9 Home Remedies for Stray Cats | Q&A

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Q:Grandma, there are many stray cats in our neighborhood. They keep on messing with our garbage and even soil our garden. It’s really a big problem since they seem to be dirty and even hostile. Please share some advice on how to manage this problem.

A: Dear S, Stray cats are infesting the streets and neighborhood and it is no surprise if one is already living under your roof. Be careful against stray cats. They usually carry dangerous diseases like rabies and other germs. If a pregnant stray is living in your house, sooner or later your house will be infested with kittens and would multiply if not taken care of.

Keep your home safe from stray cats. Here are some home remedies for housebreaking cats.

Home Remedies for Housebreaking a Cat


1. Hot Pepper Oil – Extract the oil of the hot pepper and apply it on the areas where the cats usually go to feed. Cats have sensitive noses and one whiff of this stuff will make their noses inflamed and scamper. You can also use the oil extract and put it inside a sprayer. This process though will take some time, ultimately cats will stop going to your house. [1]

2. Nests – Cats usually go to your house to find shelter for their offspring. Check if there is any space in your house where cats could live such as the attic, basement, seal it immediately. This will give the cat no intention to go to your house.

3. Lemon peels – Cats hate the smell of citrus fruit and tend to avoid it. Place orange or lemon peels around the house especially the areas where cats sneak through. Additionally there are also cat sprays that contain the smell of citrus. Not only this scent is relaxing it also keeps the felines away.[2]

4. Sanitation – Cats usually go to houses where there is food and shelter. Bird feeders in the yard for example, try would tend to hide and wait for birds to catch them. A simple solution is by removing your bird feeders in your yard. Additionally remove other sources of food or leisure for cats like trash bags or vegetation.

5. Shelter – Cats usually go to houses for protection against the natural elements such as the rain of the sun. Check for place that can possibly let a cat be protected such as the shed or the attic. Make sure that your house is no haven for cats.[3]

6. Dogs – Make sure your house is not comfortable to a stray cat. Adopt or buy a dog to chase away the cats. This will make sure that your house is dangerous for stray cats. Dogs will not only bark to cats but also suspicious people like burglars. Making it not only a good house dog but a guard dog.[4]

7. Professional Help – In all cases do not try to catch the stray cat. Remember you are not a professional nor do you have experience. Cats tend to be more dangerous if it cornered and afraid. It is very possible for stray cats to carry rabies and other dangerous diseases. This home remedies for housebreaking cats is good if you call an animal professional.

8. Cat food – Other good home remedies for housebreaking cats is by placing a trap using cat food. Open a cat food and leave the can inside the cage. Usually stray cats infiltrate the house during dawn or dusk.[5]

9. Marking – After each rain take your dog for a walk around you house. The dog will automatically try to mark its territory from other dogs. The scent of the dog’s urine will prevent cats from taking a stroll in your property.


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