Home Remedies for Stretch Marks

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When it comes to bikini-ready bodies and tight tank tops, it’s every woman’s (and man’s) worst nightmare – stretch marks. With a rainbow of unwanted décor, stretched out skin can attack and scar the arms, legs, hips, chest, and stomach. While some marks turn lighter or disappear over time, others need a little encouragement. With home remedies for stretch marks, you can treat your skin to a little rejuvenation.


Causes and Symptoms

When excessive stretching or rapid growth pulls the skin, stretch marks are usually the end result. While the skin is relatively elastic, it does have its limits and overstretching can cause a disruption in the normal production of collagen – the primary protein that creates connective tissue in the skin [1]. In the beginning stages of stretch marks, reddish or purplish lines emerge to create variations and indentations surrounding normal-looking skin. Pregnancy is notorious for stretching the breast and stomach skin of women. Stretch marks are typically viewed as a ‘female issue,’ but can also develop in men just the same through body-building, lifting weights, and obesity.

Stretch Mark Home Remedies

Whether you wish to hide the evidence of stretched skin or slowly eliminate the appearance of stretch marks, consider the following home remedies that use ingredients found in kitchen cupboards, your refrigerator, and bathroom cabinet:

a) Vaseline:

During pregnancy, slather on Vaseline Intensive Care lotion on your stomach to prevent and treat stretch marks.

b) Lavender Oil:

Stretch marks tend to fade when lavender oil is rubbed into marks three times per day.

c) Aloe Vera:

Put that aloe vera plant to good use. Break open a leaf and apply the aloe gel to stretch marks.

d) Vitamin E Oil:

Treat stretch marks with vitamin E oil – available in capsules or a bottled version at the local pharmacy.

e) Cocoa Butter:

One of the most well known of stretch mark and scar remedies is cocoa butter – a common lifesaver for women undergoing pregnancy.

f) Zinc-Rich Foods:

Incorporate seeds and nuts into your regular diet to receive a boost of zinc, which helps fight the formation of stretch marks.

g) Sunless Tanning Lotion:

If you can’t get rid of your stretch marks, use a ‘cover-up’ method. Sunless tanning, like lotions and sprays found over the counter, can help conceal marks. Sitting in the sun will not ease marks, as they are less likely to tan like the rest of your skin.

h) Makeup:

Another way to cover up stretch marks is to apply cosmetics that match your skin tone, such as concealers. However, if you plan on hitting beach waters or swimming pools, opt for water-resistant selections.

i) Vitamin K:

Increase the amount of foods in your diet that contain vitamin K, such as tomatoes, liver, green leafy vegetables, and dairy products.

j) Exercise:

Tone muscles and firm up your skin by doing regular exercises. Not only will you avoid new stretch marks, but also minimize the appearance of the ones you already have.

k) Body Massage:

Massage your body with a scented oil to lessen the appearance of stretch marks and prevent the formation of new ones. For double the pleasure, choose lavender essential oil, which delivers a welcome aromatherapy effect.

l) Apricot Scrub:

Scrubs that contain apricot as one of the ingredients helps fade stretch marks.


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