10 Home Remedies for Removing Labels

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The champagne flutes you bought on sale. The Strawberry Shortcake sticker on your car window. The plastic footbath purchased at the garage sale. All of these things are often victims of sticky, gummy residue left behind by labels. Fortunately, home remedies for removing labels can eliminate the lingering effects of packaging.

Home Remedies for Removing Labels

Label Removal Home Remedy

Scrubbing off a sticker or peeling away a price tag with your fingernail doesn’t always get rid of the residue of an adhesive. Thankfully, there are easy ways to remove the residue, and most of the following home remedies for removing labels can also be used to take off stickers, price tags, and stubborn bandages:

a) Hair Dryer:

Baby wipe containers make great storage spaces, especially if you are a crafter. To remove the labels for a cleaner presentation, use a blow dryer on a high setting to heat the labels to make them easier to pull off. Use a bit of WD-40 or one of the following remedies to remove any leftover residue.

b) Lighter Fluid [1]:

With the power to quickly and easily remove labels from nearly any surface, lighter fluid is a handy liquid to have on hand. This remedy is quite convenient when you need to remove price stickers from books and tape marks from new appliances.

c) Nail Polish Remover:

Avoid the mess of scraping price stickers from glass by wiping residual glue with acetone-based nail polish remover. You can also use this remedy to remove stickers and sticky residue from metal surfaces.

d) Peanut Butter:

The adhesive of price tags can become a real nuisance, but you can remove gummy stickiness with peanut butter by rubbing into the material.

e) Pencil Eraser:

Rub out the residue left behind by price tags with a pencil eraser, which causes the stickiness to peel away.

f) Shortening:

Instead of trying to scratch off a sticker, use shortening (like Crisco). Not only can you remove a sticker, but you can also eliminate the dried glue and gum residue left behind. This remedy works wonders on glass, metals, and most plastics. Coat the area with shortening and wait 10 minutes. Use a gentle sponge to scrub clean the residue.

g) Cooking Oil:

If you’d like to reuse an old glass jar, but don’t want to glare at the label – soak in vegetable oil and the label will slide off. You can also use this remedy to remove sticky price tags.

h) Vinegar:

Saturate the sides of a sticker or decal with undiluted white vinegar. Carefully scrape off the remains using an old credit card. Use more vinegar to remove the residue. Let the vinegar stand on the stickiness for a couple of minutes before wiping off with a clean cloth. This remedy comes in handy for removing price tags and stickers from glass, plastic, and glossy surfaces.

i) WD-40:

Spray WD-40 on sticky decals, stickers on glass objects, and dried glue labels to remove. Wait about 30 seconds and then wipe away with a paper towel or clean cloth.

j) Bath Oil:

When the adhesive from labels and price tags is left behind, use a small amount of bath oil to rub away. Apply a bit of oil to a cotton ball and use on plastics, metal and glass items.


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