10 Home Remedies for Removing Bubble Gum | Q&A

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Q: Grandma, how do you get dried hard bubble gum off wooden furniture?

A: Dear A, Bubble gum just sticks everywhere;thus, being cautious is important especially if there are kids in the house. The worst case scenario is when a child sticks a bubble gum on the dining chair legs, under the dining table, at the sides of the couch and perhaps almost any furniture. Aside from these constraints, bubble gum can as well be very bad for a child’s dental health. Hence, the simplest solution is by not giving a child bubble gum. However, children are adventurous and it is hard to keep them away from yummy candies such as bubble gums.

If you cannot stop everyone from chewing gums around the house and sticking it just about anywhere, it is time to make a counter move by learning some easy ways to remove it. Here are home remedies for removing bubble gum that may probably help.

Home Remedies for Removing Bubble Gum


1. Freeze It – The simplest method is to load ice cubes in small plastic bags then place over the gum. Hang around for about 20-25 minutes or wait till the gum is frozen. Get the ice which is probably already melted and softly take off the gum. [1]

2. Hot Vinegar – Carpets are another type of thing that bubble gums easily stick to. Use hot vinegar if ever such thing happens; you can plunge a brush in the solution of hot vinegar to eradicate the chewing gum. Through this, get rid of stuck chewing gum with lesser efforts from carpets or other thick fabrics.

3. Scrape it Away – The fastest way or rather one of the fastest home remedies for removing bubble gum is by carefully scraping or rubbing the substance from the surface. [2]

4. Soapy Water – Use a clean cloth immersed in lukewarm sudsy water smear the surface till you remove all the marks of the gum.

5. Peanut Butter – If there is no ice, peanut butter can also help you take out some of the chewing gum. Scrape off as much of the chewing gum as you possibly can, and spread the peanut butter over the gum. Wait for 15 minutes and let the grease of the peanut butter to break through the gum. Using a table knife, slowly scrape off the gum and peanut butter.[3]

6. Heat – For a very strong fabric, like for say, denim, heat can be the best of all the home remedies for removing bubble gum. Place the garments, gum side down, on a bit of cardboard, like a flap from a cardboard box. Using an iron set to medium, iron the side of the clothing without gum until the gum lets go from the fabric and sticks to the cardboard.

7. Dig In – With the use of your fingernails, attempt to take as much gum away from the furniture as possible.[4]

8. Kerosene – You can also expose the furniture stained with gum in kerosene for at least 30 minutes. Try this by dabbing a small amount of kerosene in a subtle area.

9. Vinegar – Dishwashing Soap – If the stain stays there, mix a tablespoon of liquid hand dishwashing detergent and one tablespoon of white vinegar with two cups of lukewarm water.[5]

10. Vinegar-Detergent Solution – With the detergent/vinegar solution, sponge the stain.


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