10 Home Remedies for Teething

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There are a lot of milestones to expect as a parent of a newborn or young child. For example, you’ll battle the emergence of their first teeth, which will become a frustrating time for you and your little one. However, being prepared in knowing what to expect and familiarizing yourself with tricks of the trade (like home remedies for teething), the inevitable process is much easier to endure.

Home Remedies for Teething

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What is Teething?

Teething occurs when baby’s first teeth begin to push through the gums. It is also known as the final stage of the eruption process. Appearing as early as three months of age [1], some children won’t undergo the experience until as late as their first birthday. Unfortunately, it can take a few years for the entire first set of teeth of a baby to emerge.


The main signs of teething include swollen and red gums over an erupting tooth. When the tooth starts to ‘cut’ through the gum, a spot of blood may develop. Cheeks on the side of the erupting tooth may appear flushed. A baby may dribble and drool more than usual. The teething process also causes a baby to display increased irritability, crying, decreased appetite, disrupted sleeping patterns, and the urge to bite on something hard.

Teething Home Remedies

To create a more comfortable greeting for new teeth, there are plenty of home remedies for teething to consider. With some remedies found right in your kitchen and refrigerator, you should have no trouble providing relief for your little one. A handful of suggestions include:

a) Banana:

Freeze a banana and let your child teeth on it. The coldness plus the tasty treat makes a soothing snack for a teething baby.

b) Frozen Baby Bottle:

Fill a baby bottle with water and place it upside down in the freezer. When it comes out, the water will have frozen at the nipple. When given to your baby, chewing on the cold nipple provides temporary comfort for a fussy teether.

c) Biscuit:

Gnawing on a hard cracker-like biscuit is perfect for a baby whose teeth are finally coming in. Make sure the biscuit is unsweetened.

d) Wipe Up:

Teething babies tend to drool a lot. Make sure you constantly wipe their face so that no rashes develop on the face.

e) Frozen Washcloth:

Satisfy your baby’s urge to chew on things when teething by providing a clean washcloth that has been soaked in water and allowed to freeze for 15 to 30 minutes.

f) Finger Massage:

Use a clean finger to administer a gentle massaging of the gums.

g) Cold Foods and Snacks:

Cold foods that taste good, such as chilled applesauce, are a pleasant way to combat the discomfort of growing baby teeth. Refrigerated apple wedges are another way to provide relief to teething babies.

h) Bagel:

Create a homemade teething ring by refrigerating a regular bagel –a good way to soothe baby gums experiencing the emergence of new teeth.

i) Carrots:

A full-sized, chilled carrot is a good object to give to a teething baby. Make sure to wash it thoroughly and peel it before giving to your child.

j) Spoon:

The American Dental Association suggests sticking a spoon in the refrigerator for a couple of hours, and then giving it to a teething baby. The cold metal against their gums will provide relief.


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