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Q: Grandma,I have had this trouble before in my right ear. Now, my left ear is stopped up? What remedies do you suggest?

A: Dear R, Plugged or clogged ears can be very uncomfortable. For babies, it can mean persistent crying that can reduce a mom to helplessness. Plugged or clogged ears are a condition that commonly happens with cold or upper respiratory tract infection like sinusitis. This can be associated with the blocking of the Eustachian tube that connects the nasal passages to the inner ear. This is indicated with mild to moderate discomfort. There are, however, instances when clogged ears can cause severe discomfort that requires safe and effective management in order to alleviate pain and discomfort.

Knowing the cause helps one understand the source of discomfort. Being equipped with practical information such as the home remedies for plugged ears can help moms address the problem with confidence. ?

Home Remedies for Plugged Ears

Home Remedies for Plugged Ears

1. Simple Blowing Manipulation – Alteration in external air pressure can cause plugged ears too. Close your mouth and nose, and then blow into your mouth to divert air into the ears to equalize the air pressure. Just be careful because you don’t want to traumatize the ear drums.[1]

2. Cleaning the Ears – If the plugging is due to excessive accumulation of earwax, cleaning the ears can unplug and reduce the discomfort in the affected ear. A drop of olive oil can make the cleaning easier.

3. Steam Inhalation – This is one of the most popular home remedies for plugged ears due to colds. Add eucalyptus or lavender oil for enhanced effects. [2]

4. Right Diet – Blocked ears caused by severe cold or throat infection can be relieved by consuming foods such as garlic, onions, radish or jalapenos, chilies, bell peppers, or drink broths, warm soups, or teas for the same effect.

5. Sugar-free chewing gums or lozenges – This can be consumed while on board an aircraft during travels and if the high altitude is causing you discomfort due to changes in I pressure.

6. Hot Compress – You can fill a hot water bottle and apply it on the ear to relieve the pain caused by ear infections. [3]

7. Cloth Bag with Warm Salt – This also works like hot compress. Fill cloth bag filled with warm salt and then apply to the sore area or plugged-up ear.

8. Hydrogen Peroxide – A few drops of hydrogen peroxide can help clear the stuffiness of the ears. Apply a few drops and wait for the fizzling sound; this means it’s doing its job. It is done once the sound is cleared; drain the affected ear.[4]

9. Pure Grain Alcohol – Pure alcohol can also be used instead of the hydrogen peroxide. Adding a few drops twice a day can unplug the clogged ear in no time.

10. Vitamin C – Cold and cough can be symptoms of a weakened immune system. You can bolster the resistance by taking adequate dosage of vitamin C. Drinking lemon juice is a great way to enhance the immunity level of the body naturally. This helps fight the common cold and hasten de-clogging of the ears.
11.Cider and Rubbing Alcohol – Combine this two to get rid of any pathogenic bacteria that may be causing ear infection. [5]


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