Home Remedies for Spider Bites

spider bite home remedies

You probably didn’t know that nearly all the spiders you come in contact with are poisonous – a common feature that allows them to hunt their prey. However, the majority of spiders in the United States are harmless – too small to pose a threat to a human. Yet, if you live in a warm climate, you should keep an eye out for the black widow and brown recluse spiders, which pack quite a bite. Getting familiar with home remedies for spider bites couldn’t hurt either.


Spider Bite Symptoms and Facts

In the United States, the black widow and brown recluse spider pose the largest hazard to humans. The black widow (sometimes called the red-black spider) is shiny black with a red mark (in the shape of an hourglass) on its back. Since a black widow spider delivers a toxin that affects the nervous system, it is important to act fast. When bitten, the spider’s venom causes instantaneous pain, burning, swelling, and redness at the site. Double fang marks are sometimes visible [1].

Dwelling in the southeastern region of the U.S., the brown recluse is known for leaving behind large wounds, but is less likely to significantly injure a human victim. Measuring about 1-inch long, these spiders possess a violin-shaped mark on the back of their midsections. They often reside in closets, basements, and attics. While not an aggressive species, they will attack when trapped or pressed against the skin. A brown recluse spider bite causes burning, pain, itching, redness, deep blue or purple discoloring, rash, fever, nausea or vomiting.

Spider Bite Home Remedies

Even though most spiders do not possess strong enough venom, some people will suffer an allergic reaction, which includes redness, swelling, pain, itching, and symptoms that seem to worsen over a period of 24 hours. Severe reactions include hives, shortness of breath, wheezing, and weakness [2]. To minimize your reaction to a spider’s toxins and treat existing bites, consider the following home remedies:


a) Cold Water and Ice:

Reduce swelling and provide spider bite relief by applying an ice pack or cold, wet washcloth to the skin.

b) Baking Soda:

Mix 3 parts baking soda with 1 part water to create a paste to speed up the healing process of a spider bite. Depending on the severity of your bite, you will see changes within a couple of days.

c) WD-40:

Prevent a reoccurrence of spider bites that take place in the home by spraying your windowsills, door frames, and screens with WD-40 in an attempt to keep these insects out of your household [3].

d) Elevation:

If a spider has bitten you in the arm or leg, it is suggested to elevate the site to prevent swelling.

e) Hydrocortisone 1% Cream:

Treat itching and redness of a spider bite by applying hydrocortisone cream (1%). Calamine lotion makes an effective substitute.

f) Hydrogen Peroxide:

Since washing a spider bite site will help disinfect, choose hydrogen peroxide as an effective antiseptic for insect bites.

g) Dried Basil:

To ease the itch of a spider bite, take a pinch of crushed basil and rub on your bite until the basil turns into the consistency of fine sand. This home remedy will also help keep the swelling down.

h) Turmeric and Olive Oil:

Mix turmeric and olive oil to make a paste that treats the swelling and redness of a spider bite. Over the course of seven days, apply to your bite to help release some of the toxins. The combination also makes a decent pain reliever. Repeat the treatment at least two to three times throughout the week.

i) Aspirin:

To gain relief from a spider bite, it is necessary to neutralize some of the poison. Soak an aspirin tablet in a little bit of water until it creates a paste. Apply to your spider bite to alleviate itching. For some people, symptoms are relieved within ½ hour.

j) Antibiotic Lotion or Cream:

Fight infection (especially in children) by applying an antibiotic lotion or cream to a spider bite.


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[3] Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things by Reader’s Digest; pg 376.


  • Valerie

    My auntie says you can use garlic and salt to heal your spider bites. Saturate your bite with salt and leave on for about 20 minutes. Rinse off the salt and put a fresh garlic clove on overnight. Repeat the process for one week and your bite will be nearly gone. For her, all that was left was a small scab where the bite used to be.

  • charles

    take hydro-cotazone creeme for the itch then the next day us some icthamal to draw the poison

  • Marsha

    my daughter believes that she was bit by a spider.She has a area on her upper leg that is swollen and at the center of it she has been able to squeeze a large amount of pus out of it.it just keeps filling up.We have no transportation at the moment and i need to find out what we can do at home to help relieve the pain and swelling?

  • Me

    Baking soda and salt seemed to help a few bites. I have bitten twice, two different occasions. Both times I thought it was a skin blemish. I squeezed the zit and puss came out two points. I knew then it was a spider bite. Two different website: one suggested baking soda and the second suggested salt.
    I mix the 2 together. My skin pulsated and when I removed the dry mix, it had pink and yellow color.
    The bite site went from a swollen, warm bump to relief. I reapplied until all the hardness was gone. I still have a red mark where the fangs injected, but nothing noticeable. I hope this is a lost art and cures everyone with a spider bite. No promises.

  • Laurie

    I was told to apply toothpaste to the wound area as I am doing right now…I have no results yet I just did this last night and its 7:30am. Of course I have used Arm & Hammer Baking Soda Toothpaste 🙂

  • Amy P

    I just tried the baking soda and salt mixure and it worked like a charm! The redness and swelling immediately went down and the salt and baking soda sucked out the liquid.

  • Malissiak

    my husband was bitten by a spider, I looked on this site to see if there was anything that I could do. I am currently trying the baking soda and water, and later if no results I will try the baking soda and salt. I am just a little worried about the burn of the salt…
    wish me luck

    Mrs. K

  • mamma

    Soak a pad with witch hazel,(available at any drug store) and spinkle with epsom salt. tape on the sting and keep re-wetting, and sting goes away in 24-48 hours.

  • oscar sanchez

    hi no tip here just reading all the remedies it seems i got bitten by a apider few days ago it hurts like hell, its red and swollen alittle bit its been a few days, iam taking anti-biotics, have notice some change in size and pain, today i applied the baking soda and salt on my arm and bandage it up good, hope it works iam also taking ibuprofen 800mg for pain it works, my addvice is to seek medical attention, if you live close to it, and can afford it me i dont have insurance so its up to me and online sites to go for help, today iam calling terminex guys to spray my place for spiders itsb out time i hate those crittters!!!.

  • jenny

    dont get bit by spiders?! lol. i hate the creepy lil things. my brother was bitten, and i believe its a spider bite, the bump is large and red and raised, nothing came out of it, but i didnt squeeze too hard, i could see a hole, looked like a lil black hole, im gonna mix him up some baking soda and salt and see what happens.

  • Burton

    06/12/2010 I was bite by a spider around 3-days ago and for the last few days i have been squeezing yellow greeninsh puss out of it and the area of the swelling went down. i am going to try this baking soda idea because i still have a hole in my toe with redness and puss coming out, it hurts and is still burning. what do some of you think i should do?

  • jessie

    My husband was bit by something like 10 minutes ago. So, that was at 2:00 AM EST. He says that it burns, but I’m not to sure what to do about it. I gave him a allergy pill as a just in case if he has an allergic reaction to what ever it was that bit him. If the bump get bigger and red I’m going to try the baking soda and salt trick and maybe some dried basil for the swelling and pain. Thanks for having this site, it is very helpful!

  • Liz

    Spider bites are the worst. I suggest squeezing until blood comes out of the bite. If it hurts to much to squeeze, take a hot shower or bath and soak the bite in the hot water. Eventually the pus should start to ooze out. Well, thats what I did anyway. I think I’m going to try the baking soda and salt idea if my bites get any worse.

  • Liz

    Okay, now I have a question–has anyone EVER heard of getting multiple spider bites ( in different areas–and YES I’m sure they are spider bites) getting infected at different times?!?! I have..maybe four or five spider bites –ouch btw..– and they all seem to get really bad and start to ooze at different times. I’m down to the last two getting gross, and by-golly do they hurt!!! I think I’m going to go find some baking soda and salt now….
    –Liz =]

  • Me

    My boyfriend got bit by a spider and his whole lip is swollen. I am trying the baking soda and salt. he is also on prednisone, and took benadryl. so if this works, i dont know if its all three put together or not but it is pulling out the pus.

  • Joella

    YES! I woke up this morning with a whopping 12 spider bites! My parents couldn’t believe it so I literally took a pen and out-lind all the bites to show them. However, I can’t find a remedie that works! (Although, maybe I can set a record for the most spider bites on one leg!)

  • dee

    Never ever put hydrocortisone cream or any steroid anti itch cream on a suspected brown recluse or black widow bite. It lowers your resistance to fight infection and can make it much worse.

  • dee

    Liz, you probable have a staph infection from one bite that has spread to all bites. It is very common for this to happen, I have been an urgent care and dermatology nurse for many years and have seen it all when it comes to these bites. You need to forget the home remedies and get on some antibiotics.

  • Delmer Reed

    I was bit by a spider, a few years ago, and I just put a whole bunch of hydorgen peroxide everyday, but got slow progress with bandages and tylenol. I recently got another one, and out of whim decided to take Ground Cloves, Ecanechea & Goldenseal, Honey, Sea Salt, and for kicks some Ginseng all together. Cloves and E&G are antimicrobial/antifungal, Honey seems reassuring, Sea Salt didn’t seem bad, and Ginseng is a fire element in chineese medicine, so in all, I’m hoping this mix will increase circulation and fight infection. I also drank clove tea. You could also heat this mix and add a bit of water to thin it out, which helps the clove fight infection.

  • Delmer Reed

    Mint, Basil, Thyme, and Rosemary are things I’ll put into to my mix later if the green goo doesn’t work well. If you have Tarragon, it was a plant used in ancient medicine to treat Snake Bites, because it helps speed up the body’s removal of toxic wastes. Tarragon is nicknamed Dragon’s Wort and is a good substitute for salt.

  • Delmer Reed

    Also, I was once stung by a scorpian in Las Vegas, and I went to the emergency room because my entire arm went numb in a matter of moments. At the hospital they wait to see if you develop allergic reactions and for the numbness they gave me pain killers, I was fine a day later, but it’s nice to know you can fight numbness with pain killers. Go figure. As well, any brown lacrosse spider could get you sick with a serious viral infection that needs to be tested for, becuase there’s been cases where people carry it years after being bitten. so yes, bugs carry diseases beyond their own toxins… go for the quick doctor check if you’re feeling sick. So many people die from not doing that. Just watch Dr. G Medical Examiner and see why it’s on her top ten list of common deaths.

  • Allie

    My daughter has about 5 or 6 bites on her leg. I looked online and they look like spider bites. One of the bites is red and red all around it. She just told me today about it, apparently she has had it for a couple of days. It was not until we went to the pool and she had her swimsuit on that I saw it. I am trying the epson salt and the baking soda, but if it still looks bad in the morning I am taking her to the doctor. Anyone have any other ideas????

  • robert

    I tried the cortizone paste and it sucked. It increased the swelling and caused more pain and discomfort. I am going to try the salt and baking soda mix it seems that everyone is doing it. I will let u know what happens.

  • Fran

    I got bit by an “unknown” insect a few days ago. I didn’t see what it was, but I felt the sting. Now the area on my stomach is very red and swollen (not infected though). I was advised by a friend to try turmeric. I mixed ground turmeric with some EVOO and rubbed it all over the affected area – then covered with gauze. I’m hoping for some improvement by tomorrow morning.

  • Jeff

    I was bitten by a spider about a month ago. It started to swell so I soaked the bite in hydrogen peroxide for about 10 minutes. It never hurt after that, but it did get a hard spot which went away after a day or so. I still have a small bruise that is slowly growing smaller. My suggestion is to simply soak the bite in hydrogen peroxide. Hope it helps!

  • JENN


  • Chief Redelk / Many Nations Tribe

    When I was bitten the (first time) by a black widow it felt like a hard jab from the end of a sharp stick. Immediately it formed a hard knot at the bite site on my wrist..A halo or circular bruise appeared. I figure, if there is no knot, no halo with a bruise,, its more than likely not a black widow or recluse,, not saying I know that for sure.. I just believe it..Examining my bite I saw two tiny bloody fang marks..Knowing the poison needed to be bled out as soon as possible and knowing bleach will disperse blood I ran a bowl of hot soapy bleach water and submerged my wrist. I jabbed a needle right into the fang marks deep enough to make them bleed freely.. I bled the site by sticking the needle in the knot, squeezing it to make it bleed until the knot was soft and flexible..Then I applied Regular flavor Colgate tooth past onto the wound, rubbed it in while wet and covered with a band aid..I had to work that day so I went right to work..That evening when I came home I soaked the bite in hot soapy bleach water and applied the tooth past and band aid again before bed time. By morning the bite was almost gone and I cleaned it with hydrogen peroxide a few times and that was that. Disclaimer…This may not work for you but it worked for me..
    When a Brown Recluse bit me on the side of my face I applied a rag soaked in hot soapy bleach water and scraped the bite site with a dull knife to open the wound..In a few days the bite had a circle of tiny blisters, that halo effect which tells me the bite was bad. I scraped the blisters with a dull knife blade to burst them and washed in Hydrogen Peroxide. Next day more blisters. I scraped them and repeated the Hydrogen Peroxide. I did that for a few days and the blisters scabbed over. I got well with very little scarring and no rotting flesh. .Brown Recluse and some other spiders can carry bacteria on their fangs that may be more harmful than their poison..I did not feel the recluse bite when it bit me. If so it was not noticeable as I was working in the woods and don’t notice a slight scrape.. The bacteria on their fangs can eat away at your flesh. It has to be killed or you can end up with some deep wounds and maybe even death. I find bleach water and dawn dish soap helps kill or remove bacteria if applied quick enough. If you can get a good antibiotic from your doctor you should do so if your bite is not responding to your home remedy. .. IF I were bitten where I could not put that body part in a bowl of hot soapy bleach water or apply a poultice of hot soapy bleach water, I would soak in hot soapy bleach water in my bath tub.. I think it’s also important to open the wound with a needle right into the fang marks and if need be in the hard knot..This may be a good way to treat some other types of open sores too.. I recommend people eat raisins to purify their blood if they get boils regularly..If your home remedy does not show improvement in a few hours seek medical help..Spend the money..save your health.

  • yolanda

    i dont know if im posting a tip or vommet on this damm thing….lol..any way a good friend of mine was bitten a few days ago…by what i belive to be a brown recluse.. she didnt see the spider that bit her.nor did i. i was out. but the next day when she leaned over on her knee. is when she felt it.. an showed it to me. id seen spider bites befor, tons of them an they all look the same to me. it started out looking like a pimple with a tiny black dot in the middle.. and a little red around it .. over the past few days.. it has gotten larger an more puss coming out..not a ton but enough..and shes been gettting sick to stamoch and throwing up..i kept telling her what it is but she just now starting to belive me…so i just started her rite now on some anti-biotics. and we are gonna try the salt and baking soda.. but what nonoe of you are saying is ….how much of this stuff do i miix togather to make the paste ??????? and how bad is it gonna burn her ????AND ONCE AGAIN. FOR ANNAS SAKE.. how long do we leave it on her ???im glad i checked out this site,. got a lot of info..and realy appriciate it..thank all of you folks..and i wish you all the best and painless recoverys…thanks again..yolanda.

  • JR

    i got bit by something on my pinky finger and it is swollen from hand to joint aint sure what to do

  • Russett Stubbs

    Being a “old” farm girl I believe everyone needs to keep a can of WATKINS or MC NESS BROWN CARBONATED SALVE in their homes. If you get bit by a spider or any other insect or if you get a boil or splinter of wood, metal in your finger or infection of any kind all you have to do is put a glob of salve on the area and then a bandage or band-aid to keep it on the area. Repeat every 4 to 6 hours and the salve will draw the venom, poison, infection out will also take the soreness and tenderness out of that area. This salve can only be bought from a dealer (I am not a dealer) can not be found in stores. Get on the Internet and find a dealer to order from. Not that expensive and last a heck of a long time. I have used it on my kids and animals over the years as my parents did when I was a child, as their parents did when they were children. All 7 of my children have this salve in their homes, so do my friends. Until you can get the salve you can take a potato and slice a piece of it and tape it over the infected area It will draw the infection out. Or use an egg….you take the white off the egg and whip the egg white until it looks like whip cream and put that over the infected area it also draws, also works very good as a facial, Hold a water warm cloth over your face to open the pores then cover your face with the whipped egg white let dry and then remove with a very warm water on a wash cloth, it helps remove black heads and pimples. Will sorry didn’t mean to get so long winded but I truly hope that this information from this old woman (me lol) help some of you. God Bless you and don’t forget to pray in the name of Jesus for God is the greatest healer of all.

  • vern

    I made a paste of baking soda, toothpaste, and water and applied to the bite. I think this helps to draw out the toxin which helped to reduce the sting.

  • Meghan

    I have been bit 7 times in the last 3 months and I recently moved into a new home. My roommate won’t let me bomb the house does anyone have any ideas? I am extremely scared of spiders and wake up in my sleep with night terrors screaming “spiders!” and throwing off all the covers. PLEASE HELP ME!

  • catie

    i believe i was bit by a spider 3 days ago. well today the spot is a large bump with a even bigger red spot around the lump. it’s warm to touch, hurts really really bad. the center of the bump has like a black dot in it. i don’t know what to do i think i’m going to try the baking soda an salt thing. but i’m scared that it will make it hurt worse. i tired to squezze it but nothing came out. plus it hurts to bad to squeeze. the bit is on the lower part of my stomach. i need to figure out how to help with the pain to because it hurts for me to even move an wear clothes. idk if i’m putting this is the right spot lol. but any advice would be greatly apperciated

  • Jason Vorhees

    i have recently been bitten by several spiders all at once. dummy me stuck my hand into a nest i didn’t see on a bag of livestock feed. several spiders (very small) bit me in between my fingers and on my hands. toothpaste seems to make the swelling worse but stops the pain and itching. i’m going to try the baking soda and salt remedy and post back with the results.

  • Kathy Beshears

    don’t have a tip. i was bitten 4 days ago by a spider about an inch and a half in front of my left ear. my cheek area has been slightly swollen until today when it began increasing rapidly. the bite hole was small and it scabbed over so no runny stuff yet. i have been washing it constantly with peroxide to no effect other than constant bubbling and swelling. i have now tried the baking soda paste with salt and it seems to be working. the swelling has stopped and the itchy/irritated feeling has went away. i will keep using for the day and update on how else it works. i am hoping this pulls the infection out. really can’t afford another doctor bill.

  • amber

    Last year I was bitten by a spider and it gave me MRSA staph infection(no fun there) now that ive moved into a new apartment(7MONTHS AGO) Ive been bittin 8 friggin times by brown recluses. SOB they hurt bad…and I they all get MRSA. I was told by a friend to go to a natural health food store and get C. SILVER. Get the 7oz bottle and make sure it has a ppm of 500 at the minimum. Put a drpper full into a bottle of water and drink it. Do this 3x a day for three weeks. By then it should be healed up. And can help to ward off infections all together. I wish I had asked her about this after the first one so I wouldnt have to be dealing with this bs now. But other home remedies dont work bc of the MRSA. I hope this helps somebody. Spiders SUCK!

  • Makenzie

    I was bitten by a spider last night and woke with a large bump and something very hard behind the bump. I am trying the baking soda and salt mixture right now. It does sting a little but nothing too bad. I read somewhere to leave it on for 20 minutes, rinse, repeat a couple times a day. Good luck!

  • Lunadora

    Great site. My boyfriend has the same bite as “Jenn”(above). We will try all the tips here as we are on day 3. Haven’t tried anything yet. It’s the painful red swollen kind with the black center. We thought it was a blemish and he tried to squeeze it after waiting a day or 2. I thought it looked like a mean one too. But nothing happened instead it just stayed red, swollen, and turned black in the center. It’s hard for him to sleep cause it’s so sensitive. Will keep you updated.

  • Rose

    i got bitten by what im guessing to be a recluse a couple days ago. im guessing thats what it was due to the coloration and symptoms. it seemed to be healing without any problems until the wound grew a bit in size. after the lesion finally popped it wasnt hurting at all in fact. once i realized what kind of bite it was i made a mix of herbs and stuff i had around the house. I mixed tea tree oil, basil, garlic, thyme, cinnamon, sage, and a little salt. to bind everything together i added a little neosporin as well, and then mashed it all together. So far its working very well, the hard mass under the sore has already disappeared, and its only been like 5 minutes. It burns a little, but thats prolly cause of the tea tree oil and salt XD it doesnt smell the best either, but its worth it ^^ if the burn is really a concern for anyone that wants to try this, you could always add a bit of clove for its numbing qualities, or maybe even a bit of aspirin as stated above. And make sure to go easy on the tea tree oil, cause i used the pharmacy strength stuff and its kinda strong ^^ anyways once its been made just slather it on the bite wound, and put a band aid or gauze and medical tape over it to keep it on the wound ^^

  • Bonnie

    I Have been bitten well i think i have been bitten by a spider! i woke up with half of my face swelled up and very sore. i went to the doctors that day and they said that i have ither been bitten by something or i have had a allergic reaction to something. or even had a allergic reaction to water ever bit me. they put me on antibioc said if it didnt get better i would have to go the the hospial cuz it is on my face near my bran and eye! it has gone down abit and luckly i didnt have to go the hospital. and cuz im only 14 its very enbarrasing cuz every1 at school keeps looking at me and asking wat happend. remember half of my face is swelled up. i hope it goes down soon. Cuz i have a date in like 3 days :S heaps of people keep telling me to sqeeze it but im not cuz the doctor said not to. fingers crosed that it goes away!

  • claudia

    alrite well i was lookin online for help on my spider bites. Yesterday i had 1 bite and it was rly itchy later on when i took a shower i had another one which was strange and then i went to sleep when i woke up i had 4 spider bites that cam out of nowhere they are so itchy. I have a big bite and next to it are 2 smaller onces and exactly on my elbow i have 2. 🙁 so ima try the baking soda and salt. wish me luck =)

  • Erdna

    Question: Can you use nystatin cream to heal a spider bite?

  • Jennifer

    I was told never to squeeze a spider bite, all you are doing is pushing the posion back in when your body is trying to push it out. Instead try putting two fingers next to the bite and pulling away in the opposite direction. You will get the same effect without squeezing.

  • shakiya

    Im not sure when I got the bite,but I notice the discomfort on my back yesterday morning it started to really swell last night to the point I couldnt put my arm down,then the ache set in and fever thats when I knew it wasnt a pimple,I LIVE IN delaware where the brown recluse is very popular so I’ve seen this before. I made my husband squeeze it to get the posion out.that gave relief for a few hours now its 6:29 am and I’ve tried the baking soda mix and its drawing the posion.out but the ice pack is helping the pain. Thanks for the tips on this site and the post now I know I’m not the only home Doc 😉 wish me luck

  • Nadine

    Dear Meghan,

    You are attracting the spiders with your fear of them. You will have to face this fear and get rid of it. You have been bitten 7 times in the past 3 months and YOU ARE STILL ALIVE!!! Stop worrying about them!

  • nyki

    i dont have a tip, sat i noticed i have a hole in my back i thought it to be a spider bite, but my bf says no that it been there 5days and i would be in alot more pain then i am now, i went to the er 2 days ago and they didnt tell me nothing just gave me a antibiotic and told me to follow up with my dr so i went today to my dr and she said i dont know what they is, put antibiotic cream on it, it looks like its healing she says she sees a scab forming but when i look at the pics i took of it, it dont look like it is scabbing to me. ughhh when it i first noticed it was itchy didnt look at it, i put achol. on it to make the itch stop when i noticed it was a hole i put proxcide on it, then that night i put salt on it, then the following day baking soda mixed with water, yesterday i didnt put nothing on it cuz my bf said let it air out and dry and today i just put the antibiotic cream on it, i am getting sunburn type feeling in my stomach and back hurts a bit and seem to be getting muscel spazems in my side

  • Jaclyn

    Try seasoning salt mixed with water make a paste cover it with gauze it will pull the poison out! I just did this to my boyfriend spider bite on his leg!

  • Christy

    Like others, I thought I had a pimple and went to pop it before I realized I had a bite. So I cleaned it with peroxide then applied the salt and baking soda paste. Hurts less and doesn’t look as red.

  • Chelene Pedersen

    One of my toes is big, red, swollen and hurts like the dickens. Its also bruised on the front and clear around one side. I thought I had worn my shoes to tight and given myself a cuticle infection. Day by day this has been getting worse. It pulsates and stings and when I am not taking Ibuprofen it throbs constantly with occasional sharp shooting pains. I have been taking antibiotics and trying to keep it as clean as possible. I have drained puss from it and keep ABX ointment on it all the time.
    I didn’t realize until tonight that I must have been bitten by a spider. I have never experienced this before and didn’t realize what was going on. All the information and shared experiences have been great!!! Could anyone give me a heads up on the salt and baking soda mixture. How do I make it and how long should I leave it on??

  • Mel

    I just want to say that I got a bite 3 days ago… i have had no idea what to put on it so i was putting alcohol on it. That didn’t seem to work, then i used cortisone cream, didn’t work. I saw this today, and for the past 6 hours have been putting on the baking powder paste. Sure enough the top layer has come off. It was scabby and yellow. now it is just a giant red spot.. i will continue to use the past for the next few days. I pray it works! I would totally recommend you give this a try. It also stings a bit for a while but it makes me think that it is helping. Also I made a small batch and kept it in the fridge to reapply when necessary. This made the process easy as well as it felt nice and cold putting it on the bite!

  • sammy

    Apparently got bit yesterday…on thumb. First the area was red – then today the area has expanded and turned black and blue? Also experiencing some numbness of my thumb?!?!? Immediate reaction yesterday was to make a paste of B. soda and water – seemed to help. Also took some Benadryl for the Histamines. Today – I made an Epsom Salts paste and applied. Hope something works…thanks for the tips! Really good ideas in here.

  • susana

    Woke up and thought I had adult acne, like two little red pimples on my cheek.The next day it was hard and about the size of a silver dollar. The worst part of this is, the next morning the darn spider bit me AGAIN on the neck the size of a golf ball and below my ear. So my face is half numb and my neck is sore. Point being dont wait to long to get a spider bite check out by a doctor even if it cost you. My situation worsened every morning. Baking soda does work I believe for anything small like a pimple. Just be careful…

  • Jak

    i got bit under my left arm pit two days ago by what i suspect was a black widow. i was fine at first and the bite was nothing more then an annoyance when my t-shirt rubbed against it. later that evening, i began having abdominal pains and muscle stiffness out of nowhere. when i took a shower, i inspected the bite and a white ring had developed around it with some bruising. it still didn’t hurt very much, but i more then certain that the unexplainable abdominal pain, muscle stiffness and general feeling of un-wellness were results of being bitten by that god damned spider. i just applied the baking soda / salt poultice. hopefully it does what it’s expected to. if my condition worsens, hello Emergency Room. i will bookmark this site and post my results in a few days. thanks for the info.

  • Jamie B

    Thank you for the tip on the baking soda & salt! I tried some homemade insect relief given to me by a friend and that seemed to make it worse. However, the tip from this site has almost gotten rid of it in just under an hour (immediate relief)!! Thank you again & have a blessed day!

  • mick

    i got 1two spider bites one after the other healed and the one i have now seems to go down when i open it with a push pin and squeeze the pus out and put alcohol in it,

  • amy

    My dad was bite by a brown recluse spider and my mom took a egg shell that she had left over from breakfast and pulled the membrane out of the big end of the egg shell(looks like white skin) and placed it on the bite sight and let it dry. It will eventually peel off. They seen results within 10 minutes after it dried. It draws the venom out of the bite. The sight is now gone and he had no effects of the bite after the treatment. This can be used for any bites or stings.

  • Tim

    I got bit by something on my left calf in the middle of the night. Thought it was just an ant bite or something. Within a day it begain to swell and puss. Was on antibiotics; since stopping them though I’ve noticed that a pulsating feeling in that area started to occur. Then that same pulsating started to move up my leg over the next week or so. My leg started to feel tight and weak. Spreading… it made its way to my chest (felt pressure), then eventualy went down in to my right leg. In short I know something is in me and I’ve been to at least 10 Dr’s in last 2 weeks, no one can seem to identify what’s the problem. Having a hard time walking, live in Nova Scotia Canada. Help!

  • michelle

    About a wk ago I noticed a lump under my skin on the arch of my rt foot. I kind of payed no attention to it. I noticed it getting worse and painful. There is a dark spot on it. So finally I went to the dr she said brown recluse spider bite. She said soak in hot water. There’s no hole and it wont open up. Im on antibiotics now if it doesn’t open she will have to cut it. How do I get it to open on its own? Please help.

  • ashlei age 13

    im 13 and scared i was bit and its red and pus is comeing out mondy im goingto a water park in a 2 pice and i dont what no one to c its on my thigh eneone got something to make it die in 1 week end plz plz help me

  • Michuli

    You people are nuts. See a doctor asap and those who get bit in thier sleep. Consider stripping the bed it’s likely you are harboring vermin. Don’t leave shoes gloves or hats outside, spiders like to hide. Save the salt for the pasta and the baking soda for indigestion. Good luck

  • sam

    hey guys i had a spider bite 2 days ago. And i applied the baking soda and the salt mixture but all in vain. Nothing happens but your your skin becomes more red.

  • sam

    i had a spider bite 2 days ago. And the area became itchy and was red.i applied the paste of baking soda and salt but its of no use and it worsens the condition even more. So its better to see a doctor.

  • ameber

    sooo my mom got bit by a spider or something several years ago. since then this blisters filled with some sort of i guess puss have been recurring at the bite site every year sometimes more than once a year she will not go to the doctor cuz she’s crazy! so can one of you guys give us some ideas on stuff that might help till i can talk her into going please and thank you 🙂

  • Bren

    About a couple days ago i went camping with my family. When i got back i noticed three large white bumps the size of a quarter on my knee cap! I don’t know why the spider would bit me on my knee cap three times. Anyway my cousin got bit on the head and a huge lump formed on the side of his head. It looked like a stub horn. When we went to make our beds when camping he lifted up the covers and then he saw black spider the size of a quarter. It ran away quickly and hid under the bed. That is my spider story.

  • Miss Jess

    So, a month or so ago, I found a small bump on the back of my thigh which I thought was a ingrown hair. Well a day or so later it swelled up to the size of a freaking soft ball (yuck) I began putting draw out salve (thick brown tar looking stuff) on it. Somebody in my office thought it could possibly be a boil. I went away almost immediately. That was then, this is now. A few days ago I woke up with what appeared to be a small bite on my thigh ( the other leg). It was painful. I immediatelt though boil again so I tried the salve. Of course it swelled up like crazy, not quite the size of a soft ball this time. I started to think it wasnt a boil and was leaning more towards spider bite. I googles images and what do you know, it looks just like some of the pictures I saw. I came acrossed this site so just a few minutes ago I concocted the salt/baking soda paste, but first applied pure tea tree oil to the affected area. Wish me luck. It is too hot to be hiding under jeans and I am tired of having band aid marks on my poor leg.

  • mother of 2

    2 sugestions: Raw flax seed and aloe vera. enough to create a paste. cover the affected area for 20 minutes. rinse and repeat several times per day. it is said to pull the toxins out.

    Also if you have a bite that has become abscessed, colloidal silver works if you force the silver into the wound.

    I was bitten by a black widow and the bite began to look as if it were from a brown recluse. The doctor put me on several different antibiotics because I’m allergic to sulfa (High potency antibiotics contain this substance) after 5 days the bite had gone from the crease in my upper thigh to my knee. Within 24 hours of using the silver twice per day, it was half the size. The trick here is to use either a syringe (no needle) or the plunger that comes with the silver to force the substance into the wound.

    I have done this for 3 days now and the abscess is almost gone. NO MORE antibiotics for me.

    Hope this helps

  • Belinda Le Grice

    I got a spider bite 2 days agoon my toe that is now really painfull and itchy. Ive just mixed 3 teaspoons bicarb soda with a bit of salt and 1 teaspon water and INSTANT RELIEF…i’m amazed . I noticed it drew some pus out and i will let it dryand take a look. I spead the paste all over the tingly part of my foot and its so good!

  • belinda

    As above, i was surfing in cool ocean water which also gave me great relief…hence, elevate, and cold pack and baking soda paste remedies all worked

  • Miss Jess

    URGENT!!!!! Please,please,please before you self treat what you think may be a spider bite, go to a doctor, er, or urgent care. What I thought was a spider bite, very well may have started that way, but ended with me having MRSA! Not nice. If you get something that looks like a pimple or bite and it is burning. Get it looked at immediately!

  • Golden

    I recommend calamine lotion or luke warm water with salt,
    FIRST clean with anti bacterial soap, or soak in warm salt water.
    Then dry area. apply calamine lotion to spider bite AND LET DRY ONTO BITE.
    Do for a few days morning and night, it should go away. if not see your doctor for antibiotics….

  • Michael

    Question: I got bitten by a considered harmless spider on my toe and it left one small fang mark. It started to swell and it stopped whithin a week. But today my toe is starting to swell again can someone tell me whats going on!?!

  • Rena

    On Aug. 1st, an insect bit me 2x; my r lower leg (near ankle) & on my the right side of my face above my jaw, near my ear lobe. Today is Aug 27th and my leg is still bruised and feels it and my face still feels very sore and burns it felt orig. like I got punched in the face by a brick. Now it feels like I have been punched, no redness just internal soreness and muscle aches. Last week I found 2 black widows downstairs and just found another one (male this time) upstairs near me…looks like I need a bomb or somthing. I am posting this to help anyone as the medical Dr’s seemed to know or care little about black widow bites unless you had a flesh eating disease.
    (I was also bit last year 2x but on my tummy and my leg or arm…was fatigued and short winded but nothing like this round. Did have the 2 pricks of scared blood visually last year. This year there were 2 small marks but no blood visibly scarred on my face.)

    Note: Hydrocordisone DID NOT HELP this at all.
    I tried it and it did appear to make it worse.

    *extreme fatigue
    *night sweat
    *kind of short winded or out of breath feeling.
    *extreme burning and throbing that radiated up the right side of my face, down my neck,up behind my ear on to my head.
    *Redness and swelling on site of bite spread largely. Itching and hives continued in the area intermittently for 3 weeks approx. Still itches at times.
    *Sometimes it would get red and slightly blue-ish behind my ear also. *Allergies worsened majorly nose adenoids became really swollen
    *Swollen lymph nodes especially right side.
    One near my ear/neck was the size of a large grape!
    *Hard time sleeping due to pain (which wasn’t well for my mental/emotional state)
    *Neck and or front throat stiffness rigidness, head and neck pain in general.
    *Any stress made the pain excrutiating and unbearable
    *My blood pressure was higher than normal even a few weeks later of the bite at my dr’s appointments.
    *Some heart palpitations as if I had been running.
    *PAIN & burning…If I had to describe it, it felt like something was eating away at my muscles internally on the right side of my face/neck/head area. It would even radiate to my right side of my collar bone, shoulder and mide scapula area.
    *Some hand zinging sensations down my r hand and weakness also was present.
    *General weakness.
    *There were no skin lesions or flesh eating disease present.

    *Besides the Cleocin (antibiotic they gave me diagnosing me as having strep or a staff infection) was REST, rest and more REST.
    *Drink alkaline water or just more water in general.
    *Himalayan Sea Salt baths helped.
    *Seeing a Natural Holisitic Dr. in the Denver area (Deb Zepf she is wonderful!)who made some oils and gave me some drops to cleanse me and draw some of the venom out which has also helped. She also had me do an IONIC CLEANSE which did seem to help with the neck tightness and felt better immediately.
    *For my allergies/hives/craziness: Hydroxizine helped only 12.5mg a night. Perscribed by my allergist. It helped relax the muscles in my neck, in my throat and helped with hives on my r side of the bite area and with anxiousness.
    *Benadryl (before the Hydroxizine which is similar to benadryl the benadryl would help a lot I found out on Aug 5th)
    *Allegra (which I take daily but any anti-histamine would help esp. those who suffer with allergies/asthma)
    *Of course my saline nasal rinses helped now with the adenoid swelling and Rhinaris (salt spray)
    *I event tried chewing a garlic clove untill I couldnt take it then swollowed it.
    *Oregano oil; few drops in water.
    *Probitoics from Nutri-West (Dr. Jeffrey Parker who is also wonderful!) to help with antibiotic side effects on tummy and in general.

    I will be getting more Ionic cleanses to draw out the impurities and will be taking more sea salt baths, (epsom salt will suffice) as I feel I feel like there is still some venom in me it feels bruised when I touch it, and I don’t like it at all. I’m very sensitive and It’s still there. I wonder if I need another round of antibiotics but they Holistic Dr.’s oils feel great the oil is put on the bites and have some healing & soothing properties.
    Finally my immune system is now responding better…I’m getting my energy back slowly and my sanity also.
    I am moving soon and will be bombing the house and if there are any other recommendations on how to not bring them with me to my new place. Please advise!
    Thanks for reading and advising~

  • Rena

    I forgot 2 symptoms that were dominant early on after the insect bite in the 1st 2 weeks.

    *Abdominal pain which the dr’s wrote off as GERD…WRONG! The antacids made my tummy worse and sick.
    *Quizy/light headed feeling at times.

  • Courtney

    My dog, has a big spider bite on his leg, i thought it was a hot spot, and then i really looked at it and its about an inch wide and it is open… soaked it in peroxide the best i could.. and i put some antibacterial cream on it, but im going to try the baking soda and salt idea.. i cant afford to go to the vet! so here goes nothing! ill keep you guys posted.

  • Kim

    I got bit about 4 years ago by a spider not sure if a hobo or brown recluse. Started by looking like an ingrown hair that turned into open oozing wounds. Tried the peroxide, neosporin and keeping it covered. Went to the ER about a week later and the doctors put me on the strongest antibiotic on the market. That night I talked to my mum and she said use a mixture of 1/2 white distilled vinegar 1/2 water heated up for at least 3 minutes in the microwave. Use a face cloth and keep it on the wound for at least 10 minutes. Keep the face cloth hot. Do this 3 times a day for 10 minutes each time. I did this the night I got home for the ER. The next morning the wounds had started drying up and were filled with puss. I showered and did the vinegar/water again. Mind you I had at least 8-10 open sores at this time. Within 3 days they started healing up and I have absolutely no scars. I have used the vinegar/water for and abscessed tooth also. My daughter just got bit by a spider and we just started the same treatment on her. Vinegar/water will pull the poison out of the wound. Works well and is very cheap.

  • Bri

    This is not necessarily a tip but a cry for help. My daughter has a second spider bite on her wrist. the first one I found on her right wrist and rushed her to the doctors because I did not know what had happen to find out it was a spider bite. I did not see the spider so we did not know what to treat for so her doctor gave me antibiotics and cream. Now today I found the same bite on her left wrist. Being that my daughter is only 17 months and I do not want her to keep going on antibiotics can someone please tell me what really has been working for home remedies? I just did the salt and garlic clove remedy and will take a look at the bite in the morning and she what has happen so far. One main question though is, is it best to pop the bump like blister on her wrist that has formed before I did the remedy or let it be and continue the remedy? Please help!!!!!



  • Jill

    Not so much a tip but just wanted to say that I feel that this year has been the worst for spider bites in my area. I have never been bitten by spiders before, but this year I have been bitten multiple times. The first was around 4th of July weekend. the bite started out like a pimple and then got bigger over night. It was on my arm about 3-4 inches from my arm pit and close to my chest so as it got larger and infected it hurt like crazy because it was in a spot that it rub against everything. It did swell a bit like a very large pimple on top of a pancake of redness. I did find that placing an ice/cold pack on the infected area helped ease the pain. But it took over a week for it to heal once it came to a head and bleed and puss came out of it. Gross I know but once it did that it felt a 100% better–its also best to let it do it than to force it because it can be way to painful to force it.

    When I had that bite I also had about a dozen or so other bites down my left side and on my stomach but those never got like the one on my arm did. Now about 3 months later it looks like I got bitten again on my stomach. I have a small cluster of bites on my side but they were very quick to bleed and have puss in them but they have healed up and are not bothersome. The one that looked just like a pimple got infected yet again and hurts like the dickens and its on my lower stomach just above where my pants are. it has started very much like the one on my arm. I have a band aid on it with some first-aid cream on it. It helps but still very tender to the touch. It has bleed a little but I don’t think the puss is out of it yet. I will be trying the baking soda and salt mixture when I get home with an ice pack. I would really like for this to be done and over with before I leave on vacation next week. Good luck everyone. And thanks to those who have posted these remedies.

  • susan

    i believe i have been bit by a spider but it is still bleeding i have put baking soda and water on the site it does help i wonder why no one has mentioned these bits bleed?

  • Alex Haas

    I’ve been bitten by spiders several times. A year or two ago, it was a brown recluse and I went to see my physician about it.

    Recently I was bitten in several places, most of them small but one large bite that didn’t want to go away all by itself. Then I decided to begin a treatment regimen. I’m in my third week after being bitten and it’s almost gone.

    Whenever I get any kind of infection, my treatment of first choice is Daikin’s Solution. I keep a large bottle available at all times. The bottle should not let any sunshine in as sunshine kills the bleach in just a few days. I’ve been using it for over 40 years. I learned about it when I was a corpsman in the Navy. It kills all (most) bacteria and fungii. I make a 12.5% Daikin’s Solution by mixing one part bleach to seven parts and adding a pinch of baking soda. Just rub it on the infected areas a few times per day or soak a pad in it and tape it on the infected area. The bleach destroys the proteins in the bacteria. You can read about this process in Science Daily article at this web page:


    Recently there has been a new discovery of a process that can be used to kill a bacteria and fungii on fruit. It was discovered by a researcher at USDA and people have begun using it on their bodies. Here it is.

    Begin with a teaspoon (the kind you would use at your table) of vinegar. I use white vinegar because it’s the cheapest. Save your good vinegar for salads. Put the top of your index finger in the vinegar and then rub it on the infected area until it is almost absorbed entirely into the infected area. Continue until the vinegar is all used up. Now repeat this process with peroxide.

    Do this several times a day. The vinegar should kill the protein. The peroxide will kill any bacteria. Any time you can squeeze the infected area and get something out of it, you should. This stuff is probably poison and you want to get this out of your body and let it go home…..or into the waste basket. You should squeeze it until you get red blood because the red blood has white blood cells, the body’s own defense against nasty things. I used this once on my large spider bite and it’s almost gone. I do it again this evening.

    Good luck.

  • Karl Fenn

    I was cutting down some evergreen trees monday and taking off the small branches, the inside of the trees were full of dead leaves and
    small branches, I put my arm in and something bit me, I pulled it out and I saw a spider running away, after about 6 hours the bite swelled very badley, it swelled so much the area became rock hard and red, not wanting to use the doctors here, who generally a waste of space, I treated the bite my self, the first thing is to keep the bite clean, after a while the bite will infect and puss will leak from the area of the swelling, I washed this every 6 hours in detol and put pressure on the sides of the bite to extract puss and fluid, I applied anti-septic balm every 8 hours this helped with the iching and the swelling,during the day I made a cover for the bite with a small square of badage and sticky plaster.

    I kept it covered after applying some Zam Buk ointment to the bite, the bandage drew out the puss and the Zam Buk has kept the bite area clean and free from serious infection, it has now been 5 day’s sine the bite, it has made me feel sick and iched like mad, but it has finally started to get better and much of the puss and swelling has resolved, spider bites do leak a
    lot of puss and fluid, but I think this is a good sign, I think the most important thing is keep bite clean, I think it will leave a scar but the most important thin is it has got better although now past midnight it has taken now 6 day’s, will take another 4 to heal completely, I hope my experience may help anyone else who gets bitten, problably best to keep arms and hands covered and protected when working in garden to save on this nasty experience, my first spider bitbite todate, hope it will be my last.

  • praba

    i got right thumb numbness.please tell me home maid medicine
    thank you so much


    ITS COINCIDENTAL but I learned after my mother got bit by a spider what to do. Okay this is what happened:

    I think I had gotten bit because I did not shake one of my shirts out I was in a huge rush so yeah.

    A few days later my right side started hurting extremely bad. I noticed I was itching. I thought it might have been me breaking out again but it wasn’t so the skin creams my dermatology gave me that was for my face and neck did not work.

    I turned to using vinegar (i thought it might work because it worked well with some of my chicken pox scars). Vinegar did not work so I turned to Rubbing Alcohol. That didn’t work either. I even tried what everybody else was suggesting. The baking soda. That did a little justice but when I got ready to wipe it off it kept ripping my skin and that is so…fricken…painful. 🙁

    So the core of the bite got bigger and bigger and I was getting worse. I was hot and cold at night. I was irritable. Couldn’t sleep for sugar honey iced tea. Then I became nauseous but for some odd reason I can’t throw up.

    Solution I used:
    My mother had left over gel from when she had got bitten about a month ago. She used that on me and boy did that sting. It still does sting (I’m still recovering) but not as bad as it did the first day the core grew big.
    Anyway she went out and bought me these bandaids they did some good.
    Yesterday she brought me the thing that did the most magic of all:

    “BANDAIDS WITH ANTIBIOTIC IN THEM” <<<GET THESE.Why? because they will reopen the bite and draw out the poison. After that you might have to keep changing the bandages because it'll be oozing out so fast. Get it out. Do NOT wait. Get it out as much as you can before you go to bed. I suggest buying the Big Antibiotic Bandaids because they hold up for a few hours to a day.

    You have to wear gloves and keep alot of tissue around you because you never know when the bandage will bust open. What you are looking for to come out of the bite is a mixture of yellow puss and your blood. It is a painful process. You might have a headache while doing this. Because honestly… I still do. Lol I have tooken nonstop Tylenol since 12. I accidentally took another one at 4. I've come to the conclusion that my headache will not go away until after I get this poison out.

    Good luck to anyone!

    I am Age:20 by the way.

  • jasmine

    To help it you could also use calmine lotion or benadryl what ever is possible….

  • Sam Espinoza

    Hi. My co-worker/friend came to work with a suppose spider bite on her elbow. You can see where the spiders bit her, and its like really red. There’s no swelling thou and she says its really irrated and itchy. We sprayed it with some itching spray and that help. But shes gonna try to put some Arm and Hammer toothpaste on it when she gets home. Hopefully it works ^_^

  • CandMextavate

    Preety good quality of this photo, what sort of camera did you use?

  • mike



  • Nora

    I have gotten bit by some sort of spider 2 months ago. It happened while sleeping. I woke up with 2 seperate locations of the bites. Both location had over 5 bite marks. It hasn’t bothered me too much until yesterday. I woke up and the ‘sores’ have broken open and are oozing puss and some blood. I can’t get to the dr until a few days from now. Will any of these remides help in my situation?

  • Chris

    Please do not use poison bombs or foggers to get rid of spiders. Vacuum thoroughly, and clean up clutter, and vacuum again. I really wonder about some of the postings claiming that the “spider bites” have poison and puss coming out of them. They may be boils instead and not spider bites at all.

  • bebe

    i used the asprein and water thing to help me with my spider bite…use my tip!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jess

    The turmeric olive oil really works… and for any swollen and rashy, or razor burnt area. Avurvedic Medicine is the best!

  • gdelgado27

    I was bit by a brown recluse the other day… I didn’t see it but I’m sure it was a brown recluse cuz of the past experiences I saw my family go through… it mustve been hiding in my closet through my clothes… I put on shorts tha day and sat around… 4-5 hours later I started to feel a slight discomfort in my back thigh… popped what looked like a small pimple and felt like a staff infection.. puss came out… it kept forming puss in what was now turning into a hole in my leg… days later I took a box cutter to what was a much deeper and bigger hole and jabbed a need in that hole… it too my surprise went pretty deep… the pain was sruciating… I juss now took some baking soda and salt water to paste it… hope it works… thanx for the cortizone tip cuz that was my next idea… soaking up aspirins now

  • gdelgado27

    Ps the baking soda salt idea does burn but after dealing with the spider bite pain for a few days its not THAT bad. Oh and the spider bite is affecting my body and has cause me to get a stye on my eye :/

  • Lynn Sonnessa

    All of the above remedies are very accurate, but over the years, I had arrived at a combination treatment that is effective and very fast healing time. First time, you put this on the bite(s, you will see an immediate healing. I am using it today, because about 2 weeks ago, I woke up and had about 50 brown recluse spider bites all over me, I had extreme itching,painful,oozing wounds (I had been bitten years ago,when I worked in a warehouse office, and my foot blew up like an elephant, and ended up in the ER).The warehouse spider was extremely venomous.
    These 2 “odd” remedies really work:

    1). First, mix equal amounts of basic dish detergent & bottled lemon juice. Stir it well. Using a rough surface (toothbrush or scrub brush, SCRUB DOWN THE BITE, for a minute or so and rinse off.
    It’s going to sting a little bit, but wait 5 minutes or so, until it starts oozing. Blot it down (don’t rub)with a paper towel.

    2). Then, mix equal amounts of baking soda, salt & basil (grind the basil in your hands so it is smooth). Gently rub this onto the bite,to dry out any remaining soggyness. If the bite becomes damp again, repeat the dry mixture step again. This automatically eliminates the itching too. Plus, the dry mixture, makes any remaining liquid in the bite, turn into a scab. You will see the bite disappear.

    I made up this home remedy, from trial an error. I was spending a fortune in RX steroids, over the counter creams & sprays etc. The brown recluse spiders, hang out in your cardboard, show boxes, any card board box, warehouse, basements and even in your bed.

    As a bonus tip: spray WD-40 side all of you window sills and door jams, to prevent these little monsters from getting in. I hope this helps.

  • angel

    My boyfriend got bite by a spider and says it feels like someone stabbed him and twisted the knife.. I made him go to Dr they put him on antibiotics n sent him home. It started hurting him worse so I put salt/bakinsoda mixture on it andit started to pull it out and I soaked it with peroxide and it bubbled but this morning he woke up in pain that almost made him cry.. tomorrow I think he’s gonna go to Dr again and hopefully they well help him..probably will lance it..(ouch) I’m pregnant so I’m really hoping he doesn’t get mrsa or staff…

  • Cranky Bird

    I think I got 3 spider bites last night.
    One on my rear end and two on my lower right arm.
    They started to turn red, swell and itch like crazy.
    The swelling has grown to about the size of a chicken egg, at each bite, now.

    I tried “Benadryl capsules” AND “Benadryl liquid” = No reduction in itching.
    I tried “Cortizone.10” cream = It made the swelling worse.
    I tried “Caladryl Clear” = Helped reduce the itch for a few minutes.
    I tried “Solarcaine with Cool Aloe” = Helped reduce the itch for a few minutes.
    I tried soaking a large cotton pad with “Hydrogen Perioxide Topical Solution” and put that over the bites. There was an area of white at the center of the bites, after 10 minutes, but the itching and swelling didn’t stop.
    Next I tried soaking another large cotton pad with “91% Alcohol” and put that over the bites. This helped the most, but still left me swollen and itchy as soon as I removed the pad. Since I couldn’t stay up all night re-wetting the pad, as it dries quickly, this was a temporary measure for me.

    I was very concerned when the swelling kept getting larger, the redness was not going away and near the center of the bites there were very small blisters forming around the original bite. I popped them and used the “Hydrogen Perioxide Topical Solution” on the bites followed by the “91% Alcohol” again. This time keeping the alcohol on for 20 minutes.

    About 30 minutes later, I was ready to do just about anything to stop the itching.
    So, eventually, around 3:00 AM, I got up and made an Elixir of the following;
    * Amounts are approximate. *

    1 Cup – Water,
    1/2 Cup – Apple Cider Vinegar,
    1/4 Cup – Gunpowder Green Tea,
    2 Tb – Baking Soda,
    1 1/2 Tb – Boric Acid Powder,
    1Tb – Salt w Iodine,
    1 Tb – Whole Mixed Peppercorns,
    12 – Whole Cloves,
    4 Short Sprigs – Fresh Thai Basil,
    3 Short Sprigs – Fresh Thyme,
    2 Short Sprigs – Fresh Mint,

    Cover and Simmer this mixture very gently, for 5 minutes.
    Then strain into a glass container, cover.

    If you need more, reuse the mixture. Just add more water and simmer for another 5 minutes.

    When cool enough for you, wet a cotton pad with it, and place over bite f or 5 minutes.

    My swelling had diminished and the itching had stopped, when I checked after 5 minutes.
    * There was some stinging, but compared to the itching, it was nothing. *

    Keep in refrig. between uses.
    I don’t know if you can freeze it, I’ve never tried.

  • Marie Lambert

    I’m trying the soda and salt on my toe. I got bit 2 days ago, and have been using peroxide on it to bubble it out. It seems to have no change in it,, it itches so bad I could tear my toe of. I put the soda and salt mix on and put a bandage on to hold it in place. I sure hope this works.

  • Jo

    I was getting ready to order a small battery powered Therapik that is supposed to put out a soothing heat that relieves pain and itch from insect bites, but it was 5 days on the delivery date.

    I had an aha moment and decided to create my own heat. I heated water as hot as I could stand then added salt to it and poured it over the bite on my ankle. I hung my foot over a pail It stung but when it stopped and it was much better. It has kept coming back…getting better and getting worse..The hot water was a pain, so then I decided to use the hair blower on high. I would doctor it and cove it with a wet rag. That stopped the itching and helped it a lot, too.

    I think I had 7 bites altogether in an 1 1/2inch area.

    I have decided to order the therapik because of the grandchildren. We can use it when away from the house. I also keep a little bottle of soda and salt and an antibiotic cream in my backpack or purse. I think I got bitten in my car. I have learned two things. You need to treat a bite with heat and or soda & salt and other remedies immediately. I ignored mine and it got a head start on me. The bites aren’t hot now and only two small holes are not healed and I can see white inside of them. Some say clean them out and others say no not to because that means the bites are healing.

  • Sam

    Got bitten by spider almost 2 weeks agao, and been putting baking soda paste,,, but nothing happened.
    Today I woke up and saw another bite when i touched it water came from it…
    Do i keep using the bs paste, or what else to do >>>???

    Cant aford to drive to the hospital… but i can wake to the pharmacy thu

    is this will help ???

    Please send me e mail what to do….
    Thanks a millioun….

  • James adams

    I have been bit 8 times in 6 months necromastic in nature hobo spiders in Idaho. professional pest control useless. medical doctors do nothing. we can walk in the moon yet can not treat spider bites that months take to heal.draw out slaves help but injure tissue. baking soda and salt poultice first couple days then hydrocortisone also sped up healing.I believe a band aid produced with lidocaine and antibiotics in the shape of a bunion bandaid would be best with raised edges to protect bumping. very painful. best of luck

  • Alka

    I just got bit by the spider yesterday and got this redness and its itching very badly. I have read lot many people have used salt and baking soda. Does it really help. I hope there won’t be any side effects.