13 Effective Home Remedies for Sugar Ants | Q&A

Q: Grandma, Sugar ants are all over my place. They even get into my clothes which is very disturbing. How do you rid them safely using home remedies?

A: Dear R, A sugar ants, also known as a piss ant is a fairly large ant that can be determined because of their appearance, they have orange-brown bodies, black heads and mandibles. Sugar ants are known for harvesting sugar, sweet food from your home; however, they are also attracted to other kinds of food. Although, their bite is not that painful, but they can be dangerous because they can contaminate the food that we eat and can distribute salmonella. The worst part is there are already increased numbers of reported instances where individuals end up getting admitted in the hospital because of sugar ants. Listed below are effected home remedies sugar ants.

Home Remedies for Sugar Ants


1. White Vinegar – Fill up a spray bottle with white vinegar. Spray the affected areas of your home thoroughly, and allow drying. This is one of the effective home remedies for sugar ants. [1]

2. Mint Leaves – Grind some dried mint leaves and put the powder in the rooms where sugar ants are. You can also put it on places like along the floor boards, in corners and inside kitchen cabinets. Sugar ants do not like mint.

3. Sugar and Borax – Mix a cup of warm water, half cup of sugar and tablespoon of Borax. Soak some cotton balls in the combined solution and place it where sugar ants usually pass through. The ants will carry the food back to the colony and die within 24 hours. Repeat the procedure with new cotton balls until there are no signs of sugar ant infiltration.

4. Bay leaves – Put bay leaves in the rooms where there are sugar ants including all corners, shelves, wall and floor cracks,

5. Red Pepper Powder – Spread ground red pepper powder in the corners and across the walls of rooms. Seek out any small holes, cracks and crevices in the walls and sprinkle it with red pepper powder inside. [2]

6. Baking Soda – Sprinkle baking soda in your kitchen, counters, floors, and also on your carpet. Baking soda can remove sugar ants in no time.

7. Garlic – Place a couple of small pieces of crushed garlic in cracks and crevices. Once done, the ants will keep away from that area.

8. Lemon Juice – Spray throughout on the openings with pure lemon juice. Lemon juice can mess the tracking sense of sugar ants.

9. Cinnamon Oil – Place the cinnamon oil by drawing borders around everything sugar ants infiltrate with a Q-tip dipped in it. [3]

10. Peppermint – Use peppermint essential oil all by spreading it all over the corner or any sugar ant access points. This is among many effective home remedies for sugar ants.

11. Chalk – Draw a line along the floors and counter using a plain white chalk or a poison chalk.

12. Bleach – Clean kitchen counter tops or any areas that where food is placed every night before going to sleep. Bleach will not only sanitize the areas but also remove microorganism brought by sugar ants. [4]

13. Baby Powder – Sprinkle baby powder in the affected area particularly around the baseboards, doors, floors, cracks and other point of entry of sugar ants. [5]


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