18 Home Remedies for Pregnancy

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With body parts expanding and stretching in every direction, women not only undergo a physical transformation during pregnancy, but also battle emotional and mental issues. From morning sickness to swollen feet, you don’t always have to make a doctor’s appointment when you’re familiar with home remedies for pregnancy.

Home Remedies for Pregnancy

Common Issues in Pregnancy

When pregnant, raging hormones force a woman’s body to undergo a great deal of changes, including backaches, morning sickness (nausea), facial acne, depression, leg cramps, skin rashes, and the increased risk of vaginal infections. Other common issues include:

• Breast Changes: Thanks to the female hormone, estrogen, the size and shape of breasts change, as they become increasingly firmer and tender. After all, they’re getting into milk-producing shape.

• Fatigue: Women usually need more rest than usual and can become easily tired, especially during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy and again when delivery nears.

• Heartburn and Belching: Pregnant women commonly experience heartburn and belching – most likely because food stays in the stomach for longer periods of time.

• Stretch Marks: Usually appearing on the stomach, pink to purplish stretch marks are the result of rapid growth of the uterus, changes in the body, excess body weight, and the increase of adrenal hormones.

• Swollen Feet: Fluid retention is a typical concern for pregnant women, which is responsible for causing feet, ankles, and calves to retain water and swell.

Pregnancy Home Remedies

Thank goodness pregnancy symptoms only last for up to nine months. When morning sickness, heartburn, and other common occurrences that take place during pregnancy are starting to get you down, consider the following remedies for pregnancy, which provide convenient at-home relief:

a) Cloves:

Soak three to four powdered cloves in a bit of water for 30 minutes. Strain the concoction and drink when nausea starts to rear its ugly head.

b) Ginger:

Settle nausea with a cup of ‘real’ ginger tea – not a flavored commercial selection. Add honey to the tea to ease a sore throat brought on my bouts of vomiting.

c) Ginger Ale:

Settle an upset stomach by sipping on a glass of ginger ale.

d) Warm Washcloth:

Treat swelling or pain in the breasts by applying a warm, moist washcloth two or three times a day

e) Milkshakes and Fruit Shakes:

Instead of chewing your dairy products, fruits and vegetables, you can soothe nausea and other conditions that upset the stomach by liquefying your foods. Milk shakes and fruit shakes are easier for pregnant women to digest.

f) Iron:

Consuming foods rich in iron will prevent anemia during pregnancy. A few suggestions include eggs, bran, barley, oatmeal, cereals, apricots, and whole-wheat products.

g) Cider Vinegar:

Calm nausea with a teaspoon of cider vinegar mixed in a cup of warm water.

h) Cucumbers:

To treat high blood pressure during a pregnancy, eat plenty of cucumbers.

i) Raw Beet Juice:

Drinking around four ounces of raw beet juice per day can help balance out sodium and potassium levels in the body.

j) Pass on Fried, Fatty Foods:

When battling morning sickness, avoid fried foods packed with fat, which increases your urge to vomit. From fried chicken to a plate of onion rings, some foods take longer to digest – meaning they stay in the stomach longer – increasing their chances of causing a disturbance.

k) Water:

If you drink plenty of water throughout your pregnancy, you can prevent dehydration that causes skin to lose its elasticity, which can lead to dreaded stretch marks. Load up on clear liquids and fruit juices.

l) Juicer:

Put that juicer to good use by conquering morning sickness with nausea-fighting blends, such as a mixture of kiwi, ginger, mint and pineapple. Another tasty home remedy combines carrot, apple and ginger.

m) Raw Almonds:

When you’re unable to enjoy one of the small, frequent meals recommended for pregnant women, snacking on raw almonds delivers B vitamins, fat, and some protein to the body. Almonds are also a great way to fend off morning sickness.

n) Soda Crackers:

Morning sickness tends to rear its ugly head at night, so keeping a package of soda crackers nearby can help ease the urge to vomit. Also, moving about on an empty stomach can worsen symptoms. It’s a good idea to bring your blood sugar levels up before getting out of bed in the morning (or in the middle of the night).

o) Herbal Teas:

Calm morning sickness symptoms with a cup of herbal tea – especially the kinds that include raspberry leaf, lemon balm, or chamomile. A combination of different herbs in one tea produces the strongest results. A good blend to consider is chamomile and peppermint.

p) Salt:

Adding salt to your food and drinking plenty of water can actually decrease the swelling of your feet.

q) Moisturize Your Skin:

It’s important to keep the skin supple and full of moisture. Effective options include cocoa butter and beauty products containing coconut oil.

r) Hit the Stairs:

Walking up and down stairs can help a woman desperately seeking a home remedy for inducing labor [1]. The pressure of the baby’s head on the cervix is thought to encourage labor.


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“My best friend had a craving for lemons throughout her entire pregnancy and never felt nausea one time.”