17 Home Remedies for Severe Neck Pain | Q&A

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Q: Grandma, I’m having severe neck pain which radiates towards my hands, collar bone, shoulder and back. I’m facing severe problems while sitting, walking and in doing my studies.

A: Dear J, It can be hard to focus when suffering from severe neck pain. You can get this in the morning due to lack of proper support while you are sleeping. This will truly affect your performance for the rest of the day. You can also get neck pains due to bad posture. Alleviate the pain with the help of self help techniques that you can do at home.

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Home Remedies for Severe Neck Pain


1. Exercise – Exercise helps in conditioning your muscles and joints. Continuous exercise will truly save you from waking up with neck and back pains.

2. Remember to Stretch – Sitting through long hours of work hunched over your desk or in front of the PC can cause a strain to your muscles. Take time to stand up and stretch every so often to improve blood flow and nourish your muscles and lubricate your joints.

3. Pillows – Make sure that your pillows provide you ample support. Lie on your side or recovery position to prevent yourself from moving around and falling asleep in an awkward position that may strain your neck.

4. Rest – Prevent your neck from suffer for further strain and rest. This will provide time to heal.

5. Posture – Mind your posture. Maintaining proper posture allows proper distribution of weight and ample support which will prevent you from straining your neck and other parts of your body.

6. Hot compress – Hot compress will provide you relief from pain and stiffness. Apply this to affected area for 15 to 20 minutes.

7. Cold Compress – This will prevent inflammation. Alternate this with hot compress for better results. [2]

8. Pain Relievers – It is common for people to have pain relievers ready at home. Taking one will help relieve the pain, especially when faced with chronic pain.

9. Warm shower – Take a warm shower and allowing the warm water run down your affected neck area. This should improve elasticity of your neck and remove stiffness.

10. Massage – A relaxing massage will help improve circulation and allow knotted muscles to loosen up. This will also alleviate the pain. [3]

11. Mentholated oils or rubs – The mentholated effect will alleviate the pain. This is perfect to use during a massage.

12. Mentholated or heated patch – You can find this available in drugstores. The menthol or heat applied to the affected area will soothe the pain.

13. Cayenne pepper – Cayenne pepper was used before as pain reliever. Rub a small amount of cayenne pepper to affected area, and let the burning sensation alleviate the pain and minimize the swelling.

14. Cherry or grape juice – Cherry or grape juice are known to be good for circulation and helps in preventing joint pains. Drinking this regularly also prevent arthritis.

15. Fish Oil – This contains prostaglandin that prevents inflammation. It also helps in providing lubrication for the joints.

16. Healthy Diet – Providing your body with proper nourishment to your body will improve its function and quality. This will provide you with healthy muscles which are a great way for preventing muscle strains and also helps in healing.

17. Water – Drink plenty of water. This will aids in improving the function of your body allowing you to heal faster. [4]


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