Home Remedies for Removing a Tight Ring

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Perhaps you’ve put on a few extra pounds, experiencing a pregnancy, or the weather has caused swollen fingers, but a tight ring is quite uncomfortable. Trying to get it off can cause further pain, redness and swelling. Luckily, you are surrounded by a multitude of home remedies for removing a tight ring, including kitchen staples such as mayonnaise and peanut butter.

Tight Ring Removal Home Remedies

The key to home remedies for removing a tight ring is to utilize items and products that produce an oily, soapy, greasy, or slippery effect. After a generous application to your finger, simply twist the ring around to distribute the lubricant. A twisting-while-pulling motion will eventually help slide the ring off of the finger. Consider the following suggestions for removing a stuck ring:

a) Dish Detergent:

Drizzle a small amount of liquid dish detergent over a ring to help remove when it becomes too tight. A few twists of the ring and it should slide right off.

b) Soapy Water:

While washing dishes, you can soak your hand in the soapy water before trying to slide off a tight ring. Make sure the drain is plugged to avoid losing your ring after it is removed – many people have lost their rings while washing dishes. Another method is to take a bubble bath and work the ring off of your finger while you relax.

c) Hand Elevation:

Hold your hand up in the air to reduce the blood flow to your swollen finger. An easy approach is to sit in a chair and raise your hand above your heart. Once swelling has subsided, removing the ring will become much easier.

d) Ice:

To help remove a tight ring, you may need to address the swelling first. Use an ice cube to calm down inflamed skin.

e) Baby Oil:

Slather on the baby oil to help release a tight ring. A substitute for baby oil is mineral oil.

f) Lip Balm:

The Chapstick in your pocket can help remove a tight ring. Coat the finger with lip balm and gently wriggle it out of place [1].

g) Cooking Oil:

It doesn’t matter if it’s vegetable, canola, or extra virgin olive oil, but the oil you cook with can help loosen a tight ring. Be careful not to spill or rub up against the oil to prevent staining your clothing.

h) Remove After Morning:

In the morning, hands and fingers are more likely to suffer bloating and swelling, so waiting until the afternoon could make the task easier.

i) WD-40:

Squeaky doors and exercise equipment aren’t the only things to benefit from a bit of WD-40. Apply the multi-purpose lubricant to a tight ring to get it moving in the right direction.

j) Preparation H:

The ointment used to treat hemorrhoids can also reduce swelling of the finger so that you can remove a tight ring. Wait a couple of minutes before trying to remove.

k) Limit Salt Intake:

A tight ring may develop because you have excessively consumed salt in your meals, which leads to water retention and swollen fingers. If you drink lots of water, you can help flush the salt from your system.

l) Petroleum Jelly:

Applying petroleum jelly to your finger (such as Vaseline) will help slide off a ring that is stuck on a swollen digit.

m) Hand Lotion:

While out and about, the hand lotion in the bottom of your purse or car compartment can help remove a tight ring. It is not suggested to use lotions and other beauty products to loosen up a ring with precious stones.

n) Hair Conditioner:

The slippery consistency of hair conditioner can help remove a ring that is stuck on the finger.

o) Glass Cleaner:

Spray a generous amount of glass cleaner (such as Windex) onto your finger to help slide off a tight ring. You may prefer this method if you are wearing a ring with gemstones. Not only will the glass cleaner protect the stones, but it will also leave your ring shiny.


[1] Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things by Reader’s Digest’ pg. 202.