12 Home Remedies to Prevent Splitting Nails | Q&A

Q: Grandma, my fingernails splits, have become thinner and have stopped growing. I am afraid that it will not look normal again which is really freaky. Have you got any remedies to help grow my nails again?

A: Dear R, The physical appearance of nails can indicate about the state of health of a person as well as one’s hygiene. Not only splitting nails are ugly and uncomfortable, these can also be very painful in some occasions. When dealing with these home remedies for splitting nails, it is important to keep in mind that results are not instant and usually takes time to take effect. Patience is important when dealing with splitting nails.

Here are some easy ways to boost the health of your nails. These home remedies to prevent the splitting of your nails are easy to do and safe too.

Home Remedies for Splitting Fingernails


1. Olive oil – Soak the nails in extra virgin oil for 10-15 minutes daily for a month. Olive oil contains much needed nutrients such as biotin. This will help strengthen your weak or peeling nails.[1]

2. Cuticle cream – Massage some cuticle cream in around your nails before sleeping. Cuticle creams can help nourish dry and brittle cuticles with vitamin E.

3. Gloves – Use gloves especially when doing chores. Detergents and cleaners are harsh on the fingernails. It is also found out that prolonged exposure with water can make your nails soft and susceptible to damage. Also the chemical found on the cleaners can cause drying, splitting and peeling.

4. Biotin – Biotin is helpful in strengthening and thickening your nails. Eat biotin rich foods such as liver, cooked eggs, whole grains and many more. If necessary you can also take biotin supplementary pills. Take note that the effects of biotin are not instant and usually takes at least 1 month to take effect.

5. Nail polish – Avoid using nail polish at least once or twice a month. Additionally don’t use nail polish remover that may contain acetone. This can dry and destroy the nails.

6. Massaging – Apply a moisturizing lotion on the hands and massage. This will stimulate your blood flow on your hands. Henceforth, making your nails grow longer and stronger. After washing your hands make it a habit to apply lotion. This is home remedies for splitting nails is easy to do anywhere.

7. Biting – Do not nib or chew on your nails. Stop this habit. If you have a son or daughter, it is important to teach them to stop chewing their nails. If not then later on it will become a bad habit.

8. Water – It is important to drink water to hydrate your body especially your nails. Drink at least 7-8 glasses of water daily. This can help hydrate dry and rough nails. [2]

9. Vegetable oil – Put a few drops of vegetable oil in a cotton swab and rub it horizontally or across the nails. This can help replace the lost moisture in the nails. Repeat for 3 to 4 times a day. The oil will add moisture to your nails, while massaging will help in blood circulation.[3]

10. Short nails – Nails that are brittle and thin easily break when it is long. So when the nail is not stronger and thicker it is appropriate to trim it short.

11. Milk – Another home remedy for splitting nails is by soaking your nails in milk for at least 20 to 30 minutes. Milk contains calcium which can help the nails grow longer and stronger.

12. Lime – If you want your nails to look pinkish consider rubbing a slice of lime or lemon on your nail twice a day. Lime is a natural acid that isn’t harmful to the body. [4]


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