relief.

  • Kathy

    I broke a filling,and I had been taking ibuprofen and using severe pain formula oragel (the others don’t work) but tonight it got so bad I was shaking and in tears. Took some percocet left over from my 4th back surgery (yes, my tooth hurts worse than 4 back surgeries!!), nothing helping. Was reading these tips with a tea bag sticking out of my mouth, then an onion. nothing. tried rinsing with warm salt water then put vanilla extract to soak on the tooth- FINALLY relief!! Our health care system in the states sucks!! I am disabled from back surgeries, on medicare, but no one cares if my teeth are going bad from too many IV antibiotics!!! There is no help if you are on a limited income and have no dental insurance!

  • satisfied:)

    OK listen up u have to have to try this toothache medicine call “Red Cross” it has nothing to do with the real red cross, this is the best thing on the market for instant relief believe me!!!! I have had a toothache for 4 hours now I even took a perconset about 2 hours ago to get rid of the pain it didnt help at all! I finally made up my mind at 1:00 am to go to CVS and get this medicine because I remember a friend of mine tellin me about it in the past even the cashier at the store said “oh I heard this is the best for a toothache” as he saw me holding my jaw in agony u can also get this at wal greens and wal-mart and probably any other drug store u know trust me it works!!!!!!! if u are reading this in pain right now stop and got buy it for about $7 bucks your pain will be gone!!!!!!!

  • Pat, Traveling the USA

    DO NOT Waste your time with everything else-
    GET the Red Cross Toothache Pain Relief!!!!

    For the past three hours I tried: everyone’s suggestions:
    garlic, vicks vapo rub, salt water, tea bag-
    finally went and bought the Red Cross Toothache Pain Relief-

    Supposedly works for about 6 hours- works INSTANTLY!
    I had a root canal on this tooth last month- it must be infected!
    We are at a motorhome rally and tomorrow is Memorial Day.
    It did cost $8.00 at RiteAid here in Michigan.

  • Nicole~ Dallas Tx

    Hey People in Major pain! I so know what you are going through !
    SO PLEASE TAKE MY ADVICE i have a root canal and whatever filling they stuck n there fell out plus my back wisdom tooth on the same side is roating out! And yes I dont have alot of money to go to the dentist.
    It got so bad i went to the ER they dont know Jack!
    The temorary cure to STOP THE PAIN is to go to a health food store and buy Pure Clove Oil and no it wont say to use on ur teeth alot of people use it to make there home smell good. But take it from me I went through two bottles they cost around $5.00 .
    What I did was i went to the sinkin the restroom or kitchen turned on warm water and then put my finger over the bottle got some on my finger and stuck it in my mouth on my gums and where the tooth was hurting.
    Hence i said the sink because you will need to lean over the sink and basically you are going to drool! You are going to want to take some of that water running and wipe your lips because when it gets on ur lips it doesnt feel great! Repeat this till its numb.
    I personally tried the vanilla extract and really didnt see and improvement in the pain! Which was Horrible.
    After i did the clove oil I went and laid down with a heating pad on the side of my face for a little bit.
    might I also suggest go Spend the extra money and buy a Water Pik and a big bottle of Listerene ! This also helps so much because it is getting out and killing the bacteria which is why you are hurting!
    Once you buy the water pik put luke warm water in it and two caps of listerene then use the most pressure you can stand, if you do this it will help. And yes using Peroxide helps kill the infection as well.So you can rotate with the listerene and peroxide.
    Use Aleve that is what helped me but remember ur body will get immune to one pain killer so rotate with advil.
    Please if at all possible even if you have to just go to a family doctor get a Atibotic such as Penicillin take it all the time> start with two pills then go to one once you get your antibotic!
    Thisaway it gets in your system quicker!
    Please beleive me my pain was so bad it went into my ear!
    These will help but you need an Antibiotic that is what will CURE it! Then go to the dentist when you can!
    Also let me add alot of Colleges where they practice denistry will help you for cheap or free and the students are supervised by the Professer a DENTIST that is licensed!

  • felicia

    I have been having a toothache for a while. I know I need a root canal but cannot afford it. We have insurance but the dentist wants his 1,000 up front. I have tried everything from swishing with warm salt water, taking motrin and tylenol and swishing with rum and no results. I agree with some of the other ladies I would rather go into labor than have a toothache. The pain is not subsiding at all. I am going to try the vanilla, red cross and garlic and see what works. I will let you know what works for me. The suggestions are wonderful and I had no idea there were some many of us out there.

  • Donna

    Please do not gargle with peroxide, it strips the bacteria fighting agent out of your throat, and the shots required to fix is not fun.
    I mean use your head, they put it in hair dye, would you gargle with that?

  • Aaron W

    ive got ten, thats right ten impacted rotten/broken teeth. I was supposed to have them pulled a year ago but due to money isues they havent been. only three are pain now but i have been up since 2 am and 7:44 now i have tried tylenol, alchohol, ice and salt water ive looked on 3 or 4 different sites and they most common remedies have been chew on ice olive oil and salt water, i just tried salt water using sea salt left over from an old piercing and it works great gargle some every 2 to 5 minuets for about half hour 45 minuets and you should be good .you can get sea salt from a piercing parlor for about 2 bucks

  • Aaron W

    P.S. Ill be callin the dentist the moment they open

  • joanne

    I have been in extreme pain all day. I have been taking antibiotics, motrin 800 mg and vicadin all day. Still much pain. An ice pack seemed to relieve the pain until I ate a banana (opposite side of mouth) I then took my meds and waited for four and a half hours, before pain subsided. I think it was the hot wash cloth that helped with a lot of the pain, but the best remedy was the tea bag. GOOD NIGHT ALL, and I pray or relief from your pain.

  • Mike

    Friday night my upper right wisdom tooth began aching and throbbing quite severely. I had experienced mild pain in that tooth before, but this time it was searing. After two hours or tossing around in bed and holding back tears from the excruciating misery, I pulled up this website. The vanilla extract worked wonders! After taking a small swig and swishing it around the affected area for a minute, the pain was lessened tremendously and I actually got some sleep. The pain did return next morning, so this time I tried Listerine. It worked for a very brief time, but the searing throbs reappeared. Finally, I went back to the vanilla extract and this time I would take a swig every hour until the pain finally vanished altogether. I highly recommend using vanilla extract (make sure it has alcohol) because it works and is cheaper than OTC remedies.

  • test

    Rinsing with Chloraseptic sore throat spray around the tooth helps me. Also rotate between Tylenol and Motrin seems to work better than using only one of them. Good Luck!

  • katrina

    i used all of these home remedies so nothing worked, i went 2 the doctor and the dentist gave me ibprofen,thats the best meds and i have a dentist appointment in two weeks to get my tooth pulled.Thanks for the website,atleast i tried them all.

  • Ned Batchelor

    I tried over the counter pain medicines max dosage. I called the doctor and was prescibed antibiotics and darvacet. Nothing worked only minimized the pain. At 2AM I decided to try whiskey and started sipping and holding the Wild Turkey in my mouth. By 3AM I am finally getting some relief. Whiskey is my suggested pain reliever for the type toothache I have.

  • Martin

    I ain’t got no tips but i do have a wisdom tooth stuck in my jaw which has started bulldozing one of my molars. My dentist said that I got to go to the hospital. They will have to take out the molar and leave the wisdom tooth in because it is too close to the main nerve. I went to the hospital but they just looked at it and told me they would put me on the waiting list….which is 3 months! I don’t have the cash to go to a private dentist who does all for the right amount of cash. What a bummer… I think my head is about to exblode from too many painkillers but the pain is still there.

    I have been using the freezing methods which don’t work for long but i just had a swig of Zambuka, the only alcohol I have in the house and then had a ice cold drink of water and that seems to kill the pain for a couple of mins at least…

  • jhoel

    my toothache had been killing me for two weeks, i tried various attempt on how to subside the pain but to no avail. first i used clove oil, then crushed garlic, i also used ice even pain killers. i actually drink 4-5 pain killers a day just to stop the pain. what should i do? plz help me

  • Cassie

    I have had a horrible toothache for weeks. No insurance so my boss offered to pay for it just to get some relief. Had infection so bad in one of my teeth I would have wound up in the hospital by the end of the week. The dentist drilled out that tooth to drain the infection but now I have to wait a week to get the root canal done. I am in so much pain since the “temp” he put in didn’t work. It feels like I am chewing on tin-foil! I am on penicillin and have been living on ibprophren since I can’t bare to eat. I am going to try the vanilla extract tonight when I get home and HOPE it works. Thanks for all the great tips.

  • teresa swaqrtzentruber

    red cross clove oil and very hot compress and a lot of pain tolerance…the clove oil already stings when you add the hot compresses is freaking burns however do not get oil on your face or you will have steam burns but it totally subsides the pain…swear…

  • penni

    i was in agony w/zapping pain. Of course on the weekend….I did some research and the feedback on Red Cross Toothache meds was very positive. They sell it at CVS and W’Greens. I tried it and it works along w/150mg of Naprosyn. So great to have that shooting, zapping pain at bay. I recommend it and it’s inexpensive…around $5.00. I would pay $20.00 for it! I’ll be at my dentist on Monday, but until then Thank God I found something that is working thus far. Peace and Blessings to you all.

  • Zebo

    I have a toothache and I tried chewing on ginger. It burns but after a few minutes, the pain starts to go away. I also put vicks vapor rub on my face. I am not sure if it helped but thank everyone for all the suggestions. I have received dental treatment and the freaking tooth still hurts and the dentist doesn’t know why. I agree that dentist are about money. They generally don’t care what your situation is, they don’t budge. Anyway, I hope these remedies work for someone.

    Oh, in the past I have mixed peroxide with listerine and gargle with it. The longer it sits in your mouth, the better it is. It helped to relieve the pain almost immediately.

  • lin

    Donna I did not read anyone suggesting you GARGLE with the peroxide – just swish or rinse the mouth and or tooth. The hydrogen peroxide for use in the mouth is 3% H2O2 and is used medically for cleaning wounds, removing dead tissue, and as an ORAL debriding agent. Peroxide also stops slow (small vessel) wound bleeding/oozing, The bleach for your hair has ammonia added and the chemical combination results in the strong bleaching. Neither should be SWALLOWED but swishing IS perfectly safe and acceptable . Most oral surgeons prescribe that and many medical offices also use it to wipe their counter surfaces as well. I hope this clarifies for anyone unclear about the use of the hydrogen peroxide solution usually bought in the brown bottle at your local drugstore etc. in the antiseptic/first aid areas as opposed to hair bleach(peroxide and ammonia) purchased in the hair product section

  • Shannon Elaine

    Thanks so much for these tips. I have an impacted wisdom tooth that has been killing me for the last three days. I’ve used Cepacol sore throat lozenges wedged into my cheek, extra strength Orajel, swishing hot salt water, and Tequila on a Q-tip. Nothing helped.

    I just tried making a paste of salt, pepper, and olive oil and used a Q-tip to get into the aching wisdom tooth. I let it sit there for about two minutes and it’s actually helping! I don’t have any Vicks so I have a Salon Pas patch stuck on my cheek to get some heat/cool through as well.

    I might actually sleep tonight.

  • Traci

    I have a hole in my tooth so the nerve is exposed. I really do need to go to the dentist, but seeing that I never had a toothache in my life before I set foot in a dentist office, I am kinda scared to go back. currently i use the crushed up tylenol and stick that sucker right in the hole, and then I wait and use a hot compress. It works temporarily. Why toothaches always come when you’re trying to get some rest? I am currently trying some cognac resting it on my tooth. Oh god I hope this works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • coyote

    the best that ive tried of these so far is the red cross same as the clove oil lasts for about 3 or four hours then the vanilla swig and swish method about 2 hours of 50 to 60 percent relief . brushed with biotene sensitive and dry mouth relief at krogers then rinsed with a diluted original listerene then reapply either red cross or vanilla extract qu tip head can sleep most of the night too bad work bounces the hell outta me . Tree jockey – harnessed and loud chainsaws – can u imagine the pain here . good luck to all and where is americas heath care reform that was supposed to be here ?

    God bless

  • Z

    Green tea is good for a lot of things including toothaches. If you have a mild or painful toothache, I suggest drinking A LOT of green tea. The first couple of days drink a lot to get it into your system. It kills the bacteria that causes tooth decay. Chamomile tea is great for inflammation. If you manage to get your toothache to go away, keep drinking green tea as it will help to keep the infection away. This is a cheap remedy.

    For those of you who are scared of dentists, I understand. If you simply can’t afford a dentist, check with your local dental schools in your area. Once you are accepted, you can get some really inexpensive dental work done. Also, check with your community clinics. They also cater to people with little money.

    Another good remedy is chewing on wheatgrass, if you can find it. It will completely cure a toothache. Hope this helps somebody.

  • Tyse

    This message is for Donna: Peroxide may not be good for you but when people get desperate, they will try almost anything. I read that some people actually put Clorox in their mouth for toothaches. How crazy is that?? Dentist uses bleach to kill the nerve in your tooth when you get a root canal, but it’s better left to the experts.

  • Chris

    during my unbearable experience known as a tooth ache, I found that if you mix baking soda, peroxide, and salt together into a paste and brush the sore area of the mouth it eases the pain a great deal. Take heed my friends and good luck cause your gonna need it.

  • melindah

    the ice REALLY helped!

  • Salina

    The back tooth is growing in side-ways, so it is extremely hard to brush and of coarse got a cavity and now a hole… and mother of god I was in so much pain last night I was about to have my husband knock me out. I have insurance but like someone else said, I can not afford the co-pay and the extra because it has to be oral surgery. I have 2 kids and child birth is a walk in the park compared to a tooth ache. I ate so much medicine that my heart started to flutter and I’m only 21. We shouldn’t have to hear about these home remedies if Insurance wasnโ€™t so outrages!

  • josh

    hello people let me tell you what iv had toothach after toothach it hurts bad. if someone says eating cat poop cured it you would. but best thing iv done is put a bad of ice on my face where it was hurting and try to sleep but i havent tried much

  • christian

    I’ve tried everything, whiskey seemed to work best, then I ended up with D.U.I. on way to the dentist, no one said how much whiskey to use….

  • melissaa

    ok…ive been up since yesterday 5am. and its now…531am the next day. ive been hysterical crying and in so so so much pain. i have to wait till wed (todays tues) so i came on this site to try and find some help.the pain is so bad that it literally feels like its hissing(sorta like a carbonated drink when ya pour it in a glass)nasty. and throbbing at the same time. i have a 4 yr old and i can hardly function to do my reg motherly duties due to this evil tooth, this is my 5th worse toothasche ever!!!!ive had so many teeth pulled out its crazy. so anyways 2 yrs ago my dentist filled in a tooth and told me that it might start to hurt cos the cavity is HUGE and did i listen NOOOO. now im dyyying in pain. she gave me penacillin and 800 mils of motrin and nada. its awful. its the whoel left side of my face. my throat my ear everything. it hurts to cry even,. omg i cant think of it. ๐Ÿ™ ANYWHO____i tried the vanilla extract,gargles a lilbit in my cheek for a lilbit and it feels ok. no pain as of now. wow. so cool. let me not count my chics before they hatch though. (im petrofied) ๐Ÿ™ im delirious and soooooooo sleepy. this sucks. everytime i fall asleep like 40 minutes later (like clock work) boomboomboom its baaack…so im gonna try and lye down now. wish me luck till wed whe they RIP this motha flower outta my head, RIP IT OUTTTTTT. ide rather push a 10 lb baby out! serious. well thanks everyone for your remedies. oh except for the guy who says hes 50somethin and never had a toohache (get outta here then) shooooo….lol…thanks again fellow toothers. i hope my daughter NNNNEEEVVVEEERRRR goes through this pain ever.

  • Rachel

    I’ve been up half the night with a toothache, most of my very back teeth are continually chipping away. A few days ago I noticed a pus pocket behind one of my teeth, and I’m pretty sure it’s abcessed. My whole jaw hurts, and I beleive I’ve become immune to migraine pills, or the pain is just too bad one. I’m glad I found this site, I still have over three weeks till my dentist can see me. Hopefully some of these remedies will help, also gonna call my dentist, hopefully they will take pity on me,lol! (Just thinking about putting cold stuff on my tooth is killing me, I guess I just have sensitive teeth I don’t know.)

  • Samantha

    I had an excruciating toothache to the point where I wasn’t sleeping or eating for 2 days! I had tried so many remedies such as maximum strength orajel, ice cubes, vanilla extract, mouth wash, salt water and so on. The ice cubes actually made the pain worse when I stopped using them. Obviously none of these home remedies are permanent fixes. More than likely if you’re suffering from the toothache I had, you have an infection. The only thing that controlled the pain for a decent amount of time was amoxicillin and ibuprofen which my mom had on hand from a previous prescription. My advice is to see the dentist A.S.A.P. because trust me, the at home remedies don’t work!

  • Donna

    I have a tooth that needs a root canal and i am allergic to the caine drugs!! I have to see an allergist who can test me and find out what topical anesthetic the dentist can use first. . meanwhile they act like (the dentist office and the doctors office) that i can just live with the pain and no big deal on not eating, drinking, or sleeping and can live on doped up pain pills! NOT!! i have found that the red cross stuff helps best. .it has saved my life the last couple of days.!!! i am on penicillin plus eating Advil… liked the suggestion of the Listerine and Advil gel capsules that get into your system faster … the water pik thing was another good suggestion.. man.. i told my boyfriend that amputating my foot again ( i am an amputee below the knee) was more pleasant than toothache misery… guess per the other comments on here i was right ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Melissa

    Anbasol is not good for your gums. My dentist said it will eat away at your gums snd cause even more pain.

  • shannon

    I had sensitive teeth almost all my teenage years but when i went to a local family dentist they could not do the surgery do to insurance reasons so they sent me two hours away and two hours back to Butler PA within a week of getting my teeth filled my fillings fell out an my mouth began to get infected when i called the dentist he began to tell me that was impossible my fillings had already falling out and there is no way i could be in pain with a tooth that had no nerve i beg to differ when i am dropping to my knees with pain i wouldnt wish upon my worst of enemies so he told me in order for me to get an appt i would have to come down there and pay my six dollar co payment in order to get an appt within 2 weeks of me going all the way there to pay that i was outraged and very disappointed in all the Pennsylvania dental association there idea of making me travel 4hrs for a backyard dentist who made my mouth 10000000000000000000 worst than it did when i first went there so PLEASE IF THEY SEND YOU TO BUTLER PENNSYLVANIA DONT SEE THERE QUACK DENTIST !!!!!!!

  • Brittany

    ok i am sitting here at 1:53 in the morning and i have a tooth that is causeing my whole left side to hurt, even my ear is hurting. i am trying the peroxide mouth wash and heating pad to pull the infection out. and then for the pain i have tried anything and every thing. and nothing has worked. so i went to HEB and found a numbing agent that works really well. it burns like fire but it kills the pain fast and then last for at least 5 hours. its called Red Cross. now before i use this i make sure to take some pain meds (any kind works) and then use the red cross. that way it numbs the mouth and by the time it wears off the pain meds are all ready kicking in….but i love reading every ones remedy…a lot of them work.. but its different for every one of us. but its funny the read some of the stories cause we have all been there and understand there pain….well i hope that all sleeps well. have a good night to every one.

  • opal

    I’ve read alotof the rememdies and tried alot of them from brushing the tooth, swishing salt water,listerine,ice pack, took 1200mg of motrin, and the last thing I tried was peppermint extract and BINGO it worked instantly, stings a little but works great Thank you lord..I called the dentist the cheapest was $161 to $251 which is rediciouls.

  • Kim

    Omg i tried everything and nothing works help it hurts so bad omg …

  • Missy


  • Jim

    Tried 3% hydrogen Peroxide with some success, more for cleaning and lowering bacterial counts. I have some vanilla butter extract without alcohol main ingredient was propylene glycol, besides some colorings. Worked so I could sleep. Daravcet did not work nor did 3 extra-strength pain relievers. I wil have to try the Ibuprofen and Redcross next, but the flavoring extract seems right on target.
    Hot coffee was a huge mistake for my case, sent me to the roof and bottle of extract. ALways remember the driver it is you and not the pain, everything has its limits.
    I wish the FDA would release the use of Ozone to treat dental caries, which is non-invasive and has the ability to let our teeth live, while being repaired as in Europe and Canada. Our dental pulp has adult stem cells and I believe the means to recover and thicken our tooth walls and still remain alive without having to kill the nerve as in root canals.

  • missy

    Carry around a bottle of High powered Mouthwash, use as needs ever 15 min! Numbs the pain!

  • tim

    hey the vanilla extract has my wife asleep. wow thanks goodness.

  • yurhyghness

    I went to the most extreme route which work perfectly i got a needle and pricked my extremely painful abcess and squeezed the abcess then put the tea bag in to draw out the rest of the infection which was too painful for me to keeping squeezing i swear within a hour my swelling was gone and mind you the swelling had been there for months i was just bearing with the pain till it got where i couldn’t even swallow this works wonder i never would have thought that i got all this information from sites like this it works thank you!!!!!1

  • Saxon22

    I am a veteran of tooth ache and of all the remedies, garlic seems to do the trick. i was skeptical but now I am believer. Garlic all the way!

  • donna

    I know this sounds really awful but take a cigarette, take about 1/2 off the end of it *not the filter* get it just a lil wet just barely damp and place it on the abcess, or the tooth that is bothering you, this has a nasty taste and menthol cigarettes this will draw the infection out make sure u spit the infection out or u will get a horrible stomach ache, this tastes nasty but i have used it many, many times hold on tooth for about 15 minutes every couple hours it will work!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jonathan

    Clove oil works the best, tastes like crap, burns a lil, but worth the burn for the end result

  • Angela

    Ok so I started out with just a little bit of a toothache but thanks to trying different remedies on here which of all made the pain worse it progressed to a monsterous tootheache, I had my hubby stop on his way home from work and get vanilla extract and now its just a dulling pain but at least I can get some sleep.

  • Jessica

    Hi, My toothaches have been excruciating. I first used the Red Cross toothache kit. Minimally decreased pain for a very short time. Then I tried Maximum Strength Orajel. That was a joke. Hydrogen peroxide and salt water rinse helped to keep the pain at bay as long as I constantly did it. Vanilla extract helped instantly along with a frozen steak on the side of my face but I’m not sure if it’s long lasting because I finally passed out due to lack of sleep from the past few days. When I woke up the steak was thawed so I fried it for the dog. Olive oil, salt, and pepper decreased pain but again not long lasting. Today I brushed my teeth with baking soda and the pain disappeared instantly for hours until I ate again. So I brushed my teeth with baking soda and the pain instantly disappeared and I know it’s going to last, so try brushing with baking soda. Hope this solves it for you.

  • Jessica

    Where did my tip go. Anyway, brushing my teeth with baking soda worked instantly for me.

  • fifi

    I tried the garlic, works wonders. Thanks all

  • Tabitha

    I have had a sever toothache all day..I’ve scrolled down the list tried, salt water, vanilla extract, hydrogen peroxide, mouth wash, ice, bologna, cucumbers, Oragel, Anbesol..Everything i could find at the house pretty much without going out to get anything…OK WELL…NONE worked at all..not even some relief for me just made the pain intensify..So when my hubby was getting off work i told him (desperately) to go by the drug store and pick me up some RED CROSS TOOTHACHE and OMG OMG it WORKED INSTANTLY when i put it on…I was very shocked b/c i figured if the anbesol and oragel which numbs didnt work this wouldnt either but i was willing to try absolutely anything after all day with this pain…Hope this helps anyone that has a toothache rly saved my day and i could sleep peacefully

  • tava moore

    A hammer always helps. Hit yourself on the foot with a hammer and you’ll forget all about the toothache.

  • Katie

    Ibuprofen; take an ibuprofen caplet and chew on it with the infected tooth…the numbing agent in the caplet will ease the pain. Although the best thing I ever used was Vanilla Extract…just make sure it’s pure extract and not the imitation stuff, cause that won’t work..
    And if all else fails, it never hurts to take pain pills if you have any on hand. As I mentioned before, Ibuprofen helps. Just swallow a couple and chew on another.

  • Amanda

    I am a tooth pain sufferer and after reading these tips tonight I have found that salt water works for a bit and i didn’t have any whiskey but had 80 proof rum that i put on a qtip to my tooth and that helped a bit. I go to the dentist tomorrow thank god! But, as a nurse, I need to tell you all that infected teeth, if you let them go untreated, can lead to an inflammation of the heart called baterical endocarditis and can be deadly. A girl i went to nursing school with, her mother died of this. Also, the infected tooth can also cause meningitis. I don’t want to scare people, but these are the facts. So please get treated with antibiotics if you think you have an infection. And thanks for all the tips for dealing with the pain. I seriously wanted to knock all my teeth out or blow my brains out it was so bad tonight. good luck all!!

  • sachin

    i was in agonizing pain for 2 days. read some of the commants here. went to the grocery store and bought some vanilla extract. swished it around for two minutes.

    pain = GONE!!!!!!!!!! i cant believe it!

  • Jenny

    Hi all, of course it’s the weekend and of COURSE I have a horrible toothache. My back tooth is completely broken and I think a nerve is exposed or something, it’s absolutely killing me!! I tried the Red Cross stuff with no avail, I even went to the ER and they gave me Penicillin and Tylenol 3. I’m due to have the tooth removed in like 5 days.. 5 days to long if you ask me!

    Anyway brushing the tooth really well and rinsing well with warm salt water gave me mild relief. I’m hoping the penicillin will kick in because I’m sure it’s infected and that’s what’s causing the pain. I haven’t slept in like 2 days ugh I feel like I’m going to explode or scream or something!

    My prayers are with anyone up and reading this right now with tooth pain. Hopefully we can all get some relief and rest! Stay strong! ( I’m trying. *cries!!* )

  • Chauntel

    OK. I have tried the salt thing. IT does work. Just swish some warm saltwater around for a minute. Then pop a aspirin. After that you should start feeling less pain. I recommend going to sleep.

  • Amber

    Peroxide works too. and helps get rid of infection. Not a permanent solution but it helps me.

  • Mandy

    I have tried EVERYTHING from clove oil to salt water. The Best thing that I have found to take the pain away is ” EXCEDERIN: SEVERE SINUS”!! Take it as soon as you start to fill any little pain and it takes and keeps the pain from getting any worse. Also, I never have believed in the whole ice pack deal. I have toothaches so bad that tears pour down my face and its not from crying. Get a washrags and fill your bathroom sink with HOT water. As soon as the water turns hot ball the washrag, get it wet then put it on your cheek and push in and up. when that w.r. starts to get warm, switch off with the one you have in the hot water. If you want to, you can sit down and kind of tilt your held down so that your blood will flow towards the top of your help. TRUST ME!!! I have tried everything and out of it all, pushing the hot washrag in and up against the pain, IS THE BEST!!!!!

  • John

    Whisky or brandy or Ouzo (that type of thing) rinsed in the mouth around the effected tooth REALLY works. It stops the toothache. Dont waste money on other expensive alternatives.

  • amber

    I honestly tried all of these and they didnt work not to knock anyones ideas but try some fresh mint leaves with some salt and put it on the affected area or in the hole then see a dentist asap

  • HtmlGifted

    Hay all some great idea’s .. i have been dealling with an abcess for the last two days.. went to the er and got antibiotics and pain pills… .. wanted to see if any one here has ever had an abcess change sides of the tooth from outer to inner under neath the tounge.. mine did and when it did.. man I was balling like a new born baby… any ways some how it made it’s way to a vain under my tounge.. and can’t get to a dentist… tryied the proxide and salt water.. the only thing that provides temperary relief is coffee … Why is that..? it is hot and i have to add some sugar.. can’t stand black…. if any one else has this effect please help find a out why this works for a soothing pian.. also tried squezing out the abcess but only bleeds. no puss.. .. . woke me up this morning at 5 am.. gonna be along day. of job hunting..

  • Michaela

    I’ve had toothaches for quite some time due to decaying wisdom teeth. I don’t have insurance, and the procedure to get all the problems resolved would be way too much for me to handle, so I kinda deal with the pain. A few things I’ve done that have worked:

    1] Laying with a hot water bottle on the side of my face. I got a little scalded, but I can deal with a little red splotch on my face better than a toothache! It took the pain right away after about 10 minutes or so.

    2] Warm sea salt water.

    3] Peroxide/warm water mixture.

    4] Clove oil.

    5] A cinnamon/water paste.

    6] Tobacco.

    7] Vanilla extract.

    These may work for some people, for some problems. But, I believe my teeth are getting too far gone to where nothing is helping. I just tried the vanilla extract. It helped a little bit, but still not enough for me to be able to sleep. I need insurance. And I need to get over my fear of dentists. Ahhhhh!!!

  • Nilesh

    I was addicted to Gutka & Tobacco, apart from this I use to open a beer bottle with my tooth, my teeths were very healthy.
    But my girlfriend wanted me to quit gutka and all other addictions before marriage.
    And and I did that for my loving wife…..
    But I dont understand wy my tooths are paining now,,The pain sometimes gives me feeling that, this all was preplaned by my wife…
    Few days back at 2:00 pm I felt like somebody wants to break my tooth with a hammer.. I swere I was not crying but my tears were just comming out automatically..
    But at the same time my wife was crying..
    Yesterday also same thing was repeated
    My dentist gives me pain killers and asks me to remove the tooth,,,
    And I am against both this remedies…
    Now today I’ve found this website, I am gonna try garlic clove method,,,,,Will defenitely thank grandama tomorrow..

  • Nilesh

    Thank you Grandma, ur tips worked.
    But I do not know what worked for me actually, yesterday in morning twice I applied turmeric powder at the infected area. Than afternoon I twice chewed Guava leaf, and also boiled the guava leaf and added a spoon of salt according to the taste, I gargled with this at the infected area and also drank it but only two sips. Before sleeping I chewed the clove (lavang) and resumed the chewed clove at the infected area.
    And than I slept with relief..Now again in morning I have started with turmeric powder, and also planning to put ginger with a pinch of salt at the infected area…
    I am planning to continue chewing guava leaf, turmeric powder and ginger leaf for atleast a month…

  • Tabby Mason

    Okay so I havent always had the best luck with teeth but when I got pregnant that was it!!!! My wisdom teeth made me miserable and since I apparently didnt get enough calcium when I was pregnant little pieces of my teeth started falling out! and ofcourse I dont have insurance! Needless to say at times I am in a WHOLE lot of pain. Now usually it just comes and goes but when it comes I cant sleep I get sick to my stomach with earaches and I am just miserable……. I quickly learned that if your in enough pain orajel doesnt work…First get the rapid tylenol liquid..Works FAST then get some peppermint extract…The taste isnt bad and it numbs the whole side of your face..I also put a bottle of hot water on my face to help and it did! Also warm water with salt helps!

  • Rain Waters

    The root problem here seems to be a basic lack of compassion in the so called “health care” system. My few experiences in 51 years with this abomination have been mostly negative. I avoid the greedy swine.

    The bottom line seems to be that somehow taking care of people has become a fast track to the american nightmare.

    If any of you greedy so called dentists are reading this:

    We see you NOW. I feel you shaking in your guccis you sub-human abcess. You feel your time is up now dontcha?

    To those of you in pain.

    Reading this forum has brought this to my attention. I fix problems like this and I’m on it. I’m not alone. Help is on the way!

    Rock salt/baking soda in a paste. Swab with alcohol or peppermint oil. Rinse mouth with 50/50 Listerene peroxide solution at 4-6 hour intervals.

    Visualize any dental person you have had bad experiences with realizing how the poor choice will come around to clamp onto his ass like a karmic attack doberman. See the person crying tears of remorse and dropping the greed instantly.

    We can change this.

  • Sandy


  • Michaela

    Another thing I’ve found works pretty well is dipping a little piece of a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol, squeezing the excess out, and placing it on the tooth that is killing me. It burns like hell for a minute or two, but then it starts numbing up. It also helps if there’s infection in your gums, because alcohol kills bacteria. It doesn’t taste the best, but if your teeth are killing you as mine are, you’ll try practically anything!

  • Dennis

    I had a really bad toothache at work,it almost put me into tears it hurt like hell.A co worker told me to eat a bananna on the side of your mouth thats hurts and I hate banannas.The pain went away instanly.I feel for anybody with a toothache.It is not a joke.Eat a Bananna.

  • Mecedes

    I’ve had a toothache for last year. Nothing would work and it would keep me up at night so I took a swig of Nyquil, but before you either spit it out or swallow it, swish it around the tooth that hurts like normal mouth wash, give it about 2 minutes and the pain goes away… Well it does for me.

  • will

    well i’m at work right now. i thought ice would hit the nerve and make it worse but it has stopped hurting just from chewing ice. thank goodness. i already called my wife and asked her nicely to pick up some vanilla extract today. thanks for all the help.

  • Toothy mcHurtster

    Rain Waters, it is not a health care system. In America, what we have is a health care business. The dentist is in business to make a profit, not to make my tooth feel better.

    We also have a free market, and the value it places on my labor is below the purchase price of dental treatment.

    That’s just the way it is, and it is that way either because it is what the American people want, or the US is in need of immediate liberation by a coalition of other nations, take your pick.

    It was wonderful to read of the person whose boss bought the treatment for him!

    Please, people, if you have some kind of safety net, somebody with the money to buy your way out of the pain, don’t let pride keep you in it. Be grateful that you have that, there are lots of people who are not so lucky, especially as you get older.

    I think everyone here would gladly buy treatment for everyone else, if we could. It is good to see people trying to help each other.

    OK enough of that. My tip is this. What works for your neighbor may not work for you. When we are in pain we get a little crazy, but try to hang onto common sense. If the tooth is sensitive to cold, then things like chewing ice, or rinsing with cold water, are probably not your best choice.

    If your tooth is helped by vanilla, it is probably because of the alcohol.

    The peroxide the other person mentioned is not the hair kind, but the cheap big brown bottles, 3% or volume or something, and even then you dilute it with water. This is often recommended as a mouth rinse for people with gum disease. It will help kill some of the germs, and might even kill more than alcohol. Everybody’s teeth, everybody’s germs, are different.

    If you can get ahold of some kind of pain pill, and grind it up and put it on the affected tooth, that might also help.

    I wish I could help all of you more. I wish I could help me more, but there is nothing to be gained by saying that what we all need are dollars in order to purchase what is, in our culture, a luxury product for rich people.

    The positive thing to hang onto is all these people on this page alone, who even though we are in so much pain, care enough to try to help each other in any small way we can.

    LOL I guess you can tell I was lucky enough to get a pain pill, and the part that didnt go on the tooth I just swallowed. Chatty. sorry about that.

  • Chris

    I use clove oil usually. Recently i have a tooth infection and the pain is unbearable. And i don’t know what to do about it. Someone recommended the asprin and crushing it and putting it on the troubled tooth but i heard that is bad for your gums. But if anyone knows of anything that can kill the pain long enouph for me to get some sleep, you will be my new best friend. Seriously i have not slept in two days.

  • heather

    I have awful teeth thanks to awful genetics and from high school on, I have dealt with my fair share of toothaches! My pain threshold is pretty high, but when it comes to an awful, throbbing toothache, I am usually curled in a ball and in tears!

    I have tried everything, and I mean everything, but the older I’ve gotten, the less the old standbys work for me. Today was day 3 of a horrible, face throbbing toothache and I think I tried everything on this page.

    Vanilla extract just made my mouth tingle.

    Salt water rinse made my mouth pound even more!

    Shots of booze didn’t help… But on the bright side, who DOESN’T like shots!?

    Finally, when I thought I was going to die, I found orajel pm cream at the grocery store. That and three advil liqui-gels and my pain is down to a very, very dull throb. The warm compresses also help a GREAT deal, but good luck getting them to stay warm for more than a few minutes at a time!!

    Hope this helps some- I don’t wish this pain on ANYBODY!!!

  • Jeremy

    Ground cloves didn’t touch it. Vanilla extract did.. along with 3 Naproxen and 800 mg Motrin. It’s the first relief I have had all day. I went to an oral surgeon to remove my wisdom teeth on the right side 3 years ago, and the refused to remove the left side. I told him they hurt too and he didn’t care saying they weren’t crowded.. Now I’m in agony because a Doctor wouldn’t listen to me. It just gets worse over time. Make sure that the Vanilla is pure, not imitation. I’m finally able to see straight! I am going to finally going to get rest… Thank you for the pointers!

  • Milutin Pavlovic

    Hy my name is Milutin, and I have a big cavity “crater”(thanks to the unexpirienced dentist!!!) and 1 “wall” of my tooth now hurts and when i touch it it feels like the pain before extracting a baby tooth, but it’s weird because i don’t have pain from sweet’s and cold water, only from the physycal touch, and I am a have a big fobia of going to the dentist now , because I know that I have to extract that tooth and my tooth will probably break, and i don’t know what to do. PLEASE mail me your suggestions. PLEASE I am REALLY afraid. [email protected]

  • me

    i never have tooth problems, i go to the dentist every three months, i brush, floss and use listerine daily. i dont think my pain is a cavity, i think it might be my wisdom tooth coming out. it is reeeeally painful, dont know what to do, i recently swithced jobs and my dental coverage does not kick in until oct 1st… i need something!!! my right side of the lower jaw hurts from the back to the middle. it hurts when i smile, or swallow saliva….HELP!

  • Jessica

    Vanilla Extract. Thanks to the internet and all those who have sufferd toothaches before me.

    I was recently hit by an 18 wheeler, I’d rather re-live that then a toothace.


  • kiko morrison

    Do it cowboy style!!! take the whiskey, apply it to the tooth, gargle with it, drink it…But please be responsible.It helped me till i was able to see the dentist.

  • Casey

    You guys are lifesavers. I’ve never had a toothache before, so when this one came on suddenly today, I wanted to rip my jaw out. I did the vanilla in the mouth when warm salt water didn’t work. The pain isn’t all gone, but it’s bearable now and the best I can do at 2am.

  • pmam

    Been having one tooth bother me off and on for awhile now. I cant handle the pain of a toothache. Ive had two kids and it dont hurt as BAD AS MY TOOTHACHE. Ive dont have insurance so its hard to afford to go to the dentist so i got on here. The jim beam whiskey works pretty good and a cold ice pack on your jaw. It made my pain go away for awhile but just like anything i will still have to see a dentist sometime.just take a cap full and swish it around the tooth. Thanks for all the advice.

  • eric edens

    you can go to cvs and get like a cap its in a little tube its like clay and you stick it inside the cavity hole and it hardens. what it does is protect the nerve that has been exposed and its instant pain releif and it stays in for around a mounth and you have enough to put it in your touth 3 times its around 8$

  • Lisa

    I have tried all of these remedies the ice does work directly on the tooth. The whiskey works as well, but be careful it caused an ulcer on the gum and inside of my cheek.

  • Bonnie

    Thank all of you. I’m pretty much in the same boat, broken molar, exposed nerve, pain started in Friday night with no emergency dentists anywhere and no insurance. Vanilla extract was nice, giving me some relief for a few minutes. Goody’s Headache Powder brought it down to a dull throb (didn’t put directly on the tooth, but I might give that a shot next time). It also helps that I take aspirin only once a year or so, so I have no tolerance to it. Advil probably would have helped if I didn’t take it daily for various aches and pains.

    Right now I have some hot green tea, and that’s helping a bit too.

  • Cass

    Ok so its 2 am and naturally i have a tooth ache that wont let me sleep… i had a wisdom tooth (unrelated) taken out about a week ago and that had been bothering me for about 2 weeks before i got it out… so not only have i been taking alot of over the counter tylenol and perscription pain killers and im starting to get really sick to my stomache which i think is due to an over-use of pain medicines ive been too three differnt dentists and non can seem to pinpoint a cause of my tooth ache

    so ive been trying to find another way to deal with the pain. I live in a university dorm so naturally i dont have vanilla extract clove oil baking soda or other “house-hold ingredients” around… but there is one thing university students have an abundance of…. Booze… and all kinds of it…. ive found the most effective has been Vodka… maybe because its not very sweet… i just damped some toillet paper or face cloths(depending what i can find… again its a university dorm) soak it in the vodka and bite down on it. instant relief… just be carefull if u have any sores or cuts on your lips or mouth the vodka will let you know! Good luck everyone…

  • Betsy

    I tried peppermint extract soaked a a 2×2 gauze pad.Held it on my tooth for 5 min. Everything is numb for the moment. Salt water and halls cough drop also worked.

  • joe

    surprised no one came up with this…… take Throat spray, and spray it right on the tooth, then swish the excess over the tooth & gum, depending how deep the pain or infection is, it should numb it for a bit, also u can use ground cloves, make a paste out of it with water and rub q-tip around gum with paste on it.

  • RICH

    It seems that all the remedies boil down to a few that seem to work for most. Its amazing that not any one works perfectly in all cases. When the pain is there i didnt care which one or what combo just needed relief.

    Garlic Clove- (peeled) and placed on gum or held in place or pressed in place in a cavity hole or socket.

    Swedish Bitters- Discover the wonders of Swedish Bitters (38% alcohol) apply with Q-Tip (soaked) to affected area. Also add 2 teaspoons to hot tea with lemon and you might need small amount of sugar or Splenda for taste. All the remedies like mouthwash listerine or brandy.. even the bitters is all about the alcohol. Please don’t use rubbing alcohol it can cause possible blindness if taken internally.

    Mild anesthetic can be… Cloraseptic spray or soak a Q-tip in the solution and apply. When the pain subsides get 3% peroxide going in the effected area.(kills bacteria) Swish and spit out 4-5 times. Follow up with mouth wash or chloraseptic. warm water with salt and Baking soda is soothing an healing. Use Ibuprophin or Aleve (NSAIDS) to reduce swelling. Ibuprophin seems to work better but Aleve (Naproxin Sodium) requires less and lasts longer.

    Thats a lot of stuff and you will need to see what works for you. Any single item or combo will be great…If the Pain goes or subsides. get broken or rotted teeth looked at ! They will continue to be problems down the road. Im just another dummie sharing what worked for me. God Bless and Pray < and Feel Better !

  • RICH

    BTW…The aspirin stuff (applied can cause burning to the Gums)as mentioned earlier in the thread from a dentist.

  • Andre

    I filled my tooth with bread it helped me it gave me some pain relief

  • Kelly

    The clove oil is a great one, because my dentist used some kind of clove paste on me when I had a dry socket. That was EXTREMELY intense pain and the clove stuff he used took the pain away completely.

  • Mary

    I found that if I soaked some bread in whiskey and put it in my tooth it helped. This is particularly good at bed time because if you take a little drink of it as well it helps you sleep.

  • karen

    my mom is hurting!her tooth has been hurting for four days now and nothing works & one side of her face is swelling up along with her gum. sometimes she has burning attacks from her tooth and gum.SHE SERIOUSLY HURTING HERE CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP (and i know this is for people who has had help but i need help!)!?

  • Ben

    hello all i have a very simple remedy that has worked twice for me over the years, a steamy hot shower. the very first time i tried it my toothache was past the nightly visits i had come to expect and was staying with me the whole day so just to releive the pain i was intending to burn my whole body just to give my mind something else to think about. yet after the shower the toothache was gone. i think i teared up with joy . so if nothing else seems to work take a hot hot hot shower

  • sue

    Hi Karen, your mom needs antibiotics, urgently, the dentist cannot remove or repair the tooth until the infection/abscess has gone. Take two paracetamol and then an hour or so later take two ibuprofen, every four hours. Whiskey will work too but not along without the over the counter pain relief.

  • Sabrina

    I highly recomend the Hydrogen Peroxide rinsing. The other pain remedies are fine to use also, BUT YOU HAVE TO GET RID OF THE INFECTION!!!

    Some years back my tooth got really infected fast & I made a dentist appointment, but they couldn’t see me right away. Meanwhile the right side of my mouth swelled up so bad, I got lockjaw. Only then did they bump up the appointment. (I didn’t know about the Hydrogen rinse at that time)

    I had to get on antibiotics & then had to have surgery to remove the tooth. The infection had gotten so bad, that it started to travel close to my windpipe!! The surgeon said I was very lucky becuse I could have died.

    If you can’t get to a dentist for whatever reason, you have to rinse continuously with the Hydrogen Peroxide. At least every hour for at least 24 hours, maybe more depending on how severe the infection is. It may hurt (that’s where the ibprophren & other remedies for pain come in) & it may seem like it’s not working at first, but KEEP AT IT & you will see that the pain will go away because the infection will be gone. After that you should keep a bottle in the house at all times & rinse after eating.

  • Cheryl

    I have really sensitive teeth so I can’t chew ANYTHING on my left side. I have been having a toothache from hell all day and all night last night, I have tried holding a ziplock bag full of ice-cubes and I’ve tried a scalding hot washcloth; so far, nothing. I got on this site, tried some of these remedies, none really worked, I even tried one of my sister’s pain killers, so you know I have to be hurting pretty bad! This sounds crazy, but it worked, tabacco. I tore up one of my cigarettes and put some tabacco on my tooth, held it there, and it really helped! So, if you guys can’t get any relief, try it. You’ll be suprised.

  • Sleepless

    Ok, I have tried everything and anything and NOTHING has worked. Here is what I found. All of these remedies ARE ONLY temporary. NOTHING will cure the ache without seeing a dentist and have it taken care of properly. Sadly, I have to live with my pain due to not being able to see a dentist at all thanks to no insurance, but I will keep using the ice pack, vanilla extract, advil, and anbesol. I’m going on day #4 with this pain and an hour of sleep if I am lucky. Good luck to all of you out there. These things only work for awhile. Fact of the matter is YOU NEED to be seen by a dentist ASAP or even get to an ER and let them give you some antibiotics and some pain meds until you can get to a dentist. There is NOTHING in this world that is more painfull than a toothache.

  • Sarah Fisher

    Woot been driven mad all day with toothache and just found the best cure!!! Olbas oil… just pour a little on a cotton bud and apply to the affected area it hurts for a sec and doesnt taste great but its working now… finally can sleep :):):)

  • Harvey

    Well, i just started getting these buggers out of no where, a week ago i think it is. Night after night i’ve been losing more and more sleep. It’s even driven me so mad that i’ve actually punched myself in the opposite side of the face so that i focus on THAT pain instead. It doesnt work. so tonight i took about 12 ibuprofen (weak stuff) and about 4 equaline aspirin. Nothing, i still have these horrible pains. so i came on here and tried the salt water and vanilla crap. neither of them really did much. but i just went in the fridge and got a drink of milk swished that around the tooth for a bit and now i barely notice it. Soooo kids, drink your damn milk.

  • suheem

    The best home remedy for tooth ache : paste of rock salt and mustard oil, apply on gums and tooth …work wonders !!!

  • Samuel

    I have a broken and decaying tooth that has been giving me trouble for a couple years now. I have no problem admitting that I have a fear of dentists and this has played a major part in my tooth pain. Over the years I have tried just about anything to get the pain to subside. (when you’re in the fetal position on the floor you’ll try standing on your head if you think it will help) I have found that 800mg of ibuprofen is the best over the counter pain medicine to help with toothaches. The problem is if the pain is too intense the ibuprofen will not really provide much relief. However if you can get the pain to stop with warm salt water, real vanilla extract, clove oil, lime juice, or orajel then take the 800mg of ibuprofen you should be golden for 3-4 hours. Once you feel the slightest twinge of pain coming back it is important to start your selected remedies as soon as possible. The more it hurts the harder it is too get under control. A previous dentist told me that I could take 800mg of ibuprofen every 4-6 hours to stay ontop of the pain. (there are lots of prescription pain drugs out there that will help I just personally cannot take them and function so I choose ibuprofin) my personal selection for pain relief is warm salt water rinse, followed 10min later by pure vanilla extract, followed immediately by 800mg ibuprofen.
    Hope this helps. And thanks for all the suggestions I have found on this site. I would never known about the vanilla extract and that great tip has saved me from many long nights in the fetal position on the floor.
    good luck

  • Rick

    This site is a blessing. for about the last 2 days i’ve had a toothace so bad the pain wentall the way to my temples. tonight the pain had me inbed almost in tears ina fetal position! so i went on my laptop found this site. first i tryed vanilla extract worked for 5 nibutes pain came back, same with jack daniels lol! so i tryed the salt with hot water: i did one coffee cup swish waited 2 minutes did another coffee cup swish meanwhile still in pain, went back on puter reading otherremedies and out of the blue10 minutes later the pain instatly dissappeared! i dont know about you but i think that is a little wierd that the pain vanished that fast. i mean i can even touch my tooth and no pain. so i will se a dentist asap, maybe even go to my doc for penicillan to keep infection away till i can remove my tooth. the worst partabout my tooth is i broke it and the hole goes right down to the exposed nerve, an that tooth actuallywiggles around pretty good so the dr. should be able topull it outwith ease.

    Good Luck to everyone!

  • Hugo

    after i tried everything the best remedy was to put a naproxen pill on my tooth, and the pain was gone, and yesterday i have my tooth removed for $15.00 in the County Dental Clinic, i hope this helps

  • Leif

    It’s been six days for me since the nerve pain of an upper molar became excruciating. I have tried many solutions. Most are just distractions and short lived.
    Surprisingly one of the easiest methods to soothe your pain is to SWISH SALTY WATER in your mouth.
    CLOVE OIL was the most effective. It can be found in health food stores. I found some at Fred Meyers/Krogers, it was in the aroma therapy section and is called an Essential Oil of Clove. There are 3 types of clove oil, ALL help soothe tooth pain. It is a natural analgesic and antiseptic used primarily in dentistry for its main ingredient eugenol.
    * Bud oil is derived from the flower-buds of S.aromaticum. It consists of 60-90% eugenol, eugenyl acetate, caryophyllene and other minor constituents.
    * Leaf oil is derived from the leaves of S.aromaticum. It consists of 82-88% eugenol with little or no eugenyl acetate, and minor constituents.
    * Stem oil is derived from the twigs of S.aromaticum. It consists of 90-95% eugenol, with other minor constituents.
    I used a cotton swab to hold inside the hole in my molar.
    Try not to use too much, it tastes like turpentine and any excess will drip down the back of your throat and make your throat sore.
    For me, the more I used it the less effective it became.
    Finally I tried Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE). The directions were to add 5-10 drops to 4-5 ounces of water. Sip into mouth, swish and spit. Repeat till all of the solution is gone.
    GSE IS effective in subduing tooth pain, however, use with caution, it is VERY potent stuff.
    I added 15 drops to 5 ounces of water and swished and spit. I also put a drop onto a wet cotton swab and applied it directly on my tooth. It immediately reduced the agony, then I went to bed. I slept through the night and was not awoken by any tooth discomfort (finally),HOWEVER when I woke up my tongue felt as if it had a SEVERE sunburn. I could barely taste anything. After about 14 hours only about the front 1/3 of my tongue still felt sunburned. The whole of my mouth is sore and burned. The area where I placed the cotton swab with the full strength Grapefruit Seed Extract is tender and sore. I thought that an infection had taken hold, but no swelling. Now I can see that I have CHEMICAL BURNS on my tongue and gums.
    I would still recommend GSE, but start with a very diluted solution, maybe 2 drops for 4 ounces of water, and I would recommend rinsing afterwards with water or saline.
    Now it has been 24 hours since I used too much GSE, and my tongue still hurts and is sensitive, the skin of my gum on the side where I applied the full strength GSE is sloughing off and bleeds if rubbed or brushed.

    I have also tried aspirin, acetaminophen (Tylenol), Ibuprofen (Advil), and Naproxen Sodium (Aleve).
    I have found that these pain relievers are more effective if you alternate them, say take aspirin, then in a few hours take Tylenol…etc.
    I also had several hydrocodone (Lortab or Vicodin) left over from a prior dental visit. A couple of those worked the best to relieve pain, but they are available by prescription only.
    In the past I have had maddening tooth pain that I actually used pliers on. It is nearly impossible to pull your own tooth. The tooth will splinter and crumble in shards and pieces, and it will take a long time to excavate from your own mouth. Plus it is much harder to ever repair if you DO eventually get to a dentist. I would advise AGAINST self tooth extraction. BUT, I did learn that from intense, ridiculous pain, your body’s natural pain killers, ENDORPHINS, will kick in and the pain will subside.
    I truly wish I did not know so much about the different kinds of tooth pain and how there are so few ways to reduce that pain, but I hope I can help somebody soothe their own pain. Good Luck.

  • Ray

    I recommend swallowing about 3 garlic cloves or as many as you can handle through out the day (this serves as an antibiotic and helps kill the infection) brush the affected area with tooth paste and rinse with mouth wash. Take 2 Excedrin extra strength. Put a clove of garlic over the affected area. Take a hot shower and let the water hit your head and the affected side of your face (THIS FEELS SO GOOD). Make Love (This helps get your mind of the pain). And when you go to sleep try to keep you head as elevated as you can (The less blood flow there is to the tooth the less painful it becomes) Hope this helps you. Toothaches SUCK!!!

  • fleur

    i suffered terrible toothache a while ago almost daily with no relief until i was told this recipe for the best remedy ever in my opinion…
    you take 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon and 5 teaspoons of honey….mix into a paste and apply to the painful tooth….believe me it works!! and being everyday ingredients you can use whenever pain flares up….hope it works ๐Ÿ™‚

  • karen

    I have a killer toothache. Can’t sleep and solphadeine has stopped working. I’m trying the garlic between my teeth and it seems to be working. I don’t have any vanilla extract but i intend to try it tomorrow

  • Jessie P.

    I have a major toothache so bad I’d rather give birth to twins!! I tried the garlic with salt remedey and I tell ya IT BURNS!! like hell
    it seemed to help for just 20 min. Then I tried the onion remedy that did NOT help it only gave me BAD dragon breath… the Oregel is only a releif for a few minutes for me. the ICE REMEDY WILL MAKE IT WORSE!! I am going to try the vallina extract since there are so many good reviews on it.. but I will also try the oil clove and the Red Cross medication for back ups..hey I need all the back up I can get.. I don’t have dental ins. but will apply to be approve for the first of Dec. but until then I need emergency releif before I die from the pain… tooth pain is the worst physical pain the human suffers!!

  • Kim

    I had a severe tooth ache that no over the counter pain medication would cure, I tried everything from, orajel, salt water, peroxide, and nothing worked, until I got on the internet and goggled tooth ache remedies and to my surprise I saw a TEA BAG,a I was desperate so I tried in I place it on the inside of my mouth near the bad tooth and it took a few hours( I recommend using doing it overnight) and the pain was gone, and never came back it worked like a charm!!!!

  • laura

    jack daniels is a cure all..when nothing else was drawing away my pain i took some whiskey n dabbed it around the area that hurts n it has ceased pain for now..

  • Nana K

    This will not help for this toothache but will help for other ones in the future.
    I grow my own catnip for my cats and for me.
    Once you have it growing(it can be grown in a pot with a special grow light for plants)you can pick the leaves and clean them.
    If you chew them on the tooth that hurts it takes the pain away.
    You can make also make a tincture by pouring some boiled water over the leaves and letting it steep.(just enough water to cover some leaves) Use it to swish and spit.
    You can also make a tea from the leaves and drink it to relax you to help you sleep. I add a little honey to help make it more palatable.
    Cat nip also works great for upset stomach.
    Its an all natural, cheap alternative and it works.
    Do an internet search for its other uses. It makes cats “high” but works the opposite on humans..it helps relax and calm.
    Hope it helps someone out there ~nanaK

  • shaaronie

    If it’s an infected tooth, after using any one of the subscribed pain remedies, soak your mouth in cinnamon and warm water to help heal the infection.

  • Cronic Tooth Pain

    Open mouth insert barrel, pull trigger. I have tried the clove oil, along with the salt and pepper, along with the garlic and rock salt. So far so good, Take crushed cloves along with vanilla extract make a paste and use a q-tip and apply on tooth and area around tooth. Good luck I know no worse pain then a tooth ache.

  • Brandon

    The garlic-salt mix worked wanders! as did the vanilla. if you’re at home on a Saturday or Sunday night, can’t make the dentist for a couple days, or just need a quick temporary fix, then try some of these remedies out, they really work!!!

  • Leah

    Hi Tami- here are some tips for major tooth pain. Hope it helps. L.

  • matt

    Hi ive been haveing horible tooth pain where i had a metal feeling broke my tooth leaving me with half a tooth it was fine for a few years but this past week it had started killing me. Like i cant work eat sleep or think. The only thing that seemed to help was mouth wash so i lived by the bottle for the past two days. well last night i think i went over board a dried out my mouth so bad i cant hardly move my toung. watch that mouth wash

  • VR

    I feel like taking a hammer to my jaw at the moment, although my toothache is feeling slightly better than it was this morning. I have this one problem area that seems to flare up once a year no matter what the various dentists get me to spend money on.

    I can’t do any of the vanilla extract, Listerine or whiskey treatments because I am a recovering alcoholic. And I swear that Anbesol Gel just made the pain radiate out through my ears.

    I’m taking as much Advil as is safe and my poor empty stomach can handle and using small frozen gel packs when it gets bad. But the one thing that does seem to reduce the real edge off the throbbing and also seems to take away some of the swelling and redness is Orajel’s mouth rinse, which is alcohol-free and contains peroxide.

    I definitely have some sort of infection, so I will need to go back to my dentist, but it’s the freaking holidays and I have to try to live with this until after Thanksgiving. If things get out of control, I’m going to try some of the other remedies here, like the tea bags. Although I’m not sure the lime advice is correct… isn’t citric acid terrible for tooth enamel?

    Hell, at this point, I don’t care.

    Thanks all. I’m glad to know I am not the only one who can’t think straight when my tooth aches. It is a close second to giving birth. :p

  • Rod

    I’ve had a tooth that has been giving me hell for the past couple months, off and on…before there was nothing i could find that would stop it. Now for the past 2 days i’ve had a water bottle on me at all times and everytime i feel the pain coming back i swish the cold water on it til it dissapears…It only works for up to 20 minutes, so I’ve gone through 15 bottles of water just tonight alone…The aspirin trick doesn’t work, and i’ll try the vanilla tomorrow.

  • Stpehanie

    Hello Everyone. OMG!! I have had the worst tooth pain ever and so at 4am this morning I was in tears. I googled toothache pain and found this website. I was surprised at all the information and was willing to try anything to help. This is what I did (it takes a long while but I feel no pain right now and well worth the wait) I took 2 200mg Motrin IB coated caplets, then right after that I rubbed a lot of OraJel maximum strength gel on the tooth and around the front and back of the gum, then I searched the internet for about 30 mins to get my mind off the pain, and to see what else I could do, I then took a Q-Tip dipped it in Vanilla Extract and rubbed that around the same way I did with the Orajel, then I sat with a gel type ice pack on my cheek and bottom of my jaw for 30 (maybe 40) mins and played cards on the computer. Here it is 2 hrs later I have no pain. I will say I am sour but not in pain. Whoever thought about the Vanilla Extract thing is my new found hero! Like I said it me a while to get out of pain but now I am able to think again.

  • Lisa

    I started having toothaches about a day or so ago and it was making me miserable. It would start hurting and my mood would go sour and I didn’t want to let anyone on that I was hurting (and still don’t, I have a terrible fear of dentists, no insurance, yep, totally need to avoid that).

    At first I was just brushing constantly, I think one of my fillings came out or something, but the vanilla extract is positively wonderful. Seriously, since I put a bit of it on, it’s like . . . silence after the constant distress.

    And even when it starts to creep back up, it seems like the extract is keeping it at bay.

    I’m so looking forward to being my good old self tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the extract tip, and I might try some of the other ones if it doesn’t go away or worsens but for right now, i’m pretty content.

  • meg

    I have had a horrible toothache for three days now. It’s so bad, its making my ear and cheek hurt as well. I wont take anymore pain medicine though, because i took too much tylenol yesterday and was throwing up all night. But one thing that did work for me today was the hot salt water. I poured ALOT of salt in a glass with water as hot as i could stand, and kept doing it, until the pain stopped. Its been about an hour, and i dont feel anything, Lets hope it stays that way!
    Good luck everyone!

  • sheila gomez

    Mix Rum and seasalt. Use it like a mouthwash,It burns a little but it stops the pain.

  • John

    Try going to a dentist in another country where getting rich is not the primary goal. I went to a dentist in Tijuana Mexico and got better work than I ever did in the good U.S.A. Dentist have the politicians on their side and Veterans can’t even get dental work done at the V.A. unless service connected yet I can get medical treatment for other parts of my body. Some Mexican dentists will guarantee their work for years and that is something you can never get from an American dentist a guarantee ,yet you pay an arm and a leg for their “work”. In Mexico I got a root canal and post and crown all for under $700. Post was custom made with wax cast. Poor people lose teeth with American dentist when they medically don’t have to and that is a fact ! It is like a civil war surgeon cutting off the leg because he doesn’t have time to treat the bullet wound. Yanking teeth that can be restored is the same mentality. I’ve been using oil of clove , but I heard putting the asperan on the tooth works also I have been taking 600 mg. of Ibuprofen. Vikaden also works wonders , but is addictive and the docs wont give you much, at least not mine.

  • textucker

    Variation on one of the suggestions listed above, someone may have hit it (did not read them ALL). When I was a kid mom always had us rinse with warm salt water when we had a toothache and it worked well. Being lazy at the moment or just simply desperate, I was looking for the QUICK fix. I had already been rubbing the side of gums which seemed to work pretty well short term then it would be back about 20 min, so I tried licking end of finger and adding dab of salt then rubbing gums around the aching areaโ€ฆ GONE INSTANTLY – It has been at least an hour without pain and hope it last all night. Nothing I had prescription or otherwise was helping, I could not even drink water without pain before or bypassing way to back of mouth with straw without painโ€ฆ Just drank my first real drink (ICE COLD water even)since this started earlier todayโ€ฆ Just my 2 cents on the subject.

  • Paul

    i had a tooth ache for 2 days an could not sleep so i try the vanilla an it work like crazy.

  • Michelle

    Please do not use warm compresses on the infected area. I did this and although it may feel comforting but it will spread the infection. It did to me and I phoned the “tela nurse”, a 24 hour medical help line and she told me to stop the warm compresses immediatley. My face was so swollen from it. Stick to cold compresses. It works.



  • Rachel Orzech

    I dont have any tips but i have a question on the tip above posted by many ppl – the vanilla extract remedy – is vanilla extract and vanilla essence the same thing??

  • J.Chapman

    Message index finger just below the nail,it gives almost instant releif,also message the area between the index finger and thumb,doing it on the side that the toothe ache is on works for me,after ten minutes or so pain is gone.If pain return do it again.

  • Gertie

    OMg! DId I have the worst toothache ever?! It kept me up all night! 2 Extra Strength Bayer Back and Body Asprins and warm salt water mouth rinse did miracles for me.

  • Dee

    I started using salt water… then I took some Rum put it on a q-tip and put it into broken tooth.. and it took the pain away! No lie! Then I had a little swig of rum on tooth and it helps…

  • Michelle

    Found this site @ 2am when I thought my head was going to explode from the pain from my toothache. I tried a lot of these tips by themselves but I found that mixing some of them helped me alot! First I used a gargle solution made of 2/3 cup of water, 1 teaspoon of salt and 1 teaspoon of backing soda. Mix and warm in the microwave for 45-50 seconds. Sip some of the solution and swish, focusing on the painful area. Spit out and repeat until all of the solution is gone. Wait 5-10 minutes then apply a paste made from baking soda and pure peppermint extract with a q-tip to the tooth and gum where your pain is. Give it a few minutes to kick in. I did this 3 times in one day. Kept the pain way.

  • Dave

    G’day all, It is Sunday evening here and I have been battling toothache all weekend and been trying various remedies from this site with varying degrees of success. In desperation I turned to O.P. Bundy (Over Proof Bundaberg Rum) and it has proved the most successful remedy thus far by a long way. The method used is pour a couple of shots into a tumbler and swig a small amount into mouth and swish around the effected area ignoring the burning sensation, it will eventually subside, and then let it flood the problem tooth for several second, swallow the mouth contents and repeat. This procedure can be repeated as required but first a word of caution: It would be desirable not to drive or operate machinery if the toothache proves persistent and seek medical attention at the first opportunity.

  • Tiff

    Cold anything does not work PPL!!! Come on now, you have to be smarter than that! I like the advice i saw earlier, go to the dentist and get some anti-biotics and pain killers. The only thing that it helping me right now, until i see the dentist in 30 minutes is LISTERINE. Hold it in your mouth over the tooth, works for a minute, but it’s better than nothing.

  • Mary

    I tried the vanilla extract, seems like the pain has lifted some, just swish it in your mouth for a couple of minutes, and spit it out, repeat if you need too, also i keep a bottle of water w/ me and swish it around the tooth then spit it out every few seconds, does help relieve some of the pain.

  • lisa

    hey everyone i had really really bad tooth ache i tried garlic and salt whiskey and i tried baby aspirin and nothing was helping so i tried the vanilla extract and i took a Tylenol extra strength 500mg and ice pack on my right side of my mouth were the pane was and lade down it helps and made the pane go away so try this it works

  • Frank

    Hi…I had a toothache at the WORST possible time…last night, Christmas Eve! The pain was HORRIBLE, and the only thing that would provide relief was ice cubes. Unfortunately, by 6am today (Xmas Day), the 5 pound bag I bought was just about GONE, and the pain was still bad without it. I tried all the remedies I could from here, nothing seemed to work: Onion, brandy, ground aspirin, peroxide, etc. I said a quick prayer and ventured across town (with my baggie full of ice cubes!) to the local CVS HOPING they were open..they WERE! Someone suggested Severe Pain Orajel, the Red Cross Toothache Kit, and temporary filling paste (Brand name: DenTemp). 27 dollars later I’m headed home praying Sweet-Baby-Jesus-f****ing-Help-Me! First I tried the Orajel, no luck. Then the Red Cross kit, no luck. It was the DenTemp that was my savior! Take a small bit out with the tool provided, roll into a small ball, put it on the tooth, and BITE DOWN A LOT!! I had to resist the temptation through the increasing pain to reach for the ice cubes/water, but I stuck it out and in minutes the pain slowly tapered away, and I was able to SLEEP!!!!!! (I was also loaded up on advil, motrin, and amoxicillin, so I don’t know if it was just a coincidence they might have kicked in at that time.) But, here it is 6pm on Christmas day, and no pain, so I’m thinking I have a loose/missing filling. I hope this helps what someone might think is hopeless–my next stop was going to be the ER, which I could not afford! Thanks to all who posted here, I’m glad to see I wasn’t alone on Christmas after all; a real Christmas miracle!

  • Mags

    I have no remedies, only a question.

    I am a 12 yr. old girl. I have WAY too many crowded teeth—I already got four pulled to make more space in my mouth.

    I was up all night X-mas Eve, from the INTENSE pain. Finally, Christmas morning, the tooth that had really been hurting (lower left side), came out, because it was loose. Now, the one next to it hurts, and–here’s the unusual part—my half fake tooth in the bottom middle of my mouth has turned EXTREMELY nervy, and excrutiatingly painful—

    I did try a q-tip with vanilla, but no results. Does it work better if you swig it?

    I do have one thing to reccomend–

    One of my good friend’s mother is an Acupuncturist/Herbalist. Accupuncture and a bark tea worked very well for me.

    any advice?

  • lily

    well, im only 14 and ive been having a really bad toothache for about a week now and i dont want to tell my mum cos im scared of the dental numbing injection so ive been trying all those home remedies and the 1 that worked was putting floride toothpaste on ur tooth that hurts. sometimes, the toothache wakes me up at night and i really want it to go but i am SO SO SCARED of going to the dentist, i dont know what to do

  • Bill

    I’ve used a herbal remedy for the 4 years to alliviate pain due to abcessed teeth.It only last for a few hours unless repeated.It is Echincea,used mostly as a dietary suppliment.I just empty the capsule on the affectd tooth or area.The taste is unpleasent but after 15 minutes it relives the sever pain to a bearable one.
    The Enhinacea helps your own body fight the infection.It(herb)is of the cornflower family,used heavily by German doctors for Flu remedys.

  • Jared

    I’ve had a toothache for a couple of days now and I’ve tried Anbesol and tylenol and neither one really seemed to helped much. Then I got on the internet and several people were saying how good Vanilla extract worked for them so I decided to try it and the pain was gone in seconds!

  • misty

    hey going on night three with a severly aching tooth i have taken and tried everything except the vanilla i will try this tomorrow hope it works. i cant see the dentist until monday so i will try anything i would much rather have another c section than have a toothache thanks so much for the tips

  • Tony

    I pretty much read all the remedies. I tried raw onion..worked for a bit. I even found myself rubbing my fingers together. I couldn’t sleep last night..it was killin me. I went out to CVS at 2AM to pick up some of the suggestions. I bought vanilla extract, aspirin, Listerine, excederin xtra strength and the dreaded “red cross’. I have used red cross before and it has a horrible taste. I rinsed with Listerine, took some Xtra strength excederin and applied the red cross like 4 different times. Eventually fell asleep and woke up with no toothache. I’m continuing the Xtra and listerine treatment..so far so good. I had to laugh when some lady said she rather have a baby. I can relate to her pain. Having a toothache is the most intense and annoying pain I have ever had. I try to eat things with no sugar in in, but do slip up once in a while cuz I love licorice. I’ll pobably feel good for a while , get confident and eat some licorice again. My M.O. but I’m going to try to hold out. I am suspicious of cola products also. I wish everybody good luck. I am going to store tomorrow to find some clove and better vanilla extract{mine has sugar in it} and I am TERRIFIED of sugar right now.

  • Katie

    It is 12:30am, this is the second day of my extremely painful tooth ache. I inherited my bad teet from my dads side of the family. I grew up always having cavities. I need 3 root canals and probably numerous fillings right now. I have two chipped teeth on the right side of my mouth that are very infected. I have had this pain for about 2 years on and off. I tried the vanilla and it didn’t help me as much. A cold ice pack does relieve the pain but it returns as soon as i take it off, so if i leave it on my check all day i am ok! I did just try whiskey and it helps for about 10 minutes. If anyone has any other great suggestions please let me know. Thanks!

  • Liz

    DO NOT LAY DOWN!!! Blood pressure goes to your head and makes it worse! Sleep in a chair if you have to. I love vanilla!!!

  • Denise

    Last February, I had a toothache that practically brought me to my knees. I discovered the Garlic clove suggestion, and it worked wonders!! Within two days of regularly using Garlic on my gum and tooth (just slice the clove in half to expose the oils) my pain was completely gone! Through the last year, any time I felt even a minor twinge of pain, one treatment of garlic and all was well.

    Over Christmas, traveling kept me from my precious garlic remedy. Now I find myself in constant pain. Garlic is helping, but having let it go so long its taking longer to heal. I’ve been doing the salt-water rinse along with the garlic (and Advil as necessary) and it seems to be giving me the boost I need. Dull pain still, and my gum is slightly swollen. But nothing like it was. Here’s hoping its all better by tomorrow — its my wedding anniversary and I want to enjoy!!

  • sasha

    I am having the worst pain i have ever felt in my life….. I am counting the miliseconds for Friday to come. its when my tooth will be extracted. and i can’t wait.. I have 2 children and let me tell you i would rather give birth 10x than have the pain that I am going through. 1200mg of ibuprofen and still pain/ I am about to do everything everybody suggested. Thank you all for the ADvice i just Pray to God that this Helps.

  • Leslie

    Thank You So Much For This Site. I am 21 yrs old and I have been cursed. In My famiy we all have bad teeth. I was the kid who went to their denist appts. and brushed my teeth 3 times a day and no help. A of right now I wear an upper denture plate but cant affors to get my bottom teeth pulled to wear bottoms. I have been suffering with toothache pains for years now. Just a few days ago it came back and my old techniques just was not working anymore. I used to do the whisky or brandy and I tried pain killers and orajel and for awhie goody powders worked. I would poUR one in my mouth right on top the infected area. Well not anymore. So I found this website and everyone on here are life savers. I remember reading something about making a paste out of ground cloves and vanilla extract. Well I tried it and BAM!!! instant relief. I was able to sleep for hours. Along with that though I also tried apple cider vinegar. It helped num my pain but not like the clove paste. I put in on the tooth that was bothering me along with an ice pack and I was literaly floating on cloud nine. I didnt rinse my mouth I let it stay until in the morning…even though it tasted horrible. If you were in as much pain as I was…..Please Dont Hesitate to try this. It worked for me so it might work for you. No one deserves to suffer.God Bless you all!

  • Nyquil

    Here is what helped my husband. Gargle with some WARM WATER. Gargle with some Nyquil where the tooth is for a few minutes, then spit out. The pain should be gone within 5 minutes.God Bless. I hope this helps all who try.

  • Andrew

    Vanilla Extract really helped.

  • michelle

    you people are brilliant

    vanilla defenitly helps… not sure how long it will help, but for the first time all day i am not in agony!!!


  • Kim

    I have had bad teeth for many year’s! Tonight I am haveing a very very bad tooth ache, and salt water does help mello it ( really ) I was rubbing orajel on it and my tooth was getting worse.
    Only thing is the salt water does work for long.
    Go to your Dentist right away.

    cold pack ( no )
    hot rag ( no )
    orajel ( no )
    pain pill’s ( nope ) no help
    rubbed vanilla on gum’s ( well havnt noticed much )
    Tea bag soaked in cloves ( nope ) no help
    Brandy- ( nope )

    Salt water – couple swishes and ahhh no more crying.

  • A.J.

    The garlic trick works really well, i chewed on a clove of garlic on the tooth that was aching and Im not going to lie the taste is awful and the garlics acid stings a little bit but the pay-off is worth it in the end because the constant throbbing of the tooth goes away and you can focus clearly again and sleep well without that annoying pain.

  • alice cooper

    I have the worlds worst teeth. I have no money and no insurance. I have called every dentist there is in the entire world (no I am not exaggerating) and no one will see me. I have a remedy for any toothache. “PUT A LITTLE CAPTAIN IN IT” Captain Morgan Spiced Rum! Take alittle swoosh around bad tooth or teeth then swallow, repeat, repeat, repeat. After a few shots you wont even know you have teeth! Thank you, Captain!

  • Khalid Parvez

    Avoid too hot tea, coffee, water and try to eat food on the other side of the jaw. Cold water as a mouth-wash helps reduce the pain.

  • tommy

    what i found works best is ground up lighter pine taste great and releives the pain and infection for years

  • Laura

    I found this home remedy on another site…and I don’t post anything that I have tried myself and this works wonders! I myself also use apple cider vinegar and odorless garlic pills for a natural antibiotic in case the tooth is abscessed and 2 advil (liqui gels) and 2 tylenol (rapid release) as a pain reliever…my dentist said this is a pain pill without the side effects, and I use it for everything when I have bad pain…:

    Nyquil, or Kroger Nitetime take about 1/2 teaspoon swish around the tooth.

    The Tooth ache will instantly subside.

    This is the fastest home remedy out there.

    And its safe.

  • rat

    I recently had a lot of cavities filled (changed dentists and he found 11 where my teeth were decaying from the inside out – how the other dentist missed 11 was beyond me – new guy is the best around) Anyhow – now a few of those newly filled cavities are killing me! Things I’ve found to help are a heating pad, drinking cold drinks with a straw, no ice, ground cloves rubbed on the tooth and surrounding gums, and aleve or tylenol (advil didn’t work). I’m going to try the vanilla extract when the pain is bad again. Thanks for all the useful posts! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jamesa Allen

    Brandy applied with a cotton swab 2 or 3 times say once every 10 minutes and a heating pad used in rotation,Your pain will simply fade away,

  • Ashley

    My wisdom teeth have been really bothering me and I have to wait 4 days to see my dentist. I brush and flosh every chance I get.. Breaks at work, after breakfast, lunch, and dinner, in the morning, and before bed. I have tried almost everything and the best I have found is just lay down and relax with an ice pack. Works great. Within 30 minutes you experience no more pain and it almost feels as if there wasnt ever any pain. I do not suggest or encourage the listerine mouth rinse as I found it to be painful. Everyone is different, so take the advice that is given to you and try everything until you find what works the best for you ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Michael

    What a great web site!!!!!!!! I have been suffering with bad teeth my whole life (Thanks Mom). It started when I was twenty years old when my over zealest dentist, who wanted to up his bill, talked me into removing my wisdom teeth. Eventhough I had no wisdom teeth pain at all….ever….I decided to take his advice and have them removed. After all he was a doctor. Since then I have had nothing but teeth problem. I hear you people talk about a single toothache as if it is killing you, which I totally understand. But if I have only one toothache in a day…that is a good day. I usually suffer from four to five toothaches in an average day thanks to my wonderful sadistic dentist. I have found your suggestions very helpful for immediate pain relief. I especially love and prefer the brandy/whiskey method. But I am here to tell you of another wonderful way to get rid of toothache pain………POT!!!!!!! I am an avid smoker since my dentist yanked out my wisdom teeth and I can tell you this……..POT will get rid of all your ailments, not just tooth pain. It is truly amazing. So if you are suffering from toothaches in the middle of night….light up a bowl and watch your teeth fade away. Trust me….it works.

  • Tena

    I’ve been in agony for days with the pain only getting worse. I have severe allergy to onions and garlic so we don’t even keep them in the house. No cloves n pay day too far away~suddenly the vanilla extract appears! I keep it on hand for baking~it’s parked on my dresser right now!! 2 Extra Strength Tylenol haven’t had a chance to kick in but the vanilla did GREAT!! My dental appt isn’t for a couple of weeks so I’m hoping this holds me over. I’ll be doing the salt water rinse too to check and hydrogen peroxide~just to see if they help also. I have cavities that need filled and a couple chipped teeth. Also got one that may need a root canal. I’m a fanatic about flossing and just got a battery operated toothbrush per dentist suggestion! Walgreens carries cheap ones ($8) in with the regular tooth brushes~works just as well as an expensive one!

  • susan

    ive had a toothache all day hell itsunbareable got on here and let me tell you vanilla extract works thank you

  • Ruby

    It’s 3:30am and I have a terrible cavity that I know I need to fix soon but I just had surgery and was having an excuriating toothache. So when I looked up this great website I tried the warm water with salt and did that for a bit then placed some lemon juice on my bad cavity it made the pain go away. Was trying the ice pack and it did not work for me. Also took a 800mg if ibupropen and of course help some. Still have some pain but not as bad as earlier. Thanks guys great remedies!

  • elena

    having a nasty toothache for a couple of days… got a nasty abcess too. NAPROXEN (ALEVE) helps in about 20 minutes – although i need to take 3 (yes, three) at a time – and it actually lasts about 7-8 hours. i also tried salt water, vanilla extract and anbesol… they all work but for shorter periods of 1-3 hours. good luck.

  • (insert name here)

    whats up ladys wiskey wiskey wiskey works like a charm ladys

  • Danielle Gifford

    I live in Taiwan have had toothaches from hell where I’ve been driven to sobbing (and throbbing). I get weakness in my left arm (my toothaches are always on the left from a bad molar and wisdom tooth) and slurred speech and the pain is on the same scale as a migraine. I wish I had found this website then!

    I have a toothache again (I was supposed to get it extracted after the wisdom tooth, but skipped my appointment because I was feeling better… d’oh!). I had been taking 1500 mg of ibuprofen – Tinten and Panadol to get me through work, but I was worried what such a high dosage would do to my body so I read this forum.

    Long post so here’s a quick summary of what worked. You can read after if you want to see how I used them.

    Successful Remedies:
    – 1500 mg of ibuprofen (3 500mg pills), effective but not recommended.
    – pure vanilla extract (straight or diluted in hot water)
    – liquid lidocaine (your body gets used to it very quickly, though)
    – Listerine (sit on tooth and then swish it)
    – room temperature salt water
    – hot water bottle (helps expand blood vessels which alleviates the painful throbbing)

    Unsuccessful Remedies:
    – ice pack (constricts blood vessels which hurt worse when they expand again)
    – salt directly on the tooth
    – aspirin directly on the tooth

    I ran out to get the vanilla extract (funny having to use my phone dictionary to translate the word “vanilla” into Chinese and then having workers run around the grocery store looking for it) and swished it around in my mouth. It worked like a charm. I was able to eat something finally! Then when the pain started coming back about an hour later, I added a teaspoon of extract to hot water and took a mouthful, let it sit on the tooth until it cooled and then took another mouthful until I finished the mug. Also worked like a charm.

    I woke up in the middle of the night with pain. I did a quadruple whammy – I swished sea salt and bottled water on my tooth which alleviated the pain, then went to the bathroom and put a pea-sized dollop of toothpaste on the tooth and let it sit for two minutes. Then I brushed it away. I rinsed my mouth with Listerine and put a hot towel on my cheek. No pain.

    Finally, I filled a bottle with very hot tap water, wrapped it with a washcloth and used it as a pillow.

    I just woke up and there is only very little pain all without having to take a pill. It’s maybe a 1.5 on a scale from 0-10 (compared to the usual 15!). Luckily my new dentist is awesome and I can walk in to get it extracted this afternoon when I finish work. And plus since it’s Taiwan and health insurance is very cheap, it will be free.

  • kyle

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!VANILLA WORKS.most of the time im in so much pain!!!!!!!!i have no insurence and i cant afford to get it pulled ….yet!some times it hurts so bad i punch it out of anger and i know it sounds crazy but i KNOW some of you have done the same.it doesnt work but its so maddning. vanilla worked in like 20 seconds.it hurt a little more for a few seconds but it STOPPED! im so happy, it taste pretty good compared to gels and oral meds and it FFREAKIN WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you all.i havent tried the garlic and salt or whiskey but ive seen all those same remadies on like six or seven sites so ill try those next. VANILLA WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paige

    Well, im not sure if this is mainly it, but if someone can answer this question of mine it would be greatly appreciated!
    A few Monthes back I had one cavitiy. After going to the dentist, i’ve had horrible tooth pains, for a while, it hurt alot, and swelling showed on my right cheek, where my tooth, ear and head ached constantly,(just the right side), i even had to come home from school because it hurt too much, but neither the dentist’s or doctors could pin point my problem. So we left it, and i just took tylenol for my aches, and soon enough it almost felt as if it went away, but every night i get horrible constant pains, mostly from the tooth area (lower Jaw), and ear, which is the reason i also get head aches, and since a few days ago, it has gotten worse again! It wont go away this time, I used remedies and it did help at first but now it feels like my pain is conquring any remedies used, I can’t eat on my right side… I’ve had Cold and hot sensitivity also from the time i got my cavity filled. I can’t breath through my mouth because my tooth will ache more. My ear is blocking off some sound, but no substance is leaking. i’m not sure what is going on but if someone has any idea, please let me know! & If for some reason, age has something also todo with this.. (maybe, but i don’t think so). I’m 15.
    – Paige. xoxoxo,

  • Dolly Garner

    NYQUIL it really works I sleep all night take DAYQUIL durning the day try it it works.

  • gareth

    hi, i have been suffering from toothache for about 24 hours, i tried co codamol didnt work, went to a dentist they numbed it to take it out but didnt suceed as it is infected, so i tried the warm water with salt and so far its working, fingers crossed it doesnt come back and i get some sleep

  • Jimmie Rines

    I wont bore you with telling you how much pain that I am in….needless to say I am a 27 year old male that is acting like a child. I tried the majority of the tips on here but only one thing has helped me so far. I mixed salt and garlic powder together in a little bowl with a few drops of water to make it a paste. I then used a q-tip to apply it to my tooth where the filling is missing. I CAN NOT BELIEVE how much it worked. My wife and daughter will now be in a room with me! Now I just wish I could get the swelling down in my jaw. Good luck everyone, hope this helps. Please give it a try!

  • Jamie Luebbe

    ok .. so i have THE WORST toothache EVERRRRR i have a broken tooth at the back of my mouth the filling came out half way an only have half of the filling … so im in pain to the point of TEARS ( thats when u know it bad) so ive tired EVERYYYYTHINGGG .. and the vanilla extract works for a little bit and so do the temp fillers but those fall out
    SOOO what i did it a LITTLE time consuming but i will work .. what i did was first took a shot glass and put some mouth wash in it ( half full0 and took about 1 1/2 teaspoons of pure vanilla extract ( about one vanilla cap full) and combinded it witht he mouth wash and swished it around in my mouth for about 45 secs to a min spit it out then some asprin and crushed it put it in the affected tooth and then filled it with the temp filler , this workes for about a day or so and the fillers stay in pretty good . REMEMBER this is a temp fix untill you can see your regular dentist.
    thanks for your time
    jamie :^D


    read your whole page HOLY FREAKING MAN PAIN



  • Stella McCearley

    Okay, so i have had two sleepless nights already. My mouth is in so much pain.my gums feel like there gonna burst and my mouth feels like its gonna burst. Its the worst pain ever that ive ever experienced..I like the tips that everybody has said. I am going to try the heating pad and the ice pack tonight. I hope both works. the salt water helps ALOT for me and gargling and then swishing it around in your mouth that helps. Thats the only thing ive tried so far. Excedrin helps alot also. You should also try that. I dont know what else works. the vanilla sounds interesting i may try that. The garlic cloves sounds gross. I hate the smell of garlic so im not even gonna try that. But thanks for the tips everyone

  • Rick

    Alright, I’ve read down the list thus far, and I must say that while I’m a bit skeptical at all of the tips and remedies I’ve seen…(especially the orgasm) I have to say that the vanilla extract worked, granted my brand is a knock off and doesn’t have the alcohol content so it’s not working as well, but still…I think it’s a combonation of both the 800 MG Ibuprofen and the extract has been working for about 45 minutes with only small sparks of pain here and there…which is a HUGE improvement, especially for me.

    Up until now, I’ve been swishing cold water every 3-15 minutes which was getting very tiring, I must admit… I’m going to try the hot salt water… get rid of the gum infection and whatnot… If that doesn’t work, I’ll try to find Brandy or some alchohol…wherever my parents have stashed the bloody stff.

    Heh, hopefully this will hold me off until I either get the courage to rip out my own teeth, or until they waste away… I refuse to go to the dentists because I’m relatively immune to novacane and EVERY DENTIST I’ve EVER gone to refuses to put me under the gas or something stronger, so I feel almost all of the work their doing to me… I feel old. Anyways, thank you all for the tips, and I hope you all get well soon or find semi-perminant solutions. Goodnight/day to you all.

  • Ryan

    Hello all, I like many people on here have had a dentist from hell. Every filling he gave me has fallen out and the last one was really painful when it did and then the tooth became infected. I used the vanilla extract and the pain disappeared but I was still worried about the infection so I started using all natural immune system boosters. Cold FX in Canada worked great but its really expensive. I took the pills, 3 a day for about 7 days and as far as I can tell the infection is completely gone. Hope this works.

  • teena

    The only thing thats been working is a heating pad on my face and this stuff you fill you tooth with dental pack it looks like play doe but it keeps the cold air and your tounge from touching it ! AND LOTS OF RX PAIN MEDS GO TO THE ER IF YOU CANT GET TO A DENIST TRUST ME THE PAIN DOESN JUST GO AWAY VICODEN HELP LOTS!!! GOOD LUCK

  • amanda

    NYQUIL!!!!! thats all i have to say….i had 2 teeth that were just killing me. i m not really a drinker and cant really go to work with brandy on my breath….so i heard nyquil works from my dad(who i get my bad teeth from) put some in my mouth and held it on the teeth that hurt and spit it out after a few min…and BAM!!! Went through a hole 8 hour shift at work with no pain at all…i went to the denist and had to have a root canal on one of them and the other was so sever it wasnt saveable it was removed(now imagain my pain. NYQUIL CHEAP AND U CAN GET IT AT CIRCLE K AT 3AM!!!

  • DSPool

    I have tried everything and the best things i found that work are,smoke some weed,brush teeth,listerine and applying clove oil.

  • tanya

    try rubbing instant coffee on the infected area works.im sitting here with a horrible tooth ache and cant do anything about it until monday when i see the ddentist.im gonna try the vannilla tip to see if it will work.

  • Shannon

    All the remidies above are aload of crap, iv tried them all and my mouth is still pounding , its gone to nthe extent where i want to put my head threw the wall . ahhhhhhhhh why did god give us teeth

  • ANDREw

    ok have not tried all these thing though they sound good but i have a broken moler and several cavities but i chewed a aspirin ans held it over the whole side and then elevated my head (while reading this) better good night hope i dont have to use all this stuff but hate the dentist so probly will LOL

  • MIKE


  • cheryl

    take a tea bag and get it wet with cool water.bit down on it for a few min.you will fell the pain go away.best remedie in the world.

  • Leona

    suffered really badw ith toothache all my life however clove oil is usually best for me works brilliantly! but this time nothing seem to take away the pain for longer than a few mins i tried my patners vodka worked a treat! its only store brand but for the first time in days had some relief and sleep!!! baileys is always a good idea if you have no straight whiskey!!

  • Leona

    just posted prevouisly. if you dont fancy getting drunk whilst releiving toothache try throat sweets they contain antiseptic and a mild anthestic which has helped numb my pain to. may not work for everyone but worth giving it a go!! if you are like me you would be willing to try anything to get rid of the pain!!

  • mzrobles

    i have been suffering with a toothache since friday, i finally got to see dentist today (monday) and got scheduled for root canal till thursday….but in the meanwhile i got antibiotics and vicodin, and its not helping at all. i tried the vanilla extract and it only relieved the pain for a few minutes. i then peeled and cut a fresh garlic clove in half dipped in in lime juice and placed it on my gum and tooth. it does burn for a bit, but it relieved my pain after a few minutes. thank god for this site, and prayers to you all in pain. a toothache is horrific

  • Christy

    I have been alternating motrin and excederine migraine for 2 weeks now. I lost a cap on a tooth, then what was left of it broke some more, so I have an exposed nerve and no dental insurance. I have three kids, I’m in college, and my husband is on Work Comp, so we are beyond broke. I don’t have vanilla extract in the house, we have the cheap imitation flavoring. That won’t work will it? Anbesol isn’t cutting it anymore. I need to figure something else out! Before I leave my kids motherless because I smashed my own head through a brick wall. Because believe me, that’s where this is heading if I can’t get it under control.

  • Andrea

    My boyfriend hasn’t slept in 3 days from a toothache. He has been in excruciating pain, and nothing has helped. He has tried asprin, tylenol, ibuprofen, everything. Vanilla extract worked for a couple of minutes, as did hydrogen peroxide, but the pain came back after a few minutes. After reading over many of the tips on this site, I suggested the Halls cough drops that someone had suggested. We didn’t have any Halls, but we did have some Chloraseptic lozenges with benzocaine. Within 30 seconds, the pain was relieved. This is the miracle cure, believe me!!!!!!

  • Longoria

    Just tried the vanilla extract and it worked great and right away. I also recommnend soaking cotton in whiskey and allowing it to soak on tooth that hurts.

  • Angela

    I have had this tooth ache for several weeks and I have tried everything from the ice cube, cloves, to the vaniella extract. I just put some pepperment flavoring on my tooth and it tastes nasty but let me tell you it numbed my tooth instantly I might actually be able to sleep tonight. YAAAAAa!

  • Leigh

    My heart goes out to anyone reading this that has a toothache. The pain is horrible! The other night I was sobbing in bed from pain. My jaw, tooth, ear, and head were throbbing! Laying down made it worse! It was hours before I could finally fall asleep, but I still woke up intermittently from the pain. Iโ€™ve tried a few remedies posted here, and this is what I found:

    (Yay!) Brush with Sensodyne toothpaste (or any toothpaste for sensitive teeth). Rinse with warm water. Swish capful of Listerine over affected tooth. After Listerine, cover tooth with more toothpaste for as long as possible. This does wonders to eliminate the pain.

    (Meh.) Iโ€™m not sure if Ibuprofen (Motrin) helped, but I choose to believe it did something. But maybe itโ€™s just me trying to make myself feel better about the pain not being as bad as it could be. *shrug*

    (Meh.) When Iโ€™m at work and have no access to medication, etc., I rub the area between my thumb and index finger. It helps some to relieve the pain.

    (Duh!) Orajel numbed the pain a bit, but only for 10 minutes, tops. After that the pain returned full force and I had the aftertaste of the medicine. Blah.

    Since I canโ€™t get to the dentist for another six days, Iโ€™ve stocked up on some supplies like clove oil (purchased at health food store), pure vanilla extract (Costco sells it in big olโ€™ bottles), hydrogen peroxide (as an oral debriding agent), and I already have salt in the pantry. Good luck everyone. Remember, if at all possible, make a dental appointment. Yeah it cost money, but your life is worth 1,000,000x more than what youโ€™ll pay. An infected tooth can lead to other issues including affecting the heart. A lot of us here are parents, we need to be around to raise our kids and teach them how to take care of their health so they never go through this sort of pain and worry. Good luck everyone.

  • craig

    this toothache was so so so painfull,it wasnt just my tooth.for some reason it made my temple feel like it was caveing in my head.I tried the vanila extract because it was the only thing i could find.And what do you know it actully worked. so I’m going to try to go to sleep

  • billybob

    three o.c. 80’s and four 2mg xanax bars and one bed to lay down in. this will fix your tooth ach

  • Kathy

    Okay people, I work for a dentist and you can try all these home remedies if you want, but it is a TEMPORARY FIX!! Take care of your teeth, floss, brush two to three times a day, go the dentist for regular cleanings and you can avoid a lot of these nightmare scenarios. Also to the person who claimed that even going to the dentist still caused her to have excruciating toothaches, that is untrue. If you go to the dentist regularly, you can catch any issues before they become a weekend nightmare and you have to spend a ton of money getting a root canal done and a crown because the tooth went bad.

  • Christian Loots

    Hi All, I’ve had some serious pain these last couple of hourse and tried everything, most of these suggestions however would just rid me of my pain for a couple of minutes but then I saw cayenne pepper in my Spice rack, let me tell you…it works like a charm!!! I took some of the pepper and placed it on the gum area and also on the tooth, later I just moved it around in my mouth and it completly stopped my pain for the longest time! I’m only seeing the dentist in 2 days time so this will have to do till then! God bless everyone!

  • Darlene Rositano

    Does anyone know if there is a home remedy to prevent an infection, before I cam get to the dentist, I can deal with the pain, but I’m afraid opf getting an infection that will spread somewhere!!!

  • Sam

    I’m currently having toothaches. I broke a wisdom tooth (because I’m scared of needles and doctors of all kinds!) I started to take motrin super strength, but the local drug store stopped carrying it. So I looked for some new ways to cope. Two hours before bed I take two T1’s. Then just before bed, I brush my teeth and use mouthwash. If I’m not having serious pain at that time, I just go to bed. If there’s more pain than I can handle, I pour a very small amount of salt into my hand and toss it into my mouth. This should only be done if you don’t have high blood pressure! I gather up enough spit (my own!) in my mouth and swish it around where the pain is. Sounds like a lot but it works. Also found that if I’m busy doing things, (like remodeling the house) the pain goes away.

  • Lana

    I have been suffering through the worst toothache for 6 hours now, I just spent the last 15 minutes with vapor rub on my cheek, I gargled some amoretto (only liqour in my house) and then chewed an icecube, seems to be working so far.

  • Anastasia

    I found that 2 tylenol and one advil extra strength work for a couple hours… its supposed to be the equivelant to a t3…
    I tried swishing with 1tsp Ginger juice and 1 tsp Lemon juice mixed with warm water…gargle..spit…
    Water pick with mouth wash works for a little bit…
    Oil of Oregano depending on how bad the tooth ache, it has a horrendous taste but It numbs the whole mouth…
    Im going to try the vanilla extract and see if that works, im 22 years old and pregnant trying to come up with a safe home cure as I cant afford a dentist right now, and I dont want to take anything really heavy in case it hurts the baby….If you have any cures that work…keep em Coming..

  • Jason

    glass of water,one teaspoon of salt,3-4 teaspoons of onion powder,3-4 teaspoons of garlic powder.Swishing this in your mouth will instantly get rid of the unbearable pain.I could not stand the taste so i used a q-tip to apply to affected area.Going to eat and go to sleep now.

  • Michaelia

    Ive had this tooth ache for a month now and i don’t know what to do, i hate going to the dentist, but im in so much pain. what the best cure for it thats quick and esay?

  • Gigi

    Gigi try the ice.

  • Kacee

    My mom has a high tolerance for pain and never cries but she has had a toothache for the last two days that has been unbearable. Not eating or sleeping. Believe it is infected. Easter Sunday, nothing is open. Read the remedies and first one we tried was liquor, makes sense. Couple drops of Jack Daniels on the tooth that is hurting and she said instantly the pain stopped. Now she can at least rest without crying.

  • Shawna Cole

    DO NOT TRY SALT N’ PEPPER,VANILLA EXTRACT OR anything else like what everyone else says THEY DONT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!! ive tried everything..and if someone fines something that everyone else has tried and dont work let me know

  • Isabel

    I have a wisdom tooth that bothers me every once in a while, not enough to have it out yet, but this is one of the times that it’s bothering me. The gum around it is swollen and is painful. I tried the vanilla extract on a q tip method and with in seconds it worked. The pain is gone. Thanks!!!!!!!!

  • Johnny Biz

    omg !! Please someone help me…. I have an extreme toothache. I am in the worst pain of my life !!! My dentist will not see me till MAy 1st !!!!!!!!! PLEASE ANYONE!!! ?

  • Troy

    Donโ€™t impress anyone, by opening beer bottles with your teeth. I was young and dumb then, and I thought nothing could hurt me. Now Iโ€™m paying for it. Big time! I had to have all those teeth filled and it cost a fortune, and now the fillings fell out. Most of my jaw teeth are gone, and what remains is killing me. The opening where the filling was has been open for some time now, and all the stuff in there has opened it to the nerve. . What I do is I use an aspirin. I put it beside the sore tooth let it dissolve, and work the slurry into the cavity. Once thatโ€™s done I take a small piece of paraffin wax, and let it warm up in my mouth to make it pliable. With the aspirin slurry in the cavity I install the wax to keep it in place. The wax keeps out the air and hot, cold extremes. Very effective.

  • James

    Who ever suggested vanilla extract, that is freaking brilliant. Instant relief. I only wish I would have found that out during the winter when I was stuck in a salt truck plowing snow for 16 hours aday.

  • Tammi Shively

    I just have to say I have a big hole one one of my back teeth (don’t have insurance) and can’t pay out of pocket right now. So my pain was 15 out of 10 I’m a smoker and Monster drinker so it made it worse but you can’t just stop. Well I tried the Vanilla Extract and after it quit stinging It took it bacck down to about a 9 i can live with that thanx.

  • Bek

    I was dealing with an absess for the last two nights ~ I finally took a pin & manually drained the puss/infection & spit it out. After I got what I could I rinsed my mouth with salt water.

    Finally I am feeling like a normal human again!

    I have used FRESH garlic cloves before & it worked like a charm ~ didn’t have any around this time.

  • sonia k.

    I know Oil of Cloves works for sure. I have a bottle I know is decades old, it still works. It gives a numbing sensation for an hour.Tastes bad, and don’t get it on your lips. I apply it with a Q-tip to my molar.

  • moni

    NIFLAMOL!!!!! It’s a greek medicine which I got from a pharmacy while on holiday in Greece. Best ever!!!! I had a massive infection which has almost ruined my holiday but thanks to niflamol I got better in minutes. Don’t know if there is anything like that available outside of Greece. Couldn’t find it in London and I really need one now cos nothing else seems to work!!!


    I am really suffering more from this tooth ache. I will try one of the tip given here. Thanks all of U.

  • steph


  • Dinece

    I jus had a toothache that caused me to also have serious serious ear ache. For my tooth, i simply rinse my mouth 2 or 3 times with green rubbing alcohol & the pain is gone instantly. My uncle taught me that one, he says that it kills the nerve in the tooth. But when i did not have alcohol i used liquid or gel Anbesol directly in the hole in my tooth which within 2 or 3 minutes was gone. But with that ear ache…OMG worster than the toothache 2 me but i went online lookin 4 home remedies 4 relief 4 a ear infection & i found one that says vodka works so i tried that, that helped a little so i tried another that said heat up oil n i tried that they both helped but im still hittin’ the doctors & get my tooth pulled & gettin sum antibiotics 4 my ear. Hope this helps

  • Leigh

    The only part of a root canal that hurts is when the endodonist numbs the area around the tooth they’re going to work on. That pain is NOTHING compared to a toothache, though. Once the procudure is done, you’ll have no pain because the nerve and pulp have been removed from the tooth. But, make sure you return to the dentist to get a crown molded, fitted, and placed onto the tooth to protect it. Otherwise, the tooth will become weaker and can crack or break apart. I had a root canal a few years ago and couldn’t afford returning to the dentist for the crown. The following year my tooth fractured and began to chip and break off in pieces. Eventually I had to have the tooth extracted. I was so mad at myself – ultimately I wasted money on getting the root canal done because I lost the tooth anyway – plus I had to pay for a specialist to extract the tooth – and I now I look ghetto fabulous with a missing tooth. If i want to replace the missing tooth with an implant it’ll be 2K. As scary as a root canal sounds, it’s really the best solution if you want to save your tooth.

  • Darlene

    Wow I had the biggest toothache ever. find this website see vannilla extract..hmmm really well got it lets try it…so I use the cotton ball method and ice in a bag. sitting here reading along all these funny rems and then I was laughing and then I was like wow no more pain….I am laughing and not crying a few minutes ago…thanks everyone!!

  • tia

    one thing that helps me is to brush my teeth really good then rinse or swish with mouthwash. the best thing i found to work for me though is a HOT shower!!

  • Lisa

    Several days ago i developed a pain on my gums. I did not know if it was my tooth or my gums. By the next morning my jaw was swollen as well as my gum. This was accompanied by quite a lot of pain. I happened to have some silver shield left from an injury my son had. Silver shield is a natural antibiotic. I used a q-tip and swabbed the swollen area of my gum. I also just stated to take raw apple cider vinegar two times a day. So I am not certain which one or if both together provided relief. Relief of the pain started right away. About two hours after swabbing and drinking my apple cider vinegar the infected area started releasing the infection. I swabbed alot of the gunk away and rinsed to get more out. I have followed these steps for two days now. The swelling is gone from my jaw. There is still some tenderness but not the constant pain.

  • divafa

    vanilla extract work….ty so much

  • sarah

    i’ve had a sinus infection for about a week, now….and apparently, you can get a toothache from a sinus infection….i was one of those lucky ones….i haven’t had a toothache since i was probably 10 and it was KILLING me!! so, i would just like to say to all of you that suggested vanilla extract….THANK YOU!! you are my saving grace….it feels so much better….i can’t even tell i had a toothache!!

  • Ranjani

    Some days ago I suffered from terrible toothache. My gums were pretty strong and my teeth was weak. That was the reason , probably, why it couldnt penetrate through the gums and grow.
    Then i used a way to relieve toothache. I used my index and thumb to massage my gums befor eand after meal. It really works.

  • cooshie

    i tried the vanilla extract and it wasn’t total pain gone relief but it helps bring it down to a tolerant level of pain.

  • lora

    most people try things like medicine and other stuff,i found that you can have instant toothache relief, just use sodium fluoride tooth paste. take a small amount of tooth paste(about pea size)and put it on a tooth brush an softly brush affected area.

  • tom

    i tried the fluoride and it works really well.i can now sleep do to pain gone relief. thanks Lora for the tip it helped a lot.

  • Ashley

    DO NOT EVER put ice on a tooth that hurts. It will not cause relief, it just makes it hurt A WHOLE WHOLE lot more.!!!

  • AShley

    Put a hot rag up against your jaw on the side of the aching tooth, and massage.

  • Cassondra

    Vanilla extract, burns like the dickens. But I found that if you swish in mouth for 3 to 4 minutes and then repeat this process a couple more times with a minute or two in between it really works n it lasts up to 3 or four hours I also took motrin or loratab I had left from a past surgery, it’s has been the biggest relief considering that I’ve been up since 7am yesterday pain was excrutiating last night I was literally crying and considered bashing my mouth into the wall to stop the pain. Then I found this web site an out of pure misery thought why not and tried the things I had on hand, and the vanilla extract has worked the best. It’s crazy how the first appt I could get at an emergency clinic is three days away but goin to call family doctor for antibiotic and pain meds first thing Monday. Dentist won’t do anything till infection is cleared up. Wouldn’t ya know the pain would start on a Friday night. Thanks for all the remedies. Best of luck to fellow sufferers:)

  • Amanda

    Oh my lord…never had a toothache until now and I am freakin’ dying. I’ve been dealing with this for 5 days now. Due to confusion with our insurance I cannot be seen, or even make an appt. til the first of June. That’s a very long and extremely painful 22 days away!!! I have a 2 yr old and newborn. I cannot deal with this pain until then. I would rather go through their births again one right after the other than experience this (and I had them both natural!!!). What a way to spend mother’s day huh? I’m seriously considering going to a dentist and pay out of pocket just to see what is wrong and what needs to be done that way I don’t have to mess with all that once my insurance kicks in. Or going to the ER even. When it first started it was just a little pain and I was absolutely terrified thinking it’s my wisdom teeth needing to be pulled. I am NO LONGER AFRAID. I just want this pain gone. It has consumed my life. I’ve read every single post on this page.

    Chewing on whole cloves (don’t have clove oil…yet) worked the first couple days. Now they bump into my gums and it hurts. Vanilla extract and Listerine works bc of the alcohol content, therefore so does Seagrams 7, and Crown Royal (the liquor we have in the house right now). I’ve been brushing my teeth with baking soda, rinsing with warm salt water, swish Listerine around my mouth. That seems to work for a bit but nothing will be permanent until I can see the dentist.

    Good luck to everyone. I don’t wish this pain on anybody.

  • Tiffany

    Lemon extract was a miracle. My sister is dancing with joy.

  • Joe

    I have been getting toothaches pretty regular now and I rinse with salt water and then eat a couple pieces of bread “plain” and for some reason it actually helps. Just thought i would let you guys know since bread is easy to come by, I think i will try the alcohol thing.

  • Jay

    I tried warm salt water, ibuprofen, vanilla extract, brushing my teeth, mouthwash, oral mouth relief gel, and flossing…STILL PAIN!

    Hurts so bad. No insurance of course. I have insurance through my college, but not dental. Can’t take any more ibuprofen because i am on an antibiotic for another issue for a week.

    Man, wish there was a REAL remedy out there that worked. Let me know if there is

  • Frank

    Its the weekend and my dentist is not around so I have to wait till monday to make an appt. I have a terrible toothache and it is keeping me from sleeping. I would rather get kicked in the groin than to feel this pain,but I think I will try the vanilla extract. I normally have a high tolerance for pain, but I guess as I am getting older, I feel more pain. Does anyone know if minced garlic would be ok?

  • Jackilyn

    The vanilla extract did not work. I know not everything works for everyone but thanks for all the tips.

  • michelle

    The vanilla kinda works I’m not crying in pain like I wise


  • Man this toothache hurts

    I think I have tried just about everything on here and some of it worked and some of it didnt..The best thing I have found so far is the vanilla extract..I have went to the dentist tried to get a tooth pulled all he was able to do was loosen it up some because he couldnt get me numb enough so therefore I have been having to deal with the pain because i have no insurance nor can I afford to go to an oral surgeon to be put asleep to pull the tooth..I hope this helps because this is week three for me suffering with toothaches that can strike at anytime..

  • Kristen

    DO NOT PUT COLD ICE ON IT! If you have an abscess then it will only put it in further. Believe me. I am on antibiotics now because of it.

    Before that though. I used Mint Extract. It burns terribly but it is 89% alcohol and it was the only thing that helped me sleep.

    Good luck. Teeth pain in horrible.

  • Ashley

    All of these remedies is only a temporary fix!! Anyone who thinks its going to be permanant your in for a rude awakening. I have had my share of toothaches. Oraljel is a joke,Clove oil does work, Along w a swig of whiskey. My tooth pain was really bad to the point I didnt want to talk or eat.I just tried vanilla and i did feel some relief dont know how long its going to last,but thanks!!
    To those who are feeling extreme pain like me: I’ll spare you some more in saying DO NOT TRY ICE CUBES!!!

  • paulette

    hi i am a twenty three year old who had a toothache for the past two days and boy does it hurt. i was up crying like a baby. tried eating some fish and i must tell u for the first time in my LIfe food actually tasted like crap. i am going to try the vanilla extract and see how that works

  • Joesph

    well, I have been under toothache pain for the last 2 to 3 weeks now and let me tell you its no fun. You know what they say, 2 things can ruin your day for sure – leg pain and toothache. It’s like you are a prisoner within your own body – can’t run away from it or ignore it. It is right there where you are all the time hurting you.

    Well, I have 5 cavities and 2 of them are starting to give me pain in the ass. Even though I only have a day left before I go to see a dentist, the pain is still there. I have tried pretty much everything not a relief in sight. However, toothpaste never let me down although the pain is not completely gone. You can feel the soreness, pressure and slight pain and irritation in your cum. But anything is better than nothing.

    I did try the warm salt water and it actually made it worse. I guess it depends on whether you have open wound and infect or just cavities. In my case, I have cavities and open wound with infection. So, salt water did not work and will not work for someone with more just cavities.

  • Ed

    I use a store brand (or national brand) oral liquid pain reliever and some migraine pain pills (or powders). After a few applications I get some relief-enough to fall asleep for a few hours-BUT MOST IMPORTANT PLEASE YOUR DENTIST NO MATTER HOW MUCH IT MAY COSTS-mine is not a money grabber!!!

  • dave

    I’ve been up for hours now trying the different home remedies to no avail and I’ve finally found the ONE! Put a shell in my S&W .38, pull the hammer back and squee

  • Sarah

    The pain from a toothache is caused from infection. Get rid of the infection & You will get rid of the pain. Oil of Oregano is $20.00 for a one ounce bottle that you can get at GNC. This stuff kills infection and is worth it’s weight in gold. It tastes terrible. It always cures my toothaches when applied topically,& it kills bacterial, fungal and viral infections in the body. I suggest filling a few gel caps and taking 3 to 4 … 3 times a day. MEAT< CHEESE and SUGAR FEED INFECTIONS!, so stay off them when fighting an infection! This works for me every time!

  • Jamie

    I have two children and a toothache is worth than labor by far. But I have found that if you rinse your mouth with warm salt water, then brush and rinse with any alcohol based mouth wash it helps at least 85%. I have been down with a toothache for a week & the first time that I did this the pain was decreased dramatically.


    today i had toothache, major pain.

    just took a niflamol 250 mg

    pain is gone.i am relieved.

  • Geraldine

    I had a really bad abcess and swollrn jaw. I could not eat and could barely open my mouth. Rubbing the Vicks rub onto my swollen cheek and placing a paper towel over it and resting…really did the job. Also, rinsing my mouth with apple cider vinegar and myrrh.

  • Shanna

    Do not try hot or cold anything! If your toothache is bad enough like a chipped tooth such as mine, don’t do hot or cold but you probably already knew that and figured it would hurt if you can’t even brush your teeth with cool water or drink hot drink comfortably.

    I have always done the whiskey (prefer JD) hold it there for a few seconds but wanted to try the baby asprin and vanilla as well.

    The asprin if you place it right there with your sore tooth (for mine 1/2 missing placed the asrin right up in the missing tooth area. Also was rubbing with 1 finger the gum area above the whole side of my mouth and found those two combined work (making it bearable).

    As for the vanilla, it worked I think it has something to do with the alcohol in it though got the same result with some whiskey but for people who bake and not drink great remedy.

  • James

    Yeah Ice cubes are NOT GOOD to chew on !

    Take normal tooth paste, then crush a aspirin or other white little pain killer and mix both together into a baby blue paste.

    Brush teeth with that mixture, especially the one that has the hole in it. Nicely brush the tooth and the surrounding area thoroughly for 2 – 5 minutes and re-apply paste if needed.

    To maximize results, don’t gobble with water instead use a high % liquor like brandy, vodka or methanol. Also, don’t wet the toothpaste with water as usual, use above-mentioned liquor instead.

    Note, don’t swallow any of the given solution together they may cause unexpected harmful results !

  • Kayla Thomas

    my husband has a shattered infected tooth and can’t see the dentist until monday. i have read all of these tips and let me tell you i am greatful for these tips. I have found that the vanilla extract works wonders. he was to the point of tears until i told him to try the vanilla and it worked instantly. now he is out like a baby. every time the pain starts to come back he just uses a q- tip dabbed in the vanilla extract and bites down on the painful tooth. works wonders. Thanks!!!!

  • akram

    thanxz, thanxz. thanxz. i dont know how to explain! im speechless1 coz during my duty hours im dying in toothach! morning 7 to untill eve 3pm during the hours i get 3 panadols but it dosent work! finally i dont no what to do i wipe my tears an try to find some home remdies i did onion an garlic paste its work more then a 10 min! then i feel like as a usual days! once again i like to thanxz the team!

  • missi

    so i hurt like everyone else so i mixed the vanilla and the peroxide half and half its been 30 min and still no pain thanks everyone

  • Carla

    For a Cavity with a hole in it ,Get you a Toothach Kit called Red Cross from Walgreen .Get a heating pad someones antibiotic pills how ever many they may have in case of infection ,keep mouth clean with warm water .and for sleep at night 2extra strenght advil pm. until you are able to get to the dentist.Trust me and who ever elese thought of seeing your local Walgreen pharmacist for advice it WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anthony

    So a toothache flamed up while i was at work and was so severe that it ended up giving me a headache and made me vomit….regardless i had to leave work early because of it. so i came home and got on here and was reading through your posts. Whoever had the tip about Dentemp (available at CVS) is a life saver! i put the putty like substance on my cavity and instantly the pain subsided. its basicaly an at home filling kit. its supposed to last for 6 months which is plenty long enough for me to get to the dentist. if nothing else works and you have an exposed nerve in your tooth, try this stuff it cured me!

  • Mary

    Ok it works vanilla extract it can even be imitation. this is for nerve hurting pain poor or use big table spoon put in mouth hold on the side that the tooth is that hurts, this will burn bad but wait and wait within a couple of minites it will stop burning repeat if needed the second time it wont take that long rinse mouth out afterwards your toothache is gone and for dry socket and major tooth ache go get red cross tooth ache medicine best 6 dollars ever spent.

  • Hilary

    i tried vanilla extract, and now salt water. i also tried to ice my tooth and holding a cold potato to it. the combination seems to be working. i have a tooth that is partially rotted on the side, and on top of that i grind my teeth and got hit in the face a few days ago with a video game controller.

    my biggest and MOST HELPFUL TIP i can provide is to lie on your back, so your teeth dont close together. keep your head at the ceiling as long as possible. my heart goes out to everyone with a toothache. ive ripped tendons and that was nothing compared to this hell. fingers crossed i can be seen at the dentist tomorrow. im about to try canadian whiskey, hopefully mom mom wont be too mad.

  • Gary Sellars

    I didn’t read the over 400 responses but I did see the essential oils that I know help, but here’s what I’ve done and it is very effective.

    First, understand that the pain is caused by bacteria, meaning the area where there’s pain is not clean. It’s hard to keep a mouth clean because of all the things going on in it, but hydrogen peroxide (I’m only referencing the 3% that you commonly find at the store) and warm salt water are very effective. Be sure to never use more than 50% hydrogen peroxide as it drys out your mouth and damages tissue if too concentrated. Some recommend less than 10% and some up to 50% but it depends on how long it’s in your mouth and how thoroughly you disperse it. Don’t use so much salt that it burns. About a 20-35% hydrogen peroxide with warm salt water and washing your mouth with it frequently will help a great deal.

    Unfortunately, if you have a puss pocket, you need to break it to get the puss out and that will be painful, but if you don’t do it, it’s going to be far more painful than the pain to break it. Wash thoroughly.

    If you’ll remember that the pain is directly related to the lack of cleanliness in most instances, you’ll be able to stay on top of the situation. Sugar will aggravate the pain, so stay away from sugar.

    Always rinse your mouth out with plain water after using hydrogen peroxide and/or salt water.

  • Gary Sellars

    I failed to mention… it’s a strange thing, but when you know everything is clean, clean, clean, and you still have pain, that’s when eating relieves the pain, just make sure you clean not terribly long after you eat — but not right away. I thought about this when I was writing the first post, but didn’t put it in. I don’t know why this is, but after I posted, I backed up and read that someone mentioned eating bread and I thought it would be good to add that he’s right. There are a lot of things that you can eat… but not sweets. You’ll regret that.

    If you can’t get rid of the pain, then you’re not killing the bacteria… and to be thorough can sometimes be painful. I’ve had many toothaches and never went to the dentist for any of them.

  • Dawn R

    Get some Rum… dab a lil on the infected area/tooth and then take a swig and swish all around for a minute or so. It will burn.. do this several times and the pain will subside

  • Liz

    Hey everyone, sad to say I see lots of people suffer from toothaches. This point MUST be taken. Do NOT use the cold remedies, as they can cause the infection to get worse. If the pain is enough to make you cry, get the dentist on the phone and make an appointment asap. If you have to, be a little pushy, but do remember your manners. I have to say, the vanilla helped me, but seeing as I am not old enough to use the liquor ideas, its one of the few I can use.
    Thanks to you all who have put in tips, they helped alot. I hope you all can rid yourselves of those horrible toothaches from hell quickly.
    –Liz =]

  • Lorre

    I have a combination of bad teeth / gums and allergies that really irritate my sinuses which compounds the problem.

    I alternate the use of several different remedies with varying results depending on the level of pain. Sometimes, it’s so bad I get sick to my stomach. Other times, it’s just a dull ache or throbbing pain.

    Minty toothpaste
    Minty mouthwash
    Minty gum + the chewing action helps
    Menthol cough drops
    Salt water rinse
    Cold drink / Hot drink
    Hot washcloth / Cold washcloth to the area(s)
    DenTek Toothache Relief with Benzocaine (numbs whatever area it touches so be careful and don’t swallow any of it)

    Sinus / Allergy / Pain pills really don’t help much unless used with the above remedies.

    Thanks for sharing your tips with me.

  • Here’s mine…

    I tried all of what i had-i tried the vanilla-i tried the ice on the opposite side of the toothache-i did the rubbing of the same hand-all of what i had i did. I have to say the brushing was nice because i used one of those sonic cheap toothbrushes and it felt like a mouth massage, especially on the tooth-then for a little longer than 3 minutes, i rinsed with hot hot water and then this really nice cleaning mouthwash from listering (the purple one)which made my whole mouth numb-this is when i should have just got the percogesic-which i recommend you all do. then I went and did the vanilla-first, just letting it sit there for 2 minutes-it tasted nice-it may be working now-i don’t know-but then i woke the husband up and started screaming to him to kill me because the tooth was throbbing and the pain would not go away-i screamed something about money and he tried to calm me down by handing money to me. he then said to me to check my blood pressure. I went and took 2 pills of this stuff called percogesic-which has benadryl in it and tylenol and then 4 of my liquid advil (store brand, of course). I then proceeded to sit with the blood pressure monitor and saw that it was OMG EXTREMELY HIGH! I was in the second stage of hypertension. so I took a low dose aspirin and lied down on the bed hearing the husband talk to me. The blood pressure went down and so did the tooth pain. I at present feel a little bit of a twinge-but i think that’s because I’m not asleep-it’s 3:30 am. it worked for me-it should work for you guys-so this is what i am saying,
    1) calm down
    2) if you have one in your house, take your blood pressure, but if you don’t, get your but to the nearest 24-hour pharmacy and have the pharmacist come around and take your blood pressure, or sit at the machine-it depends which is your 24-hour pharmacy-our closest one is Walgreens-i like walgreens better since actual human beings administer it!
    3) calm down
    4) if you have a prescription of any kind ( I have some vicodins) take this now with 4 regular pills of advil-just 200 mg tabs: 800 milligrams total
    5) calm down
    6) if your blood pressure is high, take a low dose aspirin
    7) and to ultimately calm down, take a benadryl, and if that don’t work-locate SOMEBODY-close to you and your home-to talk calm things to you and just relax, or do what i am about to do-turn on some music, very soothing music and just go to bed. wait for all the pain relief to start working and then just go to bed. Hope this works for you!

  • Jean Burlon

    My deal is I have other health issues that prevent me from going to dentist – medicaid Dr.visits ran out and have to wait for JULY!!
    Then they have to take me off the Coumadin to do Dentist.

    Meanwhile, I put toothpate and then dip toothbrush in baking soda and brush the tooth, then I gargle with peroxide. I have always used this method of brushing to prevent gum disease anyway.

    I noticed that my cavity would stop hurting for quite a while after brushing with this method. I floss as well to get all the food out between the teeth.

    Well today my tooth started hurting while at my neighbors house. I ran home to brush and not thinking – I just used my Colgate toothpaste and the pain stopped instantly!!

    I tried it again after I ate (flossed first) – I brushed and left the toothpaste in mouth (did not rinse). It worked again!!
    Try it!!

    Also use the toothpaste/baking soda and peroxide for your regular brushings as it will help keep infections away until you get to dentist… Take at least 1000 to 3000mg of Vitamin C along with a multivitamin.

    Good Luck.

  • Chris

    After being up for several hours with a toothache and 2 vicoden later. The peroxide finally worked. Took a swig and let it sit on the tooth that was bothering me and after about 15 or 20 seconds the pain was almost imediatly gone.


    30 minutes ago im in pain,I cannot sleep.I tried garlic it didnt work,i put vicks also not work,i see some suggested clove oil.I dont know what is this oil so I try virgin coconut oil which is available and used for my baby.Soaked a cotton and inserted in my tooth.I was relieved.I can sleep now….Thank you for the tips.

  • bertha

    Listerine total care hold it in your mouth for a min then spit out. burn a little but really helps. then take two Aleves it worked for me and i was in so much pain. felt my the whole side of my face was swollen. it helped within a few minuets i felt almost instant relief. hope it helps you

  • nicole

    rinse mouth with warm salt water then place a piece of raw onion on the tooth or gums. this provides imediate releif.

  • juggy

    i tried using goods headache powders and a cotton ball its taking away some of the pain for now

  • Donna

    My husband has had a really bad toothache since Friday night (of course it always happens when you couldn’t possibly find a dentist)and nothing we tried would take away the pain. So I went online and read some of the tips that people sent in and decided to try the vanilla extract tip. If I didn’t see it with my own eyes I would not believe it. Within a few minutes of sipping some vanilla extract and letting it sit in your mouth on the side of the toothache, the pain was gone and it lasted for about four hours. I say, if you have it, give it a try. It really works!

  • Sarah

    I just tried the Vanilla Extract and i seems to be working and before I tried it I was crying so much … But im also now going to try the Vicks vapor rub and go lay down and see if the pain stays away

  • LD

    So i have had a bad toothache for a few days and my face even swelled up a little bit. I read most of the posts on here and thought i would give almost everything a shot. I started by brushing my teeth with tea tree oil toothpaste which actually felt really good. Then i took about 4 oz of HOT water and added a shitload of salt then swished it in my mouth for a minute or so then spit it out, and did that till all of the nasty salt water was gone. It seriously made me want to throw up but afterwards i felt so much better. THEN! I swished whiskey in my mouth and felt great. I decided to go even further and made a little magic potion with clove oil, ground clove, and pure vanilla extract. used a qtip and rubbed it into my gums and tried to get as much as i could up into the cavity. I let that sit on there for a while and then lastly, i just did a regular ol’ listerine swish for about a minute. Last night was the first night in about 5 days that i didnt have to take ibuprofen before going to bed. BUT I did sleep with an ice pack. It really helps. Makes me not wake up with pain. Right now i am chewing on a piece of whole clove and when it gets too intense i just tuck it in my cheek like a little chipmunk next to my hurty tooth. So I just want to encourage anyone with a hurty tooth, like me… that if one thing doesnt work try something else, or try it all! Good luck and I am sorry if you had to read this cause that’s gotta mean you are in some SERIOUS PAIN!

  • Terrence Hatch

    Gold Bond medicated anti-itch cream cured my toothache within about a minute after all kinds of other things failed, and the pain didn’t come back. I found it on an Internet blog, so I’ll pass on the favor. You have to rub it in and brush it in vigorously, and it tastes like Listerine and is meant for external use, so rinse it out thoroughly.

  • Hilary

    Ok, The whiskey worked for numbing the pain. the next day i went to the dentist & he immediately rushed me to the oral surgeon. She drained about 1/4 tablespoon of blood and puss from the hurting tooth. what she thought was an abscess, turned out to be a cyst. if you’re anywhere near the NH, MA area i highly recommend Steinert Endodontic Associates Llc. she’s the absolute best, i felt better the second i left her office. dont put off the dentist

  • jennifer

    last night i was in unbearable pain… crying non-stop… i keep ice-cold vodka mixed with powerade on it, when the liquid in my mouth was no longer cold i would swallow it and put more on the tooth, the pain finally subsided enough to somewhat function properly, but with this being a holiday weekend the earliest i’ll be able to be seen in tuesday… (it’s only saturday now) i just hope i can keep the pain at bay long enough to care of my two children ages 6 and 8

  • Johnny

    I have been dealing with rotten, and shattered teeth for about 4 years now, since I was homeless for a couple years and didnt have a toothbrush. And I have tried to put ground cloves on the areas, novacane, oregel, hot salty water, proxide, advil, liquid gel advil…the list goes on, and tonight I found the best one so far, I read on this site that a tea bag works, plus somewhere else someone said green tea works, so i grabbed a green tea tea bag, rolled it up Ran a little hot water on it and stuffed it in my upper lip, like a dip. and wow, instant feeling better. but just like anything else, it probably wont work for ever, so hopefully with in the next two days, i will get to a dentist or something…I have all 4 wisdoms that need pulled out, plus a few others that need fillings, caps or whatever else….

  • Tim


  • Old Fart

    I tried a hybrid of 2 that seems to be making it possible for me to sleep tonight… I’ve read about the tea bags and have used the Scotch in the past… so… soak a teabag in a teaspoon or two of scotch in a coffee cup (or whatever is handy)and put it between the tooth and cheek, wrapping around the bottom (or top if it’s a bottom tooth) so you can “bite down” on it… not too hard if you don’t want looses tea in your mouth.. every 5-10 minutes, dunk the teabag and repeat… now to watch an episode of Deep Space Nine and fall asleep in the recliner (got out of bed so the better half could sleep without me tossing all night).. God Bless All… Immigrants welcome, settlers go home. Psalm 109:8

  • Deez

    Whoever said clove oil is the main ingredient in Novocaine is wrong. Novocaine is a brand name for procaine. The one & only ingredient in Novocaine is procaine, which is a local anaesthetic from the same family of drugs as cocaine.

  • Carol

    First of all this site is great…. My husband is suffering with a toothache, so thats why I am here, Ive been reading all the tips & saw the one for lemon juice, well I am unfortuantely out of lemon juice so I had him hold some lime juice on his tooth for 1 minute, & well to my surprise, he says it worked, so heres another option to try not saying it will work for everyone, but it cant hurt anymore than the throbbing toothache to try it… Hope it helps..

  • tili ayala

    I am crying due to my toothache! I will just do the warm salt water gargle till the pain goes away, or I wish I could do some domestic work in exchange of the care I need to stop the pain. what ever happened to old fashioned work, like work in exchange of service? I really mean that! can a Dentist please help me? I have no med.Ins. HELP! stop this pain!

  • chriscee

    Well I have been dealing with this tooth ache for 3 days and even got some antibiotics for it, tried all of the above and still no relief until tonight I put a bayer aspirin right on my tooth and Waa-laa…I am now pain free and able to drink and eat..thanks to my b/f for the advice I am passing it on to all of you…try it, it works!

  • Sininil

    I have tried every remedy on this site. I have a wisdom tooth that my dentist originally broke in order to remove it only to discover that there is a nerve growing thru it that should have grown under it so he left the rest of the tooth where it was. He says taking the nerve out will cause numbness on that side of my face and I believe him because my chin was numb almost three months after he broke my tooth. Anyway it flares up ever six months or so and swells and hurts like the dickens. None of the remedies on here really worked but someone had said something about mint and another person had said tobacoo so I had some Camel SNUS frost here which is spitless tobacco in a pouch and is mint. I put that on the area above where my wisdom tooth is and viola it went numb. …..Just don’t get hooked on the nicotine lol. If you smoke don’t smoke while using this as you’ll get a cigarette dose from swollowing. If you don’t smoke then spit instead of swallowing. It really did work.

  • Denise

    …I have been in pain for about 2 days with a toothache. Aleve works when you take 3 pills and a warm compress on your cheek. It does take away a lil bit of the swollen-ness on your jaw but it does feel better. If it comes back again. I am ready..and I am stealing my aunts heating pad!!

  • Alex

    I can’t believe no one mentioned Propolis drops. It’s what bees use to keep the bacteria out. It’s natural and good for you.

    Ever since I was a little boy my grandma used Propolis drops for everything: cuts, bruises, sore throat, toothache. It would close huge cuts instantly.

    It’s 200 in 1 ultimate home remedy.

    Just apply a few drops and the pain is gone.

  • KevLo

    I have some of the worst teeth. Best thing is

    CLOVE OIL…nasty as all outdoors but effective. Vanilla Extract works the first couple of times but I’ma tell u

    slight bit of peroxide and salt water(warm) and lay a touch of that
    nasty CLOVE OIL

    and your pain will be gone for a couple weeks maybe even a few months..

  • Miranda

    I have just tried the vanilla extract and it worked for a few minutes. The best thing so far I have found is holding a peppermint tea bag against the tooth.

  • Joslyn

    So I didn’t have half the stuff that was suggested to use soooo, I made my own little concoction. I used salt, pepper, and toothpaste and it helped a little. My tooth still hurts a bit, but I can actually function without wanting to rip my or anyone elses head off. It’s not the best tasting thing in the world, but it’s so much better than a throbbing toothache. For sure!

  • gemma

    i have to babys and a reaaly sore tooth ache so u can imagine wat suffering i am under,,,,, tried vanilla extract ,,,,,it makes it worse the salt in hot water is easing it a bit thanx 4 every1s tips x

  • Josh


    Thankfully, Josh

  • Alberta Trucker

    I have been suffering with a tooth ache since Friday night. I came to this site looking for a remedy and tried many. The garlic and salt worked long enough for me to rest last night and I did not have vanilla extract but did have Almond extract which worked but only temporarily. An over the counter remedy called “KANKA” for canker and denture sores works well, but is temporary as well. It is antiseptic/anesthetic. I got looking through my shaving kit and found a container of “Tincture of Iodine” – 2.5%. I remember why it was in my shaving kit, it was and is the best thing for a tooth ache. Soak a Q-Tip with the Iodine and drop a drop on the tooth, Bam! The tooth ache is gone!!! It will turn the tooth black and turns your skin red temporarily and man it works!!! Also the Iodine will help with any infection that is happening. Best remedy I have found but had forgotten all about it. It burns a little but works excellent!!!

    Iodine is also used to test how well the thyroid is working in your body. Smear some on the inside of your arm. A healthy thyroid will absorb it very quickly (this test on me, Iodine was gone the next day.) If it stays on your skin more that 24 hours, you might have thyroid troubles and you shouldsee your doctor. Good luck folks.

  • David B

    Once I had a good job with medical, dental and eye insurance. Then because labor is so much cheaper in Brazil they moved my job there to. Now I have no dental or eye care insurance. I do have medical however. I was able to take good care with regular check up and all but there is no way most of us can do it without insurance and no job. Anyway I found this site and used a childrens asprin and it has helped. I will try to get the Red Cross medicine if this pain starts back up. Thanks for all you tips. All of you are a blessing.

  • Jesse

    i been trying just salt with water it works for me but just for awhile and yea like josh i dont have insurance either but then i saw the lemon and so far its been like 10 min and no more pain but i cant even chew on both sides since one is this problem might be root thing between the tooths and the other side is my wisdom tooth its like still stuck between my gums lol my teeth are messed up but at least the lemon will let me sleep tonight ……thanks grandma

  • Patricia Campbell

    It is almost 4 in the morning and I am going crazy!! This time last year I suffered from an extreme toothache for days on the right side of the face and all I did was wash my mouth out with antiseptic mouthwash and hold a hot compress to it till the area warmed up and fell asleep each morning finally there ended up being an abses well it broke I puked pain gone well this year doing the same thing but on the opposite side only because I have no money no insurance off work due to another medical reason so for those of you who are suffering we are all in the same boat but I will try some of these other remedies later on when I get up!! Tooth doing good now so best rest b4 the pain decides I don’t get to sleep plus sleeping in livingroom away from hubby don’t want to keep him up again!!!

  • Jonah H.

    Cold will sink infections.

    Heat\Cold are minor relief, but heat is the way to go.
    Smoking a cigarette will kill moderate aches, might hurt inhaling cold air if it’s a really bad ache, but the smoke will dull it.

    If you really want instant relief, get a whole garlic and grind some of it into some warm water, lasts long enough to put you to sleep.

    If you don’t have an infection, then the garlic probably won’t help you much, but hot water will, hop in the shower and let the shower head run directly on the cheek where the ache is, god forbid if you have aches on both sides (i’ve had them)

  • Ann

    OMG! I have just suffered 4 days with a toothache – I was sure it was either and abcess or I fractured the rooth underneath my bridge. I started taking antibiotics immediately, and itdid NOTHING! I added Extra-strenght tylenol, and it felt better but kept throbbing with both. Finally, I tried some CLOVE EXTRACT and it felt better immediately – then I wet down a a GREEN TEA bag, and placed it between my cheek and gum (by the infected tooth) for abut 5 minutes and that made it even better! I go to the dentist tomorrow but for now the pain is TOTALLY gone! Please remember this for an emergency – Clove oil and green tea!

  • adell

    Like many others, I found this page in a last ditch effort to ease the unbearable pain in my mouth/head due to a tooth ache.

    I have to say just reading through everyone else’s comments made it a little more bearable. It also helped knowing I am not the only one out there, sleepless and suffering. So, based on the comments i read I decided to try whiskey and it worked like a hot damn! Thank you everyone for all you tips and stories of personal experience. I hope this page finds many other sleepless sufferers and brings them relief!


  • Trace P

    Well, I did the whiskey from pre-teen on up…Thanks to that, I LOVE whiskey..lol….Tried a regular aspirin, chewing them NONstop..have an ulcer now..lol..did the listerine, antibiotics, brushing with sensodyne, laying on ice packs and heating pads…antibiotics, pain pills, the toothache medicine that smells like straight up cloves..The best thing that worked was “Dentemp” a temporary filling they sell at wal mart and most drug stores…..Sadly, my parents never took me to a dentist while growing up, unless the tooth was just too bad and the only remedy was extraction! I never in my life got to experience a filling or rootcanal or cleaning etc..not that I am complaining..I took horrid care of my teeth! Was a drug abuser which certainly did not help at all!!! I had always thought dentures would be cool… Finally, at the age of 31, I got my teeth pulled..all 13 and 1/2 of them, and I got dentures…I always thought my whole life it would be fun to have dentures…UNTIL I finally got them!!
    So, I guess what I am getting at, is take care of your teeth, and if you get a nasty toothache, go to the store and try the Dentemp…it DOES help!!

  • stacy_g

    i have tried the vicks, salt, vanilla and all with no improvment I live in a small town that don’t sell any alchol and i couldn’t find any clove oil but i bought dry clove powder in the spice section and waded some in a paper towel andwet it with warm water then put it on my tooth and I finally found relief.

  • Becky

    Trader Joe’s Pure Bourbon Vanilla Extract seems to work. 2 applications yesterday on a Q-Tip and I’ve been pain-free for 13 hours. Either the root has finally finished dying, or the Vanilla remedy actually works! Did not have these results with Ibuprofen.
    RC scheduled for Wednesday.

  • ada

    i had terrible toothache,that made me run out of office to the dentist. After the x ray,curettage,washing and medication, the pain still came back.
    i now used lime,warm water and salt,the pain disappeared.

  • christina

    I am 54 yrs old. has always taken care of my teeth. However I saw a dentist 3 months ago, after not seeing one for 3 yrs because I lost my job. the dentist said I will need a root canal. I have no insurance. This tooth is now aching very much. I really hurts. I tried the salt and garlic. It has helped. Don’t know how long it will last, but the pain has stopped for now. Maybe now I can get some sleep.

  • Renee

    i am only 21 years old and have no back teeth all i have are front teeth i inherited bad teeth from my father and one tooth in the front is decaying pretty bad and its killing me, my whole life i have had tooth pain and have sat through it,cried through it and sat hours upon hours not sleeping, been addicted to opiates becuz of it, had stomach bleeding from taking every pain killer 10 times a day for 4 days until the pain stopped, and the swelling went down, which i know is utter stupidity but when you have nothing else you will do anything to get rid of the pain fast, i went to the dentist as a child 3 times but since the all the fillings have falling out along with the tooth, and i have not been back to the dentist becuase of the money it would cost i have health insurance but i cannot help not wanting to cost my father a future as the economy worsens, but as my front teeth (3 are beginning to decay) begin the same doom as my back i cant stand it anymore, i cant do the pain anymore, i am scared to put vanilla extract on exposed tooth becuz the sugar, please let me know if this matters being decayed or not i do the ice all the time but it dosent work long enoug and its hard to work, and i have nothing else like garlic or oniions,i would be eternally grateful if someone let me know if any of these worked on a exposed decaying tooth, i have absolutly terrible teeth sometimes i think i have the worst teeth ever and im scared the dentist wouldnt even know what to do with it, which i know is ridiculous but i cant help thinking it, i beleive i only have 5 teeth without noticable cavities ,i am planning a trip to the dentist but i feel the only hope i have at the moment is typing my whole story out and asking the other poeple with toothaches who i know sympathize with other people with toothaches its a horrible thing… so any tips would be greatly appreciated

  • Jay

    Putting a basic Advil capsule in between the lips and the sore tooth while smoking a cigarete works wonders! My mouth is swollen… but at least I have a dentist appointment 2morrow. If ur in pain, try anything!!! Btw… thank god I live in Canada!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • joe

    i used to have my tough pierced, i broke my wisdom tooth on my left side.. the pain was so intense i could have hurt someone so i checked on line for remedies. came across this site, i was reading along looking for something i had in the house i could use and seen lime. i ripped a big chunk of it off and filled the broken tooth with it.. and too my amazement it really worked and i don’t mean hours< minutes it worked on contact,god did it work.. i thank you to who ever wrote this or found out this method, you saved a lot of pain to myself and others…..{tip do not squeeze the juice out it works better still full of juice} and a gain thank you thank you and thank you……

  • milisa

    Thanks for the tips! I just gargled a super salty mix of warm water and salt for about 15 minutes and I have a good bit of relief! Hope it lasts for a little while!

  • Cody

    4 Motrin and 2 Tylenol every 4 hours, oragel directly on the tooth and surrounding gums, and 2 Unisom tablets before bed gets you through the pain. Trust me, I have been 1,000 miles away from home over a weekend with no dentist, and this helped get through the pain and still get a full nights sleep until I could see someone.

  • Dave

    I can’t believe I’m writing this because I’ve never posted anything to a website before but this was so helpful that I have to mention it. I was awake for 5 hours last night because of a horrible tooth ache. I tried Ambisol but that didn’t work. After laying in bed in pain for hours I decided to search the internet for tooth ache remedies and I found comments about vanilla extract and onion. Having all the doubts in the world about these, I was so desperate for relief that I was ready to try anything. First I used vanilla extract and kept it in my mouth for a couple of minutes around the affected tooth. Then I said, “What the h-ll.” I’ll try the onion thing too. I cut 2 small pieces of onion and placed them in the are of my tooth ache for 2-3 minutes. Then I went back to bed. In about an hour I could feel some relief and was able to get about 3 hours sleep before waking up with very little pain left. It’s now been 8 hours since I used these 2 methods and I don’t have any pain at all. Whadda ya know. These remedies work. HURRAY!!!

  • tootache from hell

    well i been up all night trying every thing i could fine in my house (which wasnt much) but i came online and started reading up on a few home remedies for toothache and i been using ice cold water swooshed around in my mouth for awhile until it gets warm then i spit it out also try putting vicks vapo rub on the cheek on the side in which the pain exsist it will help 4 awhile

  • tiffany

    I tryed everything for a toothache and then a friend called and said for me to try cinnamon oil. It worked right away. But dont get it on your face it burns pretty bad. good luck

  • Aaron

    Ok I was in a car accident a few years ago and there was so much trama to my body that i started loosing my hair and i lost all the enamel in my teeth. I started getting tooth aches often i have tried all the home rememdies i could find they all work in some degree. my tooth ache was i have an exposed nerve between my back teeth so i got mad one day and too a plastic needle and went rooting around in there and i hit that nerve and i fell to the floor in pain but after that i went 4 days with out pain. weird huh. so the pain came back and i did it again same thing. the sudden intense pain caused my endorphins to kick in and takes care of the rest

  • claire

    My 8 year old recently had really bad toothache that painkillers would not shift, he was crying and doubled over in pain and it was late saturday night, so dentist available.

    I came on here and read some tips, so tried the vanilla extract….nothing.

    I then mixed few drops of tea tree and hydrogen peroxide together to numb and kill any bacteria…only a slight difference noted.

    So i remember reading once about turmeric being an anti inflammatory and being drunk as a tea to help joint pain…so i went to the spice cupboard got my turmeric and my ground cloves and made a paste.

    Used a Q tip to shove the paste into the hole and around the tooth into the gumline and hey presto….gone and still gone the day after, so glad i tried it as i do prefer to find natural cures if i can. it may not taste great but better than pain and can be shoved right in the pain area.

  • Levie

    Perhaps it’s a bit unconventional but try having sex. 50% of the pain we feel is because we dwell on it, take a few aspirin, and even if your not really in the mood give it a go (gently of course). The endorphins released will leave you contented at the end, and so for at least an hour the pain will be just a light ache that you barely notice.

  • layla

    Okey the thing that really worked for me after a whole day of pain and suffering is Garlic yes all i did was put in the middle of my tooth and start chewing all my symptoms are gone i had a huge headache before trying this remedy i thank all of u for the great help.Now i can wait for my dentist appointment on saturday pain free

  • Kitten

    My first tooth ache in almost 15 years and holy freak the pain! Nothing beats a shot (or two) of whiskey, tried the garlic & salt (nasty) and som pain killers, almost 4am now & might be able to finally get some sleep now the throbbing has gone done. Thanks guys for the tips.

  • teresa

    ok so here we go 4 nights with only 5 hours of sleep within those days im dying and i cant help but cry it hurts so bad… so i tried salt water and some advil that helped and the pain is better so thanks guys ur great! now im gonna try to get some sleep

  • teresa

    ok so i lied the pain came back it worked for a few i have now tired everything,im not sure why nothing is working….. any more tips out there that will work for a long period of time?


    Hello my name is Quentin Pee gloss an i have been a dentist for over 20 years in Great Britain and as you may know dental treatment is free for all people….i can advise you all to brush your teeth and floss…you have searing pain ? tough as you did not brush your teeth at least twice a day…more pain ??? .all the so called remedies i have seen posted simply do not work and if you are all dancing in the dark with severe tooth Pain…tough as it is your fault….Recomendation= Ibuprofen liquid (if you can not get hold of the liquid then use ibuprofen gel tablets and remove the gell)..use a small syringe with no needle on the end and squire the ibuprofen on to the tooth…dance around for 5 Min’s then rinse out..it will STOP ALL TOOTH PAIN…then come and see some one like me to make me more rich…..or simply,…brush your teeth….Americans feel that The British as a nation have bad tooth…WRONG….as they have good teeth it is just some republicans think that way…..it is now time for the USA to have a national health service….for Americans…..not for the funny foreign types you understand……..One hopes that helps

  • Lorraine

    Thank you all above who explained and recommended the vanilla extract, was about the only thing I had in the house to try- bought awhile back for making sons favourtie milkshake more vanilla-ey- omg am I glad. It’s not essence it is the extract you need – it will have alcohol as ingredient – mine was water, alcohol, vanilla on ingredients list. At first I just tried the cotton bud with a little on it and dabbed it around- didn’t do much – take the tiny cap and half fill – its just a few drops really then pour into mouth and contort face ๐Ÿ˜‰ so its holding over the tooth as best you can for 1-2mins- miracle, it doesn’t hurt slight heat sensation but not the burning described by some other things – my toothpaste burns my tongue more so than the extract did. Just as I did this it was time to fill up on 2 paracetemol plus two ibuprofen as I have been doing for past few days now every 4 hours am happy enough but not quite brave enough to give up completely so took 2 ibuprofen only and will see how long this lasts- need to go nap- whee!

  • T Madhi

    I put some ground clove into a tea bag and bit on it. It worked instantly!

  • Bethany

    My tooth is severely broken & the nerve is exposed, so I suffer through a lot of pain. The pain comes & goes, so I haven’t been too worried about it. It started hurting extremely bad about 4-5 days ago, so I tried using Dentemp dental repair & that was a big mistake! It made it hurt even worse. It has been so bad today that I finally gave in & tried about every home remedy I have the ingredients for. I tried salt water, vanilla, Listerine, peroxide, lime juice, ice on my hand, aspirin, you name it! The substances numbed everything in my mouth except for my bad tooth. I finally brushed my teeth again with Crest Whitening plus Scope & put some Vick’s on the achy side of my face. Although it feels like my face is on fire, it seems to be slowly helping. The throbbing is going down, so hopefully I won’t feel the pain in a while ๐Ÿ™‚ If only there were an instant pain relieving home remedy…

  • jai

    I’m writing this for my wife who was stuggling with a severe tooth ache,as to my surprise the BRANDY did the job, as she was crying on the phone but after checking this website and asking her to try the brandy it really helped.

    Thank you

  • jai

    I’m writing this for my wife who was stuggling with a severe tooth ache,as to my surprise the BRANDY did the job, as she was crying on the phone but after checking this website and asking her to try the brandy it really helped.

    But i suggest strongly not to try without consulting your doctor if the patient is pregnent or under 16 years old or if they have any side effect from brandy or any liquor.

    Thank you

  • Taz

    we’ve tried everything to pouring b.c. powder on infected tooth to vanilla………which help..but my father in law had some home made moonshine….not sure where it came from but rubbing that on the tooth and gum helps for hours. If you can’t get moonshine get some high proof whiskey and it will help. Gauranteed!!!

  • Lynnette

    I have been having an on and off toothache for the past 2 weeks , with no time to go to the dentist with school and work and I have been using oraljel. well after a while that stuff by its self doesn’t really work. and my marks are suffering because of the pain I’m in . So tonight while on a couple different websites including this one i decided to try the vanilla extract , after realizing I don’t have that I went for the garlic. And It worked really well.
    I made it into a paste with salt and brushed with it on the infected area , and wow. so relieved !

  • Sam @ Toothache Remedies

    Hi there, I thought I had heard of most toothache remedies but you’ve certainly added a few to the list here, particularly garlic and onion. My biggest cause of toothache is hot and cold foods as my teeth are very sensitive – just have to avoid them as much as possible.

    Gargling with lime juice mixed into water is something I have found works well too.

  • jess

    garlic and salt, garlic and salt, garlic and salt…..still have pain but feels much better!! thank you all for your wonderful tips. now im off to go try some vicks vapor rub on my cheek and jaw…wish me luck!!

  • laura

    ive bee in tooothache 4 hours now so decided to check this site out 4 home remedies. I tried the the washing out with warm salty water and vicks on the side of your mouth and it certainly takes the edge of it. then i read about the whisky on your tooth, but didnt have any so tried vodka instead, held it in my mouth 4 about 30 secs and almost instant relief! Thanks for the tips now i might be able to get some sleep.

  • Shanna

    This is not a tip but an affirmation. I have been in pain for 2 weeks now, and I mean non stop pain. In 4 days I took 100 tylenol 1’s and used 2 bottles of ambesol. It wasn’t working. I found this site and decided to try the vanilla extract and I am now sitting here sending this out without pain. It really works no joke.

  • Zaynab

    The Vanilla extract is amazing! I just tried it and the pain is actually gone, I’m just a bit tender. First relieve in five days. thanks a lot to this website.

  • stephen

    my tooth hurt so bad i was desperate to try anything the first sit i went on said take neurofen so i did, but that took to long to kick in. that`s when i found this amazing site! i mixed salt and pepper in a glass of cold water swigged it around my mouth and it went instantly. i love this site now i would recommend it to anyone (thumbs up).

  • Bri

    Thank you so much to everyone who suggested vanilla! It worked really well, and for the first time in days I don’t feel like ripping my jaw off my head.

  • Teresa

    I don’t know why this works,but it really does!!!
    I found (quite by accident) that eating a banana(chew it where the tooth hurts) will almost immediately relieve the pain and keep it away for hours. You can take small bites at a time , so one banana can last awhile

  • Nikko

    clean cavity and mouth, then fill cavity with dentemp atemp filling material. Awesome rel

  • kayonna

    well if you really want it to go away you need to get a cup of warm water ( not too hot and not to cold) and pour a teaspoon of salt in it,gargle and rinse.

  • Kay

    I had been up for three days straight with the worst pain imaginable, tried ice, heat, brandy, pain killers galore… nothing helped.
    I thought I would literally go insane with the pain, almost passed out a few times, living of tepid soup (ugh) and almost unable to cope with my kids.
    I couldn’t get in to se the dentist for a week!!
    Then the light shone. I found this site, tried all the other methods here, but the only thing that worked for me is..

    Soaking bread in vanilla essence and pushing that into the remainders of my teeth.

    (accident at kickboxing resulted in two broken teeth and seven out of the eight nerves between them showing. ALWAYS WEAR A GUM SHIELD WHEN DOING SPORTS)
    My point is that even if some of the things on this site don’t work for you, keep trying. There is the right combination for you somewhere, you just need to be creative, try it, and get to see the dentist as soon as you can.
    I have had terrible dentists in the past, been called mardy by some when the pain killers they inject don’t work, a liar when I told them I am allergic to some anastethic, and been refused by others.
    There are nice dentists out there who will listen, who will stop when it’s too much for you to cope with, and who will work on you for a smaller fee or for monthly/weekly payments.
    Keep going, keep trying, you will get there in the end, and it will be well worth the wait and the time taken to find the right dentist for you. It took me 3 years, but I did it, I found the one for me, and am currently undergoing major dental work for a fraction of the price, on weekly payments, with a kind and caring dentist who is patient and helpful.

  • J Liddle

    Ta very very much for the tip with Tequila-poured it on a swob, bit on area with swob and it worked like magic !
    I am now calm, and can survive until I get to the dentist.
    God bless you x

  • ronnie

    The vanilla extract works! I just tried it and just like they said it worked right away! I have been popping viks for the last two days and it didn’t help at all! I tried every pain med you could think of and nothing worked! Until VANILLA EXTRACT!!!!

  • Michelle Hary

    I hear everyone talk about the Whiskey… Does one swallow after or spit out? same with the vanilla

  • Ron J

    I read to use regular dry teabag, though I placed some salt on teabag after running warm water on a Lipton’s teabag and it subsided after 10-15 minutes. Also did ice suggestion between thumb and forefinger in the middle of this then held ice cold compress to opposite cheek and other and now finally have small slightamount of vicks vapor rub on cheek and feel 98% better! Will follow advice lie down and rest for 20 minutes… Hope this helps someone else. Also I have to add that I looked up because aspirin didn’t seems to work as in the past though it may have took a bit longer as filling is out of small lower front small tooth right side.
    I ran out of tea tree oil and that is a better option! that just reminder me to look up and buy here locally in Chicago. It has a bad taste like turpentine though just use a very small amount less than a drop and it will help deaden pain for good…then use phosphate solution to remineralize tooth… scroogle.org rather than google for more info… it has other uses too. I might as well add if you know someone who comes down with skin cancer to research cansema as it cured NASA astronaut Dr. and family member without the chemo- radiation or burning options… I believe one of the sites was cancerx.org Best of health to you!

  • Billy

    The vanilla extract works really well, but peppermint extract works almost instantly!!! It may burn for a couple of seconds, but it is well worth it.

  • Glinen

    I can truly say that hydrogen peroxide rise along with putting pure vanilla extract in the cavity really works. It works for days.

  • hayden

    dont have much to contribute but i tried almost everything medicinal with no effect then i saw most people in this forum suggested onion use……………..guess what it worked…..thank you all

  • Tara

    after reading all the tips suggesting vanilla extract (and the one for the lemon with the higher alcohol %) I ran to the cabinet telling hubby everything would be ok! Of course I had run out of vanilla extract due to all my holiday baking!! But I DID have anise extract-which is 73%!! Hubby followed instructions and it worked like a charm!! Maybe now he can get some sleep and stop annoying me! LOL Just kidding hunnie…

  • dee

    My dentist is out on vacation for a week and I have a toothache. I have tried soaking cotton ball in Listerine, and putting it on the tooth worked for at least 2 hrs. I tried the vanilla extract on a cotton ball it works pretty good, but it is not a definitely fix. I will keep doing the vanilla extract on cotton ball putting on the gum until my dentist is back from vacation.

  • Brandi

    I am in really bad pain from this 1 tooth that makes the whole side of my mouth hurt horribly i’m also pregnant and don’t know what i can do that won’t harm the baby it wakes me up in the middle of the night throbbing like crazy i just tried the vicks vapor rub and it didn;t help any if anybody has any useful hints for my problem please tell thanks.

  • Hope

    I have had a terrible tooth ache for days!!!! Nothing was working . but it was until i found hemroid cream ( new tube)!!! It may sound weird as hell but trust me it works !! just squeezes a little on your index finger and rub it on the area of pain it it will them make your mouth water a little hold the spit on the side it hurts for about 60 seconds then spit it out then pain will then dull

  • dEBBIE

    I made a paste from Cayene pepper and baking soda…by adding a little water…I spread that on and around the tooth…toothache is gone! Dont know how often I will need to do that. Its new years day…no dentist open until Monday…this really works!!!

  • Cheteeka

    I have a broken wisedom tooth and for awhile I had no pain at all so I brushed the matter off. Well after a couple of months of no pain, I started having pain just before the Christmas holiday (which means my dentist office were to be closed). I toke Tylenol Arthritis but after awhile it was no help. The pain was a constant shooting pain. I could concentrate on NOTHING! I continuously brushed my teeth, rinsed my mouth with ACT as I always had, and finally I tried rinsing with hot salt water then swished my mouth and infected area with Vanilla. Wow I thought I was in heaven! The pain was gone. Ino longer snapped at everyone and I finally was able to get some things done around my house.My dentist will see me Monday (tomorrow) to give me antibotics and pain killers. He will then pull the tooth since it has broken, there is no use for it. Thank goodness its a wisedom tooth. I will follow my dentist advice from here on out about keeping my 6month appts! This is an undescribable pain. God Bless all of u who are going through such pain. Vanilla worked wonders for me, but for each its own. Good Luck guys:)

  • Mylie

    My tooth was aching all morning but i did not want to take any medicine and it was really painful! and have been looking around. I used salt and it wasn’t helping much. So I tried some pepper power (very little)that I put on the gum that was hurting and in less than 2mins, the pain was gone! I even had a cold drink and it did not hurt!!

  • Cheteeka

    Just updating u all about my toothache and using Vanilla Extract. I brushed my teeth as usual,rinsed and swished the painful area with hot salt water, then swished that area with “pure”vanilla extract. The pain stayed away for the rest of the night. It returned a bit about seven hrs later, but I repeated the method and I am good. I also tried the red cross liquid and it help some, but the vanilla, to me, worked better. I even took 2 sips of the vanilla extract to get it in my bloodstream and that helped. No pain! The most important part is getting to the dentist. I understand that some peopledon’t have dental insurance or don’t have the financial means to get to the dentist, but if u have tooth pain or especially if you have a broken tooth, that means u have an infection. That infection can spread to other teeth causing those to be pulled as well. It can mainly get in your bloodstream in a short amount of time and cause death. So although these r wonderful remedies to use (which I thank u all soooooo much for)good dental checkups and taking care of the painful tooth is the key to staying healthy. Good luck to everyone and wishing u a pain-free future:)

  • Jessica

    I was woke up from a deep sleep at 5 am this morning and I had somewhere I had to be before 10:00am. The dollar general brand mouthrinse used to work for me but Ive never had a tootheache last this long!! I tried orajel and then severe pain orajel that only made it worse..then I tried Smirnoff Vodka that relieved it only for about a minute…so I went through alot of that!! I also went to Walgreens and got Red Cross Tootheache Kit..all that did was burn my mouth so bad I couldnt use it again..Then I bought some whiskey which, like the vodka, only relieved it for about a minute. Then I took some oxycodone, lortab, and ultram, that didnt even help..all it did was put me to sleep which gave me some relief..but I woke up in the same pain I went to sleep with..Finally I decided to look on the internet for home remedies and came across this page..Which I thank god for this page!! The vanilla extract..as crazy as it seems..has made my unbearable pain completely bearable!! So I just wanted to say thank you! I hope it works for someone else because I wouldnt wish this pain on my worst enemy!!

  • dianne

    cloves placed by the tooth until no more pain. works great just a whole clove.

  • dianne

    cloves placed by the tooth until no more pain. works great just a whole clove.

  • Kelly

    I’m a guitarist, and i have a gig tomorrow, so sleep would be kinda vital. I went to bed i early…(you know, come home, dead tired and fall asleep) I’m 15 years old so its not like i can set up a dentist appointment. Its just one tooth (i think my molar) and its abscessed. anyway. i went to bed and woke up with immense pain, so i googled remedies for tooth pain and wound up reading these comments. I’ve used orajel in the past, but now, i cant even feel the effects. But my mom made this “concoction” about a month ago, and its awesome. Its vegetable oil mixed with ground up whole cloves.(clove oil) She let it cook in a pan for like, 2 hours, and then put it in a little bottle, and its been in a cabinet for like a month now. But yeah i just stick a q-tip in it, and then in my mouth, (like around the gum) and take usually 4-7 ibprofen, and hold a icepack to my face until my face hurts from the numb, or i feel better. I also tried toothpaste, and hot washcloths against my face.

    I’m not sure what one worked, but i know I’m getting sick of oragel.

  • sami

    okay im home having the worst toothache ever and i cant go to the denist right now and ive tried chewing rubber NOTHING, vanilla extract NOTHING, salt water NOTHING, heating pad NOTHNING, ice NOTHING, peppermint NOTHING, and it seems NOTHING will work!! i really need something to help!!! please HELP!!!!

  • Melissa G.

    Okay… I’ve tried origel, ice pack on my cheek, garlic bread (because I couldn’t find any garlic cloves), garlic salt, and everything I could find, Listerine made it 1000 times worse! I’m in tears right now from using that. The thing that I find that soothes it the most is just having a mouth full of warm salt water, and holding it in there as LONG as I can! I wanna try the vanilla extract but I don’t have any. Thank God I’m going to the dentist in the morning! I feel for everyone that has a horrible toothache!!



  • dan miller

    For a long time I have used the common remedies, gargalling with salt water, putting a cotton wad soaked in mouthwash, rinsing with mouthwash. This time water and mouthwash made me cringe. I just mixed salt and pepper in even proportions and the pain was gone almost instantly. I will use this until it no longer works. I wet my finger, dipped it in the mix and rubbed it on the tooth.

  • Sarah

    Ok so My boyfriend was in pain all night and I’ve given him all of the tips on here that we have in the house and so far the Vicks Vapor Rub on his cheek is the only thing that is helping, he was pacing back and forth with everything but then read the tip for Vicks and Thank God its working, he has sat still now for over an hour now! So Thanks to all that put that b/c I was ready to cry for him!

  • Aaron Rose

    i had bad teeth for ages and i couldnt find a home remedies to take the pain away and i was thinking one night when i had my totthache warm water so i tryed it and it works if you put a mouth full of the water in your mouth and lay in over the tooth that hurts after about 1 or 2 mins it will be gone

  • Roxane

    Take 3 Ibuprophen and then it has to be PURE vanilla extract. Don’t use artificial.
    Probably not the best time, but for people without insurance: please save for times like this. It’s easy to brush off the thought of saving for when a toothache strikes. But when it does, you’ll be armed to take swift care of it. NOTHING is more painful, except maybe an earache. Godspeed

  • Anna

    Vanilla Extract did the trick. I haven’t ever really tried any other remedies except for this and swishing with whiskey. This works great! Thanks for the tip everyone!

  • Mauny

    Needless to say I am one of the unfortunate who can’t sleep tonight due to mind blowing pain in a lower molar. I am fortunate to have dental insurance and have my teeth checked every 6 months. I went 3 weeks ago for my checkup and mentioned I had a large molar that was hot/cold sensitive. I was told it was an old filling and could be replaced at my next checkup. They took exrays and assured me everything looked good. Now, 3 weeks later I’m in so much pain I can’t sleep or eat. Of couse this happened on a Friday and, in North Carolina, dentists are closed on Fridays. I’ll call my dentist on Monday morning and will probably be seen the same day. I’ll let them know how royally po’d I am about missing the molar which will now most probably need a root canal. I have maxed out my insurance for crowns this year, so this one will unecessarily be on me.

    These tips were fantastic. In this order, I brushed very well, rinsed with room temp salt water for about ten minutes, took a shot of brandy, liberally applied vanilla extract and took a hydrocodone left over from a previous injury. I will have no problem sleeping tonight but I wonder how I’ll be able to function with this combination for the next 2 days considering I have to be at work on Monday morning waiting for my dentist to return my call.

    After reading many of these suggestions for pain relief, a common theme seems to be a lack of dental insurance. As a country, I think we should be ashamed that we refuse to help each other afford medical insurance. As a teacher, I’m certainly not a wealthy person. I would gladly pay more in taxes to help everyone have the option of insurance. Many other free democracy’s manage to take care of their own. It’s sad that we have so many people who have to make a choice between eating or taking care of their health.

  • Kelly

    My Dad has had a tooth bothering him for days and his friend told him to try tea tree oil. His friend had a bad tooth and couldnt chew on that side of his mouth for months couldnt chew or sleep the pain went from his cheeck down to his shoulder, he tried the tea tree oil and has had no problems since. My dad tried this and his pain went away..keep at it two times a day for about five days….he hasnt had problems since then!!!! Hope this helps I know I will try it next time.

  • Stephanie

    I have or had a ver very bad tooth ache as of two minutes ago. I have dental insurance and went to the dentist and was referred to a specialist, which i cant afford. So i have been suffering off and on since then. As of the past hour i have taken a vicodin, 2 Aleve, Orajel, and i brushed and brushed my teeth. I feel loopy from the Vicodin but i still had the pain. So my husband told me to take a look on here but all i have is the vicks vapor rub. So i rubbed it on my cheek and my tooth doesnt hurt so much but i still have discomfort. That will hold me over till tomorrow till i go to the store for some shopping for some of the remedies above. My eyes are tearing up cause of the vicks but im happier. Thanks!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Alicia (wagga wagga nsw australia)

    After having a very sleepless night (it was 6am before i got any sleep) i had tried my toothache oil wich had oil of cloves in it plus other medications, the rubbing of the ice, a cold ice pack, swishing bourbon, vanilla extract and dosing myself up on panamax and panadine forte with no relief i finally succummbed to trying vicks on the area where it was sore and because my ice pack was frozen i used a facewasher immersed in some hot water rung it out and zapped it in the microwave and WALLA instant relief! i then after waking up bout an hour later as the facewasher tends to get cold my ice pack was unfrozen so i heated it up and used it instead as it would stay hotter for longer than the facewasher. glad i found this site i was going absolutlry crazy, i was in tears and screaming. Will be def ringing my dentist ASAP

  • tegan

    CEPACAINE…its a mouthwash available from the chemist (australia), its pretty cheap only $14 a bottle it is amazing i just rinse my mouth with it for a minute & spit it works instantly everytime

  • My husband had a wicked toothache and I told him to gargle with raw apple cider vinegar. Within a minute, he was pain free.

  • starstar

    this might sound horrible to a lot of people but honestly it really works and it is simple get a cigarette and take a good puff of smoke and just hold it on which ever side is acheing until u feel the relief then blow out do not inhale.

  • ducky

    My toothache had me up all night. I was sobbing so loudly I woke up my entire family. I have tried everything I read on this page. I was gargling cognac, vanilla, and salt water at 3 am. NOTHING WORKED. The ONLY relief was swishing cold water every couple of minutes. I had a large bucket where I had to spit it out because I had drank about 2 gallons of water. Thank goodness my uncle is a dentist. I called him as soon as it was a decent time (9 am)… He had me come to the office and apparently it was an inflamed nerve. The nerve becomes infected or inflamed and releases gases which creates pressure within the tooth. He proceeded to inject me with a BUNCH of anesthetic. He opened the tooth, removed bits of the nerve and cleaned it up, then he put some kind of anesthetic directly in the hole and sealed it up. I have to go back later this week for a root canal. He recommends 800 mg of Motrin for the pain.

  • Karrieh

    Put a cup of rice in a rag after it is heated. It makes the pain go away so well. I love it.

  • Edwin

    Rinse and gargle with hydrogen peroxide.. Just be careful not to swallow the peroxide. Also, you can try water with salt.

  • lorrie

    I had a really bad toothache and tried the vanilla and it really works thanks

  • den

    tried hot saltwater, did nothing, tried hot saltwater with pepper and it worked great

  • charity

    I have a toothache that has been killing me for weeks now and it has the whole side of my jaw hurting so bad I want to cry at times and the best way I have learned to deal with this is by taking a hot shower with the water as hot as I can handle it then I take a wash rag with hot water and hold it to the jaw that has the bad tooth I do that till the pain completely stops this is the best relieve that I have found! Ive tried everything believe me! Also mouth wash helps! I have also tried the vanilla extract and it also helps alot!

  • Robert

    I inherited bad teeth from my dad’s side of the family and no matter how much I brush floss or use mouthwash My teeth still break and need to end up getting pulled. My tooth has been bothering me for almost a week now. I just had surgery to have my appendix removed and so I have the vicodin and percocet for pain. However just to get rid of the pain until those kick in I gargle the warm salt water and that helps. If it doesn’t then I have the ambesol and clove oil. however both taste nasty and the aspirin on the tooth helps if the taste doesn’t gag you.Hopefully the fricken dentist will call me back.

  • nicholas

    the best remedy for a toothache is to go to the doctor and get your tooth or teeth removed. Thanks dental insurance see you mon. at the dentist. I can hold out til then. ‘Jose Quervo’ here I come

  • hurt tooth guy

    I was reading all these posts and decided to try and make one of my own, i made it and it worked the first time, Melt two asprin in some peroxide and add two drops of clove oil (eugenol, aka. The Red Cross Medicine) mix well in a small cap, then add toothpaste and apply for a few seconds with a cotton pellet or q-tip. DO NOT SWALLOW! SPIT OUT AND RINSE!!!!

  • Renee

    Thanks for all the advice and the ones that work the best for me was
    Rinse with vanilla extract for two minutes aroung affected tooth and take 800mg of motrin. I then applied the vicks vapor rub to the outside of my jaw where my tooth was hurting and within ten to fifteen minutes my pain was gone. This worked wonders for me and I hope it does with everyone else. Good Luck

  • Stephanie

    I HAVE THE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, I am really shocked to have only found 1 other person who has suggested this and it was a lifesaver. A year ago i started to get a bad toothache. I am 31yrs old and had not been to the dentist since i was probably in Elementary (yikes! thats bad, i know)… i did not have $$ to cover my cost to go see a dentist so i did the normal thing and bought some Orajel and Advil. I could not sleep and was in severe pain. It started out to be every other couple days, then every other day then everyday. this went on for 3 months and i was in tears almost every night. i used so much Orajel it made my stomach hurt and i would sleep with a papertowel in my mouth so i could keep my mouth open and not drool on the bed. second to childbirth this was the worst pain i have ever expierenced. this also caused earaches and then bad migraines. i was taking 3 advils every four hours but this did not help much. i had a very bad decaying wisdom tooth, this caused the nerves to be anything including air is felt by the nerves which is causing pain. but your teeth can also have holes which will also leave nerves exposed and that is why some poeple have “sensative” teeth. i tried Aleve and it knocked me out. i was able to nap for about an hour and woke up feeling so refreshed but that was still temporary… i tried some of the same things that are also posted but nothing workd, i made one last attempt to go to store and just search all the shelves for anything new that might work and came across **SENSODYNE TOOTHPASTE**, as i was reading the label i was like “BAMM, THIS IS IT!”…it was for sensative teeth, basically it creates a barrier on the tooth and seeps through any holes in the tooth to calm the nerves and block them, thus they are not as exposed and i should not be in pain……..so i tried it and within few minutes the pain was gone and was gone ALL DAY!! i replaced my old toothpaste with sensodyne brushing 2-3times a day and HALLELUJAH !!!! I WAS PAIN FREE. I HAD THE OCCASIONAL SET BACK AND I MIGHT FELL A MINOR TOOTHACHE FOR COUPLE HOURS BUT THIS WAS ONLY COME *ONCE* EVERY COUPLE OF WEEKS BUT HOLY CRAP THAT WAS A WHOLE LOT BETTER THE 24/7. I EVENTUALLY WAS ABLE TO GET IN TO DENTIST AND HAD THE TOOTH PULLED AND ALL IS BACK TO NORMAL. ***PLEASE TAKE MY ADVISE…….TRY SENSODYNE TOOTHPASTE!!!!!!!!!**** and good luck. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Graham

    3 Months ago I had tooth ache in the back right side of my teeth. The dentist said to use sensodyne toothpaste because there was no obvious problem with my teeth other than I am 62 and my gums maybe shrinking and now exposing sensative areas of my teeth. It took 3 weeks to work properly but eventually I was totally pain free and have been for the last few months. Last night that all ended because the back left side of my teeth started aching and knowing it was not a ‘sensative’ problem, I started trying a few things mentioned on this site. Alcohol and Vanilla essence were no good whatsoever. Cold water and ice worked instantly…although it didn’t last long, it was certainly good to have no pain for a while. I guess the cold works for me because my problem is not a cavity or cracked teeth, more likely this time, an abscess or infection and the cold is reducing the pressure on the nerve. Anyway, I also discovered that just by occasssionally breathing with restricted mouth opening into the affected side of my mouth, has also reduced the pain, (cold air over affected tooth area). It is Sunday now and hopefully this will get me through until I see the dentist early next week. Also hope this helps someone else.

  • Sally

    hey the vanilla extract worked like a charm. Just a side note: Don’t bother buying the real vanilla extract. That stuff is very expensive. I used imitation and it worked wonderfully.

  • Abigail

    For at least a month now Ive had a tooth that has been killing me! The pain would come and go but, for the past few days it has been 24/7 non stop pain! I mean the worse pain you could ever think of! It has hurt me so badly that the teeth around it ache! I have tried I believe everything on this site and finally I have found a way to deal! Take a cotton ball dip it in mouth wash and put a little salt on it then hold it on the tooth that hurts! It works great! Just leave it in I actually got to sleep some lastnight! Also I was looking around on this site today and someone had said to try SENSODYNE TOOTHPASTE I tried it and found that it also works very well! Good luck to anyone who is dealing with this pain Ive had to put up with! I would NEVER wish this kinda pain on anyone!

  • Molly

    HOLY COW THANKS STEPHANIE! THE SENSODYNE TOOTHPASTE WROKS GREAT! Im telling you Ive tried it all and the moment that I brushed with Sensodyne the pain was gone! Im hoping like hell it satys gone till I can get to my densit Monday!

  • Abigail

    Sensodyne is the best thing in the world for a toothache no lie! Ive had a tooth killing me for over a month now on and off well here for the past 3 days it has been 24/7 non stop pain so bad you just wanna cry! Well I have dealt with it by taking a cooton ball dipping it in mouth wash and putting it in my jaw that the bad tooth was on, well yeterday I got on here and saw that someone had said to try the Sensodoyne well just so happen that I already had some in my bathroom but hadnt tried and I brush the pain stoped for about 3 hours then when it came back i brushed again gone this morning I woke up and the pain had stoped Ive brushed a few other times today hoping that it wont come back! So far it hasnt! Hope it works till I can get this sucker pulled!

  • sapphire

    i used the tea bag method and it seemed to work finally i can get some sleep

  • Annette

    I found another. Rinse with Listerine and or warm salt water for a few minutes. spit it out and do it again till you feel some relief. then apply colgate pro relief toothpaste to the afected teeth. leave for a few minutes,brush as normal THEN rinse with salt water solution agaIN TO REMOVE DEBRIS AND PLAQUE. WHEN TEETH ARE CLEAN APPLY OIL OF CLOVE DIRECTLY TO THE TEETH AFFECTED. DEPENDING ON THE SEVERITY IT WILL TAKE THE EDGE OFF THE PAIN OR TAKE THE PAIN AWAY COMPLETLY TILL YOU CAN GO TO THE DENTIST. MY TOOTHACH CAME ON SUDDENLY LATE AT NIGHT. MY FAULT I RAN OUT OF PRO RELIF TOOTHPASTE AND THOUGH I COULD USE ANOTHER. BAD MOVE. CLOVE OIL PRO RELIEF TOOTHPASTE SALT WATER AND PANADOL RAPID ARE MY LIFE SAVERS

  • tanya

    Ok, I have had a severe toothache for about 3 days now, was up all night last night, tried the vanilla, both real and imitation, it worked for a few minutes, but then i read about the brushing with baking soda and that helped for a few minutes, but THIS WORKS, POUR BAKING SODA IN PALM OF HAND, WET FINGERTIP, DIP IT IN BAKING SODA AND PUT ON TOOTH THAT IS BOTHERING YOU. I finally got some sleep when doing this.

  • Dev

    so for the passed two weeks my teeth pain has been horrible!! its the weekend & for some reason it got worse! Im 3 months pregnant so there is only so little i can do well i wait to go to the dentist. The best thing so far is cold water or mouth wash stright to the tooth! i have become immune to tylenol & dont want to take anything else. if anyone knows of any safe ways i could use that will last longer than 5 min that would be great! I need some sleep & the stress isnt working to well.

  • Tracey

    I have had a severe tooth ache for 2 days I went to the dentist two days ago i have an abcess on my tooth he sent me away with antiotics and have to see him in a week for a root canal… have been in severe pain since I take codeine tablets and have been using teething gel for my gum, swishing Jim beam whisky around my tooth that worked the first day but never did agian after that. been using salt water but still in pain… Just read this post and tried vanila essence and swished around my mouth and the pain went straight away… hopefuly stays away.. now hopefuly I can sleep with no pain. the only reason i have been sleeping is the codeine knocks me out but Im still in pain when Im asleep.

  • Jennifer Morrison

    I have found good old fashion prayer works for me.

  • Huni

    So glad I found this site and thankful for all the comments. I have been up sick all night from taking too much Panadol, had to call in sick from work today. Panadol has been my cure for the past 5 days and I guess my body/liver couldn’t take it anymore. Since I’ve decided to quit the chemicals Ive tried salt rinse – didn’t work. Ice block on the tooth/palm – worked for a few minutes until I stopped then pain felt worse than before. A whole clove didn’t work. Then I found some old ground clove powder in the pantry which was dated ‘best before 2010’ but I was pretty desperate so decided to give it a go anyway. It stung at first but after a few minutes the pain started subsiding, and now is completely gone. Yay! I’ve been holding an icepack to my cheek at the same time too. Not sure how long it’ll hold me til – dentist appointment still another 6 days away – but it’s been the most promising trick so far!

  • Tracey

    Me again.. well I slept like a baby last night the pain stayed away.
    had a little bit of a niggling pain a little while ago rinse with the vanila essence and gone again.. Since I used the vanila essence I havent needed to take any more pain killers so far since last night so thats avery good. off the dentist tomorrow as he had a cancelation so dont have to wait till monday…


  • Ron




  • jane

    ahhhh i got tooth ache and it hurt so much i even fallow some tips but still it hurts and i got black eye bugs because my tooth hurts!!!!!

  • jane

    ahhhh i got tooth ache and it hurt so much i even fallow some tips but still it hurts and i got black eye bugs because my tooth hurts!!!!! and i try everything and salt and water after 2 mins it will come again ah i had to much crying of this tooth ache ruining my perfect life most kids have this just like me for a good tip go to the dentist but if they pull your tooth well good luck >:( i hate this tooth >:( >:( thank you that i got 2 mins to be free from tooth ache ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Miss CC

    use a hose- outside garden.or kitchen sink hose, or bathtub hose- flush out your mouth and sore tooth. swish peroxide and water. rinse with salt water. the hose clears the debris,the peroxide and water kills the germs and the saltwater , soothes and helps with the healing. amazing releif…. : )

  • QueenBee

    just a note… you should only use these remedies until you can see a dentist to make sure you don’t have an infection. If the infection gets into your bloodstream you can die.

    I did not have any vanilla extract, but I did have Orange extract and it worked. Tastes nice too!

  • Megan

    My fiance has not been able to sleep for three days because of a broken tooth, and since he can’t sleep I’m up at 1:17 a.m. Go figure.

    We just tried putting a warm t-bag on his tooth, and he’s snoring. MIRACLE!! Thank God, cause I need the sleep as bad as he does at this point! Also different toothaches respond to either hot OR cold, so try both, and use the one that your tooth pain responds the best to. Good Luck!!

  • ReBac

    I have had bad tooth pain for about a year now. I tried everything. I had tried the Vanilla extract but it didn’t work for me and I was up 2 hours later. The method that worked best for me was that I swished around some mouthwash 2 times and then put a little bit of vicks vapor rub on the outside around the tooth that hurts, then put a paper towel on it. I slept like a baby and was able to be relaxed to study for my finals.

  • Tee

    Garlic in the tooth helps alot and rubbing the side of the face with Vicks vapor rub…worked wonders for my fiance’ at 430 in the morning…

  • shavon m

    my fiance has back teeth that are so decayed there down below the gum and some are black were on ahcccs and they dont pay for extractions for bad teeth anymore for adults he is in such bad pain daily so bad it causes his whole jaw to hurt i one day was told to crush up tylonal and mix liquid childrens motrin in it only a couple drops though to make a thick paste so i did and i put it on the tooth he held it on there for a min and the pain was 100% gone my mother used to use a asprin paste to but it the one i used worked wounders

  • Bri

    had the worst throbbing piercing pain that seemed to penetrate by eyes and brain. i took Tylenol then advil with not much luck. so, throughout the day i just numbed the pain through cold water. whenever i ran out and had to go for a refill it would hurt like no other within a minute. i tried toothpaste and suggest above, scotch and even nice warm shower but to no result. finally i did half a cup of steaming salt water and pain was gone!!

  • Karen

    just tried vanillla imitation relieved the pain but still hurts a little gonna try again in a few minutes… i also rinsed with listerine to get the taste of the vanilla out also worked..

  • Ms. Hello Kitty lover


    1. Make 1 powder into a paste
    -pour powder in a tbl spoon and slowly add water by a dropper and mix till it becomes a paste.
    -powder should be able to be rolled into a ball if done correctly

    2. Place the “paste” on a little piece of wax paper/foil and add toothpaste

    3. Mix it around with a tooth pick till evenly mixed and apply to toothbrush

    4. Brush your non-achy teeth regularly making sure to score your gum-line especially. Then firmly brush the teeth/tooth that is achy, on the crown, around the gum line. DO NOT SWALLOW BC POWDER WHILE BRUSHING.

    5. Will taste horrible. spit out excess saliva and paste. rinse toothbrush with WARM water. i find the warmth relaxes your nerves in your teeth. rinse your teeth with warm water using your tooth brush till your paste free.

    6. Rinse with a strong mouth wash, will burn but do it twice. pain will not be totally gone but barely there. your gums will have absorbed the powder and the toothpaste cleanse for bac and food.

    do this after every meal or eating to reduce pain till you can get a dental consultation.
    to sleep at night use a tylenol PM to aid you in sleeping. Good Luck

  • TG

    What ever you do, DO NOT put an aspirin against your gum. It does relieve the pain for a few minutes but it severely burns the gum and does much more harm than good.

  • Austin

    Acholoh, Listerine and vinegar on the gum easy pain

  • jamez

    i have literally been crying my eyes out over tooth ache so the way i tackled it was,

    break a paracetamol up and put it on your tooth brush and brush the affected tooth it definatly works. straight away and if it comes back do the same again, it got me through 3 days of hell and if your sly enough you can brush your tooth and fall asleep before the pain comes back.

  • binukrishnan

    my name is binu,and now i am in china
    i am having a tooth ache problem and i contact with the doctor in china he said there is some problem with my teeth nerve.i dont want to take the treatment from china as i am going back to india in 15 days.is that ok to try all this home made medicine for the next 15days.taking the treatment from china is just like a suicidal mission.

  • shernelle


  • Blessed

    I just want to congratulate the person, or persons who came up with the brilliant idea for the Vanilla extract home remedy for toothache pain. I just tried it. I have been in pain all day due to a cavity that I had filled. It worked like a charm, and now I can sleep. Thanks for the idea!!

  • Kels

    This is for a toothache, but I believe absence of infection.

    First brush and floss, really well. Yep, it’s going to hurt.

    Mix peanut butter and VERY WARM but NOT HOT water; sip enough to swish it around, repeating until it’s all gone (about 1/4 C)

    Immediately afterward, swab the problem area with Vanilla extract or Whiskey, Brandy, etc

    I was in pain for DAYS at a 12 but after this, it’s bearable at about a 7 or completely gone sometimes.

  • JM

    I am sorry, If your tooth hurts that bad call a dentist! Don’t wait. If a tooth hurts, IT’S (usually) INFECTED!! If you catch it right away, it will save you a FEW Hundred dollars, and a TON of PAIN. 1st get through the pain, 2nd call your Dentist, 3rd get it taken care of! Tooth pain can be very serious, infection in your head can be dangerous. Vanilla (alcohol), Listerine (alcohol), Tylenol, Aspirin, etc. (Pain relievers) the Tannin in Tea bags will help also. Clove oil, Flouride will all help control the nerves in the dentin. Clove Oil has a natural antibiotic that is commonly used in a dentist office. You will also be amazed how much antibiotics work too…save yourself a root canal, crown etc. Good luck!

  • Alan

    Here’s what I did to actually fix the infection I had causing the pain. I was one of you – swishing salt water, poppin’ Advil/Tylenol, staying up for hours, etc. etc. My jaw started to swell up pretty bad and I knew I had an infection. Instead of going to the dentist, which clearly most of us hate, I went to Walgreens. At Walgreens, they have what is called a Minute Clinic or Take Care Clinic. (I live in Tucson). I’m not sure if they have these clinics all across the country or not, but it was amazing! There is a nurse practitioner at the minute clinic that is in the back of the store. You sign in, wait forever (bring your pain “meds”) and then get seen by the nurse. Show her your messed up tooth, etc. and she will prescribe an antibiotic (amoxicillin) for you to start taking. Take it and let the pain go away!! Enough with the other remedies! I told her that I set a dentist appointment, but it wasn’t for a week and I needed to get rid of this pain. I really did set an appointment and didn’t want to pay the “emergency visit fee.” Anyway, just my idea on how to get treated. It all cost me about $40. Take care, and I hope you all feel better. By the way, try collodial silver too.

  • Rich

    I don’t drink but have always heard whiskey works and was in severe pain late last sunday night so dug through my spice cabinet looking for cloves and came across several differant extracts with alchohol in them that worked great! I tried vanilla, peppermint, and rum extract and all worked equally as well. I 1st soaked the extract as long as I could tolerate it then packed it with cloves and onion. The cloves and clove oil have numbing properties and the your pain could be caused by infection and the onion has antibacterial properties. Follow up with a aspirin or tylenol and if possible form the aspirin to fit into the affected area hole or cavity. Prayer also helps!!!

  • Max

    Here’s something controversial, but nevertheless worth mentioning. I’ve had a good deal of pain over the past few days and this website has helped me quite a lot. But before I found this page, and since some people really seem to have it bad – the last few nights I used some marijuanna, which I had grown last summer but hardly ever used, to get a very good night’s sleep. Personally I don’t like having to use it, but it’s better than sticking pharmaceuticals in one after another. Let’s remember – our government is owned by big business – like the big drug companies – and they will prevent legalization as long as they can since it makes their inferior chemicals less desirable. I never use marijuana for recreation – only for stress and sleep problems. But it seems to help majorly with pain and sleep, as well, and in ways that pharmaceuticals will likely never come close to. But since pot is not regulated, buying it is risky unless you’re in a progressive state where it’s legal.

  • terry

    well its not a long term remendy but it helps get u thru the next minute lol is cold sugarless drinks like water or cranberry juice. but 1 thing that wont help is marijuana which makes it worse


    I found out my Own.
    IF your having a BAD tooth ache then has been Hurting you and seems like it wont stop.
    Go wash your mouth out with Warm Salt and water!. if so Hot! if your mouth can candle HOT!.Then go wash your mouth out with some mouthwash. But wash out the side the teeth is on. after that ITS GOING TO HURT BAD!. Then go Bush your Teeth! with HOT water! then it will calm down then go was your face with HOT WATER. get your Mind off the tooth. just was your face with WARM Water for like 2 mins. then get a Rag and wett it HOT!” put it on ur face. (the side the bad teeth on) then lay down. 1 min later it should be Gone”

  • Peggy Coty

    WOW!! The things that can help with a toothache! I am checking this website out because my husband has very soft teeth and alot of them are gone, although the ones he has still “look” healthy, anyway his back teeth are all broke off really bad, almost to the gum. A month or so ago he must have chewed on Cloves for a week straight, some dipped in a little warm water some not, his toothaches finally did go away but now he has another really bad one and we dont have Cloves or even Vanilla Extract and we live 10 miles from town! Lol!
    I know all about TOOTHACHES and I too would rather give birth again! I only have 1 child but that 6 hours of “hospital time” was much better than a tothache. And I was always told that being pregnant I couldn’t have my teeth pulled!!
    Oragel only works for a day if Im lucky, its not for extended relief!
    I just dont know what to do for the man I know all too well about tooth pain and where we live there are no “dentists” and I am serious! We have 1 thats about 20mins away but “DONT PULL TEETH” ? and we have 1 thats about an hour away that is more than likely booked up for the next 3 months! Then we have 1 in town but he is a total a$$hole and would charge an extra tooth or two just for seeing ya. Oh and there is 1 more but I am sure he is booked to the hilt too. I dont know ANYTHING that “WORKS” for a toothache but I think Im going to try out the Vanilla Extract on him. Maybe I can get some in the a.m. OMG WHO WOULD OR EVEN COULD USE COLD ON TOOTHPAIN? That hurts just thinking about it!!! Lol! Seriously!?!?!?!?
    Thanks for all the tips

  • Delayla

    My step dad says that when he was little and he had a toothache his dad would mix vodka and orange juice.It doesn’t get rid of the pain, but it helps you fall asleep and that was good because it 3 a.m. so he went to the store later and got pain medicine.So vodka and orange juice help somewhat.

  • Renee

    Orange Cool Goody powders poured directly onto the painful area, leave it there until it disolves and swallow it as it does. Its a temporary fix but it does help!

  • Kathy

    I currently have an absessed tooth. Called the dentist and he called in a strong antibiotic and a pain pill. I’ve also been using ice on my chin/jaw and my lifesaver, Anbesol, Maximum Strength. The antibiotic is the best thing one can do. Killing the infection is the answer. I don’t understand how anyone could put ICE on the infection. That would send me through the roof.

  • Charles

    I have had past success with Tabasco!Rub in onto the tooth & gums.

  • Chelsea

    I got a tooth ache on the fourth of July weekend and the denist office didnt open until Tuesday. I hadnt even made an appointment yet. The pain was almost unbarable.I found that Midol works for pain. It even says on the box for tooth pain. It doesnt take the pain away completely but it dulls it enough to be able to function again. When it wears off the pain does come back so its a temporary relief until you go to the dentist.

  • jade

    salt water worked in seconds…..what a relief

  • Dayna

    I used the vanilla extract and it worked.. SO FAR SO GOOD BUT CALLING DENTIST FIRST THING TOMORROW

  • Tobie

    usually nothing ever seems to work for me. I had recently had my wisdom tooth pulled and ever since the tooth in front of that was more sore than ever. Not sure if he chipped it when he pulled my other one or what but all i know is the pain is overwhelming and the hydrocodone, motrin, and amoxicilline are not working at all for my pain. I have tried the peroxide rinse followed by a warm salt water rinse, then mouth wash to get the nasty taste out of my mouth and then put some pure vanilla extract on a Q-tip and applied it directly to my sore tooth and around it, and it actually worked!!!! Thank you to all who have offered your remedies!!!

  • Christine

    I have three teeth on the bottom front of my mouth that have needed a dentist for ages but without insurance, I have just been babying them as much as possible. Unfortunately, the ora-jel has lost it’s efectivness as I have been using it for weeks. After being in the worst pain I’ve had yet, I tried the applying pressure to the hand on the oppisite side of the toothache, while I was reading all of these awesome suggestions and believe it or not I can breath without crying or holding my breath. I just keep pushing on the “V” part between my thumb and index finger and to my amazement, I can at least now manage to walk to the kitchen and try the vanilla. I wonder though, do you think that vodka would work because I have only a tiny vanila and no whiskey. I guess I’ll find out, lol. Thank everyone here for all the great home remedies to try! I never knew about most of them, so thank you kindly (smiles)

  • nikki riles

    onlhy thing i have found to help so the whole clove and anbasol and 2 lortad 7.5

  • luke

    by placing and ice cube with at least a teaspoon of salt , then apply some milk . works a treat , if you want fast pain relief then put some cat pee on you tooth or gum thats sore the clean pee will wash out all the bacteria

  • Margaret

    Believe it or not but the vanilla extract and it really does work!

  • Tyrone

    I simply just pulled my Fing tooth out

    • Tisisnotthelife


  • Gustavo

    I have seen many things I can use from my house.thank you all! Im spanish and my wife from LA just send me this link. God bless my wife!. I’m looking fw for the next tooth pain! now im prepared!!…(me hopes)

  • ishratmunawar

    HI ishrat I send you some tooth pain relif tips homemade

  • Emesher Pembroke

    Hi I just wanted to say that the ice thing works! I just did it now. It stings like hell to have it on the cavity but once that pain subsides the original toothache is relieved!

  • HayHay

    This WILL work…. Don’t ever use cold water, that will make it hurt even worse then it already did. Use hot water, and rinse your mouth out with salt water. Do it one or two cups, get a hot towel, and put it on the outside of your face where the throbbing hurts.. This will make evrything feel better. If it gets worse then, see a dentist, but i promise it wont get worse… Just try my tip. Hopefully your toothache gets better! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Bruce

    I ate at a steak resturant one night and got something stuck in my gums. After returning home I over-flossed and used my sonicare professional toothbrush too hard to remove the stuck material. I didn’t find much and the irritation to my gums was a big mistake.

    By 1 AM that night my mouth was killing me and I could not sleep from the pain in one of my teeth that has a crown on it. I had had pain like this right after I got that crown and the dentist prescribed a floride treatment which hardened the soft area that had been exposed by the working aroun the gums that they did to place the crown. The pain was aweful then too.

    Taking any fluid near that side of my mouth was shear pain and I could not have used listerene to save my life. I took two ibuprofin using the other side of my mouth to get the water in and got some Oragel in swabs from the gas station. They come in a plastic box and you just crack the top with the stripes off of the q-tip shaped applicator to let the numbing agent run into the cotton swab at the botton. then rub it on the sore spot. They kill off the pain immediately but only last for about twenty minutes. The ibuprofin kicked in as the swab was wearing off so I could sleep again. I still had pain whenever I drank water on that side of my mouth for the rest of the week. Finally I thought to use the same swab to let me get listerene and act floride onto the sore spot. I hate standard listerene because it hurts my toungue even when I don’t have a toothache. I used the act last to get some floride hardening onto my tooth and I would leave that as the last thing I took at bed time so the floride could sit overnight for m,aximum effect. If you swish the act for longer than normal it has more effect. You don’t need to use more just settle the solution onto the sore spot and let it soak in. Toothpaste rubbed onto the weak spot but not brushed on will help harden the spot as well if you don’t have any act.

    After the listerene killed off most of the germs and the floride re hardened the soft spot my tooth went back to normal. I have started using salt water to rinse my teeth in the morning to help harden my gumline and I still use the “less intense” listerene and floride at night to strenghten things because I don’t ever want that to happen again.

    I hope this helps someone. As a final note: Oragel is sold at Tom Thumb convience stores in a flat box the sixe of a pack of cards. The box covers a flat plastic case that fits into a front pocket so you can carry them if you are having trouble.

  • lauren and craig

    ABCESS RELIEF!! My partner craig has suffered toothache for months now- he cant go to our local dentist as he shouted at the receptionist when he was in very bad pain because she wouldnt fit him in :s
    anyway… we found a few that work:
    – Salt and bicarbonate of soda a little water mix it together, put it on a cotton wool ball and hold over gum/tooth area that is sore!
    – Oragel
    – Clove oil on a cotton bud and held on the area for 10secs!!
    hope this helps we are going to try vanilla extract next time i think ๐Ÿ™‚ its like a club lol!!

  • dee

    it may not be safe but it stopped the pain and i could rest and that remdy was turpinetine if you can stand it. you take your finger and dip it in the turpentine make little xx’s on you cheek until you get tired everywhere it throbbed on my cheek i made and (x)on it, laid down and was quiet and you can feel the nerves moving back into there places i dont remember how long it lasted because i fell asleep. but my favorite remedy is the clove powder on cotton i didthat for two months changing the cotton on the tooth until i finally went to the dentist the the four extra months i waited before going i never had another ache and could brush drink hot and cold fluids as well as let ait touch that tooth it was hollow with no pain the dentist even asked me if i had any pain i told him i used clove powder he said who told you to use clove powder your parents, i said no just reading home remedies off of the internet, The dentist said that is what we use also do numb your mouth but in novacaine. They all work but for each person they work differently and depending on the taste most people don’t really care for the taste of cloves but it taste like orajel after using it for so long i guess my nerves were numb, but i can say for month i felt wonderful. Bless you all and I hope you all find a good caring inexpensive dentist.

  • kris

    so i have been up all night with my husband who has a severe toothache. weve tried popsicles, ice cubes, hot tea, hot baths, salt water gargle, and oragel (severe pain formula) none of it has worked and he is in misery… were going to try the vanilla extract and/or peppermint oil… not sure if it will work but its worth a try!!! godd luck to all u toothachers and get well soon!!!

  • Dawn

    Okay my 12 year old son got the worst toothache at 10:30 at night, was in a lot of pain. A filling had fallen out of a baby tooth and man he hurt. We tried Ambesol, didn’t work at all. Then he did the salt water and it eased the pain some. The thing that worked the longest was peppermint extract. Put it on a q-tip and rubbed it on and around the tooth. It worked for over an hour. It does wear off but it gave him some relief. Hopefully we can make it through the night.

  • Mariah

    Had a horrific toothache for 3 days nothing was working tried the vanilla extract! It was GONE!!! Thank you so much for the tip! I thought I was going to go crazy! =~D

  • Vanessa

    Someone told me Mustard powder??? Will try when I get home!

  • dawson

    my mom had a major toothache for about 2 days and i would of never belived it but vanilla extract worked almost instantly thank you for all the tips

  • Farrell

    My tooth has been hurting for about a week now and I don’t have the money to see a dentist. I have stayed up all night and taken 7 asprin and put icey hot on it and oragel. It made the pain subside a little bit, but, it didn’t go away. I could not sleep. Well, I got on this site and decided to try some remedies. I first mixed peroxide and very hot water. It soothed the pain a little. Then I sipped a little vanilla extract and the gargled it around my tooth for about 2 minutes. The pain went away completely. But now it’s 8:00am and I can’t go to sleep anymore. I wish I would have thought to look for remedies like this last night.

  • Cathy

    I woke up this morning at 3 am with a terrible ear ache that I later realized was a toothache that spread pain to the whole right side of my jaw and my right ear. I tried the vanilla extract after looking up multiple sites for remedies. The pain on the tooth and right side of my face went away completely for hours and I was able to get back to sleep. I used it again this morning and in the afternoon when the pain came back and it works great. It seems to be wearing off quicker than the first time I tried it but still works for a few hours. I’m going to get whiskey and I will try the tea bag on the tooth later. Hopefully it will continue to work for the next four days until I see the dentist. Salt water should definitely be warm not cold if you try that.

  • troy drabbant

    i have salt and hot water an a cup get a mouth of it and gargle and have a hot rag on it 0 & 100% good

  • Shiloh Drabbant

    I have 6 teeth in a row that are rotting out on me. Up until recently Tylenol has worked for the pain. I have taken Tylenol, Ibuprophen, a nerve pill and a pain pill today to try to ease it. None of those worked. I have also tried salt and water, vanilla extract, ice, hot rag, warm rag, tea bags. Lol I have also tried rubing a little bit of muscle rub on the side of my face that the bad teeth are on. Suprisingly it did help a little. (Fair warning it hurts worst on your face than anywhere else on your body) The main thing I have found that works on me is putting an ice pack on my cheeck, and elevating my head. It helped with the pain, and it seems like the swelling has gone down some. If your like me and haven’t found anything that really works, I hope my advise will help you. Good Luck!!

  • Luana

    OMG thank you so much i was in extreme pain for 2 days, last night i came across this website and i read about the Tylenol with codine remedy and it works wonders. i used the tylenol last night i was fine all night(slept like a baby). and this morning before i went to work i took a cotton swab and put some vanilla extract on it and ive been fine all day. thank yo so much.

  • Brooke

    If you’re this far down the page of home remedies, your toothache must be pretty bad. Mine was too. It woke me up last night (or this morning) at 1:13am and I lay in bed, trying to fall asleep again until about 4:00am. That’s when I knew this was it. I was fed up, and needed to do something about this pain. My entire left jaw was hurting. I knew there was no cavity, but there WAS pain. I tried just about everything here. Salt water rinse and garlic powder had no affect, and the only thing gargling vanilla extract did was make me gag. I went to brush my teeth to get rid of garlic breath, and realized something. After three minutes of brushing just the part of my mouth that hurt (you may want to go five minutes if you aren’t a very devoted brusher), the pain was virtually gone! And here I am. I was so relieved. The only thing I can do now is paw it forward. Got a throbbing toothache? Brushing the painful part of you mouth with flouride toothpaste works like a dream.

  • Helen

    Well I’m kinda glad I found this page, have to say I tried everything. Vanilla essence didn’t work, then the salt water, then I brushed and used a anti bacterial mouthwash, then I swirled with scotch wisky, I took paracetamol with codine and ibruprofen! The only thing that got me off to sleep and pain free after being up for 36 hours was a hot water bottle covered in a soft cotton scarf on my pillow and me resting my face against it. Woke up in pain about two hrs later. Got my boyfriend to get some clove oil and put it on a q-tip and cotton wool, it burned like hell, I drooled everywhere so as not to swallow it and still no pain relief, plus it’s made my face swell on one side so I now look like a chipmunk!

    Ended up getting an out of hours drs appointment who kindly pescribed me tramadol (very strong painkiller in the uk) which I’ve taken along with 400mg of ibrupofen and 1000mg of paracetamol and again the the hot water bottle. Seems to be ok now, no pain just uncomfortable where my face is swollen.

    I’m booking an emergency dentist app in the morning but I’m so scared, my teeth are in a bad way and I reckon i’ve got a couple of tooth pulls and a couple of root canels, it’s going to cost me a ยฃ1000 which I’m going to have to put on credit, not good at all.

  • Tom

    Vanilla Extract?? VANILLA EXTRACT!! It works! I have recurring pain from a damaged tooth from an abcess. The pain is brutal and I tried a lot of home remedies – very few work beyond an hour or so relief. Then I read the info on this site and tried the Vanilla Extract. It absolutely does work. BUT – you have to get the kind with over 34% alcohol. Swish it around for a few minutes, dip a cotton ball in it and place it on the tooth for 15-20 minutes. Also, for those of you who have had an abcesses: The start of my problems was that I had a horrible abcess a few months ago. The right side of my face was grotesquely swollen. I looked like the Elephant Man. Unbelievable, constant kill-yourself pain. The only thing anyone can do if you can’t go to a dentist is go to the ER and get a shot of antibiotics. Don’t kid yourself – you cannot cure it on your own – it’s an infection and no home remedy is going cure it. ALSO – you have to drain the abcess. DO NOT use a pin and do it yourself. You’re actually creating another infection and greater long-term damage. I highly recommend using a hot compress on your cheek. Remember your science: cold contracts/heat expands and the puss needs to come out, not stay in. Then dip a cotton ball in hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and place it on the tooth. This will eventually draw the puss out. It’s nasty!Don’t swallow it – spit it out. Then continue swishing warm salt water for a few days to stop any re-infection. Finally – if the leaders of this ‘great country’ of ours actually cared about its citizens and had health care like the majority of European countries – sites like this wouldn’t need to exist.

  • Ben

    This is quite an important notice to you all;

    I’ve tried all these remedies for about 2-3 months now, and nothing has worked, all these rememdies do is mask the pain.
    Instead of homemade remedies try scientific remedies, the best 3 i found are the folowing:

    1st, to be a pill called ‘Codeine Phosphate’ desgined specificly to help with teeth pain.

    2nd, My grandads allways swore by this medicene and can be used for allmost anything now! ‘Co-Codamal’ Easily bought from a drug store, take one let it disovle in Lemoande, water or anything. and the pain we be gone instantly, trust me! I will tell anyone about this amazing medicene!

    3rd, You may not know but you may have an infection, even if you eat healthy everyday, brush 2-3 times a day and floss inbetween meals, it’s inevatable that one day you’ll get tootache or some sort of mouth problem, and anti-biotics is a life saver! Or as more commonly known in the UK as Ibuprofen, a pain killer, which also has Anti-boitics in.

    Although, for home made remedies, the only thing to work so far is the whisky, i prefer jack daniels ๐Ÿ˜€ And Water, with ice cubes in, allthough the water one will make you cry as your nerves in your teeth will react so quick and painfully, your mouth will feel as though you have just been smacked with a baseball bat!

    I wish you the best of luck with your mouth! and last of all, go see a dentist! Root canals, abseses, wisdom teeth, and common Tooth enamal is lost. Then visit a dentist, there the profesionals!

    Ben, UK

    • Sjonnygee

      @Ben Ibuprofen does not contain Antibiotics in any form, Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory drug & Antibiotics kill bacterial infections, they’re never sold together as one & Antibiotics are only prescribed not sold. They highly recommended individually though… Jon

  • sleepless in newyork

    I have had dental problems for most of my life. ive had a root canal and crown in one of my front teeth and have had fillings in the other three. less than a year and i alreay need root canals for the other 3. thanks to all you helpful people i can now have some oral relief b/c of the vanilla suggestions. thank you!!!!

  • cameron

    my family has a background of tooth problems . i plan on trying the vanilla extract remedy as soon a i go buy some lol .. hopefully it works . toothaches are the worst !!!

  • tammy h

    after try tea bags sait and alot of things i tryed pure vanilla extract and it hurt for like a min or 2 and then no more pain thanks for the info

  • Jhe Jhe

    I just read your comments then my toothache was gone. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Tosky

    Salt water to me is a temporal relieve to tooth ache. Or hw long should one administer it

  • eyesblue

    I have now been up for 2 & 1/2 hrs thanks to a severe toothache. I had my front top tooth removed 3 weeks ago root and all, three days ago the tooth next to the one removed starts hurting like mad. Went to see my dentist who took an xray, washed it out, scrapped around it and removed some plaque but after all this could still not determine what was causing the pain.

    After reading all of the above tips I tried the whiskey, hot salt water rinse, clove oil, vanilla extract none worked. I tried holding a cold compress to my mouth, still no luck. I found cold water from the fridge to work but only lasted a few seconds. I even put undiluted TCP on the gum with a Q-tip but to no avail. I have just taken three 200mg Nurofen Plus and put a pice of lemon on the gum, sure it stings but this along with the tablets seem to be working so will try and get some sleep now.

    To all of you who come on here looking for a cure/slight relief i would suggest trying everything until you find the one that works, hopefully you will find one that does, toothache is the worst pain and trust me i have had kidney stones, 3 lumbar punctures, a disc removed from my back and i would say the tootache has been the worst.

    Wishing all of you that come on here a speedy recovery, night night.


  • eyesblue

    Forgot to say I am in the UK so it is actually 04.30hrs here and will soon have to be up as i have a 16 month old little boy to look after.

  • DJ

    I have tried everything to get rid of this stupid toothache!!! When I was a kid I was really sick with earaches and strep throat all the time, and my pediatrician LOVED prescribing Amoxil…too bad it was the liquid form, which back then was sugar, bubble gum flavor, and medicine…rotted my teeth!!! And to top it off Im allergic to Advil and Aleve…Tylenol doesn’t work, nor does clove oil, Orajel, Anbesol, or anything else. I’m looking online, here at 2:30 AM, because it hurts so bad I cannot sleep! I saw this site and read, and I think I wil try the vanilla extract…hey Im up for anything that will give me enough relief until I can get to the doctor…can’t afford a dentist until next month because I dont have insurance, so maybe she’ll give me some antibiotics and something for pain until I can get it taken care of…thanks for the vanilla tip ya’ll!!!

  • boylosh

    I actually completely lost my mind after 3 sleepless nights with the worst toothache ever (arent they all), I even tried pulling out the demon tooth with pliers, my girlfriend decided that I had snapped when I crawled into the closet and wrapped blankets around my head and told her I was staying in there forever, she went out and returned (what seemed like 2 weeks later although it was only an hour) with CLOVE OIL, oh lordy lordy lordy thankyou thankyou thankyou, I literally poured it on my demon tooth and surrounding gums and the pain vanished, my whole face went numb but what a relief, I now dab it on with a Q tip when I feel the pain coming back and keep it at bay, I bought my girlfriend flowers and hugged her for saving me, I hope anyone out there suffering from this horrible affliction gets relief from the nightmare experience of damn toothache by using this, it brought me out of the closet….literally.

  • Mark Kelly Reyes

    When I’m using an Ice and water it temporarily lost the pain of my toothache,so that everyday I will apply it my teeth.

  • Rachel

    you guys are all amazing- I was literally up all last night reading all of these remedies and today I tried alot of them- the vanilla (as well as almond or cinnamon) extract works wonders! I was actually able to sleep after that… the baby asprin, fluoride rinse, aleeve, each one gives just a little more comfort and tonight i am feeling much better still sore and still need a root canal but at least im not in agony any more your tips are all helpful and great… feel better everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

  • nick london ontario

    well after being awake till 3am finally some sleep!! i was on here last night reading what people where using and came to the conclusion of vanilla extract!!! i did it and left it in for about 2 min spit it out and did it again for another 2 min and after about 5 min the pain was gone and asleep i went!! thx everyone for posting on here it helps to hear that iam not the only one with the extream pain!!!!

  • Tammy

    Have had a horrible toothache all morning…radiating up in to the side of my head. Been reading all the tips. The only thing i had on hand was the ground cloves. Packed those all around the gum and tooth. Left them on for a couple min. (they have a numbing effect) Also then, swished around and held in my mouth some 80 proof vodka. Pain is much much better now !!

  • Nicholas

    I had this intense tooth pain just minutes ago before I entered this website, the kind of pain that makes you want go insane. Vanilla extract made the pain go away.. The past few days my pain was moderate and for that I used clover oil and it worked great..but for intense pain it didnt work as good as vanilla extract. I got this advice from people here…. thanks you so much without this advice I wouldn’t be able so sleep..

  • Susanna

    Would you believe Garlic? Garlic is a natural pain reliever anti-inflammatory and is a natural infection fighter. Take fresh garlic press and put it in/on the affected area. 2 garlic capsules daily plus vit C and D and 1000 mg calcium will absolutely protect your teeth gums along with brushing flossing and rinsing. Salt water swish is terrific before you do the garlic. use 2tsp in very warm water about 2 oz to 3 swish around infected area and tooth for at least 2 mins. It burns but it also is working . Do this every cpl hours you will see swelling going away. then do the garlic especially if cavity, place in and around area leave for several mins to 1 hr. The pain will go.After the swelling and pain disappears do this.. If you cannot afford a dentist, as a temporary sol. get a pack of den-temp take pea size roll into ball take 1 drop super glue GEL put on tip of the den temp insert into cavity or lost filling. bite down hold for few sec so it sets. Do not drink or eat for 1 hr to allow it to cure. It works and stays there long time!Helps prevent re-infection! Dentists use the same formula its just not called super glue. But do make sure you see a dentist when you can make payment arrangements or try to find a free clinic in your State or County…PS. Garlic also fights cancers…! find more info about the miracle of garlic on any web site. Good luck.

  • Jessica

    I have tried everything imaginable to kill my toothache. I went to the grocery store and picked up some vanilla extract and some ground cloves. I tried the vanilla extract first and it done okay, but as soon as I put the ground cloves on my tooth, the pain was instantly gone. I was hurting for well over a week and nothing would help but this. Hope everyone finds the relief they are looking for. I would rather have three children back to back than have a toothache.

  • james

    i have nerve damage, but no dental insurance I have bad teeth becaue of a car accident and i need dentures. i only have a few teeth left, i broke one of my few teeth i have left and i took 600mg of ms contin, and no relief. i couldnt get an appt. for a week so i tried the vanilla extract, low and behold it worked. i dont know how long it will work but my appt. is in 2 days so thank everyone for the advise.
    p.s. ambesol didnt work either

  • Toya

    I’ve had the most awful toothache that u can imagine. I tried anbesol works for a while but when u use it too much it doesn’t wanna work anymore. So a friend of mine told me to rub hot sauce on it. I jumped off the phone and immediately went to find the hot sauce. TO MY SURPRISED it worked. Hopes this works for u as it did for me!!

  • Sonja

    Got tooth pain from a lost filling/broken tooth. Usually what helped me was colloidal silver combined with DMSO (you can get it at the feed store or online, it has to be the 99.9% pure one) 90/10% by volume at the slightest sign of discomfort. DMSO is a solvent and will pull the colloidal silver into the tooth killing the infection. But the current toothache is worse than at other times, and needed faster relief, and nothing helped. But thought of MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) which is basically the same thing as DMSO. Emptied a capsule into a glass and with a wet finger rubbed the powder on and around the tooth. It took the edge off the pain within seconds. As an aside, if you cannot afford a dentist, ask them for a payment plan. I think most dentist will work with you in this regard.

  • tana

    i tried the garlic didnt work then i tried the whiskey and it worked a little better


    please please help.

    i have had severe toothache for the last 3 years on and off and had 3 teeth taken out but i constanly keep my oral hygeine high and the pain seems to move to the opposite side of my mouth over different periods. dont get me wrong i can have good weeks (2 at the most) but this pain comes back and it seems that it gets worse everytime…
    my docotor believes it is neuralia and prescribed me diclofenac 50mg and it did work really well & i only used it once i started to feel the niggles begin… this has since stopped working within the last week and it is at its worse. i went back to the doctor who has told me to stop using this medicine and changed me on to naproxen 500mg tablets and so far this pain is getting no better but more worse than anything

    finally the only way i can explain this pain is…
    where i am missing the teeth is the sharpest areas % it is like having a boiling hot poker twisting inside my face, it can get so bad that it has me more or less crying into my pillow.

    if anybody has any ideas or is in the same situation please advise me on stopping this for good


  • sammie

    Yes! part if my filling of my tooth came out and was in SUPER BAD PAIN! someone said grab a Tea Bag with in 3 minutes true relief within10 minutes it WORKS Like a type of Novocaine! Try it! It works! I still go to go to a dentist because I so not want to fill like pain like that again but I have been out of pain ever since, it been 3 days!

  • T

    Clove oil…i spent the better part of a month in pain ob antibiotics and being shuffled from dentist to another and having to wait to get in and it was the only thing that stopped me from putting a string around my tooth and the other around the door…They gave me vicodin but when you have school and work and the kids have activities you cant exactly take that mid-day..it will sting going on and taste horrid, but it will numb the area until medication kicks in and gives relief even if you start smelling like a christmas ham…it’s at GNC

  • alex

    Best way i found, as weird as it sounds, is to put a lighted cigarette in the ear on the side the painful tooth is, just stick it in and let it there until it reaches the filter or burns your ear of ๐Ÿ˜› . Another remedy i came across in years of pain is this: take some garlic, smash it up, wrap it in some cotton and same thing… stick it in the ear. Sounds funny but it works like a charm. The next in line would be alcohol, just hold in on the tooth for a min or so, numbs the pain but hurts the gums.

  • Dro

    The only thing that helps a tooth ache until you see your doctor is: dip cotton in some alcohol [vodka]
    And put it in the cavity it just num the place and the pain will disappear in a minute.

  • sonja

    Helppp: re neuralgia: The only natural remedy for nerve problems that I’m aware of is DMSO (learn about it at dmso.org). It has the power to heal nerves. You can get it at most feed stores. It’s used for injuries in racehorses, and FDA approved for a urinary tract condition. There’s also a book (available through amazon.com) called DMSO: Nature’s Healer. I’ve healed a dog twice from coonhound paralysis with it, a condition where the nerve sheath are being stripped away…she’s still with us running around like a young dog, just amazing stuff. It’s accumulative…the more often you take it, the more it will help…Good luck to you. I pray you’ll be feeling better soon.

  • Melanie

    I just had my first baby. While I was pregnant one of my filings fell out. Because I was a high risk pregnancy, my dr told me not to go in until after the baby was born. Well I’m breastfeeding and it’s impossible for me to get to the dentist when I’ve got a baby who wants to eat every hour. About two weeks ago, part of my tooth broke off and it was black! I was going to go to the dentist immediately and then my husband went on strike so of course we couldn’t afford for me to go. It has always hurt a bit but the past two days it has been just killing me. Giving birth was a piece of cake compared to this!

    I have been taking Advil and Tylenol and I do find that when I brushed/flossed and rinsed at night I got some relief but I don’t want to take a lot of drugs because of the breastfeeding. So I tried a bit of the vanilla extract right on the tooth with a q-tip and it worked wonders. It went from a screaming pain to a dull roar. Hopefully I’ll be able to get in to the dentist soon and he’ll be able to save the tooh. I work in customer service and I think having a big gap in my mouth would be a bit off-putting to customers!

  • Hailey

    my mom&dad swear by clove oil to relieve their toothaches.They also have used lemon extract,vanilla extract and in a pinch tea tree oil. All relieve the pain but burn a little when applied to the sore tooth.Unlike orajel these extracts relieve the pain for several hours.Good luck to those in pain.

  • Bo

    I have been dealing with a couple bad teeth for awhile. I have severe anxiety when it comes to dentists. So, put off needed dental work.

    In doing research, I came across someone who mentions how a diet high in protein, good fats and oils, and veggies (green more so) would help the problem. He also mentioned something about sugary foods causing problems. Supposedly, it lowers the immune system for several hours at a time.

    What I have learned is if I eat sugary anything – even after I clean it out of my mouth – after 2 or 3 hours some parts of my teeth and areas where my gums meet my teeth will hurt – sometimes severely. It’s crazy. As long as I stay away from the sugary stuff I have less problems with pain.

    For pain, I use the regular pain relievers but will mix them up – like 2 baby aspirin and 2 IBU’s, or 2 baby aspirin with 1 IBU and 1 Tylenol, and will also suck on another baby aspirin at the area most bothering me. I will also mix up and drink down 300 to 350 mg powdered calcium carbonate with a little water. Sometimes that seems to help sometimes just by itself. I guess I might be low on calcium.

    Earlier tonight, I forgot to not eat sugary food and ate a bunch of really good gluten free ginger snaps (they are my weakness). The pain had kicked up pretty bad but is gone now after I took the pain reliever mix-match combination and then about a half hour later the calcium. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ben

    I used the vanilla extract, and it helps some, but the taste of vanilla is terrible, so i fallowed it up with a little “Whitetail Buck Whiskey” on a small swap and just sucked on it for a minute and let me tell you i will be keeping whiskey in the house for reasons other than to drink while watching football.

  • Stacy

    Several people have claimed how well ibuprofen works on most kinds of tooth pains, which it does! In many cases, it works as well as, if not better than codeine (somewhat small amounts of codeine, anyway!) The problems many of them were encountering with ibuprofen were SEVERE heartburn, and even nausea in some cases. There are a few causes for these side-effects, as well a few remedies; some are much more simple than you’d believe!

    First of all, there are two major causes for the heartburn, & sometimes even the nausea. Yes, Ibuprofen can irritate the stomach. So can Aleve (Naproxen) by the way, some times MUCH worse. Also, the actual condition of the teeth can cause heartburn. Rotting and/or decaying teeth, absesses & infections, can all significantly increase heartburn episodes. Especially when you take into account that as those rotting or decaying teeth start really hurting (and contributing to stomach acid/heartburn), what do you do? You greatly increase the amount of ibuprofen you take (for the pain), right? Now, also the ability your teeth (or lack of) to properly chew your food completely & thouroughly can contribute to heartburn & excess stomach acid. If your back teeth are in such bad shape, or possibly even missing, that you cannot properly chew your food; then you cannot properly digest your food. Thus resulting in indegestion sometimes, as well as heartburn.

    There are a few solutions, some rather simple. You can take an OTC ant-acid or acid-reducer to control the heartburn. If medication, i.e. ibuprofen, is the culprit, I find a liquid such as Maloxus ually works best. (Be sure to take it with the med’s or up to 30 min’s prior.) If your actual teeth, & not necessarly the medicine, or just the med’s, is the cause; then I find an OTC acid-reducer (such as a pill you take 1-2 times/day, every day) works best. It also goes with out saying that if your teeth are the problem, fixing them will help tremendously, if not completely. Just be sure to check with your Dr., Dentist, or local Pharmacist before taking any OTC med’s.

    By the way, my old man’s a Dentist, so I am somewhat knowledgable on this subject. (Besides, I’ve had the exact same problem for almost twenty years, and it’s been working for me for twenty years!!!)

  • Mark

    The whiskey worked best for me, however after swishing it over the tooth you should swallow it. Repeat this about 15 times, then decide to take the garbage out at 2am, fall over over your kids bike and smash your shoulder onto the concrete. Just like like that you forget about the toothache.

  • Ann

    Thanks to everyone for the great remedies. I have a bleeding wisdom tooth that needs to be pulled. I’ve been using periodixe (DO not swollow) but it didn’t work today. Tried the pure vanilla on a cotton ball and within 10 minutes, no pain. Still need to have tooth pulled but relief for now.

    PS. Flossing helps to get the build-up off the teeth and prevent the infection followed by periodixe. That was my ususal routine and had been workign for months. Time to see the dentist

  • andy

    good blog.The only natural remedy for nerve problems that Iโ€™m aware of is DMSO (learn about it at dmso.org). It has the power to heal nerves. You can get it at most feed stores. Itโ€™s used for injuries in racehorses, and FDA approved for a urinary tract condition.

  • Jamie

    Well seeing as how I awoke at 3am with a tooth ache bad enough to make me cry, I decided to try home remedies. Well as we r n the process of moving, I don’t have much to use here. I looked for Vinilla must be at the other house. i looked for lemon juice…Oh wait don’t think I ever owned the stuff…. Ice just sounded liked it would hurt and make me cold….Bengay on the jaw… on that sensitive skin… I think not… that stuff burns the hell out of my back if applied….So needless to say was running out of options….
    Then i found the bottle of Jack and my morphine for cancer. The morphine helped minutely for the tooth ache….The jack helped a lot…

  • Christean

    ALCOHOL WORKS. The higher percentage the better. I started noticing mouthwash worked if I swished with it for long enough, but that listerine (21.6% alcohol) worked way better than scope (16ish% alcohol), so then I went to swishing with whiskey, and it kills the pain for an hour or more, completely. I think that’s why vanilla extract works, too. Anywho, yeah, good luck with your tooth pain!!

  • Masha

    Thank you for the great advice! I have been in extreme pain the past 2 nights. Wasn’t able to sleep at all. Then found myself searching the web for home remedies at 3AM and so thankful to have found this!

    What worked for me – ground cloves on the paintful tooth, together with ice massage and an ice pack on the cheek. 10 mins later and I’m finally going to bed to get some sleep…

  • Aarti

    Thanks all for the tips, I got relief from ibuprofen 400mg. I tried anbesol but did not work for more than 2 mins. Since my toothache is due to sensitivity i tried brushing slowly with lots of sensodyne and i felt immediate relief, i would say ibuprofen did the trick for me. Make sure you get the right dosage, as 200mg never worked for me and i was very disappointed and felt helpless, if you think 400 mg is too low try 600 mg…i’m no doc but just giving suggestions to relieve pain.

  • Stephanie

    Today is Thanksgiving, and I developed a toothache. After reading through dozens of tips here, I sliced a garlic clove in half [to expose the oils] and placed it between my gum and the sore tooth. I’ve been pain free for over an hour now and will be able to enjoy my Thanksgiving dinner.

  • sochi

    thanks you all…………..all the home remedy works for me especially the salt raising solution.

  • Tim

    I tried a few of the thins listed on here for my throbbing toothache, and most of it was mildly helpful at best. The vanilla extract mildly eased the pain for about 5 minutes, then it came right back. Someone’s comment about holding hot salt water until it cooled on the side of the ache seems to work the best for me. It looks like it is infected. But I have no dental insurance of any kind and I’m pretty much broke right now so the hot salty water trick will have to suffice until the pain subsides on its own.

  • mandy garcia

    gargle ice cold water. it will make your mouth num. but first you will feel pain then after wards your tut ache will be gone.

  • Jay

    Ive had a tooth ache for nearly 4 days now im getting through Ibuprofen like tik taks (taking them every 2 hours) and they did help at 1st now ive stopped taking them for fear of an overdose and the fact that the nerve in my tooth has seemed to adapted to the ibuprofen so its not working now,
    also lying down just makes things worse so saying im having trouble sleeping is a understatement,
    Ive brought a bottle of Jack Daniels and coke and it seems to be doing the trick at numbing the pain, I just hope the nerve in the tooth dies soon especially this close to christmas,
    otherwise im going to miss out on christmas dinner with the family and end up sitting in a corner holding the side of my face wishing for the end,
    I nether thought toothache could be this painful but i feel for anyone who is going through the same excruciating pain..stay strong and dont do anything stupid!

    • Tisisnotthelife

      toothache is apparently one of THE worse pains that a human being can go through. i’ve had so many of my friends tell me that they would rather go through child birth for 48 hours than have a toothache for 2 hours.

  • bilal

    got a really bad toothache and it’s hurting till now please tell me a easy way to get rid of thing

    • toothachesrhorrid

      did you ever find a way to get rid of it? because right now, i am going through something very unbearable!

  • bridgett

    thank god for all of you. i have been up for hours tonight with a tooth ache. 2 of em actually. i tried the salt water and it helped some but the vanilla worked almost immediately. i dont care how,all icare about is the pain is gone for 20 min now and i am happy and goin back to bed.. i hope anyone with a tooth aches find quick relief… id rather give birth! gnight folks!!

  • Tandy

    Ok! I tried the salt water and it worked for about an hour of doing it every 5 mins or so. I have a hole in my tooth and the nerve is exposed so I also tried the potato that was a no go. I then tried the pepper that also didnt work so I tried the vanilla and that didn’t work either. The one thing that did work was bitting down on a piece of onion which was the last thing I tried. Onion wasn’t mentioned very much so I figured it didn’t work. So my advice to you would be try that first if you have a whole in your tooth. Good luck to you all now I’m going to try and get some sleep. The worst part of it all is the pain and it’s now Christmas eve which I want to feel great so I can enjoy the day with my kids!

  • Latinya

    hi everyone i have pain my wisdom tooth top left hand side and its not joke…. i cried today cause the pain was so bad that it had to come out. What do u do when u have no insurance and u try everything i have took over 45 (800mg) pains pills in less than 3 days and the pain dont stop so i looked this site up today and seen VICKS VAPERUB and i tried it and it works my face is hot but the pain is gone….THANKS from Camden New Jersey

    • TheRealPatriot

      Tie fishing line around the tooth and a door knob and get someone to shut the door real hard and fast !

  • erica

    well i have tryed just about everything from gargling the salt water which makes me gag a little as i swish it in the mouth,i use orajel and anbesol, brush my gums quite a bit on side of toothake and my hubby says that makes the infection or toothake worse by brushin, i then went to a clinic to see a dr and was put on 500mg of amoxicillin for the infection or whatever it is i have and also a pain med called diclofenac, i just got the 2 meds yesterday so i guess it aint really let me know too soon or yet when it wants to take my toothache from me. growing up in my younger and teen years my parent would never take me to the dentist since my mom and i both are afraid of needles, but my hubby had me added to his mcdonalds dental insurance and we r waitin on the card so i can call and go see a dentist, but i gotta get me one that will put me completely out or asleep, i dont do needles and i WILL NOT allow anyone to come with needles around my mouth, soon as i see em i scream just like when i have to have blood drawn from time to time for my seizure medicine, i sit there and soon as they stick it in me i either hollar, scream, or just simply look at em and say hurry and take that thing out my arm, so i would do the same for a needle comin towards my face, and as of now i barely have about 5 teeth or so left in my whole mouth so they wont have many to have to pull, but they still gotta make sure im put to sleep, if i cant be knocked out completely then no dentists, NO WAY HO ZAY

  • LadyJ

    whole cloves…buy from grocer and place one inside the gum by tooth!!!!! tastes funny at first but really works for me EVERYTIME!!!!

  • Thanks for posting the following home remedies for toothache. The very painful ever is having a toothache, base on my thorough research about toothache it is generally identifies discomfort around the teeth or jaws primarily due to a dental condition. Generally in most instances, toothaches are brought on by tooth issues, like a dental cavity, a cracked tooth, an exposed tooth root, or gum illness. When I was a kid when I had a toothache my grand mother asked me to get a salt and the put it to my tooth because according to her (that time my Grand ma was still alive) salt was fighting against the bacteria of the tooth. For me, those remedies can cure temporarily and much better to consult your personal dentist so that it will not be infected.

  • troy

    what about rubbing alcahol? will it help kill the pain

  • Travis

    i crushed baby asprin and applied directly to area as paste. (lick my finger, stick in aspirin powder, rub on gum). its important to remember that a lot of times the tooth hurts but the pain gets there via nerves in back by molar or gum above tooth so thats the area to attach. salt works great too. warm salt water. onion and garlic are interesting especially if you got an absess going might slow that down. of course any ‘extract’ that uses alcohol as a solvent is gonna work. if your vanilla extract didnt work its probably alcohol free. a swab of the old school night quil would probably work or any cough syrup with alcohol. only a dab will do you of high proof alcohol.

  • Lalit

    hello dear i delayed to filling my teeth after cleaning of cavity, now its broke from root so ย please give me some suggesion to grow it again.


  • Ayushi

    Hi, I have been suffering from my left upper 6th number toothache which is very severe & I also have a hole. The doctors have suggested me for a root canal though i am wondering to get it extracted than going for a root canal treatment. I m surprised with so many home remedies mentioned here & planning to try few over it asap. Howevr, i would like to state that sprinklingย pinch of salt over your toothpaste before you brush your teeth & massage for 2-3 mins twice daily is also a solution of pain relief for quite sometime atleast. I hope many of you would also try the remedy suggested by me which is my dad’s suggestion..ย  thanks


  • amber

    i have bad teeth and have dealth with severe tootaches often. Home remedies never worked for me so i always had to wait it out until i could see a dentist. I got a toothache again last night and it hurt like hell! i only slept for about an hour and couldnt get back to sleep. i tried aspirin and garlic with no relief…finally i seen the suggestion for swishing vanilla extract in my mouth and it worked like a charm! ive never had a home remedy work! thanks so much for posting!

  • chelle

    my teeth hurt i need them all just taken out i dont have insurance or the money to go to the dentist i have tried oragel liquid vanilla extract pain killers ambesol nothing has work for me it has my whole right side of my face and head hurting i just put vodka on a cottonball and stuck it in my mouth i hae alcohol and am willing to try anything at this point i have had all four of my front teeth pulled because of decaying and cant afford dentures this blows and i dont like it at all i hat being in pain this suck the vodka is burning my gums now so what do i do i need help i need a dentist that wont bleed me dry and still help me my whole family has probles wit their teeth i didnt floss thats why they are bad i started flossing and seemed like it got worst ihave always brushed and rinsed HELP

  • Ron

    If the problem is that severe, why wouldn’t you continue trying to find someone that could see you sooner? Kinda makes sense, instead of posturing to sue someone. Be responsible for yourself, and be proactive.

  • andy

    i really prefer all the remedies. but The juice of wheat grass is an excellent mouthwash for tooth decay and a natural toothache remedy. It also draws out the toxins from the gums and checks bacterial growth.

  • feral val

    tried the vanilla extract, no dice, feel like getting a pair of vise grips and doing home extraction. anbisol HAHAHAHAHAH, thank god their is a local tavern across the street, a shot of knob creek, helped tremendously. had the bar tender put some in a ola asprin bottle so i can dab some on through the night, alcohol is the key for emergency relief. i should have gotten a pint. it u r on this site it is of desperation good luck all.

  • Denise

    Sensadine tooth paste really helps the pain. I brush with it and put some on my finger and apply it to the effected tooth and gum and leave it on overnight. Hope this helps it has me many a time. Good Luck. There are a lot of quack dentist out there. I even went to one that taught at Case and I have more dental problems then some other dentist. Now my sinus cavity and Right eye hurt for 2 months now after she filled a tooth in front that did not hurt until she worked on it. Ask people for references. This one came with a reference but found out she did not do anything but check ups no real work was done. So ask the person what work they had done and the results. Hopes this helps so you don’t have to go through what I have gone through.

  • noble

    cold milk swished around in the mouth works for me most of the time alternate with light heat (too much heat can bring infection to the surface and make it worse wayyyy worse) for the light heat i put the palm of my hand on my jaw and cover my mouth breath in through the nose and out through the mouth takes a few min but the warm moist heat switched with the cold milk helps and if you have it vanilla listerine p.s it may take alot of milk but its worth it for the relief hope this helps someone else

  • larry

    sounds comepletly messed up but masterbate and smoke a cigareete at first the smoke hurts but as blood flows to the other extrimity the pain goes a way the nicotine keeps the blood thin thus less pain a doctor told me try this

    • Charles Gray

      Good lord, where was this Doctor, Manilla? Lol

      • Dave Smallz

        haha, hectic!

    • Big Willy

      Ya know masterbating will make you go blind so ask your doc that one too!

  • Aleem

    Its 1.30 am in Singapore n i cant leep ie to the pain. Just rinsed with warm salt water, tried listerine alo sensodyne toothpaste but nothing works. Tea tree oil helps relieve or a short while only. I have a full omprehenive denl insurance but i have phobia of dentists. Most of my teeth are all rotten n decayed. Tomorrow buying vanilla extract. Now in excruciating pain, eyeballs popping out.

  • Sarah

    I haven’t gotten the chance to read ALL of these yet, but it amazes me about how many posts there is. What I don’t understand is, we all know what the ultimate cure is. Duh! We all need to go to the dentist and get our teeth taken care of. So why in the hell are we looking around on the internet to find cures for that pain that is so unbareable? My guess is that most of you are in the same vote as me and don’t have dental insurance and you just don’t have the money in your back pocket to pay yourself. And why the hell is that? I’m not saying it is easy to get, but a lot of people have medical insurance. If you have some kind of infection in your arm or something, you go to the doctor, pay a copay and getit taken care of. So where in the hell was it ever written that your teeth are not part of your body?

    I have dealt with broken bones before that hurt less than a toothache. I am 26 and I have been having problems with my teeth sense I was five. Not only with dentistry, but with orthadontary as well. And while having braces and stuff with I was younger kept me from having a moon face, it has opened the doors to many other problems with my teeth. I will admit it, growing up I didn’t take very good care of my teeth, and I have the fillings to prove it. My parents had dental insurance and I was able to get things taken care of as needed. Didn’t really have to suffer for more than a day with a toothache. Then I moved out and got married. Sense then I have had times of being in constant pain for days, even weeks. I have had abcessed teeth, exposed nerves, and I have a wisdom tooth that is so chipped off that there is nothing left above the gumline, and my other wisdom tooth (I had to have the bottom ones removed when I was 14 for my orthodontry) that is an impacted tooth. That is when a tooth grows in crocked. It is so bad infact that it has not cut through the gumline.

    It is just pushing on the roots of my back molar. And it was discovered a few years ago when I had a cavity in that tooth. Don’t even get me started on THAT pain. Now I have been having a toothache for the past 24 hours. Can’t go to the dentist because we still owe a lot of money for the last time I was in there. Which we don’t have otherwise it would be payedoff by now. I have tried everything that I have read on here so far, and believe it or not it was the salt water, after at least 100 times, and I am not joking about that, that worked. So I belived that it was an abcess tooth this time. Now I am just in pain from all the other remedies I have tried. But I know that the pain will come back… It always does. The untimate cure is to just find a way for dental insurance to be accessable in this country.

  • Robert

    I tried eveything but nothing work accept chewing on ice cubes, but the pain would come back about 30 seconds later. I was doing that for about 6 hours. I finally went out and pur some pure vanilla extract and the initial pain was rough, but I kept it in my mouth for about 45 seconds and that pain has definatley subsided. It worked!!! not all the way but now it is just a very dull ache but completely manageable. I could not even think stait I was in so much pain before the vanilla extract! I must say I was very skeptical at first, but had no other options. So glad it worked

  • Tonya

    Aleave is a cure, I was in severe pain but after taking two if them I will much better 30 mins later.I tried vanilla extract and it eased the pain for about two mins. Try Aleave it’s a slow process but it does ease the pain.But it gave me heartburn too.

  • Kierra

    I’m 12 yars old. I had a filling done 9 months ago. The dentist also told me that if the filling doesn’t hold I’ll need to get a root canal. Sure enough the filling started dissinegrating. It started 3 days ago and I’ve missed those 3 days of school. I’ve been hysterical because of the pain. It’s gotten so bad I can barely sleep. I tried Oragel Maximum Strength, Advil and all of the other remedies on this website + all off the tips. Nothing worked. I’m not covered for a dentist to give me a root canal and I’m also not on a medical plan. Any ideas on what I should do or any home remedies? PLEASE HELP!!!

  • Brian

    I just dumped a whole goody’s powder on my back molar, and let it sit there for 5 min. It worked instantly, no more pain for now, will see how long it lasts……

  • Debbi

    Thanks for the info, my partner is the one with a bad tooth and various remedies are helping. Salt water rinses and alternate ice and heat has helped. But, for an all natural antibiotic you should get Colloidal Silver. It’s not cheap but it’s available at most health stores. Or you can buy a generator and make it yourself fairly cheaply, like we did. Right now, she’s using it to gargle, hold on the tooth and swallow to get the best coverage of the solution. Also using hydrogen peroxide as another method of helping the cause. It oxygenates the blood tissues around the tooth and gum to promote healing. If you use food grade H2O2 and not the stuff from the grocery store with additives, then you can consume it as well. Food grade has to be diluted down to a 3% solution, just like the one in the bottle from the store.
    Good luck everyone!

  • Timothy widgren

    I have tried everything from ice, clove oil, vanilla extract, …..the only thing keeping me sane is constantly swishing water on the tooth area. Not cold but close to room temp.

  • Cilene

    i found these tips very helpful. i combined 2 to make an AMAZING remedy for my toothache. i took ground cloves and vodka to make a paste to apply to my toothache with a q-tip. it numbed it up like crazy, no pain. feels and taste just like novocaine from the dentist office. the whole left side of my mouth is numb and pain free.

  • nick


    i have had this toothache for 2 weeks now and it is so painful i cant sleep. i have tried most of the remedies and they do work but i am old fashioned. whiskey works a treat but only for a few hours i found that out last night. at the moment i am using the old ice pack trick and it does works.. but if i am to be honest i haven’t tried vanilla extract.. but defiantly use salt Water whiskey. i find them better but that’s just me

  • shannon

    my boyfriend has had a really bad tooth ache, he keeps on moaning about it! its doing my head in ๐Ÿ™‚ any tips on how to get rid of it, also i think he should just go to the dentist!!

  • cody simshauser

    i found salt on warm fench frys was a fast relief for my horrible pain, iv gotta wait till i can go get the tooth pulled the pain doesnt really hurt it just wont go away then i chew on something warm and covered in salt and all is well for a few hours that or cold water, i fill my mouth with ice cold water and it slowly sooths my achey tooth

  • bill

    this may be strange but junior mints work great. woke up with a massive tooth ache, went to store and bought two boxes, took a couple junior mints and before I got home, pain was gone. ๐Ÿ™‚ not only works great but taste great too

  • jimmy drane

    OMG ive had the worst freaking pain ever in my back tooth that the feeling came out of the ONLY thing i could even get to stop the pain for a few minutes wold be the rum.. works great… man idk if the clove thing worked to but itried several different things.. and i so glad my roomie had some liquor left over sad to say i havent been drinking it just letting it soak and then spiting it out.. but im so glad i found this site…. i can finally see straight and not want to slam my head into the wall intill i pass out

  • philipp

    i have a tooth ache right now and had it for almost a week. i’ve tried ibuprofen and it last for at least 6 hours. it works but after that 6 hours i have to wait for another 2 hours to take another one so i just chew onion or let it sit where the pain is. its good my dental appointment is today. hoping my dentist will solve my problem quick.

  • Alivia

    I know it sounds ridiculous but otter pops seem to help kinda like ice cubes and the lime works too.

  • francie

    vanilla extract on gauze worked instantly on my boyfriends toothache and he’s waiting for a root canal.

  • Andy

    my 15 year old son is dying of a toothache tried a little of everything tried anbesol no good tried orajel,etc. Finally tried the vanilla extract it works great prayers to all who have to go thru a toothache.

  • Jewel R. Esmero

    I am Joy and i have a cousin who is 12 years old and i really pity him cause everynight she feels an extreme toothache..And the she told me that her pain goes to her head and she became totally insane and cries……She brushed her teeth 3 times with sensydine and..It’s still hurts..She is having her exams tommorow so she cant go to the dentist..please gimme tips

  • justme

    I had a bad tooth and couldn’t get into the dentist for two weeks. Used the baby asprin trick. Also used salt water trick twice a day with sea salt. When I saw the dentist he asked how I got by. Told him about the salt water, also baby oragel (sp), and the baby asprin. Was told that’s ok for pain but never to apply any kind of asprin to an affected area in the mouth, especially an abcess. Asprin has an acid in it that can actually make your situation worse.And to be sure of this, I double checked WITH MANY dentists and websites. This is absolutely true!! This is a quote from one such dentist…..


    Over the years, I have encountered patients who have put an aspirin on top of a tooth that is hurting. THIS IS A NO NO!

    Aspirin is an ACID that will burn your mouth lining if left in contact with your gum too long. People who have put an aspirin on top of a hurting tooth get a burn that hurts longer than the toothache.

    I got the exact same info from the very well known and trusted Mayo Clinic. Also, people with Asthma should not use asprin without getting the ok from your physician, as asprin can cause severe to deadly asthma attacks, some resulting in death. This is important information for any of the above tipsters that have asthma. Hope this helps with what NOT to do.

    Take care y’all.
    You don’t put an aspirin on top of your head when you have a headache–and you don’t put an aspirin on top of your tooth when you have a

  • Brittany

    I have tried the vanilla, it worked for a minute but im right back PAIN, i have jus tried the lemon juice nd so far its helped…

  • Rhonda

    I too was in such excruciating pain that i couldnt see straight…it made me completely sick to my stomach…i sat in the bathroom and cried like a baby …im not a big fan of taking vicodin as it makes me feel sort of loopy …so i found this site and started with the home remedies…i did take 1 motrin before hand which was only 200 mg….mind u even when i took the vicodin nothing was touching the pain …it went thru my entire head..jaw..eyes..my entire head..i have antibiotics but only got them this morning so im not feeling much from them yet…salt water/water ..did nothing…peroxide/water..helped a little..cloves..i was surprised at this ..it did nothing but yet so many people said it helped them ..onion ..nothing just made me gag …garlic ( ive not tried yet its still sitting in my bathroom) the redcross firstaid..helped for a couple mins then the pain was right back.

    The only 2 things that helped me go from losing my mind and crying frantically to a dull ache was the green tea teabags ..wet it a little held it inside my gums and the cheek …i could actually see the infection on the teabag …then the vanilla extract …this worked like a charm ..ive been good now for about 2 hours…earlier today i did try whiskey and brandy …even tho this is 40% alcohol it wasnt near as effective as the vanilla extract …God Bless u all i hope u find some rememdies on here to help u out <3

  • Lea

    So today I found myself at the denist office early this morning hoping they will take me in after a long night. The pain level was at a 20 plus. I felt as if someone hit me on the side of my face and put a nail in my ear, and eye.

    While sitting there waiting a lady and her daughter came in while I was attemping to put another round of numming drops on my tooth. She began to laugh (which I almost told her where to stick it) and said she remembers that pain. She told me that a friend of hers told her to use VICKS vaper rub. I just looked at her like she was a nut. All night I tried everything that everyone has posted and this was the weirdest.

    Well the doctor sent me home due to my blood pressure and told me to go back in three days. I came home not knowing how I was going to make it three more days with this pain, then I thought of what she said. I put some VICKS on a q-tip and put it on my broken tooth and within 3min I have NO pain! I can bit down, my headache is gone, I feel nothing….. The only thing is I just had to spit here and there not the best thing to swallow.

    I feel nothing, it worked. I just wish I took her number to thank her.



  • Diana

    I find that 1/4 to 1/2 tsp of anise extract in a cup of green tea kills the pain instantly or you can just rub it straight on the gums.. anise extract taste like black liquirise…. the best remedy i have ever found in my life.. i also suggested to my son to use for his teething baby.. says it works on her better then baby teething gels or teething rings..

  • John

    I lost a filling on the back left bottom and every few months it causes some brutal pains. These are some of the methods I use to relieve pain.

    1. Place minced garlic on the inside of the opposite wrist from the pain and sleep on it, in the morning the pain is gone (Usually relieves pain for a few days)

    2. Make a paste out of garlic, cloves, and a few grains of salt. Pace it in cavity (or site of pain). Provides almost instant relief and works for a few hours at least (I’ve also heard of people putting a couple drops from a liquigel pain reliever in this mix)

    3. Salt water rinses. Almost always helps and tastes awful. Put a spoonful or two in water dissolve and swish/rinse/gargle.

    4. Crushed tylenol or aspirin applied to site of pain. (add a drop or two of water to make a paste, it helps with application.)

    I usually find orajel and ambisol do not work for me, in fact they can make the pain worse sometimes, but the garlic and cloves paste does wonders, I could feel my body looking for the pain that had just disappeared. The relief is almost instant. I’ve been using the sleep with garlic method for years and it has never let me down.

  • Gabby

    I use peroxide in my mouth 3xs a day when i have an ache or infection. It cures my abscesses perfectly. I can’t afford a dentist. It cures up with in days and will come back in a year. I also rub peroxide on my lips at first sign of cold sore and prevents them

  • courtney

    I finally got in to see the dentist yesterday…have had a horrendous toothache for over a week. About 5 days ago I was put on amax clav (sp) and I have 5 more days worth. The ER also gave me 5mg hydrocodone. Neither was helping…I was taking ibu, aleve, advil gel caps, the vicdin (sp?) and it still hurt so bad. Went in yesterday and they shot me about 7 times and couldn’t get in the inner portion of the tooth numb enough to take out. They said that when you have infections, something about the acidic level in the infection, neutrolizes whatever they try to numb you with. So they told me to finish my antibiotic and come back. That doesn’t help me with the pain now though. When I got back lastnight I swished with hot water and heavy salt. It took the edge off of it and then I bought a tiny bottle of whiskey. Hate the taste, but I took just a little in my mouth, swished it and let it sit on and around the tooth for about two minutes. It also really took the edge off. I didn’t try anything else, but I would recommend those two things for a little relief. Good luck everyone, lord knows how bad toothaches can get!!! I wanted nothing more than to bounce my head off the wall yesterday.

  • mike preston

    Go to the pharmacy and buy some oil of cloves. No side effects except bad taste, but rub it over the tooth and gums and it WILL work. Plus, no worries about overdosing. Also, if toothache is on right side, soak left hand between thumb and forefinger in ice as cold as you can tolerate. Vice versa for left side toothache. That will kill pain 95%+ of the time. Maximum strength Orajel works well too.

  • Sam

    I’m up and awake, throbbing in pain from hole in my tooth caused by a cavity. So far, I’ve tried, hydrogen and water, salt water rinse (a dozen times hoping that one of these times it will work), biting down on an onion, warm compress, cold compress, vanilla extract, brushing my teeth and swishing with Lysterine. Nothing is helping. Well, the brushing helps while I’m brushing. But the pain returns when I stop. Liquor stores are closed so no luck there. Tomorrow is a Monday, New Year’s Eve. I probably won’t get into a dentist which sucks. This pain is now spreading to my jaw and I can’t get any sleep. I am miserable! I see many tips for abcess teeth but little for hole in teeths. Any tips?

  • sam

    After posting above, I decided to dip a q-tip in olive oil and then rolled it in some ground clove. Then I put it directly on my tooth and left it there (yeah, with the q-tip sticking out of my mouth). It’s actually working! I can feel it numbing my tooth. I hope it lasts long enough for me to get some sleep tonight.

  • Dianne


  • john

    wow, i have come to this site for about 4 years now! always when it gets really cold my back teeth always give me troubles,because they are broken at this point ,the only thing that has been seeming to work is ibuprofen like 4 every 4 hours and also mouthwash ,never try putting the cold ice or water on the tooth this will only make it worse,the less you numb it with those things the sooner it will go away,although of you do not get it fixed it will always come back,Also if you happen to have any antibiotics around take a couple every few hours.Hope i could help someone and one more thing ,try and find some games online to keep you distracted somewhat sence your already up! it helps somewhat depends on the pain level good luck yall

  • William

    I tried most of the remedies in the past three hours. The vanilla helped for a short while but what helped me the most was the warm salt water and a heating pad on my jaw. hopefully this will get me through until I can get to the dentist. Thanks for the tips.

  • Steve Allah


  • Jason

    After trying pain killers,whiskey,orajel,sensodyne toothpaste,and salt water rinsing, holding a piece of ice next to the gum area of the tooth ache has given me the first sense of temporary relief in the last 6 hours. “Temporary” is the word to keep in mind, but its better than being in sleepless agony!!! Dont know how long i can keep it up, but its has worked long enough for me to type this @ 4:00am!!!

  • Bobo

    Thanks Grandma! After putting a clove of garlic with some salt and a hand massage, I slept like a baby.

  • Toothpaste is the best stain remover I know and I now do not buy any home cleaners at all. Just a small amount and the marks are gone. also use with a toothbrush on carpet and just watch what happens.


    Rubbing alcohol really works on tooth pain. Just a little bit mixed with some water swish it around and don’t forget to spit because rubbing alcohol is poisonous to the human system.

  • dorothy

    I just tried the vanilla idea and it helped some. I am not in tears right now but the pain is still there. I believe a trip to the state store is in my plans for today. Thanks to everyone who wrote ideas I will keep them all in mind for furture tooth pains. It would be better if everyone had insurance and could get to the dentist

  • Patrick

    I’ve gotten to the point that I have to use a sewing needle to pop holes in my gums to squeeze infection out to get some relief from toothache pain.

  • dixie

    the onion really works wonders …slice put directly on the tooth with pain …oh what a relief …

  • Nina

    What worked for me for a broken back molar with a blackened center causing jaw, arm, and pain between shoulders along with migraines is a “Celestial Seasonings” brand “Tension Tamer” teabag dunked in boiling water then squeezed out.

    After I squeezed out the teabag, I packed it around the tooth and am gently letting my jaws meet holding it in place. It’s large enough to go around all sides of the gum. As the saliva refilled it, I spit out the excess because it was strong. Now it’s ok to swallow and not as strong. It’s been around 15 minutes and the throbbing pain has ceased. I think the teabag type could be an important part of what may be working so I’ll mention some of the ingredients I read on the label in case you want or have a substitute for them. Ingredients in teabag – eleuthero, peppermint, cinnamon, ginger, chamomile, west indian lemongrass, licorice, catnip, tilia flowers, lemon flavor, soy, Vitamins b6 and b12 20% daily dose. Still no pain after typing all that out and going to get the tea box, I’m not removing the bag because it could thwart all the effort. Not that bad to swallow the tea at all. My concern would be sleeping – you could bite the bag open if you aren’t awake. Good luck to all of you and I genuinely hope that you find your pain reliever that works for your body.

  • Carlen

    I was just getting a horrible toothache in both side three days ago. i used sensodyne toothpaste and saltwater but it affect nothing. I took medicine such aspirin for 3 times and the damn toothace still attacked in midnight. Worried about overdoses so I use Salonpas patch stuck on my cheek, anyway it relieved me to sleep till the morning.

  • Carlen

    I always use Salonpas Koyo for my toothache. After wash the skin with soap, water and dry it well, i stick it on my cheek. It relieves me to have a good sleep.

  • SEAN E.


  • DeionaMarie

    Reading the comments made me laugh out loud and wonder which was good because I have been in tears over a tooth ache I have had which went from uncomfortable to unbearable. I have two wisdom teeth on each side that beside to grow a little every year and worst of all, they are under my gums. When in pain, its like I imagine these teeth growing from my gums and why it cause so much pain.

    Anyway, I have been taking pain pills Advil and its not working. I woke up at 3am in pain, took pills, used hot salt water and it allowed me to get sleep for 3 hours until I had to take more pills and salt water. Then the pain cam back 2 hours later. So, I called my mom crying and told her that I fear I can’t wait to get surgery and my tooth pulled so she got me Orajel (Severe pain) and it worked for about 15-20 minutes. So, I went online. I saw the clove idea and not knowing what cloves looks like, I went in my grandma’s cabinet, got the season, hard, tree branch cloves and it hurt and was gross. Wrong Cloves! I read the Vanilla Extract thinking people were being trolls and just wanted to torture people and guess what? It works more than the Orajel. But, now I’m using jel, Extract, salt water and 2 pain pills. I feel like I may need to be rushed to the ER tonight or before I can get my tooth pulled but, it AMAZED me that the Vanilla Extract works and it seems to be more affective than the jel my mom spent $10 on. I have no insurance so, I’m worried. I had cleanings every year as a child and I went to the dentist often without insurance because my dad paid for everything. Now, I’m out of work with no insurance and these remedies will at least help people so they can type, get up, search for help and talk. There’s no pain like a tooth ache. Or cramps. Believe me, I know

  • Robert. S

    After reading all these post, I tried a few methods. First I tried rubbing synsodyne tooth paste on my tooth and gum. It does work, but only for about an hour or so. This morning I tried something I read about putting chewed up bread in the hole. It worked, not immediately, but after about 10 mins, I was able to tolerate it enough to fall asleep. Then I went and got some of that red cross medication kit…. Holy Hell it burned so bad, but it worked to ease the pain. After using the red cross, I had bought something called DENTEMP. It is a putty you put in the infected hole and it hardens like a filling. It has been 15 ins now and no pain. I hope I get to see a dentist soon.

  • frances

    I had a searing toothache and I tried swishing in olive oil. IT worked! Pain went away completely. Olive oil kills the bacteria causing the pain.

  • Lilia

    I’ve tried swishing salt, and ginger, but I’ve seen my friend do it and she was crying from pain, so I’m can’t do it well. Wheat grass sounds very good, but I’m in Switzerland and can’t find it stores. The dental fee here is very expensive so I’m stuck with home remedies. I take Iphroben, or whatever it is called, but it gives me a short period of relief then the toothache comes back, plus you cant eat a lot of those pills, because it will not work after a period of time of constant eating. I cant bite on either side because if I try to bite, it hits the tooth. I’ve tried Vanilla extract and it helps take out the pain for a while.
    I’d suggest vanilla extract. But see a doctor when you can.

  • Chloe Whitney

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  • Candy Yeager

    I have found that two halls honey lemon cough drops help the most and most of the time just one helps but sometimes it does not help but after days in severe pain it was the last effort I tried after all the others and surprising it took the pain away for good so can not hurt to try if you tried all the rest and not getting relief just try the honey halls cough drops