Home Remedies for Stomachaches

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Whether your abdomen is churning from eating too many burritos or another medical condition is causing you discomfort, stomachaches vary in intensity. It doesn’t matter if it’s mild cramping or sharp pains – all you probably want is to ease your symptoms. When you’re looking for quick relief, consider home remedies for stomachaches typically found in the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets.


Causes and Symptoms

The majority of stomach issues are attributed to the foods we eat, which can cause burning sensations, indigestion, and gas problems. Food poisoning, food allergies, and drinking contaminated water are typical reasons our stomach rebels against us. Other types of stomachaches are caused by pre-existing medical conditions, such as tuberculosis, kidney stones, ulcers, Crohn’ disease, urinary tract infection, intestinal blockage, menstrual cramping, stomach “flu”, gastrointestinal reflux disease (GERD), cancer and other diseases [1].

Depending on the source of your stomachache, you may experience irregular bowel movements, constipation, indigestion, gas, loss of appetite, vomiting, burning sensations in the abdomen, jaundice, and an overall uncomfortable feeling in the stomach.

Stomachache Home Remedies

Many stomachaches are highly uncomfortable, yet bearable, while some cases make you curl up in bed – assuming the fetal position. To relieve pain and treat other symptoms, consider the following home remedies for stomachaches:

a) Soda Water:

When a stomachache arises due to acidic conditions, drink plain soda water, which helps alleviate the pain.

b) Cooling Juices:

Use the juices from mint, lime, and ginger to soothe a stomachache. Mix one teaspoon each of mint juice and lime juice. Add a couple of drops of ginger juice along with a pinch of black salt to the mixture. Drink together to lessen pain in your stomach.

c) Ginger:

Drink ginger ale or snack on ginger snaps to provide relief from indigestion.

d) Ginger and Castor Oil:

Add one teaspoon each of ginger juice and castor oil to a ½ cup of warm water. Drink this mixture two times per day to gain relief from a stomachache.

e) Flat Ginger Ale or Cola:

Carbonation found in the soda helps people burp faster, which can provide relief from a stomachache. When the soda is a little flat, it possesses a slightly medicinal taste, which some doctors believe provide a psychological benefit.

f) Aloe Vera Juice:

While it tastes unpleasant, drinking aloe vera juice can aid in digestion, as well as fight parasites that cause pain in the stomach.

g) Herbal Tea:

Drink herbal teas to calm a stomachache. Some of the best results are found in mint, ginger and chamomile teas.

h) Peppermint:

Consuming gum or candy that contains real peppermint can help ease the discomfort of an upset stomach.

i) Yogurt:

To combat an upset stomach, eat a cup of yogurt, which delivers helpful bacteria to the stomach. Make sure that you choose plain yogurt and not sweetened varieties that will not help your symptoms.

j) Belt Check:

Sometimes, an achy stomach is worsened or caused by a tight belt. Undo your belt and change into looser clothing, which eliminates irritating pressure to the abdomen region. ??

k) Apple Juice:

Sip on apple juice to soothe a stomachache. Avoid the temptation of juices with high sugar content. Acidic drinks, such as orange juice, will also worsen your symptoms.

l) Burp:

After a session of overeating, a stomachache is a common consequence. Sometimes, the best way to gain relief is to burp. This act releases excess gas and irritating buildup.

m) Fiber:

A study showed kids that ate a high-fiber cookie at the first sign of stomachache experienced fewer pangs. Popcorn, prunes, and other fruits contain the fiber that can help combat a stomachache.

n) Pomegranates:

It is said that you can treat a stomachache by eating pomegranate seeds sprinkled with a bit of salt and black pepper.

o) Elevate Your Feet:

Try placing your feet at a higher level than the rest of your body. Prop pillows below your feet to gain relief from a stomachache.

p) Bathroom:

Do not delay a trip to the bathroom when suffering a stomachache, as it could provide the release you need to curb abdominal discomfort.

q) Marjoram Tea:

The therapeutic benefits found in marjoram tea can be used to soothe stomach pains.

r) Coffee:

If your stomachache arrives after overeating, consider drinking a cup of strong coffee, which can help push along food through the digestive tract – ultimately easing discomfort.


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