21 Home Remedies for Smoke Odor

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From the fried chicken grease fire last week to Grandpa’s pipe, lingering scents can plague a room or unnecessarily remain throughout your house. To revamp your indoor spaces and enjoy cleaner air, consider using simple home remedies for smoke odor.

Home Remedies for Smoke Smell

Sources of Smoke Odor

While one of the first thoughts regarding smoke smells is that it only comes from cigarettes, pipes and other tobacco products, there are other sources of smoke odor to recognize. Your rooms could suffer smoke odor because of a house fire, grease fire in kitchen, burnt food on the stove or in the oven, overheated appliances, BBQ’ing on the grill, fireplaces and chimneys.

Smoke Odor Home Remedies

Common household products can become an odor-repelling and deodorizing lifesaver. To get rid of unwanted smells, consider some of the following home remedies for smoke odors:

a) Vinegar in a Bathtub:

The lingering scent of cigarette smoke can tarnish your overall appearance, especially when you’re wearing ‘good clothes,’ like a suit or fancy dress. Remove the odor without running to the dry cleaners by added one cup of vinegar to a bathtub filled with the hottest tap water. Close your door and hang the garments above the steam. The smell should evaporate after a couple of hours.

b) Vinegar on a Cloth:

Moisten a cloth with vinegar and wave in the air to quickly remove the scent of fresh cigarette smoke in a room.

c) Vinegar in a Bowl:

When a smoky odor lingers in your room, place a couple of bowls filled with white or apple cider vinegar around to eliminate the scent. Odors should have disappeared within one day.

d) Vinegar and Ammonia:

To remove the odor of smoke from clothes, add a blend of one cup of powdered detergent, ¼ cup of ammonia and ½ cup of vinegar to your load of laundry. During the rinse cycle, add ½ cup additional vinegar to eliminate any lingering smell.

e) Baking Soda:

Get the annoying scent of cigarettes out of your furniture by lightly sprinkling chairs and sofas with a small amount of baking soda [1]. Allow the powder to sit for a few hours, and then vacuum away.

f) Open the Windows:

After puffing on a cigarette, open the windows to release some of the smell. Turn on a fan to circulate the air.

g) Vanilla Extract:

Soak a rag in vanilla extract and place in the center of the room to help draw smoky odors into the material.

h) Charcoal:

Add bowls of charcoal to your smoky rooms to help absorb odors. If you are a frequent smoker, keep the charcoal close to your ashtrays.

i) Dishwashing Detergent and Borax:

Treat smoke-tainted walls by washing it out with a mixture of two gallons of hot water, ½ cup borax and ½ teaspoon of dishwashing detergent. Wash down the walls with the solution using a soft sponge, and then rinse off with water.

j) Coffee:

Using fresh dry coffee grounds is an effective way to get rid of smoke odor in the kitchen and other parts of the home. Situate bowls of dry coffee grounds in the kitchen (including closed cabinetry). Leave the coffee for at least 24 hours.

k) Newspaper:

Since newsprint has the ability to absorb odors, you can remove smoke smell by crumpling up several sheets and placing them in closed cabinets and other crevices. Allow the newspaper to work its magic within 48 hours.

l) Clean all Surfaces:

Smoke attaches itself to flat surfaces, meaning to completely eliminate the odor, you must clean many different parts of your home to remove the smelly residue. Address floors, table surfaces, and ceilings.

m) Change Light Bulbs:

Interestingly, smoke sticks to light bulb, and every time you turn on this heat source of light – the room fills with newly charged cigarette odor. Change or clean light bulbs to address this issue.

n) Ammonia Place bowls of ammonia on tables to help absorb smoke smells in rooms.

o) Sunshine:

To treat smoke-filled clothing and bedroom mattresses, place out in the sunshine, as the rays are known for their natural deodorant properties.

p) Carpet Freshener:

Some people address a smoky mattress by sprinkling deodorizing carpet powder, allowing it to set for a day, and then vacuuming up the powder. Flip the mattress to the other side and repeat the process.

q) Scented Candles:

While the smoke smell may still linger (depending on the length of time the room has been exposed), a quick fix is to burn scented candles to mask the odor. Cinnamon is a popular scent to use for this purpose.

r) Change Filters:

If you live in a home with heavy smokers, you may want to change the filters of your furnace to enjoy a fresh start.

s) Use Exhaust Fan:

If your smoky smell is coming from burnt food, many people forget to put their exhaust fan (located over the stove) to good use. Turn it on to pull odors and fumes out of the room.

t) Lemons:

Slice up a handful of lemons into edges and place in a pot filled with water. Place on the stove and let the pot of water boil until the water has evaporated. The scent of the lemons helps to remove the odor of burnt food in the air.

u) Cinnamon Sticks:

Place cinnamon sticks on a sheet of aluminum foil and bake in the oven at 325 degrees for 15 minutes. Before turning the oven off, open the door and let the aroma sweeten your smoky room. You can also drop a cinnamon stick in a pot of water and simmer for 30 minutes. The heated cinnamon will emit a pleasant scent into the air.


[1] Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things by Reader’s Digest; pg.68.