9 Home Remedies for Sweaty Palms

It’s a completely natural and healthy act to sweat, as it’s your body’s way of clearing out toxins, expelling excess salt, and cooling off the body on a hot, summer day. However, there are some people who battle frequent or excessive sweating. Known as hyperhidrosis, this condition can affect many different parts of the body, including the palms of your hands. To lessen the embarrassment that often accompanies this condition, it’s suggested to become familiar with home remedies for sweaty palms.

Home Remedies for Sweaty Palms

Causes and Symptoms

An overactive nervous system is to blame for triggering the sweat glands located in the palms of your hands. It’s an internal battle involving your body’s need to regulate temperature. Known in medical circles as palmer hyperhidrosis, sweaty palms can disrupt everyday activities, as well as cause an individual to feel embarrassed or anxious in social settings. Shaking hands becomes a nightmare. In the most severe cases, surgery is needed to correct the issue [1].

Signs and symptoms of sweaty palms include irregular amounts of perspiration, clamminess, and sweat droplets dripping off the palms of your hands. Sometimes, these symptoms arise without any warning and usually least for a week.

Sweaty Palms Home Remedies

Besides causing social and emotional troubles, sweaty palms can also lead to additional medical issues, such as fungal nail infections, warts, bacterial infection, and heat rash. In order to actively fight your condition, consider the following home remedies for sweaty palms:

a) Alcohol Wipes:

If you plan on having company, shrink the pores in the palms of your hands by applying an alcohol wipe to reduce embarrassing perspiration. Use this remedy right before your company is to arrive.

b) Tea Bags:

The tannic acid found in tea possesses astringent properties that work as a natural antiperspirant. Add five tea bags to a quart of water and boil. After allowing the solution to cool, soak your palms for thirty minutes. Some people have also held tea bags to their palms for 10 to 15 minutes to lessen perspiration.

c) Cornstarch:

When your palms become too clammy, rubs cornstarch between your hands to absorb extra moisture.

d) Avoid Iodine-Rich Foods:

Monitor your intake of foods rich in iodine, which can contribute to hyperhidrosis, including broccoli, asparagus, beef, liver, turkey, and white onions.

e) Sage:

Some people have experienced a 50% reduction in sweating when soaking their hands in sage-infused water or drinking sage tea. To create a tasty tea, boil sage, lemon, and honey. After filling a bowl with water, add a few sage tea bags. Allow the tea to sit for at least five minutes before soaking your hands in the solution for 10 to 15 minutes. Repeat this regimen for a few weeks to enjoy a significant change in sweaty palms.

f) Relaxation Techniques:

The roller coaster ride of a stressful day can trigger excessive perspiration. Relaxation techniques, like yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises can help prevent a bout of sweaty palms.

g) Zinc:

Take a zinc supplement, which has proven effective in controlling perspiration.

h) Baby Powder:

Combat excessive sweat on the palms of your hands by applying talcum powder.

i) Wash Your Hands:

To combat sweaty palms, wash your hands with soap and cold water to enjoy instant, cooling relief.


[1] http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/hyperhidrosis/DS01082
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