Home Remedies for Shiny Dog Coat

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There’s nothing like the attractive sheen of a healthy dog coat that shines. However, a handful of factors can cause a coat to dull or appear dry. To address the internal or external causes of unhealthy skin and coat symptoms of your companion, consider using home remedies for a shiny dog coat to see results.

Causes of a Dull Coat

The main reasons a dog has a dull coat are:

• Diet – A poor diet can cause dogs to suffer from dry skin. Their dog food should offer high-quality ingredients and a sufficient amount of fat.

• Allergies – Whether your dog is allergic to an ingredient in their food or a flea bite, allergens can cause a dog to suffer a dull coat.

• Medical Issues – Underactive thyroid glands and some hormonal issues can cause skin problems in dogs. As a result, the accompanying dandruff and itchy skin can cause a dull coat.

• Frequent Bathing – Your dog doesn’t need a bath as frequently as you – too much contact with water can strip the natural oils of a canine’s skin and coat. This is especially true when your dog plays in chlorinated pools or saltwater.

• Breed of Dog – Some dog breeds have wiry or non-oily coats, which call for extra measures to make them look shinier.

Other causes of a dull dog coat include mites, mange, and bacterial skin infections.

Shiny Dog Coat Home Remedies

There’s no need running to the local pet store to purchase the latest expensive solution for a dull dog coat. Instead, rely on common household staples and tips to have your companion in show-dog condition. To get your pet ready to impress the neighbors, consider using some of the following home remedies for a shiny dog coat:

a) Tuna:

Adding small pieces of tuna to your dog’s food can offer healthy omega fatty acids to their diet, which can contribute to a healthy coat.

b) Sardines:

Give a sardine as a treat to your dog – their coat will benefit from the oils found in the fish.

c) Dog Brush:

Brushing your dog’s coat on a regular basis will stimulate the skin and hair follicles, which will increase the natural production of oil. This gives the dog a shinier coat. Follow this approach even if your canine has short fur.

d) Garden Hose – After playing in the family pool or taking a dip in the ocean, rinse your dog off well with water from a garden hose to remove the salt and/or chemicals that can dry out their skin.

e) Groom Your Dog:

Directly pay attention to the external coat and skin of your dog by implementing regular grooming techniques, which rejuvenates the outer part of your pooch.

f) Joy Dishwashing Liquid:

When you’ve run out of dog shampoo, a good substitute is Joy liquid dish soap – and not the lemon kind. The Joy is close to the PH of dog shampoo. Do not use your own shampoo, which will only worsen a dry dog coat.

g) Salmon:

Since omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial for a dog without a shiny coat, adding salmon to their diet can provide the necessary amount of omega-3 fatty acids needed to stay healthy.

h) Vegetable Oils:

Stirring one teaspoon to one tablespoon of vegetable oil can assist a dog in keeping their coat healthy and shiny. The oils, especially sunflower and safflower selections, contains omega-6 fatty acids, which can replenish oils in a dry coat. Keep in mind that giving your dog too much oil will leave them with diarrhea.

i) Protein:

Your dog’s diet should offer a decent amount of protein, which promotes healthy skin and coat. To make sure they are getting enough protein, you can add ground beef, turkey and chicken to their regular food. Some pet owners will look towards other sources of protein for their dog, such as fish and eggs.

j) Pass on the Corn:

If a dog constantly experiences issues with their coat, it could be a sign of allergies that causes dry skin. Removing corn from a dog’s diet that seems to exhibit an allergy can help revamp the condition of their coat.

k) Flaxseed Oil [1]:

With anti-inflammatory properties that help treat itching and inflamed skin, flaxseed oil or fish oil (which are packed with omega-3’s) can help dogs with skin problems. The oil assists in combating the flaky, dry skin that can lead to a dull coat.

l) Dog Comb:

Removing loose hairs can help a dog coat stay shiny – use a comb for routine grooming.

m) Flea Treatments/Dip:

Fleas and ticks can leave behind material that dulls a pet’s coat. Treat your pooch to a flea dip at home.

n) Snack Check:

Avoid giving dog treats and snacks that contain sugar and salt, which can harm the health of their skin and coat. Instead, seek out rewards that offer protein or fatty acids.

o) Towel:

Instead of bathing your dog every time they get into a little mud, use a towel to wipe off surface grime to prevent drying out their skin. ?

p) Oatmeal:

An oatmeal soak can ease the itchiness of dry skin that dulls the coat of a pooch.

q) Aloe Vera:

Add aloe vera juice to a large tub of water, and sponge down your dog to treat dry and itchy skin, which can hinder a shiny coat.


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