8 Home Remedies for Teeth Whitening | Q&A

Q: Grandma, I really want to have whiter teeth since I feel embarrassed with my yellow teeth. I feel inferior at social situations when smiling. I’d like some suggestions that can help me gain pearly white smile.

A: Dear D, Nobody likes a yellow smile. I it’s very common to see celebrities, newscasters or anyone who is overly-concerned with their appearance, to own a set of teeth so white it’s completely disarming. There are many causes of stained teeth, foremost among them is smoking and drinking coffee. Actually, gaining a set of perfectly white teeth is easy nowadays. There are already a lot of home remedies for teeth whitening that are easy to do.

Home Remedies for Teeth Whitening


1. Eat Strawberries – There is proof that strawberries can assist whiten teeth due to having an enzyme named malic acid and vitamin C. The astringent in strawberries aids to get rid of surface stains, while vitamin C removes plaque. Crushing some strawberries and brushing with the mixture once or even twice a week can show good results. You can also just eat strawberries, make sure to chew really well to allow them to do the brushing on their own. [1]

2. Use a Straw – Drinks like coffee, soda, tea, and wine can all cause severe damage to the teeth enamel. As much as possible, use a straw to diminish direct exposure of the teeth But, if you fail to be consistent in using straws, make sure that you brush your teeth every after you drink coffee, teach and other drinks that can stain.

3. Baking Soda Brushing – A lot of people have tried this, and they swear it actually works. Little do people know that sodium bicarbonate, which they often buy for house cleaning, can as well whiten the teeth. To use it, sprinkle an adequate amount on top of the toothpaste or use it as your toothpaste. Remember to not use it every day because it can be bad for the enamel. [2]

4. Sage Leaves – Sage leaves have astringent which can help whiten teeth. To use it, wipe the sage leaf around the teeth and after that, gargle with cold water. People can also grind it and use it like a tooth powder whenever they brush their teeth.

5. Never Lemon (citrus fruit) – Never use lemon juice or peel, or orange or any citrus fruit as a natural teeth whitening method. These contain citric acid which whitens your teeth alright because it removes calcium in your teeth; this calcium normally gives your teeth an off-white color. However, calcium is needed by your teeth to stay healthy and strong and when you lose it because of the citric acid; your teeth become way more susceptible to decay. [3]

6. 10% Carbamide Peroxide – Carbamide peroxide is a gel peroxide formula which is available over the counter for use on oral wound care. This same gel has a whitening effect on the teeth and is worn in over the counter whitening trays. This gel can be bought and worn in existing trays or used on the toothbrush to brush on the teeth. Extended use could cause tooth sensitivity and careful attention should be paid to preventing overexposure to oral tissues so that nuisance is not occur. Manufacturers recommend not using this product for more than seven days as an oral care product, so it may not be suitable for long-term whitening.[4]

7. Hydrogen Peroxide – Hydrogen peroxide is an ingredient used in a lot of professional and at home whitening products. It has also been used as a mouthwash and is safe as long as it is not swallowed. Unluckily it is not good to always use as a wash because it has a negative effect on natural flora in the mouth.

8. Homemade tooth paste – One of the best home recipes for whiter teeth is a paste made of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, table salt and a dab of toothpaste. Mix it all together and brush away stains. [5]


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