7 Home Remedies for Skin Tags | Q&A

Q: Grandma, I have skin tags in some parts of my body. sadly, I am affected by this skin condition since I love to wear shorts and sleeveless shirts. Please suggest remedies to remove these skin tags.

A: Dear S, What are skin tags? A skin tag is known in the medical community as acrochordon. It is a small non cancerous tumor that forms or develops in the areas where the skin forms lines such as armpit, groin, and neck. In addition, a skin tag can also occur beside the ears, on the eyelids and on the face. The outer lining of an acrochordon may be smooth or irregular to look at and is often raised from the surface of the skin on a fleshy stalk called a peduncle. Skin tags are harmless and do not cause pain. However, skin tags can be irritated by jewellery, a specific type of clothing or shaving. In general, skin tags are a disturbance on the body image of a person. This is the reason why discussed below are safe and effective home remedies for skin tags.

Home Remedies for Skin Tag


1. Castor oil and Baking Soda Method – Combine equal amounts of castor oil and baking soda. Make a paste with the ingredients. Apply the paste to the skin tag three times a day, until the skin tag dries up and falls off, after about two weeks.

2. Clipping Method – Grasp the skin tag firmly with a pair of tweezers or hemostats. Cut the skin tag off as close to the skin as possible. Use sharp scissors, cleaned with rubbing alcohol. Apply pressure to stop the bleeding. Place an adhesive bandage on the wound.

3. Dental Floss Method – Tie a piece of dental floss tightly around the stalk of the skin tag. Leave the dental floss in place until the skin tag turns black and falls off due to a lack of blood flow. Only use the dental floss technique on smaller skin tags.

4. Fingernail Polish – Apply the polish over the entire skin tag twice daily until the tag falls off. Remember do not use on eyes, lips, nostril or on anal skin tags.

5. Lemon, Avocado Oil and Essential Oil – Combine the 3 ingredients into a small bottle and shake it thoroughly before using it. Put the solution into a clean cotton swab and gently apply a small amount of mixture where the skin tag is attached. Leave it for about 30 minutes and then rinse it with cold water.

6. Cutting – Use scissors or nail clippers that went under proper disinfection before cutting off the skin tag. Make sure to wipe off the skin tag surrounding the area with alcohol prior to the procedure. Afterwards, swab the area with peroxide after you cut the skin tag away. Put on pressure to the affected area with a clean towel or gauze to stop the bleeding after the procedure.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar – The vinegar allows skin tags to turn dark and drop off after repeated applications. Apple cider vinegar may also dry up skin tags. It is known as one of many safe and effective home remedies for skin tags. Do not use near eyes or on anal tags, it can cause irritation.


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