Home Remedies for Scratched DVD

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You’re settled on your couch with a fresh bowl of popcorn – ready for movie night with your favorite flicks. However, there’s a slight problem. With the many years of use that your DVD collection has endured, there’s bound to be a couple of bumps in the road. A scratched DVD is every movie connoisseur’s nightmare. Thank goodness for home remedies that could provide renewed life for your comedies, horrors, tearjerkers, and action flicks.


Is Your DVD Fixable?

Over time, DVDs become susceptible to dust, misuse, the occasional drop on the floor, and scratches that seem to appear out of nowhere. Regardless of the method of repair that you choose, some DVDs are simply unsalvageable. First, you must examine the direction of the scratches on a DVD. Scratches traveling from the center of the disc to the outside provide the best chances for recovery. However, scratches on a DVD that follow the circular pattern of the disc may prove too difficult to remedy.

Scratched DVD Home Remedies

With the help of a few home remedies for scratched DVDs, you could come closer to an entertaining evening inside. Consider the following suggestions:


a) Windex or Any Other Glass Cleaner:

Depending on the severity of your scratch, Windex or any other cleaner used on glass can provide an effective solution to a scratched DVD. Spray on and wipe off.

b) Toothpaste with Fluoride:

Some people have found success in using toothpaste that contains fluoride to treat a scratched DVD. With a small amount, revolve the paste about the shiny surface of the disc. With a clean piece of lint-free cloth (like the kind used to clean eyeglasses), wipe off the toothpaste.

c) Brass Cleaner:

Squeeze a bit of brass cleaner onto your scratched DVD and spread from the center of the disc to the outer rim. Rinse off the cleaner using cold water (preferably distilled or filtered). Dry the disc with a polishing cloth and allow it to sit overnight.

d) Jewelry Polishing and Cleaning Cloth:

With a gold jewelry cleaning cloth in hand, hold your scratched DVD to reveal the shiny side facing up. Under a bright light, work the cleaning cloth from the inside ring to the outside rim, using a straight inside-to-outside motion. Make sure you refrain from going in a circular motion, as you can actually cause further damage. Repeat the same process using a polishing cloth for gold jewelry.

e) Furniture Polish:

Grab a polishing cloth used to clean and shine jewelry and a can of furniture polish (the wax kind). Hold your scratched DVD by the sides with the shiny surface facing up and lightly spray on the polish. Working under sufficient lighting, clean the disc with the polishing cloth. Use a motion that starts from the inside ring and finishes to the outside – following a straight pattern. Rinse under clean, cold water and allow it to settle overnight.

f) Car Wax [1]:

Spread a cloth on a flat surface and position your scratched DVD on it with the damaged side facing up. Next, hold the disc in one hand and use the other to wipe a small dab of car wax into the scratched surface using a soft cloth – the same kind used for camera lens and eyeglasses. Allow the DVD to dry. Lastly, buff along the scratch (and not across it) using short, brisk strokes. When the scratch is no longer visible, wash the DVD with water and let it dry before inserting it into your player.


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