14 Home Remedies for Skin Ulcer

When the blood supply to a specific part of the body is reduced, complications can arise. One of the things that can develop is a skin ulcer. If you are suffering an illness that compromises the immune system, you can also expect a decreased rate of healing. To treat symptoms, home remedies for skin ulcers can help.

Home Remedies for Skin Ulcer

What is a Skin Ulcer?

Skin ulcers are open sores comprised of inflamed tissue that generally resembles a crater. Ulcers involve a disintegration of tissue often associated with poor blood supply to the skin. Depending on your specific inflammatory process, ulcers may become an acute or chronic issue. [1]. For example, bedsores (or pressure ulcers) are a kind of skin ulcer that typically affects people who are bed ridden, disabled, paralyzed, or in a coma.

Small skin ulcers usually heal within two weeks, but some people may suffer ulcers that are difficult to repair – especially if they possess a compromised or weakened immune system. Other people considered more susceptible to skin ulcers include the elderly and patients with diabetes.

Causes and Symptoms

Trauma, injury, exposure to extreme temperatures, poor blood circulation, and coming in contact with irritants are some of the main causes of skin ulcers [2]. In the case of bedsores, prolonged pressure has reduced the blood supply to the affected part of the body. People confined to a bed or chair are common victims, but also wearers of a hard brace or plaster cast suffer this type of skin ulcer.

Symptoms of a skin ulcer include reddened skin, pain, swelling, itching, warm skin, tenderness, and in severe cases – open skin, bleeding, oozing fluid, pus drainage, and painful joints and muscles. A skin ulcer can also cause a fever.

Skin Ulcer Home Remedies

It is important to quickly treat a skin ulcer and encourage healing to avoid serious health complications, such as infection. Be aware that later stages of a skin ulcer include oozing sores, blisters and small bleeding craters. To ease the pain and prevent infection, consider the following home remedies for skin ulcers:

a) Aloe Vera:

Having an aloe vera plant in your home can provide instant medication for a wide range of skin conditions and concerns. Apply aloe vera gel or cream to skin ulcers to soothe symptoms and encourage healing.

b) Sugar:

Skin ulcers plagued by bacteria may respond to treatment involving sugar. It is said that the bacteria cannot thrive in the sugar. Mix sugar with honey for a home remedy for bedsores. The honey also possesses antibacterial properties and components that encourage healing.

c) Honey:

Honey is known as an effective natural remedy for healing the skin. Coat a skin ulcer with honey and cover with a bandage. The honey also works on detoxifying the wound and killing germs.

d) Milk of Magnesia:

Combine milk of magnesia and iodine in a bowl. Set aside the mixture for about 30 minutes. Apply the blend to your skin ulcer several times per day. Repeat the process for a few days after the first signs of healing.

e) Rhubarb or Beet Juice:

Mix one tablespoon of rhubarb juice or beet juice with two tablespoons of honey in a shaker or bowl. Keep in mind that the shaker is better for thoroughly blending the ingredients. If the mix is too thin, use a bit of flour to thicken it up. Apply the mixture to pressure skin ulcers and cover with a bandage or gauze. Don’t forget to change the bandage daily.

f) Lysol:

Several sources suggest that spraying Lysol on infected bedsore skin ulcers is an effective treatment that kills the germs hindering the healing process.

g) Fiber:

A diet rich in fiber can help heal skin ulcers by replenishing the body with nutrients necessary for repair. Consider increasing your intake of beans, rice, bran, fruits, and lentils.

h) Dry Skin:

Keep your skin as dry as possible, as moisture provides an environment that feeds the bacteria that causes and worsens skin ulcers.

i) Turmeric Powder:

Turmeric powder can be used to disinfect a pressure sore. It is suggested to sprinkle over affected areas to see results.

j) Vitamin E Oil:

Rub vitamin E oil across your body to encourage the healing of skin ulcers.

k) Vitamin C:

Encourage the healing process and give your immune system a boost by taking a vitamin C supplement. You may also increase your consumption of foods rich in vitamin C, including broccoli, mango, oranges, kiwi, and peppers (red, yellow and orange).

l) Zinc:

Increase your intake of foods containing zinc, such as dry roasted cashews, peanuts, chicken breast, baked beans, almonds and milk. Zinc will promote faster healing of the skin.

m) Quit Smoking:

Smokers experience a slower rate of healing due to reduced blood supply to the skin associated with smoking tobacco.

n) Cushioning:

Promoting proper blood circulation will help heal pressure skin ulcers. Use soft pillows or cushions, soft blankets, and sheepskin bedding to protect skin affected by ulcers.


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