13 Home Remedies for Red Eyes | Q&A

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Q: Grandma, I have red eyes and its a little goopy. It seemed normal at first but the situation worsened. Can you help me with any home remedies?

A: Dear N, Red eyes or bloodshot eyes are commonly attributed to engorged blood vessels on the surface of the eyeball. The distention of the blood vessels can be caused by allergies, eye strain due to reading or computer, smoking marijuana, or frequent use of eye drops. It is normally short-lived and can be safely ignored unless it bothers you. But, it may also indicate a serious medical condition such as Infections such as conjunctivitis or keratitis, injury, or burst blood vessels in the eye. When symptoms include blurry vision, severe pain, extreme sensitivity to light or halos in the vision field, it is critical to see a doctor right away.

Further, if symptoms persist despite application of an eye drop of some safe home remedies for red eyes, a medical consultation is still called for. But, it is best to try some safe home solutions first such as the following:

Home Remedies for Red Eye


1. Ice Pack or Cold Compress – A safe and easy home remedy to relieve red eyes is an ice pack. Apply it as cold compress on each eye for five minutes twice a day. [1]

2. Splash of Cold Water – Do this as many times as you want to soothe the eyes.

3. Rosewater – This is a gentle home remedy that eases bloodshot eyes. Soak 2 clean cotton balls with rose water. Apply the soaked cotton ball on each eye for 15 minutes. Do this twice a day.

4. Cold Cucumber – Slice a cold cucumber and place a slice on each eyeball for about 15 minutes to soothe tired and red eyes.[2]

5. Green tea bags – use steeped 2 bags of green tea that has been cooled in the fridge. Then apply them on the closed eyes for 15 minutes to reduce signs of fatigue and swelling.

6. Bilberry – This is an herb that is being traditionally and has been proven to treat eye-related ailments.

7. Fennel Seeds – Boil ½ teaspoon of fennel seeds in 1 cup of water. Steep for approximately 25 minutes before using the water as an eye rinse.

8. Homeopathic Natural Eye Drops – These mimic natural tears and can be bought from health food stores. This is a safe and natural eye drops.[3]

9. Sleep – Most of the time, blood shot eyes is due to sleep deprivation and stress. Relaxing and getting enough sleep constitute the best home remedies for red eyes.

10. Natural Homemade Eyewash – This can made from honey, Aloe Vera, elderberry blossom tea or eyebright herb. [4]

11. Milk-Rosewater-Aloe Vera Gel – Mix two tablespoons of milk and two tablespoons of rosewater and Aloe Vera gel. Moisten cotton and apply this on the affected eye. Rest while the treatment is ongoing for a few minutes in a dimly lit room.[5]

12. Tomatoes – Eat two ripe tomatoes every morning if you find yourself consistently suffering from red eyes. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C and flavonoids that strengthen the capillary walls. This helps prevent the swelling of blood vessels in the eyes when exposed to stressors like pollution, dust and intense UV light.

13. Wearing Eye Protection – Wearing a pair of sunglasses is an effective way to protect the eyes against environmental stressors. If your work entails possible risks to the eyes with flying splinters and such, wearing a pair of goggles at work is recommended.


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