12 Home Remedies for Stuck Zipper

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The constant tugging and sliding of a zipper is bound to have a few repercussions in its lifetime and one day, you may find it impossible to move. This means the contents of your purse are left wide open, your jacket no longer keeps you warm, and travel luggage becomes impractical. Before abandoning your belongings, consider using a few home remedies for a stuck zipper first.

Home Remedies for a Stuck Zipper

Stuck Zipper Home Remedies

A stuck zipper can be as simple as pulling away a little extra fabric to performing more intricate removal tactics, but having one happen doesn’t automatically mean that your belongings are a goner. Consider the following home remedies for a stuck zipper to get your items back to good working condition:

a) Bar of Soap:

A dry bar of soap provides the lubrication needed that can make a zipper move freely again. Rub the teeth on either side with the soap to see results. This method works when your zipper has all of its teeth, but no longer moves easily up and down [1].

b) Pencil Lead:

When your zipper has become too hard to pull and tug, run the pencil lead along the teeth of the zipper to remove the stickiness.

c) Shampoo:

To free up a stuck zipper, place a drop of shampoo on a Q-tip, and dab it on. The shampoo will encourage the zipper to slide free, and any residue will come out in the next wash.

d) WD-40:

When the zippers on your jackets, pants, backpacks and other belongings are stuck, spray a bit of WD-40 and pull the zipper up and down a few times to distribute the lubricant evenly on all of the teeth. To avoid getting the spray on your fabric, use a small paint brush to apply after spraying a small amount on a plastic lid.

e) Lip Balm:

Who know that your favorite Chapstick could cure a stuck zipper? Rub a small amount up and down the teeth of a sticky or stuck zipper. Zip and unzip a couple of times. The lip balm acts as a lubricant for the zipper to easily slide across the teeth.

a) Saltwater:

For stubborn zippers that are stuck, try soaking the garment in a saltwater solution for a couple of hours before trying to undo the problem.

f) Talcum Powder:

Rubbing a zipper with talcum powder may help loosen stubborn teeth.

g) Hair Conditioner:

When yanking and pulling a zipper doesn’t work, apply a bit of hair conditioner along the zipper teeth and it should be smooth sailing from there.

h) Cooking Oil:

When you’re having trouble getting out of a jacket with a stuck zipper, carefully apply a cotton swab dipped in cooking oil to release the zipper.

i) Pliers:

Sometimes, a stuck zipper is caused by threads or fabric getting in the way. Use a pair of pliers to pull of the material that prevents you from pulling your zipper up and down.

j) Patience:

When dealing with a stuck zipper, a little patience can go a long way. If you feel a zipper starting to get stuck, one of the best things to do is stop trying to move the zipper. Sometimes, the inner lining of a garment gets caught in the zipper’s teeth. The more you pull and tug, the deeper the material gets caught. Don’t pull the zipper up or down until you have investigated the source of the issue. You don’t want to make matters worse.

k) Candle Wax:

The lubricating nature of candle wax can help a zipper tab that has become stuck. Gently rub the wax in to loosen jammed fabric. Some people will use a Q-tip to pinpoint the problem without compromising other parts of a garment.

l) Vinegar:

Some people have reported luck in freeing a stuck zipper when they have soaked a garment in vinegar, which can help loosen the problem.


[1] 5 Minute Fixes by Reader’s Digest; pg. 254.


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