Home Remedies for Thicker Hair

easy home remedies for thicker hair

The days of outrageous bouffants and over-the-top beehives are long gone, but the desire for thicker hair is still going strong. Many people equate thick hair with healthy locks and rush to purchase expensive shampoos, conditioners, and other hair products. However, with a few home remedies for thicker hair, you too can achieve salon-quality thickness with the help of common household and kitchen goods.

Thicker Hair

What Causes Hair to Thin

Maybe it’s because you’re getting older or perhaps you’re under a great deal of physical or emotional stress. Whatever the case might be, thinning hair can attack anyone. A family tree plagued by thinning hair also increased your chances of encountering less-than-thick tresses. Beyond patterns of male baldness and inherited conditions, other causes of thinning hair include[1]:

• Hormonal imbalances, especially in women
• Nutritional deficiencies
• Allergies

Thicker Hair Home Remedies

To achieve luscious, full locks in the comfort of your own home, consider the following home remedies for thicker hair that use familiar ingredients, such as olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and eggs:

a) Flax Seed:

Place flax seed in a container of water and leave for five days. Use a cotton ball to apply the solution directly to the scalp.

b) Olive Oil:

For three minutes, rub olive oil into the scalp. For the best results, it is recommended to leave the oil on overnight. In the morning, rinse away the remedy using a mild shampoo. The olive oil helps to clear away debris, remove excess sebum, and rid hair of unwanted dirt. All of the above can clog follicles, causing the thinning of hair to take place.

c) Onions:

Rub onions on your scalp to encourage the circulation of blood. With a fresh supply of blood to hair shafts, nourishment takes place – helping hair to grow thick and strong.

d) Aloe Vera:

Extract aloe vera gel from a couple of leaves. Mix the gel with an egg and glass of brandy. Apply the mixture to your scalp every two weeks.

e) Go Curly:

To make your hair appear thicker, embrace the ‘curly look.’ The shape and wave of your locks will give off a fuller form.

f) Apple Cider Vinegar:

After washing your hair, use apple cider vinegar diluted in hot water as a final rinse.

g) Combing Habits:

You can energize weakened roots by combing your hair from the back of the neck toward the front.

h) Lavender Oil:

If you have any lavender oil handy, use it to massage your scalp for thicker hair.

i) Protein:

Choose a shampoo that contains hydrolyzed animal proteins[2], which can thicken your hair and give it more body. A shampoo with protein causes hair to appear fluffier.

j) Daily Shampooing:

When hair gets oily, it tends to look stringy, flat and matted down. A daily wash creates more body and a thicker head of hair in the process.

k) Egg:

You can enjoy the same results as specialized formulas found on the market by putting the animal protein found in a simple egg to good use. Before shampooing, crack an egg over your hair and throw away the shell. For five minutes, massage in the egg and follow-up with a thorough rinse.

l) Vitamins:

Fill your plate with foods that contain minerals and vitamins associated with hair growth. An increase in biotin, vitamin B, and vitamin C will give an added boost to hair growth.

m) Neck Massages:

When the scalp receives a decent amount of blood flow, hair is encouraged to grow healthy and thick. Massaging the neck can send more blood to the scalp.


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  • Kaye

    Hey thought this was interesting. If you know someone with thin hair like me, it just might work. I might give it a try. lol
    Love, Tammy

  • Sha-Ara

    …my hair is very thin… Egg is very effective and aloe vera..
    ……. But my top 1 is the ALOE VERA…Yap it is..!!!
    … Try it and u can see the difference…XD.

    * Sha-Ara *

  • Fallon TAylor

    I recommended you guys an ALOE AVERA. This is very effective. Use it every morning leave it at least 15 to 20 minutes.. And you’ll see..Its good for 1 month, but its resulted me in 3 weeks…

    Hair Lover

  • C L

    You’re actually not suppose to wash your hair every day. It dries your hair by stripping it of the natural oils to keep it healthy and shiny.

  • aliya

    Extract aloe vera gel from a couple of leaves. n eat it before you have your breakfast. it is gud for everything..try it..it is very use ful..but remmember eat weekly thrice

  • annonymous

    i have VERY thick hair, however, my grandma has VERY thin hair, we will deff. try ALL of these remedies! best of luck for every one

  • Kate

    Does the aloe vera work without the brandy?

  • Dr.veni

    Apply raddish juice alternate nights and wash away in morning with mild shampoo.it cures bald head in one month

  • batudaj

    i am a 13 year old girl….my friend told me that my partition line on my head is a little thicker than everyone else….my mom has very thin hair and so do i but it is not as thin as her…i am a vegetarian so cant use egg…someone please tell me how to make my hair thick????? Fast please as i am really worried

  • nunu

    Aloe is VERY good but also try Castor Oil on the area for effective results as well. http://www.Afro-Hair-Care.com

  • Yawer

    Bring solo-resorsonoil bottel and vitamin e tablets form chemist and add 6 capsules in the bottle and shake well before use and then apply 2 times in day and see results after 1 month your hair fall will stop and u wil see your new hair r growing

  • Pookie_N

    caster oil is very effective as well try applying it to the scalp and you will surely see results my cuzns did it and it really worked and hnow im doing it and i amm seeing great results

  • kratika

    Yoghurt(dahi) is very effective for healthy & beautiful hair. It can be applied twice a week.

  • heena

    my hair is becoming very thin….wht cn i do to have thick hair faster …

  • Nadja

    These are all VERY highly reccomended for your hair. I have tried them and I keep receiveing compliments all the time. I love my hair. I wash it with organic shampoo and conditioner. I always wash it with cold water and I use lemon as a shine promoter. I also massage my hair with coconut or olive oil once a week and it has become very shiny and healthy. I once even tried avocado on my hair. It totally worked and it’s worth a try.

  • Zoe

    Is aloe vera do you really have to get it out of a leaf? or can you find it in a bottle or something?

  • Tasha

    i used to have very thick hair but i notice that my hair has really goten thin over the years i think its a side effect from my birth control pills or its cuz of this eating issue that i have goten, but anways my hair has goten so thin now like no other and around my hairline im loosing my hair alittle on the sides what should i do?

    i had my birth control brand changed so many times and this brand seems like its really messin with my hair but my doctor wont change the brand and she dont believe me on that’s the problem on why my hair is getting thiner. she thinks i have a thyroid problem going on and she wants to do testes for it but the kind of insurance im on it only covers for my birth control meds & the testing i need once a year to stay on it. also i have another question how often do i do that olive oil treatment like once a week?every night? every few days?

  • Tasha

    What should i do about my hair problem? what will work the best?

  • shree

    i had normal hair but from past couple yrs i’ve seen my hair goin thin n breakage n dull n weak. i don want 2 visit a doc 4 ths. pls som1 tel me a home remedy tat wil giv me thick hair. pls…

  • chrissy

    I use to have long thick hair, now its short n i want to get my thick long hair back but dont know how??? Someone help me please?!?

  • rachetechix69

    Shree to get thick hair i used main and tail horse shampoo and conditioner..you can buy it at dollar store and walmart its about 3 dollars a piece but worth it trust me. And it helps manage your hair.

  • Sam

    I recommend the egg tip and avo. They work