9 Home Remedies for Preventing Raccoons in Yard | Q&A

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Q: Grandma, I have raccoons in my attic and they are driving us crazy. We called the bug people but nothing happened. What can we do about this problem?

A: Dear M, raccoons are usually a problem especially when you’re in the suburbs and very close to nature. Some find them cuddly and adorable, but dont be fooled. They are dangerous and may even carry deadly diseases like rabies. So never ever approach a racoon. There are several ways to discourage them from entering your property. If they persist, you really should call animal control. For now, here are some effective home remedies for preventing raccoons in yard.

Home Remedies for Preventing Racoons in Yard


1. Be inhospitable – Your house, garage and sheds should be closed up tight at all times. Always keep your home and yard clean. Make sure all your garbage cans are closed. Never leave left over food outside. They are very fond of places where they can hide and find food. So dont give them any reason to stay.

2. Sprinklers – You might want to invest in a motion-sensor sprinkler. After all, it’s a human and fairly inexpensive way to solve raccoon problems. Quite effective too. Make sure you put it near areas that raccoons frequequently enter. Once they enter the perimeter water will blast off from the sprinkler and will have these raccoons running.

3. Radio – Place this in your attic if this is the problem area. Set it to news or a talk radio station. Human voices usually deter unwanted visitors.

4. Ammonia and hot peppers – Soak some rags in ammonia and put these in old pantyhoses. Hang these where the raccoons usually enter. Mix jalapeno with a little vinegar and water. Saturate your lawn or garden to keep them from feasting in your backyard. You can even use the pantyhose trick using the pepper concoction. Strategically hang them over your garden areas. [1]

5. Remove possible dens – This one of the effective home remedies for preventing raccoons in yard.Woodpiles are great for raccoons to den in or under. Make sure you remove all woodpiles in your yard to prevent them from being an easy target.

6. Remove roof access – There should be no branches where they can cross over your roof. There should be at least a five feet gap so they dont have a chance of getting on your roof or inside the attic. [2]

7. Control spray – Spray on anything they are chewing on with Liquid Ropel. It tastes terrible and once it gets in their mouths or paws they have no choice but to leave your property. [3]

8. Trap them – Stick with the live cage trap. Many manufacturers do this now. Pick something large enough, not less than 32 inches long. This is usually one of your last resort or home remedies for preventing raccoons in yard.

9. Get rid of crawlspace – Seal off everything. Make sure there are no babies when you seal them off. Use steel mesh or lattice, whichever one is appropriate for you. [4]


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