9 Home Remedies for Spider Webs | Q&A

Q: Dear Grandma, How can I get spider webs off the house? I am very particular with cleanliness and these webs drive me crazy whenever I see them. They’re mostly found on the kitchen and attic.

A: Dear L, Spiders has been with humans for thousands of years and is known to help control the insect population. By destroying their habitat they will just rebuild it over and over. There are an excess of 20,000 species known to humans and only a few are deadly to us. Spiders do not bite unless one poses a threat to them. It’s best to leave them alone and better yet, coexist with them.

But, if you or another member of the family has a fear with spiders or arachnophobia, here are some home remedies for spider webs.

9 Home Remedies for Spider Webs


1. Inspect – Before starting any project to clean your house against spider webs it is important to do a thorough examination of what you are against with. Check the corners, the ceiling anywhere where it is possible for the spider to get in. You can use a flashlight and stick to reach small areas or lighten dark ones.

2. Tea Tree Oil and Dish Soap – Mix 2 tablespoon of dish soap and a few drops of tea tree oil a spray bottle and spray on the web. This home remedies for spider webs is very useful not only in removing spider webs, but the scent of lemon also repels the spider.[1]

3. Broom – When trying to clean up webs, use a broom for better reach.

4. Garden Hose – Garden hose can be used when the web is in an unreachable place. Spray in a steady stream.

5. Pressure Hose – If you just moved in or can’t stand spiders living in your house a surefire way is to pressurize hose to clean your house. Not only it removes the webs it also leaves your corners clean.

6. Shelter – Spiders live near humans for reasons such as shelter and food. So, for one to remove them, these attractants to spiders must be removed. Keep the grass in around your house trimmed. Remove any piles of rock, wood or any debris that can house spiders near your hose. Lastly, change your lightings outside your house. It is recommended to use yellow exterior lights as it doesn’t attract as many insects compared to its counterpart. With the insects out, the spiders’ food source become unavailable.[2]

7. Bleach and water – Make a solution which consists of bleach and water. Put this inside a spray bottle. Take care when spraying; do not spray under the web as the solution will end up in your face. These home remedies for spider webs will make your house cleaner by eroding the web. [3]

8. Vacuum Cleaner – Vacuum cleaners can be used to suck up the spider webs. Inspect your house and clear all the cobwebs. Take care when opening the vacuum, there is a chance you might catch a spider. Just throw outside or relocate it somewhere far from your house preferably a park. [4]

9. Paper Towel – Use a paper towel and moisten it either water or a cleaning agent. Wipe it around the areas filled with spider webs.


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