9 Home Remedies for Squirrels | Q&A

Q: Grandma, We have a terrible problem with squirrels on our backyard that frequent our huge oak trees. Our Doberman barks at them a lot. How can we drive these creatures away?

A: Dear S, Squirrels are trouble mostly to anyone. They steal food, and destroy the stuff we own. Getting rid of these pesky creatures is no easy task. They are quick and agile and most of the time, they prefer not to be seen by humans. If you find these animals around the house becoming troublesome, there are natural solutions to get rid of them.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Squirrels

Home Remedies for Squirrels

1. Spices – Grind cascabelllas, Serrano, jalapeno, habaneras and chili peppers. There are two options, either sprinkle or stick them in your flower pots or anywhere the squirrels might possibly go through. These spices emit a powerful smell that drives away these critters away.[1]

2. Cayenne and chili pepper – Mix some birdseed and a tablespoon of cayenne or chili pepper. Shake and fill the bird feeder. Birds can’t taste it, but squirrels can. It won’t hurt them, but it drives them away from your properties. This is another fine example of home remedies to get rid of squirrels.

3. Safflower seeds – Safflower seeds are loved by birds, but not squirrels. It is too bitter for their taste and they normally just avoid it. By putting this in your bird feeder rather than other seeds, the birds will still come and eat, but not the squirrels.

4. Aspirins and peanut butter – Another home remedies to get rid of squirrels is to crush aspirins and peanut butter and mix spread this around your garden, You can also use cat litter and place it around the plants not only it is a natural fertilizer it also is good at repelling away squirrels.

5. Food – Squirrels come to your lawn for a certain reason. Try to look for food hidden or any resources that they can salvage. By doing so, there is no food accessible and the squirrels will begin to look elsewhere.

6. Fencing – Build or install a fence around your foliage. You can use a simple wire mesh and if all else fails; you can use an electric fence. Fences must be 6 inches underground and 30 inches above ground.[2]

7. Fox urine – Sprinkle fox urine around the edges of your property and near the plants and vegetables. This is a natural squirrel repellent. Squirrels are usually afraid of the scent of anything that is above them in the food chain. You can buy some fox urine in some zoos or online.

8. Traps – Buy some traps at your local hardware stores and place it near the area where they usually come by. Too increase the chances to set off one. Place a few apple slice or some nuts inside. If caught, immediately put it at your car trunk and release in a park nearby or faraway.

9. Moth Balls – Find where the squirrels scamper through and place a moth ball. Moth balls are made of naphthalene flakes and costs two dollars per pound. Naphthalene is also the same ingredient in bat and squirrel repellant, which costs ten dollars a box. [3]


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