8 Home Remedies for Stink Bugs | Q&A

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Q: Grandma, there are stink bugs all over my place. They have all infested my mini-garden which has tomatoes and beans. I really need some remedies to get rid of these pests.

A: Dear S, As the weather gets colder, the stink bug infestation gets stronger. They are multiplying at great speed which is the main concern of the agriculture industry because they have become resistant to pesticides. But, if they are a menace in the farm lands, just think of what they can do in your homes. The foul stench it leaves is resists even the strongest deodorizers and air fresheners you can buy in the supermarket. This can be a nightmare especially for those new couples with infants and toddlers indoors. But, don’t lose hope for there are simple, yet effective home remedies for stink bugs. Read on to find out more.

You can protect your family, especially your kids from stinkbugs. Here are some practicla home remedies for stink bugs.

Home Remedies for Stink Bugs


1. Garlic Water – Insects hate the smell that garlic emits. Even the resistant stink bugs veer away from it. So, mix some minced garlic with water to make it a solution and spray it around your house, your garden and other places they are most likely to be staying.

2. Mint – Other home remedies for stink bugs include mint. This herb has been known as an effective insect repellent for years. Mix it with water and spray on your lawn and other affected areas to prevent them from multiplying.[1]

3. Mechanical Exclusion – Locate and terminate. Not with the use of insecticides, but with sealants. Once you are positive about their exact location, whether in cracks around your baseboards, your door trim, exhaust or windows, seal the openings with caulk or other materials more suitable to the surface. This will prevent them from crawling out.[2]

4. Praying Mantis Egg Cases – Praying mantis loves eating stink bugs. If things are getting tougher and they have found a way inside your car, you need to invest in praying mantis egg cases. Order them now so you can have them before spring. [3]

5. Hairspray – This is not only effective in killing stink bugs, but other insects like spiders, flies, ants, and wasps as well. You will need a strong scented hairspray for this. Make sure to shoot them at a close and direct angle. Once they drop dead to the ground, do not be tempted to crush them as they will emit a strong foul odour that is very difficult to get rid of.

6. Lemon juice – Mix an ounce of juice to half an ounce of vinegar and pour the rest of it to an 8 ounce container with water. Shake well and directly spray it on your window, your walls, cracks, crevices and the surrounding trees in your home if needed.[4]

7. Catnip – This can be bought in your local grocery stores. Sprinkle catnip powder in your yard and inside your home to prevent stink bugs from migrating inside. If you want you can even grow catnip in your own garden.

8. Dish Detergent – Mix two cups of water with ten drops of your liquid detergent in a plastic spray bottle. Not only does this serve as a stink bug repellent, but as an adhesive as well. It sticks on surfaces, on leaves and plants which give it a longer lasting effect. These are just some of the useful home remedies for stink bugs you can try. [5]


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