11 Home Remedies for Tendonitis | Q&A

Q: My daughter’s tendon in her arm is tight due to birth injury. This caused her arm not to straighten out completely (when she bends her arm). Do you have any remedies to help loosen the tendons?

A: Dear T, Basically, tightness of the arm tendon is commonly manifested during pregnancy or after birth. With that said, the part of the brain may be affected which affected the tendon in the arm. The affected side of the body is weak, rigid and develops low functional abilities. In most cases, the upper extremity is much more affected than the lower extremity.

11 Home Remedies for Tendonitis


1. Massage – Massaging the arm can help alleviate the tension in the affected area and can bring relief to the muscles affected by the tightness of the tendon. Just make sure that the massage is not causing more tenderness in the affected area. [1]

2. Yoga – Conduct regular yoga exercise that allows the muscle to be properly stretched and can allow loosening of the arm tightness.

3. Chickweed – Apply chickweed cream on the arm or sip a cup of tea made with chickweed before going to sleep. This remedy can aid to reduce the swelling in the tendons. [2]

4. Ice – When the arms are in pain, apply an ice pack immediately for 20 minutes. Continue to apply ice every 3 -4 hours.

5. Eat Food Rich in Potassium – Include fish, red meat, chicken, fruits like banana and vegetables into your daughter’s diet; these are food that contains potassium. Potassium is a mineral that the body needs to work normally. It helps nerves and muscles to communicate properly.

6. Prevent Dehydration – Drink at least the recommended glass of water, which are 6-8 glasses per day to prevent the condition from getting worse.

7. Be Passive/Move a Lot – Avoid the arm to be in static. Allow the arm to gently move from time to time. This helps stretch the tendons and aid to improve straightening out the arm completely.

8. Rest – When conducting a therapy, do not forget to allow a day to rest your daughter’s arm. Pushing it to the limit may cause further injury. [3]

9. Position Arm Properly – While resting, do not forget to position the arm properly to prevent further rigidness and swelling of the arms. Incorrect positioning can also lead to further injury.

10. Stretching – To further straighten the tendon, conduct stretching exercises every morning for about 30 minutes before starting the day. Stretching exercises that are low impact can aid to keep the muscles around the tendons from becoming too rigid. This is the simplest yet effective home remedy for tendonitis in the arm. [4]

11. Cayenne Pepper – Mix olive oil and cayenne pepper and make a paste. Put the mixture into the affected part for about 15-20 minutes. Cayenne Pepper promotes better blood circulation; allowing the straightening of the tight tendon. [5]


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