10 Home Remedies for Sick Cats | Q&A

Q: Grandma, there is a very sick feral cat which frequently visits my place. I noticed that it has a runny nose. I decided to bring it to a veterinarian. The sad thing is that I can not catch him. If I know what kind of medicine to give, I can just mix it together with his food. But, the vet will not give any medications unless he can see the cat and examine it. Could you help with home remedies so I can aid the poor cat?

A: Dear J, I appreciate your concern with the cat that you have found. He probably got his sickness from a not so clean environment. The runny nose could be caused by irritation or allergic rhinitis. Problem with the respiratory system or any bacterial infection can be one of the reasons for cat sickness.

For the mean time, if the cat’s condition is not so bad, try these home remedies below. If your cat’s conditions worsens, maybe it’s time to bring him to a veterinarian for him to be examined thoroughly.

10 Home Remedies for Sick Cats


1. Warmth – You can use a heating pad to provide warmth to your cat, but, you have to make sure the the pad is on the lowest level of heat and cover the pad with towels or blanket to avoid too much heat. The use of a bottle with hot water wrapped in a towel can also help. Sick cats need this kind of warmth. [5]

2. Avoid Too Much Intake of Antibiotic – Too much intake of antibiotic can cause problems in the kidney, especially if the cat is 5 years old or below. [2]

3. Comforts – If we, as humans, like to have a comfortable place, so as our pets. A comfortable place to sleep in can help a sick cat to have a good rest and get well as soon as possible.

4. Plantago Lanceolata – This herbal medicine helps in having that refreshed feeling inside the throat. Also helps in softening the mucus, making it easy to spit. [1]

5. Food – In making cat food at home, make sure that the nutrients are balanced or is divided equally. If you find this burdensome, you can also buy cat food at department stores. Before buying, read the ingredients. Buying proper food for sick cats helps in preventing the situation in getting worse.

6. Water – Like humans, animals also need enough supply of water inside their bodies. Drinking water helps in cleansing the toxins inside and secrete them. The more water they drink, the better. [3]

7. Vitamin C – This kind of vitamin is quite popular in making the respiratoy system healthy. Give them Vitamin C every day with 250 mg. If there are side effects, reduce the amount of it.

8. Nose Drops – These are specially designed for nasal problems. Simply put a drop on the nose which has a problem or to both. Do for 3 a times every day and for about 3 to 5 days of treatment.

9. Fleas – Bites from fleas cause itchiness and, therefore, lead cats to scratch them. If they scratch too much, there is a possibility that it becomes an open wound, and eventually cause them sickness. So, better get rid of these fleas to avoid skin problems, especially to pets. [4]

10. Protection – Sick cats are not allowed to go outside the house or have any contact with other pets and children while he is still under medication. Place him on a room where there are toys so he can play. Also put water for him to drink when he gets thirsty. This method can be of great help to make the recovery faster.


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