Home Remedies for Tooth Pain

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It’s the kind of pain that keeps you up all night – pulsating, dull, intense, sharp, or periodic. Tooth pain can strike without a moment’s notice or gradually build into a bundle of irritated nerves. In some of the worst cases, other parts of the body, such as the ears or head, become involved. However, when you can’t get to the dentist fast enough, you’ll be glad to know that home remedies for tooth pain are just around the corner.

broken tooth pain

Causes and Symptoms

In the majority of cases, a dental issue is the most common reason behind achy teeth, including gum disease, cavities, cracked teeth, TMJ, and impacted molars [1]. Outside factors, such as sensitivities to heat and coldness, nerve damage, earaches, sports injury, or sinus infections, can also bring on a bout of tooth pain. Discomfort may emerge around affected teeth and radiate into the jaw region. Some people experience a dull ache; while others complain of unbearably, sharp pain. Depending on the cause of your tooth pain, swollen or bleeding gums may occur.

Tooth Pain Home Remedies

Tooth pain makes it difficult to get a good night’s sleep and/or complete your everyday activities. In order to ease the constant reminder of a tooth or medical issue until you are able to seek professional help (if needed), consider the following home remedies for tooth pain:

a) Elevate Your Head:

At night, tooth pain either arises or worsens due to increased blood pressure in the head region. If you keep your head elevated during bedtime, you can lessen some of the pressure that often leads to painful teeth.

b) Water:

Sometimes, trapped food is the cause of your tooth pain, where all it takes is a mouthful of water and a vigorous rinse to dislodge offending food particles.

c) Ice:

Some people have treated tooth pain by manipulating the pressure point located at the V-shaped area where the bones of the thumb and forefinger join on one hand. Rub an ice cube in this space for five to seven minutes.

d) Garlic:

Chew a clove of garlic in the morning to ease the symptoms of tooth pain.

e) Vanilla Extract:

Two to three drops of vanilla extract placed on a painful tooth can provide instant relief.

f) Salt and Warm Water:

To ease minor tooth pain, try gargling a glass of warm water with one teaspoon of salt. It is recommended to repeat after every meal and before going to bed.

g) Avoid the Heat:

If an infection is causing your tooth pain, keep away the heat, as the warmth contributes to the transfer of bacteria to the outside of the jaw, which worsens your symptoms.

h) Chest Rub:

Smear a dab of Vicks Vapor Rub on the side of your face associated with the tooth pain. Place a paper towel on top and lie down in the bed. The chest rub creates heat that absorbs into the skin, delivering relief to your pain.

i) Potato:

Slice a piece of refrigerated potato and place on your achy tooth for about 15 minutes.

j) Tea Bag:

Press a hot, moist tea bag to a painful tooth to enjoy quick relief.

k) Cough Drops:

Reach for two Halls cough drops and allow both to dissolve in your mouth, as a small amount of anesthetic will go to work on your tooth pain.

l) Wheat Grass:

Lucky is the juicer who has a handful of wheat grass in their home. Battling bad breath, dental decay, and tooth pain – use the juice to draw out toxins in your gums and curb the growth of bacteria.

m) Listerine:

Tap into the antiseptic power of Listerine and gargle a small amount to treat tooth pain.

n) Cucumber:

It is said that a cold piece of cut cucumber placed directly on a tooth can help ease the pain.

o) Brandy:

Soak a cotton ball with brandy and squeeze out onto an infected tooth to numb the pain. Some people prefer taking a swig of hard liquor (like whiskey) and holding it over a painful tooth.

p) Cashews:

Some people have chewed cashews, which contain components that promote the healing of a painful abscess of a tooth.

q) Onion:

Chew a raw onion for around three minutes to eradicate any germs in the mouth that may cause your tooth to hurt.

r) Lime:

With the power to prevent decay, strengthen teeth, fight dental cavities, calm bleeding gums, and ease toothaches, try drinking lime juice.

s) Floss Your Teeth:

If tiny food particles (especially the ones left behind by starchy or sugary foods) stuck between your teeth are causing pain, gently floss your teeth to remove the source of your discomfort.


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